‘Django Unchained’ Trailer: Tarantino’s Violent (and Funny) Slavery Revenge Tale

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Django Unchained sees acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino busting into the spaghetti western sub-genre that was pioneered by directors like Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). In true Tarantino fashion, the usual conventions of the genre have been thrown out and replaced with a revenge tale about a freed slave named Django (Jamie Foxx), who is looking to also free his wife (Kerry Washington) from bondage (the slavery kind, and quite possibly the kinky S&M kind). Set in the old American south, this film has been expected to stir up more than a bit of controversy with its violent revisionist fantasy.

The Django Unchained trailer is now online, and while the film clearly has both the controversial and violent elements that many expected, the level humor and oddity may take some people by surprise.

As we’ve said before, we got a look at the Django Unchained script awhile back – which we can now authenticate, as it contained several moments featured in the trailer – and it was definitely off-beat and comical in terms of scene composition and pacing. While that shouldn’t be surprising for a Tarantino film (after all, this is the man who has repeatedly made murder, mutilation, rape, and general sadism into funny events), shock-and-awe were, as stated, the initial expectations for Django Unchained.

django unchained christoph waltz 570x407 Django Unchained Trailer: Tarantinos Violent (and Funny) Slavery Revenge Tale

As you can see in the trailer, Jamie Foxx  and Christoph Waltz (as Django’s bounty hunter mentor) have an interesting rapport, while Leonardo DiCaprio (as evil plantation master Calvin Candie) looks to be having a gleeful time playing a truly heinous villain. The austere outdoor locations are visually captivating, with scenes like Django being marched along in a chain gang, or polar bear swimming in an icy lake, contrasting beautifully with the garishly colorful interior sets (like Candie’s pleasure house). On the whole, this looks to be one of Tarantino’s most beautifully shot films – and after Kill Bill, that’s really saying something.

Django Unchained hits theaters on December 25, 2012.

Source: Fandango

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  1. sure this isnt kill bill 3?

    • didn’t know the bride magically turned into django.. good one!

  2. Cant wait for this one!

  3. I really had high hopes for this movie the trailer sucks I’ll pass

  4. This is a long, long way aways from John Ford
    and a little too far for me to follow the trail.

    • It isn`t supposed to be a homage to the romantic, glorified american John Ford western, but to the harder, dirtier, more realistic italian spaghetti Sergio Leone western.

      • I am aware of that. I prefer classic westerns is my point.

  5. “You had my curiosity”

    I don’t think that’s how it works.

  6. It has great looks, but from the trailer the content leaves a lot to be desired.

  7. This looks awesome! Can’t wait! The D is silent! Love it!

  8. okay and….I’M IN!!!

  9. This will be my Christmas Day Movie…
    Looks great.

  10. It’s going to be a good christmas this year.

  11. I heard Jamie Fox has gay sex with Leonardo in this movie and I was like … Finally!!!

  12. Don’t hate on the trailer. He hasn’t even finished shooting the movie yet. But I like what I saw.

  13. I got to say Leonardo Dicaprio is going to beyond amazing. He looks like he is having the time of his life. I’m very excited for this film and have ZERO doubts.
    Plus, did anybody else catch Franco Nero(the original Django) at the end of the trailer?

  14. Hi, I’m sorry if I’m too square about this but it doesn’t look spaghetti western to me. I was specting a Django, Once Upon a Time in the West or The Good, The Bad and the Ugly kind of approche. But I am a Tarantino fan so I’ll give this movie a chance and wait for the 2nd trailer…

  15. Looks pretty good for a movie that isn’t even finished yet. This is definitely on my radar

  16. “You had my Curoisty, but now you have my attention.”

  17. “Hi, I’m QT. I’ve seen a lot of movies I consider to be cool, mkay? So what I’m going to do is take all the bits I consider to be cool, mkay, and put them into my own movies as homages. No way am I pilfering, mkay. Everything is motherfudging cool, motherfudger.”

