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district 9 reviews District 9 Spoilers Discussion

Thanks (again) to regular Screen Rant reader “790″ for reminding me to set up a spoiler discussion post. While we do have a District 9 review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss District 9 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile District 9 Spoilers Discussion

And while you’re at it, you can give District 9 your own rating right here:

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Discuss away!

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  1. Oh, and for those of you who will invariably point out that dogs also possess cunning, yes–they do. Humans, however, can use this cunning in conjunction with the highly-esteemed intellect as a deadly amalgam. Our species finds it much too easy to give in to its baser nature.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy to be human and have the developmental potential of such. I’m just pointing out that humans, even without access to the alien tech, can be quite dangerous and overwhelming.

  2. It was kind of funny that the main character walks in there and is able to get them to give him weapons by getting a hold of one weapon. He was able to hold them all off by himself. It is strange that the aliens which had these weapons in the first place didn’t just blow them up with those crazy energy effects and take the catfood by force… If a scared and surrounded Wikus can do it, certainly the aliens that surround them can…

    But whatever, it was still entertaining, lol. But you are bound to have people who will desperately try to plug every hole that is brought up if the movie is well liked (or even if it wasn’t widely well-liked). I can like a movie while acknowledging the plot holes and any other flaw it might have, I see the movie as a whole and don’t concern myself with trying to make it appear like a perfect movie in every aspect. I liked District 9 and thought it was entertaining, but it definitely had plot holes, just like any and every movie, even my all-time favorite movie, Terminator 2, has plenty of plot holes, but it’s still one heck of a well-written thrill ride in my opinion.

    I guess I find myself in the middle, I think it’s both wrong to try to claim there are no plot holes in this movie and that somehow this is the perfect movie, AND I also think it is wrong to say this movie is crap just because it has some plot holes. Of course, it’s well within everyone’s rights to like or dislike the film, but just be realistic about it and stop attacking one side or the other for being on the opposite side of the fence.

    Despite what some people say, you’re not “shallow,” not creative, or are satisfied with mediocrity if you disliked this movie, nor are you nothing but an artsy fartsy stinky hippy if you do. lol

  3. @Ken J

    Excellently put…I, for my part, realize this film is not, by any stretch, perfect, BUT I do happen to think the filmakers accomplished many wonderful things with this movie, and I wholeheartedly enjoyed watching it. I think movies (most human endeavors, in fact) are like humanity itself: We should always strive for perfection, but if you ever actually ENCOUNTER seeming perfection, run away…fast and far. Show me a person who seems perfect; I’ll show you soulless THING…

    Of course, maybe I just REALLY need my rapidly approaching lunch break :D

  4. Show me a perfect person, then I’ll show you Christ Himself. While I didn’t like it as much as Ken, I totally agree with what he is saying. There’s no need to belittle anyone just because they liked or disliked a movie.

    Of course, if you told me you liked Battlefield Earth, I may have to call the guys with the straight jackets. :-D

  5. @John

    LOL, I agree with your point about Battlefield Earth. Even though taste in movies is a matter of opinion, it’s hard to find the merit in that movie, lol.

  6. I dont see why everyone keeps referring to these as plot holes. A plot hole is ‘no wait wasnt this guy supposed to be dead? Why’s he walking around?’ That’s not the same as not going into detail something which wasnt the main focus of the story. In pretty much every movie, we dont know the characters’ childhood story. Has that ever been the sole reason of a movie’s failings? Regardless of who they are where they come from, they dont deserve to be treated like trash in the name of public safety. also, I dont want to bring this up again since it’s really irrelevant to the story, but if the prawns had acted out against suppliers where then would they have gotten their cat food? Drugs make you do stupid things, like going for the short term gain, but maybe they’re smarter than you’re giving them credit for.

  7. I think there was a different focus in this film than the conventional sci-fi flick. Traditional minded folks that want laser guns and spaceships flying at light speed will certainly be disappointed by D9.

    To me the most interesting thing about this movie was my gradual change in perception of the aliens and the main human protaganist. At the beginning of the movie I was basically disgusted by the aliens (prawn as they say) and could have really care less about their plight through this story.

    As the movie progressed and the character development went on, I found myself a little more emphatic towards the aliens. Particularly when Christopher and Wikus had blasted their way into the MNU building and Christopher discovered all the horrific experiments that MNU had been performing on his ilk. That moment really put a very emotional and human aspect to the alien side of the story.

    By the time the climax of the movie struck, I was inwardly cheering for the alien and Wikus to get the ship going and for them to escape. I was ridiculously pissed at Wikus for knocking Christopher out and then abandoning him, as if he figured the alien-kid could show him how to reverse the transformation.

    I also was developing a strong dislike for most of the MNU types who clearly only saw the aliens as something akin to a rodent that should be killed for purely for the joy.

    Bottom line is, I was moved more by the way my feelings changed for the aliens than I was anything that actually occured in the film. That told me quite a bit about the underlying story that many seem to be missing.

  8. Hello,

    Any one knows how to stop the notifications by email??


