‘Divergent’ Sequels Get Release Dates; Director Neil Burger Not Returning

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Divergent roof jumping scene Divergent Sequels Get Release Dates; Director Neil Burger Not Returning

Young adult novels and their film adaptations have a lot of potential for success, since outside of their teenage target audience they can also draw in younger consumers and, thanks to a smattering of mature themes, older audiences as well. Such was the case with the behemoth that is the Harry Potter franchise, the film adaptations of which have drawn over $7.7 billion at the box office alone.

Among the upcoming hopefuls in the YA genre is Divergent, a dystopian sci-fi starring Shailene Woodley as Beatrice Prior, a teen who is preparing to properly enter society as a member of one of five factions that are based on their specific traits. Tris, however, does not fit neatly into any one of these boxes: she is an individual and she ain’t gonna be part of their system. Unfortunately, being “Divergent” carries with it the stigma of being feared or even executed, so Tris chooses to hide her true identity and align with the Dauntless faction.

Based on the synopsis and trailers released so far, Divergent definitely seems to be geared (perhaps even pandering) towards rebellious teen fantasies, and perhaps that’s why Lionsgate has already greenlit two sequels to the teen action movie. A report by Variety states that the release dates for Insurgent and Allegiant have already been set for March 20th, 2015 and March 18th, 2016, respectively.

Shailene Woodley and Maggie Q star in Divergent Divergent Sequels Get Release Dates; Director Neil Burger Not Returning

No doubt Lionsgate is trying to cash in on the success of dystopian sci-fi franchise The Hunger Games, but the first two novels in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series have only sold 5 million copies between them, whereas by summer 2012 there were 50 million copies of the Hunger Games books in print and digital formats. While film adaptations of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight have all seen considerable success, the YA genre has also seen its fair share of flops, Ender’s Game and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones among them.

Whether Divergent succeeds or fails, director Neil Burger (Limitless) won’t be around to helm its continuation. The Variety article also states that Burger is not planning to return for the follow-up, Insurgent, which is set to begin production next spring.

It’s somewhat surprising to see Lionsgate planning so far ahead for a franchise that seems a long way from being a safe bet, but given that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is getting a sequel in spite of its weak box office performance, perhaps studios are determined to plough ahead with these teen fantasy and sci-fi movies in the hope of finding the next big thing.


Divergent opens in regular and IMAX theaters on March 21st, 2014. Insurgent arrives on March 20th, 2015 and Allegiant will be in theaters on March 18th, 2016.

Source: Variety

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  1. Jumping the gun much?

  2. I don’t get Hollywood suits these days. We’ve been there time and again… whenever there’s a hit, they try to duplicate it with a clone based on similar literary material… Eragon cashing in on LOTR, Mortal Instruments cashing in on Twilight/Potter, anybody remembers The Seeker:Dark Is Rising???

    The thing is: NONE, NONE of these attempts at cashing in on established formulae ever works! All those copy-paste attempts have been EPIC failures so far… it’s beyond stupid to try a stunt like that again… Now “Divergent” wants to cash in on the success of the Hunger Games? Right… Destined to fail! Epically! But still they try to push it…

    MY GOSH! Hasn’t it been painful enough to have Grande Dame Sigorney Weaver signing for City of Ashes with the City of Bones sequel to be cancelled TWO WEEKS before production??? And now they’re doing it again… commissioning a Divergent sequel at this point is utter madness. It’s destined to fail but even if it doesn’t fail…why not wait until after it proves a hit (which is NOT going to happen!)…

    Aren’t they supposed to be professionals? It’s ludicrous… one illfated Greek mythology movie after another, only because 300 proved to be a moderate success in 2006? One alien invasion flick after another only because Transformers actually kinda worled financially? They’re burning money and credibility on an EPIC scale…

    Copycat policies like that had already proved inefficient back in the early 80s when Italian filmmakers tried desperately to cash in on Star Wars… It’ll NEVER work. You cannot copy the success of a singular franchise. There is one hit every 3-5 years but it’s impossible to duplicate such hits…it just doesn’t work one bit…

    • BTW: Have I mentioned the epic failure that was John Carter, trying to cash in on Avatar? Have they forgotten the lesson taught by the epic failures of those SciFi remakes such as Dredd and Totall Recall, solely based on the success of one sucessful SciFi reboot called Star Trek? Right…Beautiful Creatures really kept up with the Twilight hype, didn’t it? And the Spiderwick Chronicles have spawned lots of sequels in the vein of Narnia! It seems to be a never-ending story…

      The only instance where stunts like that seem to work are Marvel comic book flicks…yeah…but heck, that’s because they are all set in the same universe and aren’t blatant cash-ins on one singular hit…

      • Can’t believe you lumped “DREDD” in there. Automatic fail, twenty years in the cubes.

        As for “John Carter”, they had been trying to make that into a movie for the past hundred years. In that time it spawned hundreds of imitators. No “John Catter = no “Avatar”.

        • I know that “Princess of Mars” (the novel) is the basis for stuff like Star Wars, Avatar etc… but the MOVIE “John Carter” only came into being as a reaction to the unpresedented success of Avatar…so in a nutshell, it was an attempt at cashing in on Avatar’s success, no matter how influential the novel may have been.

