Third ‘Divergent’ Movie ‘Allegiant’ Will Be Split Into Two Films

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Divergent Starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James Third Divergent Movie Allegiant Will Be Split Into Two Films

The Harry Potter series may have led the cause, but it’s clear now that every studio is on the lookout for hit young adult book series they can adapt to film. It’s easy to see why: the films have a built-in fanbase, feature fantasy and sci-fi elements that appeal to the masses and often target that critical demographic of teen moviegoers.

However, one trend that seems to be cropping up again and again with the likes of the Twilight and The Hunger Games series (not to mention Harry Potter) is the desire for studios to split these best-selling books into multiple films. Both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Twilight: Breaking Dawn – the final installments in their respective book series – were split into two films, with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay set to follow suit. Now it seems we have another franchise to add to that list.

According to Variety, Lionsgate – the same studio behind Twilight and The Hunger Games, it should be noted – will split Allegiant, the final book in the Divergent trilogy, into two films. We already knew that the remaining films were in active development and that the goal is to have an entry in the Divergent series released each March, following the release strategy the studio used in releasing The Hunger Games films.

Divergent Interview Miles Teller Jai Courtney Third Divergent Movie Allegiant Will Be Split Into Two Films

Given the studio’s history with such properties, the decision isn’t exactly a surprising one, especially when considering that Divergent earned a healthy $56 million on its opening weekend. It’s a smart business move, but splitting Allegiant into two films will almost certainly incite the same kind of discussion as previous instances of this approach, leaving Divergent fans wondering if this will ultimately hurt or help the finished films.

After all, the general consensus seems to be that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 and Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 are less substantive and satisfying than their direct sequels, causing some fans to wonder if the final entries of those franchises would have been better served with a single, super-sized film rather than two separate releases. As Lionsgate moves forward with production on Divergent sequel Insurgent, the studio would be wise to take this into account, though the fans will certainly show up for the films regardless.

Do you think it’s a good move to split Allegiant into two films? Is there enough material in the final novel to warrant separate releases? Let us know in the comments section below.


Divergent is now in theaters. Insurgent will be released on March 20, 2015, followed by Allegiant: Part 1 on March 18, 2016 and Allegiant: Part 2 on March 24, 2017.

Source: Variety

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  1. Duh! Who didn’t see that coming?

  2. This is a trend started by Harry Potter that I don’t think is always necessary. It was needed for HP but many films are simply doing this for the extra money.

    • No, it wasn’t needed for HP. The last book was a loooong dragging affair that could have beend trimmed down signifcantly without losing anything worthwhile. It’s a blatant cash grab, nothing else.

      • Hp deserved a grand finale film, on top of having 6 GOOD films under its belt, it needed to explain the horcruxes, cover the finding of the horcruxes, the backstory of snape and dumbledore and show the final battle of hogwarts and voldemort and harry.

        All these other films just imitating when they dont deserve or havent earned it.

        • Also the Hallows, which is explained in the form of one of the greatest short films ever crafted, and its in the movie.

          • A friend of mine saw the short on Youtube and loved it without even realizing it was part of a greater film…

  3. Of course it will be split in two. I’m more surpised that that they don’t split every installment into two movies, instead just the last chapter.

  4. What a shocking development.

  5. The Death of the Trilogy.


  6. Yea this is getting corny.

  7. The second I saw this headline I threw my arms in the air and said out loud to no one “why!?” Granted, I know why: More movies = more money. However, it’s true that (though I’m not a fan of either) Harry Potter and Twilight’s last two-parter films suffered story-wise from the split, with the first part being set-up for a finale that doesn’t come till the next film, and the second part having no story or development, just climax. Climax without build up feels unsubstantiated. So while I can’t say I’m surprised, I am let down that this trend is continuing.

  8. Still can’t beat The Hobbit being split into 3.

    • When I first heard the news, I was like “Dafuq?!”. But then after watching the 2 Hobbit movies, I was like “Wow!”

  9. of course it will be, obviously for artistic reasons and not because film companies are greedy!