  9. There’s a link in the bottom of every notification email you get.

    There’s also a link right above the Post Comment button you just pressed :)

  10. Sean, I think you’ve penetrated to the heart of this movie. Good for you!

  11. @elcid

    I’ve unsubscribed you. Wait… I guess I should have posted this comment FIRST and THEN unsubscribed you. :)


  12. In reference to the comments about the aliens stupidly trading guns for cat food instead of taking the cat food at gunpoint, maybe the DNA interrogator on the alien equipment also interrogates for intelligence. If the prawns are dumbed down due to starvation (see my previous post) then perhaps they can’t use the weapons. Sort of like a child safety lock. Most seemed to have no capacity for dodging bullets or even picking up sticks and rocks and using them as weapons. Christopher’s little kid (grub,nymph,larvae) is pretty sharp so he CAN use the technology. Also I don’t remember if Christopher’s gender is clearly identified. Maybe he’s a female. Maybe her kid is too. Maybe the females are smarter. Makes sense in a hive society that the queens are smarter than the drones.

    As i say it’s rather silly to theorize about the culture and psychology of a fictional alien,…but it’s fun!

  13. @nyar

    One scene showed a “prawn” demonstrating the suit of armor for them, so obviously they are able to use them.

  14. Kem J,

    But they didn’t kill anyone. Maybe a dumber prawn can put the battle suit in a ‘demo’ mode but can’t use it for actual combat. As I said it’s just a silly theory. The truth is that it probably is a script continuity problem. Great thought provoking film regardless. :)

  15. I think the prawns wouldnt just do a holdup and take the catfood because of reputation. If they stole the cat food and just blasted everybody out of the way, that would just make humans more pissed off at them. And its not like the gangs didn’t carry guns as well. When Wikus did his hold up, he was extremely desperate and had a much stonger will to get guns than the prawns did getting catfood. And in the commercials the prawns stated they didnt want to hurt anyone(or something along those lines)

  16. I thought that District 9 was just flat out fantastic; there’s only one problem. The way the movie ended. I felt my heart wrenched with the scene of Wikus’ final transformation and his wife’s output on the scrap flower and I have this “MUST SEE SEQUEL” desire, as if just to put closure. Personally, I think it would be the perfect bittersweet ending, if a sequel is made, if Wikus’ was told he could not change back, and would have to leave everything behind. Don’t get me wrong, though, it would be awesome if he was changed back to normal.

    One thing that was I feel left out of the review, and what I think was an underlying factor in solidifying the mood was the soundtrack. From the beginning track of the african singer and orchestra, to the electronic groove, and the final merge of it all in the last track aptly named “Prawnkus”. The last track, in particular, chokes me up with it’s ending fade.

  17. The reason the Prawns didnt use gun point to get the cat food is exactually the opposite of “they are stupid” if they was to kill the people that brought in cat foor then they wouldnt get anymore (you dont bite the hand that feeds you) and the prawns may not be as barbaric as humans and dont want to start a fight on a planet in which they are terriably out numbered.

    Why the Prawns didnt all think of helping to fix the ship and go home is coz there is 6 billion people on this planet, how many of you out there can fix a space shuttle? Also why Christopher didnt think of asking others to help is for this same reason and also if we was stuck on an alien planet with millions of other humans and you was working on a small ship to get off the planet, dont u think it would be silly to tell every1, 1 million people trying to cram onto 1 ship is sill also could coz an uprising against you to who does and doesnt get on the ship. His main priority was to get his family off the planet and get help for everyone else.

    Also why when they was getting lifted up to the ship by a tractor beam, some people are asking why they didnt simply shoot it down again? by this time alot of the humans trying to stop them are Dead or unable to fight also the humans Anti air turrents fired all its missles in its first attempt to escape. :)

  18. All you people with your little plot hole questions don’t need to be watching sci-fi; I mean, really. The prawn didn’t do anything to stop the humans because they’re the worker bees of their race, so they only know how to abide with orders from beings that give them. They trade their weapons for catfood because they’re probably hungry and like I said, they’re drones, so they don’t necessarily think logically. Not to mention the Nigerian gang members could easily cut the prawn up into pieces if the prawn tried to fight back. And if the prawn had weapons, the gang members could (as demonstrated in the film) just as easily sucker them with catfood. But from the alien iterrogation scene not seen in the actual movie, they prawn aren’t a savage species, so they don’t go off tearing people limb from limb at random.

    And Christopher being “the only intelligent prawn amongst 1.8 million other prawn” is completely answerable: He’s one of the remaining upper class prawn left from the ship. Watch an interview or two before you pick this movie apart and you just might learn something.

    I give this movie a 10/10, no questions asked.

