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district 9 reviews District 9 Spoilers Discussion

Thanks (again) to regular Screen Rant reader “790” for reminding me to set up a spoiler discussion post. While we do have a District 9 review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss District 9 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. simple smile District 9 Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. haha it’s not so bad. sure, we’re all stubborn little people, but at least it’s pretty civilized.

    i do long for a movie that satisfies on all fronts, that even if someone points out a mistake we can all go hunh yea that’s true and then someone comes up with a wacky idea to make it a non-mistake. and everyone laughs. in other words, a movie where people don’t nitpick and make a mountain out of the molehill they imminently discover, turning that into pure hate for the movie. i don’t mean any offense, i myself have been guilty of doing this.

  2. Great movie!

  3. @ james

    The movie took Place in 2002 20 years after they landed in 1982.

  4. @Giraffehead

    Thank you for the apology. I’ll admit, though I don’t know if we’ll agree about everything, that I can see why you make some of your points…and after reading some other loooong posts, I’ll TRY to put in a couple of breaks :)


    The confusion about the language barrier (lack thereof?) seems like a non-issue: Throughout the film, both groups don’t act like they do not UNDERSTAND each other. More likely, the aliens simply do not CARE what a lot of humans say. Where there is misunderstanding, it comes across as the uncertainty between two communicators with different sounds, grammar, and syntax compriprising their respective languages: “I’m a fan of futbol.” “Oh, you love football, too?” “If you don’t hurry up, we’ll be late to the theatre.” “Eh, don’t worry; we’ll get to the theater on time.” These, of course, are just VERY simple examples, but they’re both in English (one language) between humans (one species)…Imagine the difficulty of PERFECTLY understanding a truly ALIEN language.

    In deference to you, Giraffehead, I’ll stop here 😀

  5. @SIN187UM

    Yes I know…. That would mean the the majority of their time here would have been spent in the 90s. That’s why I used a 1991 census.

  6. @ Ken J

    The control pod did return to the mothership in the end… That is what the drop ship was. Great movie, Great ending. A sequel would be cool :)

  7. @Wags

    Wait, I don’t get it, where did I suggest that I didn’t think the control pod returns to the mothership??? *scratches head*

  8. What irritated me most about Wikus was when Chris told him he would have to wait 3 years for Chris to come back with the cure, Wikus sandbags Chris and tries to hijack the drop ship. What does he think he’s doing? Does he think he can navigate to the mothership, find the cure himself, make it work, and administer it to himself? How incredibly stupid! But I forgive the writer, because Wikus was distraught and half out of his mind. And he redeems himself later.

    Although I enjoyed the movie, I don’t think there will be a sequel, nor should there be. The aliens returning in force is a deus ex machina from the get-go, where’s the suspense? But one possible plot for a sequel would be Wikus’ trials and tribulations as he attempts to reverse his metamorphosis, and encounters obstacles as he tries to re-unite with his wife. Maybe he will fall in love with a female prawn.

  9. This was a great movie. It had great effects, social relevance, believable character development and an actual plot.

    The effects show what can be done by someone who really knows the medium. It’s obvious Blomkamp has come up through the industry in animation and knows how to make his raw footage easy to use. It’s a practically seamless experience. The comparison with the preview of Angels made the latter look positively clunky, and it probably has a much bigger price tag

    I had trouble with suspension of disbelief from the beginning because this is definitely not how this event would really go. South Africa would not keep the prawns. The international science community would be all over them. This is the wet dream of at least three generations of scientists raised on and inspired by SF. A million Zimbabweans you can keep. That’s your problem. But a million ETs is a whole different kettle of shrimp. Not to mention that the ship would have been cleaned up and taken apart. The documentary style and character development helped me get past that.

    Sad to see so many commenters want everything spelled out for them. Part of what all good SF should do is challenge the viewer to actively speculate. There are a lot of subtle clues to play with! Fun!

  10. well, with every scientist fighting for a share of the alien tech and biology etc chaos would have erupted, ethics groups would have uproared, and it would just be a matter of time until a middle ground is reluctantly formed. that being allowed research, but in moderation. of course, you would need some sort of organization to keep it such. and of course, we end up with a corporation that eventually gets a tad over the line.

