Disney Promises Depp In Pirates 4

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jack sparrow Disney Promises Depp In Pirates 4

Yesterday we posted that Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp may not be coming back after the upcoming Pirates 4. A tip from Cinemablend said that even if Depp came back for Pirates 4 (and it was an “if” at the time), it would be his last performance as Captain Jack Sparrow within the successful Pirates franchise.

After Disney Chairman Dick Cook stepped down from his position recently, Depp gave some rather cryptic comments on his returning to the Pirates franchise, as he had a good working relationship with Cook. Depp said that his enthusiasm for the franchise had wavered since Cook stepped down, and this put doubt in fans’ minds over whether we would see him reprise his famous pirate role. However, today we get word – again from Cinemablend – that Disney has promised that Depp will once again play Captain Jack in the fourth movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Cinemablend say they’ve spoken with a Disney rep who assures them that Depp’s commitment to Pirates 4 has not wavered one bit (I assume the rep means in lieu of Cook’s departure). As for any movies following the upcoming fourth, the rep couldn’t speak on them – not “couldn’t” as in “not allowed to,” but rather “couldn’t” as in “not able to because he doesn’t know.” Apparently nothing beyond On Stranger Tides has been greenlit yet, and it would be rather silly for any reps to publicly speculate at this point. As for the possibility of a new character being brought in to replace Captain Jack, the rep says they’re not even thinking about that at this point.

Cinemablend reminds us that this should all be classified as rumors, as no official press releases have been put out to officially let us know what’s going on. But the info sounds believable to me, and I suspect we will see Depp ultimate play Captain Jack at least one more time in Pirates 4. It’ll be interesting to see what happens beyond that point, though: Will Depp come back for 5 and 6? If not, will Disney recast him or bring in a new character altogether? Until we get some solid confirmations, all we can do is speculate…

Are you glad that Depp is apparently coming back for Pirates 4? Obviously the best situation for the good of the franchise is that he does more after that, but what would you like to see happen if Depp walked away after the next installment?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is supposed to start filming next Spring, and has a general release date of Summer 2011.

Source: Cinemablend

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  1. If Depp doesn’t come back for another film after Pirates 4 they should turn the lead over to Geoffrey Rush. He did a great job as Barbossa and, personally speaking, was the biggest draw of the movie by far after Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow. That would allow Disney to continue on with their “new trilogy” with a pre-established, popular character in a conceivably new direction altogether without angering fans of the franchise by adding a new lead to replace Jack.

  2. What? Where is Sean?

  3. Ben R., They are not going to give the lead role to geoffrey rush as captain barbossa, because he IS NOT the main character in the move franchise!, he is like a secondary character!.

    Tweeb,hey!, yeah!, i’m here, did you read above what it says in the article of this webpage?.This is good news that he wil be back in pirates of the caribben: on stranger tides, because i was getting alittle worried there during when the previous new was released, about pirates 4 being johnny’s last pirates movie!. I highly doubt that if depp is willing to do more pirates movie after pirates 4, that they would replce him!, they wont replace him!, he’s already been in three of the movies, and he loves that character too much to just stop after pirates 4, that would be just just completely crazy!.

  4. First of all, it’s VERY lovely news that Depp is still on for the fourth movie–and I hope he stays on for the next trilogy. But if he decides to leave, the stupidest thing Disney could do is try to recast the role of Jack Sparrow. NOBODY can play Sparrow except Depp; to recast would be courting disaster. Soooo…what Disney should do is create an entirely new character, preferably one who is NOT related to Jack in any way and is NOT a poor attempt at a copy! (In other words, Disney should use their imagination & develop something DIFFERENT.) Barbossa is out as a lead; I like him as much as the next guy but he’s a secondary character all the way and NOT a good role model for children by any means.

  5. I bet they already had Depp under contract to play Capt. Jack in the 4th movie.

  6. Well i’d pretty much would want to see a anamatronic-computerized special effects related captain jack sparrow, so that we’d never notice that he is not in the fifth and sixth movie, thats if there is going to be a fifth a sixth movie, since he is not expected to return to the fifth and sixth pirates of the caribbean movies, that are yet to be titled and given theatrical release dates!. But since he is not going to be in those two movies, there might even be the unfortunate chance that the fifth and sixth movies just might even happen at all !.

  7. Yes, thats correct Andy, he is contracted to return, and that wont be broken, luckily!.

  8. @ Sean, yes Barbossa is not the main character in the movie franchise I realize, however, my suggestion was only made under the pretenses that Depp would not be back in those movies to reprise his role as the lead. I think that in idealistic circumstances AFTER the departure of Depp’s role, the lead would then go onto an already established and popular character that not only fulfills the “pirate persona” but also helps draw audiences; not to mention the fact that he would be a natural lead as a Captain as opposed to one of the random crew-members.

    That being said, Eva does make an excellent point that Barbossa is by NO means a good role model for children and seeing as this is a Disney production I do highly doubt that that is the direction that the franchise would be taken given Jack Sparrow’s potential retirement. All things considered, however, I would still much rather see Geoffry Rush take the lead of the franchise rather than trying to recast Depp or adding a completely new, unestablished lead role. Just my opinion and one can always hope :)

  9. Ben,
    Captain Barbossa who that is played by geoffrey rush, WILL NOT be taking the leave role, in the fourth pirates of the caribbean movie, and will also not be given the lead role in a fifth and sixth pirates of the caribbean movie, because walt disney pictures, is not going to have that happen, even after johnny depps captain jack sparrow has been the lead-main role in the first three movies!. Thats just absolutely NOT going to happen, because if you think about, whats a pirates of the caribbean movie with out johnny depp as captain jack sparrow?!.