          And while “Dredd” may be a different beast content-wise you bet that this remake only got made because the suits deemed any sort of SciFi reboot financially viable after the success of Star Trek 2009. So yes, it dies belong on that list of failed cashgrabs that just didn’t work out…

          • “Dredd” was an independent film. It was a gamble from the start, even Karl urban said that if it ends up with a cult following he’d be happy with that. “Dredd” was made because the character deserved a decent movie after the way Hollywood cocked up the first attempt at a Judge Dredd movie.

            It certainly wasn’t a remake of the Stallone film, and it didn’t pander to the comic book movies of the moment. It was a film based on a great character that the US has no interest in. It was gory rated 18 and no kids would buy “DREDD” lunchboxes. Obviously they wanted this film to succeed, it wouldn’t have been 3D otherwise, but the whole movie was more for the art and love of the character. It has had a great reception since. It’s just a shame so much depended on the initial success in the first week at the cinemas.

            “Avatar” does not get to the inpsiration for every other sci-fi movie. Movies like that have always been made. “Avatar” just had huge backing. Far more that the script deserved.

    • For the record, City of Ashes was not cancelled. It was delayed. And they are starting filming in 2014.

      If they wanne try and fail (or win) let the studio’s put their money in it, I don’t see why someone would complain about it. You are not interested than don’t put your time in it, it’s not like they are using your money, LOL.

      People can be really dramatic over things that don’t affect them. I find it funny :)

    • I know you posted that 11 months ago but I’m still replying lol.
      I firstly thought that Divergent was just like THG and that Roth had copied Collins, but so many people told me that it was nothing like it, that it may even be better than THG. So, I read the books and I was literally blown away. All three books are so good and so clever, they’re truly amazing. So please, don’t say that Divergent is trying to cash in on THG, not before you’ve read the books.

    • There are wannabee directors and money from uninspired greedy little vermin running all over Hollywood. They lack the ability to see talent, or recognize a decent script. They will not take risks and are perfectly happy making a crappy knockoff movie for pennies if they can make a little money. I’ve met some of them. Small men with titanic egos. They should be working in the porn industry, but they’re afraid they’ll never get their Oscar. meeting one of them can give you memories you will never get rid of. Truly disgusting creatures. I’m a Engineer and a Technical Director. These are the ones running casting couches and non-union gigs to take advantage of desperate actors.

  3. This movie is going to be a failure like more movies of this nature. (The Host, Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Eragon, Stardust, etc.)

    • Inkheart, City Of Ember

    • Stardust is one of my fav movies….to each his own…ppl appeal to different things why would movies be any different…there will always be ppl who like a movie or a book…matter of fact if even one person reads my book and loves it that would make me happy…just doesn’t pay the bills ya know

      • Stardust was a cute and well done movie. Hunger games was perfect for the Millennials. No plot. No morals. Nothing intellectual. and no end in sight. Perfect for the braindead live at home video game generation.

  4. Divergent is a far superior novel to hunger games.

    • No it is not. The ending of the Divergent series was horrible. It they follow the book, I don’t want to see the movie.

      • The ending was in no way horrible. Could anyone honestly take Tris and Four riding off into the sunset seriously? Because I couldn’t. It was the best possible ending, because it showed who she grew to be.

  5. How you can even mention Dredd in the same vain is astounding. Like Starship troopers, Bladerunner and 5th Element it has become a cult film, made for pure love and not to supply the market with every type of extended merchandise. As for John Carpenter, that again was a fantastic film, which like Dredd 3d had little to no advertising and the only thing we can learn from both, is whoever ran the marketing needs firing

    Give us a Dredd sequel any day – Now more people have seen what an epic film it was, maybe it would fair better in the cinemas, after all they have about 30 years of material to choose from

  6. I actually love the concept of the movie , I believe in their age group realistic characters in the problems and concerns they would have their age and a life of uncertainty and devastation who else would be any better shape I like the storyline , like the way it’s developed in the first part of the series and I’m looking forward to the future movies

  7. I really enjoyed the movie, I don’t think it’s riding on the coat tails of any other YA fiction /movie. Post apocalyptic scenarios will probably form part of the fictional landscape for years to come. Looking forward to the sequel, good for Lionsgate.

  8. Divergent is definitely not riding on the coat tails of The Hunger Games…Have you even watched the movie??? Whoever thinks its even remotely like The Hunger Games…they don’t know what they are talking about. LOL. Yes and why all the Drama…

  9. Dang people chill out…… I just watched the movie and I thought it it was cool. In the future try watching a movie before passing judgment. All the bs about other movies is unnecessary, this is its own movie, Sheesh people you really need to not over think things so much its just a movie….. Personally I think most of you just like to start arguments over nothing.

    • I’m glad they are making a sequel. It was a pretty solid movie and the books were good. I google searched to see IF they were making another because I hoped they would. Of course, the link I chose includes a comments section of people offering their opinions on things they shouldn’t waste their, but more importantly, anyone who has a brain and just enjoys movies, because they have this delusion that tgey know everything. Cliche but take a lesson away from the movie…people don’t have all the answers so…put a sick in it and if you don’t like the series…then don’t spend time b***ching about a movie haha.

  10. I was spellbound by the film Divergent and I am 73 years young. Oh how I could identify with this film and the world we live in now is not far removed from the film. I live as a hermit and read profusely and stay away from the crowds. I support more films like this and will buy everyone that comes out. I applaud the producers and trust they will continue this string of adventure films for one and all!

  11. For the sequel of Divergent why wasn’t Neil the director no offence to the other director but the direction the movie took compared to the book was very very different. And honestly it upset me of the huge difference.