    … I sit, awaiting another Jackie Brown.

    • Aren’t you a clever Panda…..

      • Hey man, when I was 14 I had framed movie stills of Pulp Fiction scenes on my bedroom walls. Then he made a corking “film” in Jackie Brown (to Pulp Fiction’s “movie”). JB tanks at the box office, QT panics and goes onto pandering exploitation trash “movies” in which every character speaks like QT. Inglorious was better (I consider the opening scene to be the finest of his career), but I just want the film maker back. Even if it’s for just one more.

        I rate Jackie Brown that highly.

    • Jackie Brown is the only movie he didn’t write. It was his love letter to Elmore Leonard, as an adaptation of his novel. And I agree that it was not good (my politically correct term for AWFUL.) But you do realize that Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction also pander exploitation trash “movies” and speak in his voice? That IS Quentin Tarantino!

      Of course, one of the BEST Tarantino movies is True Romance! (I guess is isn’t HIS movie, since he just WROTE the script…)

      • Forgive me, I was saying Jackie Brown was great. Reservoir Dogs was fine, but as a one off to QT’s “language”. Don’t under estimate what Roger Avary brought to the table either with the script for Pulp Fiction. But there is a point there. Maybe I won’t get another Jackie Brown unless he’s adapting something instead of dipping into his movie collection for his next idea.

        As for True Romance? Meh. Along with NTK. But hey, it’s all subjective isn’t it?

        Peace :)

  18. This looks like it should be a lot of fun! I’m in!

  19. Awesome! Can’t wait for this film!
    Was that Swamp Thing from Con Air in the trailer?
    Here’s my one quibble: NO KURT RUSSELL.

  20. Nice, classic Tarantino. Will definitely see this opening day.

  21. I’ll be watching for sure.

  22. I’m definitely IN!!!

  23. Everyone bashing on the trailer, mind you the trailers for Tarintono films never are even close to how great the movie is. The trailers often catch a different vibe than the movie gets off. Don’t judge a movie by it’s trailer.

  24. watching 2minute trailer for a at least 2 hr movie u can never tell but 2 me it looks like it has all the ingredients for a 1st class movie tarantino directing i wouldn’t miss it no chance

  25. Tarantino’s “act” is getting as old as Burton’s.

    Unless I see a better trailer … I’ll pass.

    • Excellent point, INK. And a sentiment I too share.
      Tarantino and Burton seem stuck in an earlier decade.

  26. I’m not feeling it. First, why call it Django at all if the titular character has nothing to do with the classic Django we all know? Django to me is Franco Nero. And Jamie Foxx just doesn;t do it for me, for some reason.

    • At 2:18 in the trailer is a scene in a saloon, where Jamie Foxx stands next to Franco Nero and Franco Nero wants to know Jamies name, he answers Django and something else, I couldn’t understand.
      So, there could be a reference to Franco Neros Django character.

      • Who cares about a reference? Django was not a black slave, so this is not Django. Why not just call it something else? Tarantino is just trying to sell a different movie with the Django name. If he liked the Django character and wanted to remake the movies, then his leading character should have been similar to the old Django.

    • It could be a nod to Sukiyaki Western Django. After all, he was an actor in that movie, and it was incredibly campy and brilliant.

      I’m just wondering why people aren’t expecting a Quentin Tarantino movie. If his next film was called Vader Unleashed, I wouldn’t be expecting a movie about the classic Vader we all know.

  27. I liked what I saw in the trailer. “Django Unchained” appears to be a return to the grindhouse-type “blaxploitation” movies of the 1970’s, particularly “Mandingo” (anyone remember that one?).

    Looking forward to it, despite the fact that Kurt Russell won’t be in it.

    • Yea, it’s a hybrid of blaxploitation and spaghetti-western.

  28. Bunch of QT haters! I watched the trailer repeatedly. Looks very very good. Classic.

  29. It’s Franco Nero the man asking Django his name!