‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog 2′ to Film this Summer

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Dr Horrible2 TV Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog 2 to Film this Summer

It’s been a while, but Joss Whedon promises to add a dash of  harmonious horror to the summer by finally beginning filming  on the long-awaited Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog 2.

The Whedon clan have been relatively tight lipped about what we can expect from the upcoming season, but Joss has promised that soon enough patient fans will have answers.

In a recent interview Joss Whedon had this to say; “We’re stuck, basically, at this one part in the process. All of us are looking at this summer as the time when we can go, ‘Hey, you know what? We’ve got a little free time, let’s get unstuck.’ Neil has been like, ‘How long?’ We’re all sort of just waiting, but the waiting will stop.”

Whedon goes on to add that he’s got a “number of songs” written, and “a whole outline.” What exactly that outline consist of is currently a secret, but with Dr. Horrible becoming a proper super villain and with no official word if Felicia Day will reprise her role as Penny, fans of the award winning musical web series can rest assured that even after nearly four years the Whedons have more toe-tapping evil hilarity coming for series two.

Joss Whedon has always been the king of multitasking, but lately he’s been putting that skill to the test. Between directing a little project known as The Avengers, filming an adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, writing the screenplay for the upcoming Chris Hemsworth flick Cabin in the Woods as well as finally completing the post-apocalyptic series Wastelanders with writer Warren Ellis — Whedon has a lot on his plate since the 2007-2008 writer’s strike which gave birth to Dr. Horrible.

The brainchild of writer and director Joss Whedon, along with writer brother Zack Whedon and composer brother Jed Whedon, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was designed as something inexpensive and quick to shoot—Shortly after its 2008 debut, the musical tragicomedy became a breakout hit internet sensation.

Released online in three acts, the first installment of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog revolved around the titular character Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) as an aspiring supervillian who melodiously stalks young Penny (Felicia Day), a girl from the laundromat. Foiling Dr. Horrible’s villainous and romantic plans is the dimple-chinned Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) who is more of self-centered super bully than super hero. The final act of series one found Dr. Horrible achieving his evil goal – So what does that mean for series two?


More on what’s to come for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog 2 as it comes up

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  1. “I hate the homeless…ness problem in this city.”

    I hope we get more of Captain Hammer. :)

    • that was his best line in the intire movie. *walks up to podium*” i hate the homeless…ness problem in this city. you all know my deep love for my long-term girlfriend,penny.come on penny,stand up and wave. she’s introducing me to the whole,homeless stuff…” BEST.SEAN. IN. THE.MOVIE.

      • I hate the homeless…ness problem that plagues our city. Everyone should have the basic- you know what? I dont need tiny cue cards. When I fell deeply in love with my serious, long term girlfriend, Penny – Wave your hand Pennny – there she is. Cute huh? Sort of a quiet, nerdy thing. Not my usual, but nice. Anyway, she turned me onto this whole.. homeless.. thing.. which is.. terrible.

      • And for the sake of being OCD..

      • whereas you could very well be saying:

  2. Happy happy joy joy

  3. *nerdgasm*
    Nathan Fillion can do no wrong. Evar.

  4. I really hope Captain Hammer comes back!

  5. Let’s see… Billy builds a device to bring Penny back from the dead (either simple resurrection, or cloning, or building a robot in her image, whatever) but she comes back wrong. She’s now Bad Penny, and she’s /actually/ evil, unlike Dr. Horrible. So then Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer team up to put a stop to her evil plans.

    That’s the sequel in my head, at any rate.

    • Lol Jbrose23, that’s a plot I wouldn’t mind watching.

    • A bad Penny…

      *puts on evil goggles*

      …will always turn up.

    • Actually, they’ve already made that movie… it’s called Megamind, he he.

    • Honestly that’s what I picture it in my head as. I think that would a good plot line.

    • The thing is, Felicia Day is currently doing a ton of stuff and it’s highly unlikely that they will be able to have her back. With the Dragon Age: Redemption series, not to mention the new season of The Guild, it’s just a lot for her to do.
      Also, I wonder what’s going to happen with Captain Hammer. I mean, he practically isn’t even a superhero anymore after the “incident”. So, yeah.

      What I want to see, is MORE MOIST. Make him a bigger character! He’s the lovable, damp friend of Doctor Horrible. The least they can do is give him a song!

