‘Doctor Strange’: Justin Theroux Being Eyed to Star? Fede Alvarez Denies Directing Rumor

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Doctor Strange Justin Theroux Doctor Strange: Justin Theroux Being Eyed to Star? Fede Alvarez Denies Directing Rumor

Marvel has ambitious plans for its “Phase Two” series of movies, bringing lesser-known characters to mainstream audiences (Guardians of the Galaxy), while also building on the established characters with multiple sequels (Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor 2: The Dark World). However, Marvel’s Phase 3 plans are potentially even more intriguing, as the company digs even deeper into its massive roster of characters,

One of these characters is the mystical sorcerer Doctor Strange, a key figure in the Marvel Universe and someone who could bring a different flavor to the Marvel movies we’ve seen so far. As Marvel producer Kevin Feige explained recently, “I love the aura of mystery that surrounds this superhero and the magical world that surrounds him. We’ve never faced anything like this and there is a lot of material that we could exploit.”

But who will play Doctor Strange? There has already been plenty of speculation about who could play the Sorcerer Supreme, with producer Victoria Alonso singling out Viggo Mortensen out as someone Marvel would “love to work with.” Now, a new report from CHUD claims that actor/screenwriter Justin Theorux is in the running for the role.

Citing an “industry source,” CHUD says that Marvel is strongly considering Theroux for the part. If true, it would be the second time Marvel has turned to Theroux – though the first time for his acting. Previously, Theroux wrote the script for Iron Man 2.

Theroux could also be a good fit for Marvel because he’s not a super well-known A-List star (despite his tabloid romance with Jennifer Aniston), which meshes with the company’s previous history of hiring lesser-known actors for key parts. Needless to say, since there’s no other confirmation, we’ll take this rumor with a huge grain of salt for now.

Dr Strange Fede Alvarez Doctor Strange: Justin Theroux Being Eyed to Star? Fede Alvarez Denies Directing Rumor

In other Doctor Strange news, we can debunk another recent rumor about the movie. Last week, there was speculation that Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez was being considered to direct the film. However, in an interview with ComicBookMovie.com, Alvarez said that “making a Marvel movie would be something that I would really love,” but that he hadn’t discussed Doctor Strange with Marvel and was unsure of how the rumor got started.

That’s not to say that Alvarez couldn’t still be a good fit for the job – or that Marvel won’t reach out to him – only that they haven’t yet. Based on his impressive (and disturbingly gory) work on the Evil Dead remake, Alvarez is definitely a director on the rise. Of course, I think plenty of fans are still holding out hope that Guillermo Del Toro gets involved with the the project.

What do you think of Justin Theroux for the part of Doctor Strange? And what other Marvel characters would you like to see brought to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


We’ll keep you updated about the status of Doctor Strange as more news comes to light.

Source: CHUD, ComicBookMovie.com

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  1. Anson Mount

    • THIS!!


  2. I’ve said this several times, but you asked so I’ll say it again. Cloak and Dagger needs to happen.

    • AGREED!

  3. Looking at Justin Theroux’s filmography, I’ve seen several projects that he’s worked on and yet I can’t remember him from any of them. Hopefully that means he’s really good at becoming the character he portrays.

  4. “Sigh” well I kinda was hoping that Marvel would seriously consider Benedict cumberbatch for the role of strange. Viggo mortensen is another great choice, but I really believe after star trek cumberbatch will be in hot demand.

  5. Not a fan of Theroux (except for his work on Tropic Thunder). As an actor he’s extremely forgettable imo.

    There are so many better options Marvel could consider!
    Viggo Mortensen, Liam Neeson, hell, even Patrick Dempsey would be a step up from Theroux (the latter two would bring an established fanbase with one of their names attached).

    I hope this is just a rumor…

    • that patrick dempsey guy already looks like Strange. haha

    • I dislike the choice of Justin Theroux, he’s a horrible screen-writer and as you stated an even more forgettable actor. NEXT..

