Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

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Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch Tom Hardy Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

While Marvel Studios runs down the clock searching for a director to fill the void left behind by Edgar Wright’s departure from Ant-Man – a film that was supposed to begin shooting right around now – they’re also already on the hunt for another franchise star. Joining Ant-Man in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be Doctor Strange, a movie that found a director in Scott Derrickson (Sinister) this week despite not having a release date.

Given that Marvel has locked down a summer date in July 2016 and will undoubtedly have a pair of features in 2017, the easy assumption is to say that that master of mysticism will have his big screen debut in 2016, two months after Captain America 3. We’ll find out for certain this July at San Diego Comic-Con, where Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige tends to make major announcements, and this year we can expect to find out the full Phase 3 slate.

We can also expect to see the first footage for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and if they’re especially ambitious, maybe they’ll bring out some actors for their upcoming movies- maybe even Doctor Strange himself. We’ve known for sometime that Marvel was in talks and looking at a few actors for the part, and according to Deadline, two of the names Marvel is looking are are Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Marvel Doctor Strange Fan Logo mrsteiners 570x236 Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

If the decision were to come down to just these two names you can count on Cumberbatch being the top choice. He’s ripe for the picking when it comes to the mightily coveted comic book superhero role (and the lengthy multi-picture contract that comes with it) and he brings a unique charm and quirkiness (see: Sherlock) that would add flavor to The Avengers. There’s also the fact that Hardy has a big potential franchises in development in Mad Max and Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell and he still has fans impersonating his Bane voice from The Dark Knight Rises.

Doctor Strange Marvel Movie Fan Poster pencilsandnougats 570x789 Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

Fan-Made Poster Feat. Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch has been a common staple among fan wishlists for Marvel movie castings (including our own for Doctor Strange) and he even visited Marvel HQ last year and appeared on their podcast. He was a frequently rumored and reported name of interest for Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VII but maybe that was for Disney’s Marvel branch instead?


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Scott Derrickson will direct Doctor Strange from a screenplay by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. No release date has been set.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. I’m a lone voice on this one but how about Cilian Murphy or Michael Pitt.

    • Cilian Murphy’s eyes alone is magic…

  2. I urge you all to check out the TV movie Stuart: A Life Backwards which features both Cumberbatch and Hardy. Two stellar talents first burning on to the scene. Benedict has the more anchoring role, and Tom sizzles off of his steadiness with a blistering and nuanced turn. Superb.

    • Sounds interesting and I see Hardy picked up a Bafta nomination.

  3. Viggo Mortensen. That is all.

    • Legit question, why do people seem to think Uggo Mortenstein would be great in every role ever? I just don’t get it. The guy was hot for like ten minutes nearly a decade ago. Its like those guys who shriek for Joseph Gordon Leavitt or Jim Caviezel for everything. Leavitt is great in doses but Caviezel and Mortensen are both marginal talents who were in the right place at the right time. Seriously Mortensen wasn’t Jackson’s first choice for the role or even his second for that matter it just sort of fell into his lap and it shows. He was definitely one of the weakest links in the cast.

  4. Alex Trebeck should be Doctor Strange

  5. I think Hardy would be better for me. While Cumberbatch is a great actor, he’s getting a bit overexposed to me.

  6. Benedict Cumberbatch would play a better Dormammu.

    Pedro Pascal or Luke Evans would play a better Doctor Strange.


  7. Cumberbatch is an incredible actor and I would love to have him in the marvel cinematic universe.

    Strange would be a good fit. Hey, it would even give us a chance to maybe see Cumberbatch and Hiddleston play together again. That would be really something.

  8. Mads Mikkelsen

    He got the look , the style and the talent to make a great Dr. Strange

  9. I cannot see either of them as Doctor Strange. How about Adan Canto? I think he has the look and port for Doctor Strange.

    • Too young. How is he going to be a world renowned surgeon at 33?

      • ….by being Dougie Howsers kid? LOL

        • Beat me to it. Stole my reply=\

        • lol nailed. That explains everything.

        • since you brought it up, what about NPH? he is a very talented actor and can def pull off the arrogance part. some hair dye and viola`!

    • Don’t know much about this guy other than he played Sunspot in DOFP. Did he even have any lines in that movie??

    • You want Sunspot to Play Dr Strange, now.

  10. 1. Cumberbatch

    2. Luke Evans

    3. Johnny Depp/ Tom Hardy

    • I think Luke Evans or Aidan Gillen will be a perfect Dr Strange.

  11. Patrick Dempsey or Johnny Depp

    • I’ve said for years that Patrick Dempsey is the logical and ideal choice to play Dr. Strange.

  12. No. I don’t think Hardy fits the part. Cumberbatch is bearable I guess but I think he’s too young.

    Luke Evans ftw.

    • Cumberbatch is actually older than Evans by two years… How exactly is he too young?

  13. Hardy yes, Comberbach, jesus christ no. Living thru a lame Kahn was bad enough.

  14. I think the obvious choice would be Ethan Hawke. He starred in Scott Derrickson’s previous film, ‘Sinister’, and has a strong resemblance to Dr. Strange.

