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district 9 reviews District 9 Spoilers Discussion

Thanks (again) to regular Screen Rant reader “790″ for reminding me to set up a spoiler discussion post. While we do have a District 9 review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss District 9 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile District 9 Spoilers Discussion

And while you’re at it, you can give District 9 your own rating right here:

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Discuss away!

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  1. Am I the only one who cried at the end — with the flower?

    This movie works on so many different levels, engaging you on intellectual, sensory and philosophical levels. It is truly one of the best pieces of art put on screen all year. Kudos to Neill Blomkamp.

  2. It got to me the first time – but not to that point. And I’m a sucker for tearjerker scenes. :-P


  3. It was very, very good – I only have a few criticisms….

    I got tired of cutting to the TV news coverage etc; it worked fine in the first quarter of the film but once the film properly kicked into gear it became annoying. Every time they cut to TV news I was pulled out of the film… and some of those cuts were overly obvious eg cue helicopter shot with TV voice ‘theres a light coming from the bottom of the spaceship” – ah yeah we have eyes, we can see it – we don’t need to be told it…

    I also found the love story trite, especially later in the film – there was so little time spent illustrating the depth of their relationship that the tearful phonecalls at the end almost felt added on for effect… As far as that goes I felt the film peaked, resolved & I then became a little dis-satisfied, but I easily forgave these criticisms due to the overall theme/metaphors of the film. The love story was not the important part of this film; feeling empathy for the prawns was the major achievement & a fantastic story arc

  4. what i said in the other thread, cause i have no other words to express how great it is:

    This movie will revolutionize the way we think about film making. I just got back and it wasn’t like watching a movie, it was like living an experience. The way the idea is conveyed is flawless and I am at a loss of words to describe how incredible this film is.

    Anyone who is doubting it should see it, and live it.
    Anyone who has been waiting to see this movie, will not be disappointed, it is fantastic.

    I honestly can’t explain how great this experience was. Phenomenal.

  5. Totally awesome. I’ve never seen a sci-fi flick like that. Go see it. You’ll love it.

    Any complaints I have are of the trivial BS type that people generally don’t even care about. Like the fact that I think credit music is highly undervalued in films, and that one or two quick shots of a certain type at just the right moment might have pushed this film from a 4 1/2 star to a 5 3/4.

    But like I said, who gives a $hit about the petty complaints, because all in all this is the sweetest sci-fi movie I’ve seen in a long time. For the record, Cloverfield sucks ba11s compared to it.

  6. The weaponry was decent in a futuristic way. And when the one alien stops the one guy from firing a rocket at the ship that was pretty sick.

  7. I guess some people are more sentimental than others. I hope there is a magazine series or book soon that covers what happen after the escape if that guy is ever returned to human status.


    Cloverfield just sucks, and is only better than the 1998 Godzilla.

    For me the best part of the movie was when they brought the fight to the MNU and when the bullets got magnetized in mid air and re-dispersed back t the gang member. DEFINITELY A LOL moment.


  9. Did I go see a different movie…this movie SUCKED. It COULD have been great…but just as you expect the crap to hit the fan…IT ENDS….CREDITS. If it was supposed to be a movie about suffering and escape….the aliens weren’t all butterflies and innocence. I didn’t feel sorry for them…I didn’t know WHY they were there, to me it could have been to in the end take over the planet. With the weaponry the ugly sputz had they could have wiped the FLOOR with us…they weren’t passive so what the crap? 90 minutes of my life GONE forever…we went to see the Time Travelers Wife after this movie…and it was SADLY better…

  10. I thought the first act of the movie with the background about how the aliens came to be in District-9, humanities reactions to their arrival, and the eviction process was great. It was a fascinating set up that got me really interested in the rest of the movie. Where did these aliens come from? Why did they come to Earth? How is this mass eviction and relocation going to resolve? How will humanity and the aliens come to terms with each other?

    Unfortunately for me, none of these questions were answered. Instead all I got from Act 2 and 3 were some dull copy-paste action sequences that they tried to spice up with alien weaponry. Boring, drawn out gun fights slowed the progress of the movie to a crawl. It looked more like an extended commercial for a District-9 FPS video game. The movie turned into a shallow visual spectacle.

    So the movie quickly went from intriguing and novel to extremely conventional and dull. I was interested in seeing the eviction and relocation of a million hostile refugee aliens and how that played out; that sounds like a unique and interesting story I’ve never heard before. What we end up getting is a prototypical unlikely-duo, buddy action flick. Its a movie worth watching for mild entertainment, but I would recommend it only as a rental to friends.


  11. This Film truly shows you that nothing NOTHING can ever outweigh good, original storytelling.

    When someone can convey a story artfully (in any media) the pleasure really is unparalleled.

  12. “original storytelling” Even if that includes PART of a story that tells me absolutely NOTHING about what is going on. Was I supposed to smoke something before seeing this movie? The story told…NOTHING…a bunch of half information and non-complete thoughts is all it was.

  13. @halfbottle

    “was interested in seeing the eviction and relocation of a million hostile refugee aliens and how that played out; that sounds like a unique and interesting story I’ve never heard before. ”

    Just look up news clips about African refugees and their treatment and that is the basis of the story. Nothing unique and interesting about it, just that it dealt with aliens and not people.