  10. @ Sean:
    ay concur, mate.

  11. @Sean- You are the biggest POTC fan ever. And I mean it.

  12. @ Sean – I appreciate your enthusiasm and I have complete faith in Tweeb’s last comment; no debate there! All I’m saying is what I would like to happen despite the fact that I know it is not going to go that way as I said in my previous post. No need to be so aggressive in your counterargument, just trying to have some fun with far-fetched speculation; sorry you didnt take it that way.

  13. Not really on topic or anything, but… That picture up top is a good funny picture :)

  14. @Tweeb- YES!, you right!, totally admitt it!, i am the biggest POTC fan out there, or at least one of them!=).

    @Ben R- Yeah!, i understand!,i didn’t realize before that you were not serious about what you said before!, and that you just trying to have some fun with far-fetched speculation, sorry i misunderstood you before! =/.

    @Foopher- I like that picture above too!, the way jack sparrows eyes are, do look kinda funny in that picture!=).

  15. Tweeb, nice Ed Grimley gravatar.
    Sounds like Disney’s got Depp by the Cannon Balls.
    How weird Depp’s life must be,,,
    “I,,, don’t want to be in your movie,,,”

    will pay you 50 million,,,

    “Didn’t you hear what I said,?”
    (Johnny Depp and Disney corporate scum voice impersonated,,,)

  16. @790,

    He’ll end being in it, because who in their right minds wouldn’t want to be paid $50 million dollars?!. He’ll be in it, he’ll do it for all the younger viewers, because it’s not just adults that like those movies, but kids do as well!. And if that were not the case then the first three movies would not have made so much money, but they did!, so what does that tell you?!.

  17. No hey that’s cool. I’m a huge fan of Depp and hope he does do it for the fans. I was just joking around.

    I’ve met him and he’s very nice and humble, extremly charming guy. He’s one of the greats! I wish him only the best. I will see a new POC film if they just keep it simple and amazing like the first film. ;-)

  18. Thanks 790. He’s one of my faves.

  19. 790, you met him before?!, well boy!, am i totally jellous!, i wish i could meet him!, but i live in georgia, not in california!. Yeah!, they are going to intentionally make the fourth movie to be like the first movie!, so that it wont seem to be over done!, if you get my drift?!. The second and third pirates movies were good, but not as good as the first one!, although i did like the davy jones character alot though!, i thought that character was very cool!, but definately not as cool as captain barbossa, like when he’s turned into a skeleton under the nights moonlight!, because of him being cursed from the aztec gold in the first movie!.

  20. if Johnny rememb’rs he oft’n says, “the fans are the boss”, he’ll be in it… he’s also said, “if they make POTC 20 – I’m there!” one can only hope he remembr’s he’s said THAT. savvy.

  21. Thank you for that info!, i will keep that in mind!. I bet he does remember saying that, especially if he said it as of recently!. Lets all hope that when the time comes for pirates of the caribbean 5 and 6, all of us fans will make him realize that “YES!”, we absolutely want a pirates of the caribbean 5 and 6, with him in it as captain jack sparrow!. If johnny depp is not in pirates of the caribbean 5 ans 6, then alot of us fans out there, including myself would be completely devestated!. And i’m sure we don’t want to see johnny depp not return in pirates 5 and 6 as captain jack sparrow!.

  22. If anyone else but Johnny Depp plays Jack Sparrow I won’t be seeing the movies – end of story

  23. Vescara, nobody would even dare try!
    They wouldn’t be able to pull it off and they’re career would be over!!!

    Nope Disney would prob opt for a whole new lead character as a fallback if Depp bailed.

  24. 790, no they wont, because they know that captain jack saprrow is the only character that can save the franchise, and bring back the pirates of the caribbean movies, to be alot more like the first pirates of the caribbean that was released back in 2003. Captain jack sparrow played by johnny depp in pirates of the caribbean 5 and pirates of the caribbean6′s only hope for them both to not fail, but if anything, if joohnny depp in not going to return for a pirates of the caribbean 5 and pirates of the caribbean 6, then a pirates of the caribbean 5 and pirates o the caribbean 6, should not even be made then!. I hope that disney realizes that pirates 5 and 6 wont do well if thy dare to make a pirates 5 and 6, with out out johnny depp, because by npw that just toal common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  25. sorry, i ment at the end of my previous reply there that, thats just “total” common sense!!!!!!!!!!!. I mis-spelled it!. sorry!.

  26. if ANY furth’r POTC’s are made without Johnny Depp… Disney’ll just be cuttin’ their own throats, financially – ‘n’ they know it … they ought t’, by now. savvy.

  27. Well, they are going to have him be in the fourth movie so that their is a good main reason for it to even happen and exist in the first place!. If not, then they shouldn’t even consider to making it all, or even ever make it!. Because with out him, then what would even be the point of it?!. I don’t think walt disney picturs are really stupid to do something like that, especially when it’s already BIG movie franchise!. I like all three movies, so i know that the fourth movie will not disappint me!, or anyone else for that matter!, because they said that they are going to bring back the pirates movies, to the way that the first movie was like so that it wont be a totally awful movie!, although i did enjoy the second and third movies alot!, I thought they both were good movies!.

  28. I just found out that the movie website called imdb.com says that pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides is coming to theaters in july 2011, so that makes it sound like the possibility that pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides could be coming out on july 8th, 2011 friday!. How possible does that sound?. If its true, then we might be getting a full theatrical release date for it real soon!, which i hope that is the case!, because i would like to see a full theatrical release date for it already!. There are probably movies coming out around that same time, that already have a full theatrical release date too!.

  29. YAY!!!!! I am so happy i LOVE johnny depp as Jack Sparrow i cant wait for number four :)