  19. You guys who are finding all these plot holes obviously didn’t watch the movie closely enough. I agree with shamwowboy in that the movie does explain that all of the seemingly upperclass prawns were nowhere to be found when MNU first breached the mothership when it first arrived in the 1980′s. They said they opened the doors to the mothership expecting to find a wealth of alien technology, but all they found were the malnourished workers who only know how to take orders from the elite upper class. Obviously, or in my opinion at least, Christopher is the last remaining elite prawn on earth. Now maybe they all died except him, but my guess is that they all left in their own pods as soon as they realized the mothership was stranded. Also, if you remember in the near beginning of the movie they show footage of something falling off the mother ship, like a big piece of it, and then it disappears. They even go so far as to say that MNU sent out search parties to find the piece that fell from the mothership but that it was never found. I believe this big piece that fell and went missing is the ship that is buried under christopher’s shack. So, if you take the clues the movie gives you, even if they are subtle, you are led to believe that Christopher WAS the last elite prawn and that the clip of the piece falling from the mothership is actually his little pod that he immediately buries underground, or maybe it just falls from the ship with him and his little one in it and hits the ground with such force that it buries itself. Either way, Christopher seems to be smarter than all the rest of the prawns and wikus even points that out. So he must be some kind of royalty or elite class.

    The most striking thing i got from the movie, though, is that the whole plot and script is intended to be an analogy of race relations between humans. I mean the fact that the movie is set in South Africa is too much of a coincidence. The writers could not have chosen a setting more ground zero-ish for race tension among humans. Just google “South African appartheid” or “Race relations in South Africa” if you want to learn some of the history. Also, we see Wikus in a continual identity crisis from the time he is infected. He goes through rejecting the idea of being a prawn, to trying to stop the transformation at any cost, to almost acceptance. The parallels are not only there, but were surely intended which is why this movie is not a dumb sci-fi movie or a sci-fi movie at all, but rather a human interest movie which just happens to use the medium of science fiction to get its moral and ethical point across.

  20. further evidence of this is given through the somewhat subtle use of Nigerians as the lawless, immoral humans, who are low-enough to do business with and fraternize with prawns. The movie even shows Nigerian prostitutes having relations with prawns. Because this movie is a remake or rather based on a short film that came out of Johannesburg, South Africa in 2005, it was most likely written by a local South African as a parallel to the history of that country, and particularly how they treated black people for years. In essence i think this plot was written by a South African sympathizer who knew much about his/her country’s history of poor race relations. In essence, the prawns are parallel to blacks in South Africa, and MNU members are their white suppressors who for years throughout actual human history, did treat South African blacks like people treat prawns in the movie; as unwanted guests who should be relocated further away from the white cities. THat is most likely the whole idea of the movie which is why all you sci-fi lovers would find it to be a disappointment or let down in the category of sci-fi. Thats because it wasn’t intended to be a cool sci-fi movie with sweet special effects, but rather an emotional outcry for people across the world to treat each other with respect. To me, its kind of like “Children of Men”. Obviously a sci-fi movie in the sense that it takes place in the future and includes out-of-this-world ideas, but the intended purpose is to send a moral message while keeping the audience entertained. THat is just what i think

  21. @alex

    Sorry to break it to you bud, but they make it pretty clear in the movie that the ship under Chris’s shack is the piece that fell out in the footage. The main character even says it… So you didn’t really discover some great revelation there. :-P

  22. Finally saw it and I loved it! Finally, something very original and very cool!


  23. new to the site here but D9 made me think and speculate something a sci-fi hasnt done in a while ( english not my mother language so apologies for my gramar).
    I believe the plot holes are there on purpose because thats not the main film narrative but still very fun to think about them heres the biggest one imho.
    why would the fuel or juice modify the human DNA to a prawns DNA? Where the prawns all humans or something else at one stage of their evolution? or maybe their home planet got contaminated with that juice and transfomed them all in prawns? Cant seem to find a explanation for that lets see if u guys can speculate a viable answer, the same chemical that powers a massive ship in so little quantity changes the DNA of a human and transforms him in one of the creatures makes no sense, is it just coincidence or maybe that juice is some kind of holy water from where all alien live comes from that happens to have loads energie that can also be harvested to space travel?? Loved the movie by the way.

  24. I went to the movie knowing little about it, expecting slick sci-fi. Would have enjoyed that, but very much enjoyed this too.

    Have not read all of the comments, so maybe this already said, but to me, this movies is an analogy to refugees rather than to race relations in general. Let’s imagine that somehow a disaster strikes the US and we loose all of possessions, our wealth, our government, our center, our bearings. Many of us travel to Mexico or somewhere and end up as refugees. What would we be like in such a disorganized state and that which drives us? Some might suggest that we would live pretty much like animals (prawns). Even much of our “elite”. How should/would our host country treat us?

    BTW, yes, the prawn, Chris, was a step ahead of the rest of his “people’, however some will always do better than the rest. Still, I dont think that he was ness the only “elite” left, or that the movie is trying to say that our non-elite would live like the prawns without leadership. But that is my take.

    Good sociological questions, which, in my opinion, are well explored in this movie in an entertaining way.

  25. Can someone explain to me why these prawns loved cat food so badly???

    Forget the intergalatic war or the transformation from prawn to human, CATFood has to be without a shallow of a doubt the reason for a sequel!

  26. I have a simple plot question: After Wickus crashed Cristopher’s ship, and while Christopher was in the paddy wagon, a high-level prawn was shown activating the mother ship and the “transformer” robot that saved Wickus. Who was that?