  14. Huh…Aliens and African refugees are the same? An African drops down in front of me…I probably know what his intentions are…an ALIEN drops from the sky…what’s the reason, why can they not go back to their planet after their ship is fixed, where were they heading…was their plan to turn us all into aliens…questions that NEVER get answered…if you want to make a movie about suffering and treatment of Africans…then make a flipping non-scifi movie about it…

  15. @ John J

    Ignorance noted as I never said Africans and Aliens are the same, merely making a statement about he refugee camp situation.

  16. LOL..

    “Just look up news clips about African refugees and their treatment and that is the basis of the story. Nothing unique and interesting about it, just that it dealt with aliens and not people.”

    How else was I supposed to construe that statement?

  17. @John J

    The same way you construed that BS about how you would know what an African’s intentions were if he just dropped in front of you. IGNORANCE.

    Quote from the Review Page of District9 review by Vic Holterman

    “While the film was produced by none other than Peter Jackson, director Neill Blomkamp was raised in South Africa until he was 18, and this film is a direct reflection of a similar camp/shantytown called “District 6″ which was used to segregate blacks until apartheid was finally lifted.”

    Like I said referring to the refugee camp situation, how you tried a fail attempt at sarcasm with oh Africans are like Aliens is all on you.

  18. Nope..I was trying to understand your comment. My fault was saying African..which I should have said..HUMAN…ANY human dropped in front of me…my first instinct would be that the individual means no harm to me…HOWEVER..ENTRAYYyy mothership, aliens that act violent and…well you can see what I might think..YOU stated, albeit from another source, that there was a parallel…I happen not to compare scary violent aliens to Africans…but that’s just me.

    STILL..the movie was STUPID and I would have rather seen a giant NUKE launched at the D9 site…THAT would have been a great ending….at least better than what I got..which was NO ENDING.

  19. @John J

    I can agree with you, the ending was pretty weak. I would of liked to have seen an all out battle with all the Aliens and the MNU as they tried to board the ship/trying to protect the human guy changing, aside from father and son escaping to the home world with tears in their eyes. And the cliff hanger of well how much time has passed/how long has he been leaving her the flower things? Why couldn’t he not be a douche and just get on board with them (though they may have experimented on him is the only reason I can see) in the first place.

  20. Not just that…when they looked at the HUD…he stated they couldn’t go home, but were going..”here”…so your like..WHAT THE HECK…WHERE are they going and WHAT happened where they came from..and what was their intended purpose here…just too many questions..like I said..the movie COULD have been great..but it’s just too all over with too many loose ends.

  21. Hmmm Ill have to watch it again for that part, as i thought he said because the fluid was at MNU they couldn’t go home because Van Weikler or however it was spelled discouraged him from going on the suicide mission to get the fluid. Though i can’t see a sequel to this perhaps a prequel of the first 20 years would provide those answers if they do that, but I dont think they will

  22. Wow, guys. The story was about the MNU supervisor and the main alien. THAT story was carried through to the end and resolved.



  23. Resolved? Ummm..did they cut something out I didn’t see? There was NO closure unless the alien leaving was supposed to be it…did he LIE and not come back…where EXACTLY did he go…he promised to help the guy…does he? There was no CLOSURE..just more questions…

  24. @ Vic

    I understand that. But i also realized the background story/message that was happening as well, and that the main story was built upon actual events the director experienced, and that have occurred in refugee camps. Also just me personally i would of like to have known if the main alien did or did not come back after three years or not, which is a question some people may ask. This was a great movie no doubt, but i just saw more than the MNU director and main alien story going on is all.

  25. @SIN187UM

    If the film does well I think we’ll find out.


    Do you need every movie you see to tie up all those loose ends in a pretty little bow? The film left the audience feeling connected to the MNU guy, going through the despair of his transformation and loss of his former life, and resigned to having to accept what happened to him but hopeful that eventually he may be able to return to his former life at some point.


  26. Or maybe you’d prefer a typical Star Trek TV episode ending where everything is resolved in the last 3 minutes of the episode and some genetic recombination beam is able to reverse a massive genetic change in like, one minute.


  27. This is like ending Battlestar after number 6 walks in at the beginning of the series and kills the ambassador…you’d be like…what the heck, where did she come from, who is she and where did she go? It’s like one of those REALLY bad horror flix with an ending that makes you want to rip the dvd player off the entertainment center and throw it into the pool…..if more SciFi films were made like this….nobody would go to the movies. I go see movies to escape reality and all I got was a ROCK…

  28. There was definitely NO closure. The ending was left WIDE open and for a reason.

    Also, there were many plot holes, which is no big deal to me, but people are talking like it was without flaws which is not the case.

    CGI was good but certainly not without it’s flaws. Did anyone notice the pig looked totally fake?

  29. I don’t need ALL loose ends tied up…but DANG…this movie leaves you hanging…YEAH I felt for the guy…I wanted to see him go thru the pain of being an alien, understanding what they went thru and then the alien that left coming back and seeing if he was getting help to destroy mankind or to help liberate the others peacefully and leave..you don’t even know WHY they are there to begin with…I mean I usually GET movies…especially SciFi..my wife hates it…but dang..this movie was like one big trailer…

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