  15. Neither will do it, come on. They are waaaay to busy with multiple projects to do Strange and even sign a long picture deal. Don’t see either of then doing it. Marvel has been aiming really high lately with thier actor wishlist. Idk why. Tryna attain Oscar quality actors which they’ve yet to really grab in a starring role. I don’t see either doing it

  16. Cumberbatch would make an incredible Steven Strange. Though I am intrigued at the idea of Viggo Mortensen as well, or Cumberbatch playing Dormammu…

  17. Cumberbatch is note perfect in my eyes as Steven Strange. I’d lose my s*** if got this part. Come on Marvel, you know this is The Man for the role.
    That said, the Red Viper wouldn’t be a bad runner up.

  18. I swear, people are too fond of Cumberbatch—HE ISNT THAT GREAT. He cant be in every movie or itll just be like tuning into, “Another episode of Cumberbatch.”

  19. No. No no no no no. Not Cumberbatch! I already had to listen to his fangirls pleasure themselves to him when I went to go see Star Trek: Into Darkness and again when I went to go see The Desolation of Smaug, and I was lucky that he wasn’t chosen to be in Star Wars 7, or that would’ve been ruined for me too!

    Marvel, choose someone who isn’t a grey alien in disguise: someone like Oded Fehr or Pedro Pascal.

    • heh… nice.

    • It would be ridiculous to cast either of them. I really don’t get why so many people wanna change the races of every other character who is getting their own movie before we get characters who are already of ethnicities their own movies. Oded Fehr is not right for Strange. He’d actually be much better suited for Baron Mordo in the film. I love Pascal as an actor but I want him to be Namor much more than Doctor Strange.

    • +1000

  20. I’m digging a lot of these Dark Horse picks (Karl Urban, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Cillian Murphy)… I like to throw Richard Armitage and Liam Neeson in for consideration…. Personally while I like the actors, BC, Hardy, and Depp are my least favorite suggestions

  21. Arnold Sandwichburger would make awesome Nick Fury

    • And Bruce Willis would make a perfect M.O.D.O.K Smh

  22. Both are very fine actors among my current favorites but neither is right for Dr. Strange. It’s got to go to an actor that can really rock a mustache.

    Dominic Cooper, for one is pretty great, even though he’s playing Papa Stark. (Didn’t stop Chris Evans from being Cap and the Human Torch.)

    Viggo Mortenson. Jude Law. Collin Ferrel. Jake Gyllenhaal. Tom Welling. Chris Pine. Ian Somerhalder. Joe Manganiello.

    • D. cooper, no. Even you know you’re being wacko.

      Every other name in your last paragraph is very good, except for Tom Welling; just no.
      And Joe Manganielo; no cuz he’s simply too big. Wouldn’t work, even though I suspect he’d have the acting chops to do it..but even then, he would be far from my top choices even if he was physically more suited for the role. Tom Welling, as much as I am a big fan of Smallville (Seasons 1-7) is just not a very good actor, more of a solid screen presence, that’s all.

  23. You know, we’re all excited to find out who’s gonna be the Sorcerer Supreme, but I’m more interested in how they’re going to handle Wong. His man servant. I can’t imagine them sticking to the original character without making a few changes.

    • wong needs to be wong exactly as he was written a grate and well known actor like chow young fat. wong is the keeper of secrets even to strange and the protector of the house and whats inside. . he was not a servant. he was the assistant and friend . and a master of all martial arts . he is the monk that devoted his entire being to being the keeper of the house. not a servant ever!!

      • + 100!

        Daniel Dae Kim for Wong! Or Mark Dacascos.

  24. I’m sorry but I must be the only one who doesn’t much care for “another” caucasian actor to join the overly abundance of characters (sans Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, and Don “The Don” Cheadle) of the caucasian persuasion. I am ALL for Pedro Pascal for joining the Marvel Universe as Dr. Strange. The man has the looks, charm, the acting chops…everything Marvel looks for (or use to look for still Smh on that Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye casting) in a franchise guy or girl…someone who is almost there but needs that one role to push them to the next level!!! But yeah Rob, Pascal for Strange!!!

    • How about we get movies for characters who are traditionally of other ethnicities before we start swapping races? And I like Pascal for Namor better. I’ve seen it suggested on here before.

      • I agree making Dr. Strange Latin American for no reason other than wanting to embrace diversity or reinvent the character is not a very good idea. If that change would somehow improve the narrative ala reimagining Fury basically what Shaft would be as a tactical genius with unlimited government funding and resources was indisputably a change for the better. Changing the Storms to African Americans for no particular reason however has gone over like a lead turd. Its just a cheap publicity stunt and one that is going to end up costing Fox plenty. Black Panther and Luke Cage spring to mind immediately. I know Cage is already slated for a Netflix series but I think it would be an excellent opportunity for Marvel to capitalize on the “street level” kind of storyline that proved successful in CA:TWS and Black Panther is simply put a no brainer. Other than these two they have already laid the groundwork for a Deathlok story in AoS. On top of that I can actually think of a few heroes who you could do an ethnicity switch to refresh the character in a positive way but in the books Dr. Strange is like the whitest dude who ever lived.