  10. It was expected. its the trend.
    By the way, I like Divergent more than any other action/romantic teenage novel so far.

  11. Oh god… Of course it was.
    Divergent was okay. not bad. very happy theres no love triangle. its the one thing that makes me dislike the hunger games movies. But i just dislike that all ya trilogies are doing this. it made sense for HP because of a huge amour of material to include. But for the others? not so much

  12. My brain vomited.

  13. What a disappointment. The third book has the least amount of action, really a lot of sitting around to be honest. The chapters a split between Tris’ voice and Four’s voice (the first two books were all from Tris’ voice), so there’s even some overlap/unnecessary scenes in the book that wouldn’t translate well to the movie.

    Worst of all, the third book itself was a huge disappointment for a lot of fans (just look at the reviews on Amazon), so dragging out a disappointing conclusion into two films seems like a terrible idea.

    • No way! It was different. In the last three series of books (Harry Potter, Twilight & The Hunger Games) all the characters lived Happily Ever After and they rode off into the sunset but Veronica Roth made a massive decision into changing the story up. Yea the main character died. But it made the book so much better. All Hands Up: I haven’t stopped crying and I’ve re-read the whole series 4 times now. And I’m so happy with how it ended. Veronica Roth is BRAVE!

  14. When Harry Potter did it, it was understandable. The book was HUGE. The Hobbit, on the other hand, is a children’s book, and splitting it into three films is unreasonable (though I actually liked the first two movies). Mockingjay underdeveloped the rebellion in the third book (which was a short novel like its predecessors) so I’m praying we see some improvement on that with two films. But with that said, I haven’t read these Divergent books, so it’ll be interesting to see how Part 1 and 2 play out.

  15. I hope they keep the book ending. Spoilers! Home girl dies.

  16. Next thing you know, Marvel splits Avengers 3 in two for the Infinity Gems storyline…

    • Yeah they will. Because a cross over film where they fight Thanos or Kang, is not going to do justice to cram it into only one movie. They’ll see what other studios did, and choose to compete with that. It makes perfect sense.

  17. And let the cash-grabbin’ begin!

  18. This series will be the first among many film franchises that I financially boycott. I’ll catch it a year from now at a friend’s house or on Netflix.
    I will not support this trend, especially when the books are probably far better.

  19. Why in the world did they make even the first movie? These books are terrible and beacons of what’s wrong with young adult fiction.

  20. Honestly this is just stupid. I get that they’re trying to churn as much money out of it as possible, but for God’s sake, Allegiant was terrible and incredibly uneventful. Either they add a LOT of material to it and hire actually talented screenwriters or we accept the inevitable – that the series is going to end in two unprecedently awful films.

  21. Doesn’t the main character die in the third book

  22. It isn’t a surprise. Look at Bryan Singer basically splitting up X-Men Apocalypse into two films, one for the main story and one for the final fight with Apocalypse. Nowadays, a really good book or game can’t be done on screen with just one movie. It would be a waste of investment. Two movies just gives the audience the breathing room they need, to take in the whole story and I think that’s really wise.

  23. That’s a route that Marvel Studios doesn’t need to take Not to mention the already said their films will not be direct on a part of the comic

  24. The Avengers sequel is about ulTron and everyone already knows Hank Pym does not create him in this film

  25. I hope it tanks… BAD.

  26. Why didi tris hv to die in allegiant plz in the next movie make it that she never really die or make the movie different to the book

  27. Why did tris hv to die in allegiant plz in the next movie make it that she never really die or make the movie different to the book

  28. Allegiant has a different ending to HP or Twilight or the Hunger Games. (SPOILER) The main character dies and HP, Bella or Katniss does not. I think this series deserves a grand finale ending.

  29. What no fourth book? No “Four”?! U aren’t going to make that movie?! Why?! The Fourth Book, hello?! Make/start the fourth book movie!!! Plz!!!! (said desperate Divergent Fan)

    • And I guess the answer to the original question is: Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
      OMG YES!!!!!