    • Neeson and Dempsey will demand a high price tag along with that fanbase, Im sure they could get Viggo a lot cheaper than the other 2 but I have a feeling they will not even talk to him about the role

    • dempsey has publicly expressed great interest in playing this dr, as opposed to mr weepy dr on GA.

  6. I don’t have a problem with this.

  7. Viggo Mortensen please.


  8. Wow you know, Dempsey does look like him – can he pull off the transition from arrogant surgeon to humble sorcerer supreme?

    • Well… he has experience playing a surgeon already so that’s good. And he looks like Dr Strange. I think he’s a good choice, although this is coming from someone who hasn’t read too much on Strange, so I’ll let the hardcore fans decide.

  9. Thank god the rumors of Fede directing aren’t true. The Evil Dead remake was one of the worst films I have watched. I have no problem with an evil dead film becoming serious but the film has to evolve and acting and screenwriting and all I got was bad dialogue and monotone acting. Pouring in tons and tons of blood doesn’t make a film scary. The thing that destroyed it for me, however, was an ending boarding on the edge of mockery. Let me just say there were rules these characters had to follow and yet the screenwriter deliberately broke that rule near the end of the film. You’ll know what Im talking about if you have actually watched the film. Fede, especially if he were to also write the film like rumors suggest, would ruin the Dr Strange mythology, yet everyone would like it because apparently, they liked the Evil Dead remake. I don’t know why but the original was far more memorable and scary, despite the 80′s feel.

    • And what I meant by I don’t know why, is that I don’t know what they see in the Evil Dead remake.

      • I agree with you regarding the dialogue. It definitely got better as the movie progressed chronologically, but those opening scenes where characters introduced one another was absolutely cringe-worthy.

        • In the Evil dead remake, I actually felt it got worse as the movie progressed. The ending was terrible and pushes the series on mockery.

          • As I was writing that, some of the ending dialogue flashed through my brain. I almost qualified the statement a bit, but the character intros were the worst I’ve ever seen so I held to my original point. The ending was one long homage to the original trilogy, so I’m giving it a bit of a pass for their effort to please the diehard fans.

            • A homage to the original trilogy? If anything, I thought it ruined the original trilogy. The ending scene with all the blood poured on shows that they relied far more on blood than effective suspense. I honestly thought it got worse towards the end. I still wonder why people like this?

  10. We’ve had this discussion here at Screenrant before. Dempsey’s got the look, but I still have trouble getting past his voice or his McDreamy persona. His lackluster (my opinion) performance in Transformers 3 actually diminished my impression of him. I am loathe to criticize without offering an alternative, but the fact is I don’t have anyone specific in mind because I’d like to see a relatively fresh face offered the role.

  11. I like Theroux, he was pretty good in Wanderlust. I think he looks a lot like Strange too.

    Definitely don’t want Dempsey for the part, I mean WTF? No Neeson either. Viggo would be amazing… if they can land him.

  12. Even Nic Cage is better


      PLEASE MARVEL ANYONE BUT CAGE, Viggo is the best choice but I would rather see morgan freeman before DORK CAGE and his chessy acting!!! the guy is NEVER BELIEVABLE IN ANY ROLES HE HAS EVER BEEN IN!! the movie will BOMMMMB if the get cage to play Dr. Strange


        Darn keyboard the keyes dont work so good anymore but this is what that top line was supposed to say

      • “…..but I would rather see Morgan Freeman before DORK CAGE and his cheesy acting!!!”

        Okay, almost spit out my coffee laughing at this line.

        What Snappy D said….

        Sorry Peter, you are grounded from going out with your friends next Friday night just for suggestion Mr. Cage. If Howard the Duck every gets remade, we can tape a bill to his face and he can have that role.

        • …and by the way, Mr Freeman would knock this role out of the park…. just saying….

  13. I think Theroux is an inspired choice and I never saw it coming. He’s a chameleon when it comes to character acting. Just look at him in American Psycho, Your Highness and Wanderlust for examples. He’s almost unrecognizable when you compare one to the next.

