New ‘Divergent’ TV Spot; On Track for ‘Twilight’ Box Office

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Young adult novel adaptations have plenty of potential to make it big at the box office, with stories that are palatable for children and teens whilst also appealing to older audiences. For every Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, however, there’s a Beautiful Creatures or an Ender’s Game to act as a reminder that such movies aren’t always a guaranteed success.

Despite these cautionary tales, however, Lionsgate is already confident that Divergent, the upcoming adaptation of Veronica Roth’s dystopian sci-fi novel, is going to be a big hit. The studio is so convinced, in fact, that two sequels have already been given the green light and have release dates set for 2015 and 2016.

According to the latest predictions at THR, however, Lionsgate might be correct in feeling so confident. Divergent is apparently tracking on par with the first Twilight film – even better in certain categories, including higher scores among both young females and young males – and may well end up matching Twilight‘s opening weekend box office take of $69.6 million. Others predict that Divergent‘s opening will be closer to $65 million, but THR emphasizes that “no one is taking any bets.” This release could end up going either way.

Shailene Woodley as Tris in Divergent New Divergent TV Spot; On Track for Twilight Box Office

Divergent stars Shailene Woodley (The Descendants), who plays a young woman called Tris about to come of age in a society segregated into factions according to the results of a personality test that everyone takes at the end of their adolescence. Those whose results show that their personality is too complex (i.e. that they have a mix of bravery or compassion, instead of purely one or the other) are considered to be extremely dangerous and have to hide their individuality or be hunted down.

Not having read the book, it’s unclear whether this premise makes more sense when explained in full, but it certainly doesn’t come across very clearly in the latest TV spot for Divergent. You’d be forgiven for coming away from the trailers thinking that Tris has some kind of psychic superpowers, though perhaps that was the intention. Getting mixed results on a personality test is kind of lame as far as special abilities go.

At the end of the day, however, Divergent does look like it could draw in teens who feel like they don’t fit in with society, and it has a beautiful young couple making gooey eyes at each other as part of the main plot. Don’t be surprised if that’s enough for it to do reasonably well at the box office.


Divergent opens in U.S. theaters on March 21, 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. Don’t know anything about the book, but from the trailers this movie looks terrible. Looks like they did a bad job with CGI.

  2. Tracking might be pretty big at the moment but we’ll have to see when it actually releases because things might be different then.

    Also, that whole “you could be in this group or another” thing has been done so many times before that it’s become cliche now, especially when Harry Potter did it more recently.

  3. I’m gonna try to stay open minded, but it is not grabbing me in any way. I guess I’ll see it, but it doesn’t have a really strong foundation to build on. It just seems like they,(Lionsgate)are trying their best to convince us that this movie will be great and I have a bad feeling it is just going to be another “The Host”. Gooey eyes and romance a great story does not make.

  4. Can anyone explain to me the “tracking” thing? who is tracking who and why and how do they crunch the numbers?

  5. I’ve read all three of the released books and I can say with confidence that I have no confidence in this movies and its potential sequels……and here’s why

    1. source material—here is the fact book 1, is great book 2, is passable, book 3, is a colossal failure. in other words the source material itself is sort of disappointing.

    2. central theme, or better yet plot device…..the theme is what you can expect coming of age blah blah blah, the real issue is the whole plot device which I’m sorry to say is the most disappointing aspect of the series

    3. love relationship between the main characters is seriously annoying almost twilight level annoying in fact by the second book you’ll be sick of it

    bottom line this movie looks like it could be twilight success both commercially and critically

    • I must agree; the source material for this series is incredibly weak. The first book is decent, but the series dramatically declines from there. Assuming the first film warrants sequels, the screenwriters will have to take quite a few liberties in adapting the second and third books, especially the third.

      That being said, I’ve heard nothing but positive screening reactions from the film’s target audience, but that could just be fangirls (and fanboys). The jury is still out, and I’m remaining skeptic.

  6. this movie isn’t even going to pass $20 million on opening weekend.

  7. I thought the books were all very good, with the third making an unexpected and very gutsy move right at the end. Divergent looks great! And Tris has no “superpowers” as the article states…the motive behind killing Divergents is a very interesting one that is not revealed in full until later. And finally…goddammit, stop referring to Ender’s Game as a failiure! Sure, it didn’t do great at the box office (because it came out the week before Thor the Dark World) but it is a well-acted and visually beautiful movie, far superior to most YA book adaptations. End of the rant, sorry guys.

    • gonna respectfully disagree, motive behind killing Divergents is not a very interesting plot device mainly because of how the books make it seem like being a divergent is so much bigger of a deal than it actually ends up being and the third book in my opinion and general concensus is a complete let down on multiple levels.

      ender game was amazing and a critical success but commercial failure bud no other way to look at it especially considering the greatness of its source material

  8. The trailers make the movie look bad , based on all the other tween book movie failures this one seems on track to flop also lol

  9. Honestly, I’ve never heard of these books and I don’t really understand what its about except for it looks like a bunch of young pretty faces. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on this movie.

  10. The problem I see is the lead actress. You needed a Jennifer Lawrence and you got some farm girl. Just no charisma at all.

    • Shailene Woodley is a fantastic actress… comparing her to Jennifer Lawrence is irrelevant. Not to mention Lawrence is the most overhyped actress in Hollywood. Not to say she is bad she is far from that, but she isn’t the heaven sent actress everyone makes her out to be. Woodley is an academy award nominated actress and you haven’t seen anything except a trailer to convince you otherwise. She is playing the character how she is written, Tris isn’t Katniss she isn’t charismatic.

      • I doesn’t matter how good an actor she is. There are tons of good actors who just don’t have that indefinable “something” that makes you want to watch them and gives them the ability to carry a movie or tv show in a lead roll. Conversely there are bad actors who can still command your attention. This girl just doesn’t have “it”.

    • I agree, Woodley is the most wooden actress I have ever seen. Plus her face is just weird looking to me. This movie and all of her movies are a pass for me.

  11. PASS!!!! Looks like a Hunger Games spinoff to me but the only difference is that I won’t see it. It doesn’t even look like a movie, it looks a like there advertising a modeling agency.