Disney’s latest (Non-Pixar) offering Planes introduces over 15 brand new characters to their ever-growing universe. Unlike Pixar’s talking transportation movie, Cars, Planes leaves the ground and takes to the sky to tell the story of a crop duster, Dusty, who dreams of competing in a famous world aerial race. However, he’ll need the help of his friends – especially his mentor Skipper – to even stand a chance.

Disney is hands down the greatest merchandise generating company in the world. Whether it be animated, CGI or live-action, with every new movie they produce they literally flood the market with toys, bed sheets, clothing, tooth brushes and various other items that every child MUST own representing all the new characters from that movie.

We’ve compiled images, descriptions and the actor supplying the voice for each of the new characters from Planes – so you’ll be fully prepared to known which toy you’ll need to purchase after watching the movie.

Disneys Planes Dusty Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Dusty is a plane with high hopes—literally. Crop duster by trade, this single-prop plane sees himself soaring alongside his high-flying heroes in an international race. The fact that he’s not really built for competitive racing doesn’t deter him from pursuing his dream—but his fear of heights just might. With a little help from his friends—and a WWII vet with wisdom to spare—Dusty takes off on an adventure of a lifetime, going prop-to-prop with champions while daring to reach heights he never imagined possible.

Disneys Planes Skipper Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

A reclusive old Navy Corsair, Skipper was an ace flier and top instructor of the esteemed Jolly Wrenches squadron until an incident during a combat mission took him off the front lines and left him grounded for life. These days, Skipper keeps to himself, but his quiet existence is turned upside down when an ambitious and persistent Dusty solicits Skipper’s aerial expertise—and gets a few life lessons in the process. But Skipper—who’s never really come to terms with his past—finds that he has a few things to learn, too, and while coaching Dusty to fly faster and smarter, the teacher becomes the student.

Disneys Planes Leadbottom Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Leadbottom is a puttering old biplane and a grumbling taskmaster, a real “tank-half-empty” kind of guy. As the proprietor of Vitaminamulch, a special—albeit putrid—blend of vitamins, minerals, and mulch that works miracles when sprayed on crops, Leadbottom has no time for Dusty’s far-fetched flights of fancy. There are too many crops to spray and not enough hours in the day to spray them. For Leadbottom, it’s work first, then … well, more work.

Disneys Planes Chug Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Fuel truck Chug is a guy’s guy. He works hard as co-owner of Chug and Dottie’s Fill ’n Fly service station—and plays hard indulging in his own fuel from time to time. He has a big personality and is a bold supporter of Dusty’s high-flying endeavors. Indeed, he’s not only Dusty’s buddy, he’s his coach and biggest fan. And if Chug can’t help Dusty reach new heights, he’ll find someone who can.

Disneys Planes Dottie Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Dottie is a forklift who co-owns and operates Chug and Dottie’s Fill ’n Fly service station. As Dusty’s practical and say-it-like-it-is friend—not to mention his ace mechanic—Dottie hopes to keep his high-flying hopes grounded in reality: Dusty isn’t built to race and chasing his dream is downright dangerous. No matter what he decides, however, Dottie will always have his back.

Disneys Planes Ripslinger Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

With more wins than he can count and an abundance of fans, Ripslinger is wings-down the biggest name in air racing—and he knows it. But despite sky’s-the-limit funding and state-of-the-art equipment, the world champion still doesn’t play fair—especially when it comes to a small-town plane with zero racing experience. Dusty doesn’t belong in Ripslinger’s sport and his mere presence makes the pro’s fuel boil. And if Dusty’s inexperience doesn’t take him out of the race, Ripslinger’s vast empire includes a couple of underhanded sidekicks to take care of business.

Disneys Planes Ned and Zed Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Team Ripslinger’s bombastic racers Ned and Zed specialize in sabotage. Lacking the skills to actually outrace the competition, they simply eliminate it, propelling boss Ripslinger to victory every single time. Zed, a rowdy and reckless flier, and Ned, a strange bird himself, may not be the sharpest props in the hangar, but they have figured out how to draft off Ripslinger’s fame.