  14. Justin Theroux is 41. And the guy I think has the perfect look is 43. So, I say Timothy Omundson!


  15. Huh…
    I had never thought of Theroux in the role but I actually like the idea.
    I’m secure enough in my manhood to admit he has leading man good looks but other than Mullholland Drive I’ve only seen and remember him in comedic roles. So I guess that could be a concern but Marvel has and is taking chances with casting so this wouldn’t be a surprise.
    On the subject of Patrick Dempsey… Sorry, but no. I know he’s kind of campaigned for the role in the past but he’s just not a good enough actor to carry a film like this. But, if we can get a sequel to Can’t Buy Me Love I’d be first in line to see it. :)

    • i liked “run” when it came out. it was a decent chase flick.

  16. Theroux is a great choice for the role. I remember hearing from an old article that his work ethic and devotion to a role is unmatched.

    I would also +1 Anson Mount for the role


  17. Justin Theroux? One of the main guys that ruined Iron Man 2???? NO THANKS! Please find someone else Mr. Kevin.

    • To be fair, he’s not being eyed to WRITE the movie, he’s (possibly) being eyed to STAR in it – writing and acting are two different things ;)
      However, seeing as his acting isn’t anything special imo, I agree with you regardless.

  18. Someone needs to consider Jim Caviezel for the good doctor. We could do much worse (like Justin Theroux).

  19. Aiden Gillan isn’t being considered then? Cause he pretty much looks almost exactly like Strange as Lord Baelish in Game Of Thrones and he was in a TV drama last month that highlighted his immense acting ability (albeit in a side role as an alcoholic and abusive father).

    • Every time I see Little Finger, I think of Doctor Strange.

    • Yes! Aiden Gillen for Doctor Strange! Make it happen!

    • I….. am embarrassed and more then a little ashamed as a huge Game of Thrones fan I never thought of this…

      Absolutely perfect for the role, and would not be expensive.

      Wow. I am in. He just became my #1 fan choice over Anson Mount.

  20. Johnny Knoxville !!!

  21. Someone said this before here on Screen Rant, but Aidan Gillen, Little Finger from Game of Thrones would be a great choice for Stephen Strange.

  22. Anson Mount would be awesome! he can play the tortured soul and hero,

  23. Is there any chance that MARVEl movies representatives read what fans thought over the many movies websites such as SR?

    I’d have to say no for the casting of Justin Theroux as Doctor Strange. I’m a fan of the doctor and I just can’t visualize Justin Theroux as the Doctor. Any of the actors the fans suggested above would be fine, just not Justin Theroux. Please, MARVEL, it’s not too late to back out.

  24. Jason Mamoa—learn from your error on the Guardians and put your name in the hat for this.

    As for director–? I’m still hoping for that other “Evil Dead” director, Sam Raimi.

    • Raimi is done with Marvel after they made him make Spider Man 3 and wouldn’t let him do Spider Man 4 with out their interference

  25. I am truly feeling we are going to have a “off the beaten trail” choice for the good Doctor. Again, some of these suggestions-Neeson, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Viggo Mortensen are just going to be too expensive for multi-picture deals. Now, not all Marvel movies need to have that, and if Doctor Strange is going to be a stand alone movie then I could see it. But I think a upper 30ish-lower 40ish actor with no name recognition will get the role, as Marvel has said nothing about any of their movies being stand alone, except maybe “GoTG”.

    Right now, I want a director and screen writer confirmations. That will go a long way to seeing which direction Marvel is going with one of my favorite characters.

  26. I thought Hugh Laurie would be a nice choice as Dr. Strange.

  27. Hows about Rufus Sewell? You know, the guy from Dark city

  28. You know that they are only brainstorming possible casting suggestions so far? Why is everyone (with a few high profile exceptions) getting so vitriolic? The movie won’t go into production until 2015 probably.

    Also I vote Nathan Fillion! :D

  29. Keanu Reeves as Dr. Strange and director by: Andrew Adamson (NARNIA).