    • Unfortunately that is more or less felicia day’s characters current plot in eureka :/

    • A penny has two sides… will we get to see her other side?

  6. Oh yes please.

  7. I can’t wait!! *has nerdgasm*

  8. There are no words to contain the joy I feel right now

  9. So when exactly would it be coming out I loved the first one the best way to descibe a very in depth story

  10. I’m not really especting anything from this, since the ending of the first part was so, “ending”. I think that continuing it might just be pushing it

    • i dont think it would be pushing it…… the ending was very.. ending. I agree on that point…. yet at the same time it lead you to wonder wtf happened with the Evil League of Evil… How does losing penny change him… we’re assuming that it makes him even more evil considering penny’s last words were “Captain Hammer will save us” so we assume he’s more evil now and has built even more hatred towards captain hammer who is now crazy and obsessing over motherly figures? …. also his plan to be accepted into the evil league of evil actually had been flawed and he wouldnt have been accepted had penny been idk 5 feet in any other direction other than where she was…. so maybe the evil league of evil has something against him as well and dont want him there… but in any case… the movie left me and my boyfriend watching it every 4 hours trying to point out something new and overall enjoying the s*** out of it… also everyone i know that has watched it right when the credits of part 3 started went “what?! its over?! no but i want more!” …. it hooks you therefore i think if season 2 is anything close to as good as the first was…. it will be a hit

      • We could also delve into the characters of the Evil League of evil. As I found their design to be interesting and just wondering where the seven hells they come from. ((The horse my god… never the horse! ITS too terrible to speak of!!))
        But yes it gets its hooks in you and makes you beg for more. Oh god that sounds bad… suddenly I got Hellraiser flashbacks.

        But I don’t exactly agree that the ending was a ‘ending’ it felt like… well like the halfway point in a longer book. Or the ending of ‘book one’ and now you have to seek out book two. That’s the way I feel it at least.

    • Personally, I would have thought that a sequel would focus at least partially on another character.

      Captain Hammer went through a crisis of humility. I can imagine him coming out of it an even funnier character than before by joining some sort of super heros of former glory support group or something. Maybe he might even… start blogging about it?

      Dr Horrible just barely got into the E.L.E. So I doubt all of it’s members respect him. Plus I imagine he’s still got his whole “elegance” problem with killing, just to a lesser extent. Not to mention, they’re evil, if something terrible were to happen to Bad Horse the undoubtedly delicate balance of power would shift so there’s a ton of plot possibilities there.

      The ending was abrupt and appropriate and it definitely felt like an ending for sure. But there is still a lot of story that could be told.

      • Okay, I have an answer to the “elegance”, or lack thereof, in killing.

        Plot: Dr. Horrible manages to resurrect Penny as an android/cyborg/Frankenzombie whatever. She criticizes his inability to kill — which really bothers him to the point that he discusses how SHE would go about making the first kill. She provides the most gruesome and torturous death she can imagine, which really makes DH distraught. Can he still love her if she’s lost her innocent charm? Of course he can, but he’s going to need to work at it a bit. To earn her respect, he agrees to plot with her to kill Captain Hammer.

        After a couple of failed attempts and repeated mockings by tarnished Penny and the ELE (gotta get those cowboy singing telegrams in there!), we finally see DH get a killshot on the Captain, possibly along with a final closeup where the Doctor finishes him off and has one last exchange of verbal blows with his nemesis.

        Finally, Penny reveals that the Captain’s death crosses off one of the last to-do’s on her list of requirements to join the ELE. The other: kill the Doctor. In an epic fight to the finish, Doctor Horrible realizes that he can never love what Penny has become, no longer wants what the ELE has to offer, and that his destiny is to avenge himself on a world that provides him no purpose. He kills tarnished Penny, blows up the ELE HQ, which also destroys the laundromat and the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter.

        And he doesn’t feel a thing. Fin.

        It’s a Joss Whedon story, people. You know it’s gonna be just packed with emotion-wrenching plot twists. It would not be a work of Whedon without leaving your heart, head, and stomach in knots.

  11. Need Felicia Day to come back as Frankenstein’s Bride for the Dr.

    • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. yaaaay! :D

  13. Okay as a comic nerd the best way I can think of it is pulling a ” mr.freze ” from batman. Kepts penny under a cyro chamber to keep her alive.

