District 9 Trailer: Uncensored!

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district 9 wikus alien District 9 Trailer: Uncensored!

If you saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine or have been keeping up with Screen Rant, you probably had a chance to view the very cool and unique trailer for the upcoming documentary-style sci-fi film, District 9, which hit the internet just short of a week ago.

If you haven’t, you definitely should – This is something you may want to look out for.

District 9 is the super-secret sci-fi project that director Neill Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson have been working on since the Halo movie they were supposed to make was thrown on the back-burner.

The original trailer for District 9 had an interrogation/interview scene with an alien who’s face was blurred out – as if it were a real documentary and they were hiding its identity. We also had no idea what the insect-like alien was saying. That all changes in this version of the trailer which removes the blur from the alien’s face and presents us with subtitles to translate the alien’s … sounds?

Check it out and see what you think:

[media id=139 width=570 height=340]

This trailer has me hooked and I’m very interested in seeing this later in the summer.

The image up top is from /Film and depicts a character from the movie named Wikus, played by Sharlto Copley. Wikus is a Multi-National United (MNU) agent who becomes infected with some sort of alien virus/bio-technology. Hence, the crazy eye. Wikus is on the run from the government and makes his way into the non-human District 9, where the alien insect-folk have been forced to live for the past 30 years.

For more cool info on this trailer and the movie, check out the viral site MNU Spreads Lies. It seems that the aliens want us to see things from their perspective.

Is this a movie you’ll seek out this summer?

District 9 opens for all humans only, on August 14, 2009.

Sources: IMDB, /Film

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  1. looks interesting. Don’t know about the attention given to the aliens though – they look kind of plain.

  2. this films looks like it might be interesting

  3. I like that it seems different from most alien movies where they just want to leave and dont want to do anything bad to earth, but the humans wont let them go. Kind of a different angle to the whole Human/Alien relationship from most movies.

  4. It’s not among the most anticipated films but it looks interesting. I’m going to check it out.

  5. They got the human angle down pretty good.

    Alien – We just want to go home
    Human – How do you’re weapons work


  6. This movie looks incredible to me. Very different filming style doing it as if it were a documentary instead of the normal theatrical view. I have a feeling we haven’t scratched the surface of what this movie is going to be like. And…the aliens look “plain”?!? How does a 6foot insect look plain? I think it looks pretty amazing.

  7. Brilliant! For the past year this has been number one on my list besides the few obvious Summer fare. Jackson can do no wrong!

  8. @Manowar

    I think they got the American angle down pretty good.

  9. Man that pic above is freaky, so these aliens can look like humans?

  10. @Richard
    In the article, Rob says that this man (in the picture) got infected with an alien virus.

  11. LOVE IT!

  12. Looks pretty cool. Interesting in the way it’s filmed, that’s what has me interested. But nothing will beat 9. THAT will be AMAZING. (looks like these filmmakers are staring to get into this whole releasing-movies-with-names-corresponding-to-the-date thing…9 is coming out 9/9/09, and this, district 9, is coming out in ’09 also…cool)

  13. I’m wondering if they’ll do a “switch” near the end of the movie. The aliens are actually planning to do something evil, the powers that be know very well that they’ve got something up their sleeves, but “the people” call for their unrestricted release.

    Moral of the story? Find out how alien weapons (why do they have weapons?) work before giving them back.

  14. Alien infection or a rare strain of PINK EYE….. hmmmmmmmm

  15. Oh yes, the ever popular “we are bad guys” angle, wow, how original…

  16. oh god, this movie is going to be abother “humans want nothing but more technology” sort of film, we see it all the time, i mean look at movies like STARGATE, the minute this tech is found the military races in to claim weapons, it makes me sick! dont worry about making peace with another race and bettering ourselves, no just go grab their weapons “how do your weapons work” the concept is good im just over the miltary trying to grab anything to get the upper edge! sorry i know im ranting but this IS screenRANT after all…haha. and as far as the alien creature, i think it would have been better to see a “grey” alien sort of creature

  17. Well chris, it’s more specific than just humans. As long as Americans are made out to be the bad guys, it will be “cool” and in style. That’s the current fad it seems.

    I have to see the trailer again to be sure, but I think the humans interrogating the alien was speaking English with an American accent, but not 100% positive at this point, and am at work now so won’t really hear the audio too well…

  18. Looks like they went cheap filming in South Africa, thats all the accents that you hear.

    Somehow i dont think this going to be big, films shot in Africa, tend to be direct to dvd, or at best like Doomsday.

    So thats probably what you can expect. pity.

  19. I have to admit,I liked the other trailer better with the alien’s face blurred out.I seemed a little more creepy to me.

  20. I’m actually really looking forward to it. Seemed like I was going to be disappointed because they only changed two things in this trailer.

    But wow did that open the entire storyline. And I am sooo pumped. I can’t wait for this. I think it’s an entirely creative look on how humans might react to aliens, and them to us.

  21. does that ship look similar to the ones in independence day?

  22. Yeah, someone needs to warn those helicopters not to flash bright lights at the aliens.

  23. i thought alienNation ran its course, so why is it back, star trek next Generation extended passed it…. why not some real stuff like the asteroid that hist this November and sinks all our continents 2 miles for 5 months

  24. I was all excited about this movie when the trailer was playing until the interview scene. It took all the seriousness out of it (yes I know it’s just a movie). Insect looking aliens that’s the best they could do??? Didn’t we see that in Men In Black? It would have really been interesting if they made them close to humans but with slight morphological difference just to mess with us (not star trek ones but very human like) then that viral stuff might have worked.

  25. Actually, the idea that life can develop on some far away planet light years away and be human-like is HIGHLY improbable… That’s why aliens as they are portrayed in 99% of movies with aliens are pretty unbelievable. It’s just that we like to model everything after ourselves, realistic or not, our brains prefer to see things that way.

  26. After looking at quite a few trailers, I get the impression this film may be a bit more than just a sci-fi, action, alien flick. I believe this is going to be somewhat of a social commentary on the way black South African’s were treated during apartheid. It’s set in South Africa (Cape Town?), the District 9 looks similar to a shanty town, and during one of the latest trailers, a reporter going in to investigate, discovers that the aliens are being treated poorly by the humans. Any ideas?

  27. Set in Johannesburg

  28. I loved that movie. It was pretty awesome.