  11. That’s how movie scientists behave. Actual scientists in general are far more cooperative, civilized, and ethical than the Hollywood stereotype. That’s one of the problems all oppressive, totalitarian governments have had with their scientists and why they lose them more often than not through defection, expulsion or simply having to imprison or kill them because they are dangerous dissenters. People trained to think and question do so indiscriminately and not just about a narrow specialization. Just look at how many of our leading researchers around the world belong to and often found human rights organizations and espouse liberal social causes. Advanced education tends to promote liberal values.

    That’s not to say that the MNU lab would not have happened. It might very well, but it would probably not be typical and would have been a deadend, as it seemed to be in the film, simply because the individuals with the training, experience, and imagination to analyze alien technology and biology would not be able to function well in that kind of environment. The huge impact of the arrival of a million ETs would have been far to big to keep a lid on so that only one organization could control access. Anything like the MNU Corp would be at best a fringe phenomenon. The scenes of Wikus in the lab are a case in point. Researchers and techs desensitized sufficiently to ignore his pleading don’t pop out of closets. That kind of disassociation toward an obvious human, particularly one from the same culture, takes intense indoctrinization. I would argue that that kind of desensitizing toward an obviously sentient, technologically advanced non-human with a readily comprehensible language would be almost equally difficult and would be counter-productive to the research.

  12. Senket..funny, very funny, would be better hearing this from you if you actually worked for the U.N, U.N.H.C.R e.t.c. As for the MNU lab, we experimented with monkeys so why not with aliens? the experiments carried out with apes were in no way relevant so “almost equally difficult and would be counter-productive to the research.” should simply be replaced by probable, and almost definite.

  13. @007

    How do you know I don’t? 😉

    One very, very obvious difference between these ETs and our fellow primates is that verbal communication with the ETs is possible for the typical human. Sophisticated communication with our cousins is far less accessible. The ability to engage in conversation with another individual carries a great deal of psychological weight in the balance between empathy and indifference.

  14. can someone please explain the ending of this movie. how did the half-alien guy go from being the most wanted person in the world to a random guy that the hellicopter passes up and no one ever hears from again? Why wouldnt the MNU scientists want to figure out the alien weapons that only the half-alien guy could fire? Also what happened to the real alien and his son?, did they just fly off without the other 2.5 million aliens

  15. Psychological experiments have proven that human beings, in a research setting, if properly indoctrinated, will ignore the pleadings of fellow human beings in pain.

    Christopher was desperate to escape human pursuers, and his ship was probably crippled. He escaped as best he could, intending to return in force to rescue his people.

    I too don’t really understand how Wikus managed to stay free, but after a while his continuing metamorphosis enabled him to hide anonymously among the prawns.

  16. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of explanation of the alien hierarchy. Some were explosively more violent and unpredictable than others, some seemed focused on gathering, but I wasn’t tracking it during the movie and now I’m not sure if the various colors of the aliens signified castes. As close as I can figure, the greens would be the leaders but appear unable to strongly command the drones to fulfill their varied tasks in the absence of a queen. Also, if having a queen is the difference between being a starfaring society and being bums, wouldn’t your first goal as a leader be to replicate a queen using your godlike technology? The detachment of the command module, which I assume was done to prevent manipulation of the mothership

  17. Christopher is a father who has a one-to-one relationship with a child whom he regards as his son. IMHO, this speaks against a hive society with a Queen. Also, note that the Prawn population has been increasing, via what means we know not. If the Prawns do require a Queen to reproduce, then the population increase implies that they have an active Queen. If the population increase had been due to an active Queen, I think the humans would know it. If that were the case, it would have been easy to stop the population from increasing.

  18. Movie was totally sweet, but they could seriously screw their entire universe up if they’re not careful with the sequel (which is mandatory imo).

    Problems and proposed rationalizations:
    1) The humans open up the ship, but then apparently leave it alone and don’t mess with it too much.

    Rationalization: Wrangling in the UN results in the ship being declared a no-go zone for any country.

    2) They bring the aliens to earth for humanitarian reasons. How the hell did the aliens sneak a war-mech down with them?

    Rationalization: The war-mech and all the weapons were contained in the drop-ship.