        • I’ve read some scary sh@! in my day but reading, “making Dr. Strange Latin American for no reason other than wanting to embrace diversity or reinvent the character is not a very good idea.” is just plan horrible and I’m gonna catch mad hate for not believing in this nonsense. 1st off race swapping isn’t new and honestly its much needed when adapting anything to the big or small screens. For instance, the original Fantastic Four from Fox the race swapped The Thing’s love interest Alicia Masters and she was played by the lovely Kerry Washington and nobody batted an eye. But maybe it only counts when they’re wearing a costume Smh But I digress, Contrary to what a lot of you “fanboys” believe, diversity is more than just showing 1 or 2 black folks in a picture or having caucasian Europeans, Canadians and Australians play important parts. I would luv to see the day when we get to Avengers 4 or 5 and almost every race is represented respectfully. And the comment “lets see them how they were originally portrayed in the comics 1st” crap well, thats just it…you have the comics and you will ALWAYS have the comics!!! And for the record, Reed Richards is the WHITEST MARVEL GUY YOU KNOW!!!

          • picture ricardo Maltobond his younger self from fantisy island as strange talk about hitting the nail on the head

            • See now that I could get behind! Aside from Vincent Price maybe there has never been an actor who looked or exuded a Dr. Strange kind of vibe as much as Montalban. Pedro Pascal on the other hand, I love the guy as the Red Viper but he’s no Dr. Strange.

          • Way to miss the point chief. Doesn’t putting an ethnic actor in a movie just because he’s ethnic seem a little lazy and patronizing to minorities to you? Well it does to me and I’m a minority Latin American in fact, and I would rather they make a movie around an ethnic character or invent an one that makes sense in context of the MCU. Anything else is just a cynical, half-hearted attempt to rope in a new market. Also I never said I was against switching ethnicities just doing so unnecessarily. If you think thats unreasonable or makes me a “fanboy” as you put it then I think you might have some odd notions about some things bro.

            • Honestly “bruh” you seem very whitewashed to be a minority but I mean it is what it is. And as far as inventing or making ethnic characters from scratch to satisfy folks like you, a not so successful example of that would be Superfriends characters, Black Vulcan (couldn’t use Black Lighting at the time because of rights issues), Apache Chief, Samurai, El Dorado, etc. You prefer that to them taking slight liberties with a well-liked but NOT worldwide known characters… I’m a Nigerian-American minority, hell my favorite comicbook heroes were Batman & Spider-Man growing & I didn’t know about Black Panher or Luke Cage (back then in the 90s kids neither BP or Cage were A or even B-list heroes at the time) years later and they were defintely created before ever landed on this rock. And what “screams” Strange has to be & stay “white” my bruh?!!! Nothing!!! And F.Y.I, I assume you know Montalban is Mexican so whats the issue with Pascal, whose Chilean, again?!!!

              • Even in the comics Dr Strange is a “darker” white guy

        • I find it funny that everyone seems to make a big to do about the casting of Johnny Storm (which the casting to me makes sense giving the current dynamic model of how the typical modern family has changed, which I feel is what the film is trying to reflect and is going over most peoples heads) when no one seemed to go boo hoo over Jessica Alba (at least no where to this degree) as Sue Storm!

          I can see a shift if the shift works and the actor owns it. Folks got up in arms about the casting of Heimdall as well, and then Idris Elba owned the role! And besides, people tend to not understand that most of the “ethnic” superheroes were largely created and centered around their race and and ethnicity when it came to their origins. With the headliner heroes this was. It the case, so a slight ethnic change, if it works, is not I’m my opinion as egregious and offensive to my sensibilities as a long time comic reader as most.

          So while not my first pick, I could see Pedro Pascal as Strange as he to me has the acting chops to carry the character well… I wouldn’t be mad if he were to be cast and much like the Ricardo Montalbond reference by another poster, I can see it working only to elevate the representation of the character, not just a bait and switch to play the race card…

  25. I personally think Joseph Fiennes would be perfect. Not exactly a star but not exactly an unknown either, Royal Shakespearean Academy trained, experience in the horror genre, experience in costume/period pieces and he has a little comedy on his resume as well. He has already done choreographed fighting in couple of previous roles and he’s the right age and looks the part. Also he could be had for far less than someone like Cumberbatch or Hardy.

    That being said Cumberbatch or Hardy would be great as Strange, but Cumberbatch more so.

  26. Matthew Mcconaughey

  27. I’m a huge Cumberbatch fan, but I don’t think he fits the role.

  28. What about Chris Angel or someone who does magic for a living

  29. I’ve got a great respect for British actors, but it almost seems as if producers are going out of their way NOT to cast Americans

    • Yeah I hate those freakin’ Brits! Lousy stupid Robert Downey Jr, Edward Norton, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlet Johansen, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Don Cheadle, Terrance Howard, Clark Gregg, Samuel L. Jackson, John Favreau, Natalie Portman, Tommy Lee Jones, Cat Dennings, Anthony Mackie, Jeff Bridges, Mickey Rourke, Colm Feore, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, John C. Riley, Lee Pace, Robert Redford and Josh Brolin!