Disneys Planes El Chupacabra Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

The intensely charming El Chupacabra is a legend in Mexico (just ask him). Powered by his passion for racing (not to mention the elusive Rochelle), this caped Casanova is anything but low-key—his booming voice and charismatic presence are as big as his oversized engine. His cohorts aren’t really sure what is truth and what is delusion when it comes to El Chu, but one thing is beyond doubt: he races with a whole lot of heart and more dramatic flair than is recommended at high altitudes.

Disneys Planes Rochelle Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Rochelle is a tough racer and the pride of the Great White North. Always confident and capable, she got her start running mail to small towns in Quebec, picking up home remedies for mechanical maladies along the way. She also developed a knack for fast travel that ultimately inspired her to give air racing a try. Rochelle never looked back (this competitive contender doesn’t need to). She is relentlessly pursued by charmer El Chupacabra, but steadfast Rochelle is much too focused on winning the race to return his affections.

Disneys Planes Bulldog Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Bulldog has been racing longer than every other racer on the circuit. As the oldest and arguably wisest, he remembers a time before GPS, when real racers trusted their gyros and navigated by the stars. When it comes to racing, it boils down to two qualities, says Bulldog: good flying and sportsmanship. Period. While the competition secretly wonders if the aging plane is past his prime, he flies his way onto the leader board again and again, proving that this Bulldog has lost none of his bite.

Disneys Planes Ishani Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

The reigning Pan-Asian champion from India, Ishani is easy on the eyes, but ruthless in the skies. Thanks to her high-speed competitiveness and notable talent, she has amassed more than a billion loyal fans—including one rookie racer who turns to her for guidance. Exotic and mysterious, Ishani is full of surprises, but always has her eye on the prize.

Disneys Planes Bravo and Echo Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Armed with stellar instincts, incredible aerial abilities and outstanding service records, Bravo and Echo are two of the Jolly Wrenches’ top troops. These fighter jets happen to be avid air racing fans, too, with a special affinity for Dusty, who’s adopted their Jolly Wrenches insignia. And as far as the racers are concerned, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple soldiers nearby should any plane falter under the immense pressure of the world’s most rigorous rally.

Disneys Planes Roper Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

This irascible race official pitty delivers the rules for the North American Wings Around the Globe time trials with a matter-a-fact personality and a wry sense of humor. In fact, Roper never misses an opportunity to offer his own take on the events that unfold. With sly remarks and colorful commentary, Roper is funny but firm in his dealings with the race and the racers.

Disneys Planes Colin Cowling Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Affable blimp Colin Cowling attended the prestigious Zeppelin Broadcasting School and began his career as the play-by-play voice for the Pacific Coast Balloon Races. He got his big break—so to speak—when his Eye-In-The-Sky-In-Sports weekly recap show was noticed by producers of Racing Sports Network (RSN).

Disneys Planes Tripp Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Disney and American Airlines introduced Tripp, a character made for the film inspired in part by the new 777-300ER aircraft and the face of the American‬ fleet.

Disneys Planes Franz Fliegenhosen Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

Franz Fliegenhosen is a German 1954 Taylor Aerocar who combines both the Cars’ and Planes’ world as the only flying car in the movie. Don’t let Franz’s light-hearted personality fool you – he loves to race just like the rest of the teams.

In case you think this vehicle was conceived just for the film – it was not. Watch this video HERE to see an actual 1654 Taylor Aerocar in action.

Disneys Planes Dusty Movie Still Disneys Planes: The Complete Character Guide

There aren’t many more modes of transporation left for Disney to exploit – trains, boats, bikes – but with two succesful Cars films and a possible hit with Planes (what kid doesn’t LOVE airplanes?), chance are audiences are in for a few more years of talking transportation films.

Which new Planes character is your favorite and why?

Planes is now in theaters. It is Rated PG.

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