    3) Why would the aliens trade the war-mech for catfood?

    Rationalization: They realised the mech and the weapons would be useless to humans, and so traded them for the food knowing that they could just take the mech and weapons back if and when needed.

    4) What’s with the DNA altering juice and the weird incubator type thing at the beginning?

    Rationalization: The prawns have had technology for so long that they have now evolved with the technology to the extent that they cannot reproduce without those mechanical setups (such as the one the MNU agents burn at the beginning).

    5) Why did Chris Johnson leave the others behind?

    Rationalization: Insufficient supplies on board for the journey. Everyone would have starved.

  19. Also, I seen no reason why there wouldn’t be a hive-society explanation for the difference in prawn intelligence between C J and the others. It could be like a hive-mind, or a society partially controlled by pheromones excreted by the leadership caste. If C J was the last of the leadership caste to survive aboard the ship, then maybe alone his ability to control or influence the other prawns is greatly diminished, hence the apparent lack of sophistication among them. After C J leaves, the prawns seem to become even less sophisticated (like eating people’s heads, for example), so this aspect of the film aligns well with the theory.

  20. 3) Why would the aliens trade the war-mech for catfood?

    I got the impression the catfood acts as a euphoric drug for the prawns.

    Then there’s CJ’s offspring activating the mech remotely. Perhaps a plan to achieve wide distribution of weapons and then use them remotely to kill humans?

    5) Why did Chris Johnson leave the others behind?

    I think it’s pretty clear CJ is going for a rescue party and anticipates being back in three years. The logistics of getting 1.8 million prawns onboard in hostile territory would be pretty much impossible, and there are likely no supplies on board since they were starving in the first place.

    The coincidence of two disasters, queen dying and running out of gas, could be resolved in terms of hive mind. Perhaps in the absence of a queen the workers make a new one (CJ) who did not mature fast enough to prevent the ship from flying around aimlessly and running out of fuel. Then on arrival here his only choice is to hide with the command module until he’s got the fuel. Why little gadgets containing the fuel are scattered around in the dump I can’t imagine.

    Possible CJ is unable to direct more than one worker (the one searching the dump with him) because he needs to be in close physical proximity to direct workers without a technogical assist. Possibly he could direct quite a few within a significant radius, but a large party would attract unwanted attention.

  21. I’ve seen the movie a few times now, and here’s a few of my theories:

    The prawns aren’t a “hive” society, they have a similar social structure to ours. I think the ship was run by particularly cruel leadership, and the lower class revolted, killing most all of the leaders. This explains why the typical prawn can somewhat use their technology, but doesn’t understand its inner workings, much like most humans can use computers but cannot repair a circuit board or a micro processor chip.

    I think C J is an exception, he’s intimately familiar with the alien technology, and is raising his son to be likewise as knowledgeable. Perhaps he was spared in the uprising because they needed someone to steer the ship to a hospitable location in the advent of emergency (low supplies, food). He was more than likely the one who took the command ship down to earth and hid it (and built his makeshift shack over it).

    This would answer the question of why none of the aliens are forthcoming about what happened on the ship, and why they are there.

  22. The film was great on so many levels. I was intrigued by the responses of the theater audience. A woman hissed “kill him” when Christopher got the drop on a bad guy both indicating human lust for blood and our ability to find sympathy for an hideous alien being against one of our own. Not going to argue with trolls here but just want to make a few comments. Obviously the movie is fiction and the director and screenwriter made it to play with issues of class and race and greed and above all the nature of LOYALTY, and whom we should be loyal to. There are no real prawns so speculating on their motivations or psychology is rather pointless.

    Nevertheless I’d like to make a plausible theory/justification/rationalization of the apparent stupidity and violence of the majority of the prawns. Perhaps when a prawn starves the first body tissue to be consumed is,…brain tissue. Brains have lots of fat. In humans the first thing to go is muscle tissue. I guess that makes some weird evolutionary sense. If prawns are hive creatures perhaps their civilization evolved before individual intelligence did. Maybe they instinctively nourished eggs with dressed prey and tubes made of plant stems. The boost in intelligence came after the evolution of cities. Such intelligence would be unstable and reversible under social or environmental stress. After the ship disaster the prawns began to starve and became dumb and violent except for the few who had access to the remaining food reserves. After landing humans responded to the dumb majority with hostility, isolating them and putting them on starvation rations, preventing their damaged brains from healing. Only a few would understand what they had lost and how to get it back. Like I said, it explains a lot of what we see. Perhaps there’s something in processed cat food that they don’t get from cow (and human) carcasses. They’ll never get enough to fully heal but they instinctively crave it.