  14. I really hope that Captain Hammer makes another appearance. Not only was he such a perfect anti-Dr. Horrible, but his style of “carelessly heroic” was just hilarious to behold.

    As several others have posted, I am curious as to how Penny’s death will affect Dr. Horrible. Will he be more “pure evil” or get more depressed as time goes by?

    I have full confidence in Joss Whedon, so cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

  15. I think this will be BRILLIANT!

    More Bad horse! More Moist! More dr Horrible, more EVERYTHING!

  16. But I guess no more Penny

    It is true that she is in so many other things. Bùt thãt‘ś jüšt ñøt rïght, įš ìt?

  17. I think that the best plot for this would be to leave Penny dead and instead bring in another girl. I think that Billy/Dr. Horrible should be even more pure evil now than ever, and super depressed because of the death of Penny. Then, another girl comes along and helps him out of it and makes him good. Because, to be completely honest, you could tell that Billy wasn’t meant to be a true villan. He just wanted to do something to make him feel worthwhile, and that was the only thing he was slightly good at. Also, he just wanted to impress the girl. So this new girl can be slightly more bold than Penny (since Penny was so quiet, it’d be a nice juxtaposition) and help Billy be a better person! That’s what I think should happen, at least :)
    But no matter what, I’ll love Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog 2!!! So, so excited!

    • I think that would be a terrible idea. Mainly because it is romance novel fodder of the most COMMON sort. I do mean that, that ‘male lead’ experienced tragedy from female ‘a’ and ‘main female’ breaks him out of his unhappiness and they have sex and are happy. This is a… well BAD way to continue the story because all it would be is romance novel trash.
      I’m not trying to bag on you, I’ve read a promising romance novel that showed quite frankly a strong female lead capable of resisting ‘incubus’ male but then after the middle it just falls about into generic romance trash. It is HARD, HARD to make a romance like the one you said work. Plus who says Dr. Horrible is ‘meant’ to be good?
      He wants to feel fulfilled as well as seeing ‘lies everywhere.’ These are not words from someone that ‘needs to be shown the way of love.’ If he were to become a hero I think it would because it would be found that Penny is still alive though comatose, and he searches for a way to cure her. That would be the only possible thing I see of him becoming a good guy. Because ‘changing through the power of LURV’ is just so cliche, and its been around since basically the advent of romance novels. ((And religion of all types.))


  18. How can Felicia Day reprise her role as Penny if Penny died in the fist one? Otherwise I’m ecstatic about the new one!

    • She could be Penny’s identical twin sister! Except that she is the exact opposite, personality wise, and is all about not helping the less fortunate

      • Yeah, maybe she runs the demolition company that would turn the would-be homeless shelter into a parking lot. Mua ha ha.

  19. I bet his goal will be to kill Hammer…oh, and *nerdgasm*

  20. Nah. Dr. Horrible has attained his dream, Penny comes back, for whatever reason. Captain Hammers exposure to pain for the first time causes him to go on a rampage that Dr. Horrible, as his Nemesis, must stop. The fact that Penny returns isn’t exposed til the last act, which makes Dr. Horrible realize that he was on the side of good the whole time.

  21. This just made my day!!

  22. Bros! They can’t bring Penny(Felicia) back! She DIED! They need to bring in Amanda tapping and my life would be complete and I can finally die

  23. Btw, *double nerdgasim* (cause its twice the f****** awesome horribleness)

  24. I heard that the Dr. goes back in time to try to save Penny, so circumventing the whole death issue. THIS NEEDS TO BE HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I was quite sure Penny died at the end of “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.”

  26. Penny needs to come back as a evil charactor.after all “a bad Penny always turns up”Mwah-ha-ha

  27. WHEN WHEN WHEN!!!!! I want it now! LOL Love Dr. Horrible!! A bad Penny would be AWESOME!! She can help “deal” with Captain Hammer!!


      Ï çäñ’t wãït……

  28. I love Dr. Horrible! I love Nathan Fillion! But I really dislike Captain Hammer.
    And to refresh those minds of one of the Comic Cons for the Blog, it really is shaped like a hammer. XD That cracked me up so bad. I couldn’t stop laughing when Nathan said that. XD

  29. he falls in love again, this time with someone horribly evil, always wearing a mask. later it turns out that a) its penny b) its a guy. either way, they take over the world together and become king and queen. or queen and queen, depending on how it goes.