    I have one little nit to pick about the original premise but it applies equally to all space movies. I find it hard to accept that a massive ship floating over Johannesberg for 20 years would do little to advance the sciences. At the very least it demonstrates that Einstein’s equivalence principle is not completely correct. That’s major stuff in the world of physics and fully worth a can of cat food for each and every prawn.

  23. One thing I don’t get..
    The aliens have weapons with them, only they can fire them. they want cat food, they trade the weapons for cat food and act scared of the humans who have inferior weapons. Maybe instead of trading the weapons for cat food they could just “use” the weapons to acquire all the cat food they wanted.

    Plus how did the humans transport a million alien (armed with weapons)from the ship to District 9? With helicopters? I found this movie insulted my intelligences.
    I know this movie “was making a social point” and “works on many levels” But all in all it did so very horribly and failed to answer any real questions. Instead what you got was a “sci-fi mock-umentry” that felt like a long movie trailer.

  24. Sorry, I still don’t buy it. I’m not talking about getting cat food from the government guys or the whole human population, but the black gangsters, they force them around with guns and treat them like trash. The Aliens are even killed by them. These aliens can travel billions of light years, construct incredible space crafts and weapons. They act violently for garbage, but they don’t have enough sense to to use their own weapons to fend off a few thugs and get the cat food from the bad guys? (They did rip the head off of the soldier at the end so there is a violent streak in them.)

    Oh and another thing: the fact that so many people are arguing about the large holes in the plot, and others are coming up with so many theories to explain these holes (with no direct evidence from the film itself) is prof that this movie has too many holes (I think due to bad writing). You could not care for the characters because you could not connect, why? Because the audience lacks the back story. Too many questions!

    Well for those of you who liked this movie, I have one coming out, it’s a 2 hour shot of a blank screen. It’s an artistic film with many levels. The Blankness represents holes. The smart audience members can then imagine what ever story they want. It’s sure to win an Oscar for best Artsy Crap! (Unless District 9 wins it!)

  25. Sure you can write the script. It can be the same as the Novel; 200 blank pages. We don’t need any stunts or effects because the whole thing will be a blank screen, otherwise the smart people will have less to work with. The less we give them the better their imaginations can fabricate lifeless, dull artsy stories full of meaning and layers.

  26. When first found by the humans, the prawns were disorganized in the extreme. Perhaps also extremely dependent on human “goodwill”.

    Catfood was ” imported” into District 9 by humans seeking trade. If the prawns had later used their weapons in a concerted, ie, threatening fashion, the catfood supply would simply have dried up. I don’t think the prawns could have successfully gone “hunting” for catfood.

  27. I’d like to write the screenplay for you. How many blank pages do you want? How many noncharacters? Can you do lame stunts and nonCGI?

  28. @Ricco

    Being insulting to those of us who liked the film is certainly NOT helping your case; in fact, such a childish attitude simply makes you appear dim-witted…a consideration for future posts. As for your question about a group of (or even the individual) aliens, clearly technologically superior to humans, letting themselves be captured and herded around the land: Consider the very real-world example of the DOG. Of course, dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years, so the film rushes the process to fit into time allotted, BUT dogs possess sharp claws, hunting instincts, and running & attack speeds that make all but the most athletic humans tasty, easily-obtained jokes. Why are dogs not gathering into packs and taking out humans…a very much inferior prey? You might say that we rule because of our enhanced intellects, but history shows how often humanity, as a whole, battles against itself and its intelligence. In the animal kingdom, we frequently are the inferior creature in any conflict, yet we survive and thrive. WHY? Humans have a fantastic (terrifying?) capacity for cunning. THAT is one reason we could take all of the aliens into custody (and this explanation doesn’t even address the possibility that the aliens have other issues that have been suggested in past posts)…