Disney Schedules Marvel Movies for 2014; ‘John Carter’ in IMAX 3D

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 8th, 2011 at 7:33 pm,

Disney schedules Marvel movies and John Carter Disney Schedules Marvel Movies for 2014; John Carter in IMAX 3D

Walt Disney Pictures is officially taking over the business side of the Marvel movie universe in the future – beginning with next year’s The Avengers and then Iron Man 3 in 2013, which the Mouse House (not Paramount) will market and distribute in theaters.

The company has gone ahead and settled on release dates for two Marvel titles that… don’t actually have titles yet, while also setting up next year’s sci-fi flick, John Carter, for release in the IMAX format.

Disney has officially claimed May 16th, 2014 and June 27th, 2014 as dates for the release of two yet-to-be-reveal Marvel pics. In addition, the studio has set the John Carter of Mars adaptation for a simultaneous release in regular 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in March 2012.


Marvel Movies

disney marvel logos Disney Schedules Marvel Movies for 2014; John Carter in IMAX 3D

There are a handful of possible titles that Disney could be eying for a 2014 release, including Captain America 2, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, a Guardians of the Galaxy movie, or even The Avengers 2, it would seem.

Rumors have been circulating recently about Marvel actively developing a film that would bring the mystical Guardians of the Galaxy to the big screen. Likewise, just this past week, word got out that the comic book studio was moving forward with a solo vehicle for the magical Doctor Strange – going so far as to send the current draft of the script by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan the Barbarian) out to potential directors for consideration.

With Disney settling on 2014 release dates only five weeks apart – by comparison, this year’s Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger were scheduled two and a half months apart – it seems unlikely that the studio is eying those dates for two mainstream character/ensemble movies. More likely, either a staple superhero pic (like Captain America 2) will arrive before/after the solo vehicle for a less popular entity, like Doctor Strange. Or, perhaps, two Marvel characters will be making their live-action debut that summer.


John Carter

John Carter scheduled for IMAX 3D release Disney Schedules Marvel Movies for 2014; John Carter in IMAX 3D

It’s not exactly a shock to learn that Disney is releasing Andrew Stanton’s John Carter adaptation in IMAX 3D. The expensive sci-fi project definitely has a strong cult following, due to the popularity of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ source material – and the official John Carter trailer teased an imaginative adventure that should benefit from having its creative alien settings and technology brought to life on the big, big screen.

The box office prospects for John Carter are a bit uncertain, though, since Burroughs’ creation isn’t as well known a literary figure as, say, his Tarzan. Plus, the Victorian era-inspired aesthetic of the film has already left some people scratching their heads, more curious as to why the Martian settings look so old-fashioned and fantastical – as opposed to more contemporary and realistic in design – rather than being excited to see the final product.

John Carter is arguably in the same boat as Disney’s TRON: Legacy was last winter, since it too is an effects-heavy sci-fi installment in a franchise with a smaller-but-loyal cult following. All things considered, Legacy was ultimately a financial success (enough so to keep TRON 3 alive) and John Carter might perform similarly – ensuring that this won’t be the only time Taylor Kitsch plays the planet-trotting Civil War soldier onscreen.

John Carter is now set to arrive in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on March 9th, 2012.

We’ll let you know when Marvel/Disney officially announces which specific titles are scheduled for release in Summer 2014.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures (via Box Office Mojo and THR)

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  1. I’m looking forward to John Carter. I was very intrigued by the teaser. I’m just surprised that it’s not a summer release.

  2. Oh lets see, Rom, Moon Knight, Plack Panther, Powerman and Iron Fist, Wouldnt mind seeing The Champion, Living Tribunal, Eternity,The Celestials. Even Ego.

    • Seriously Rom?

    • The only good suggestion there is Black Panther. (Iron Fist could maybe be part of a Heroes For Hire film)

      • isnt powerman luke cages name, so that would be a good one

      • isnt powerman luke cages identity, so that would be a good one

    • im all right with a ROM movie , but unfortunately Parker Brothers WILL NOT sell the rights to the name ROM. Remember it was a toy 1st then a comic book, BUT I STILL WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT MADE !!!!!

    • Please not Moon Knight. He’s just a Batman rip-off.

  3. Honestly I would like to see a stand alone silver surfer movie, maybe it could lead all the way into annihilation, debuting Nova and some of Galactus’ other heralds.

    • neither of them can be silver surfer, cause hes owned by fox, but there has been rumors that fox is working on a silver surfer film

  4. I really think a movie involving The Sentry would be fantastic. He is a character that was short-lived in the comic book world and was controversial with readers. I love the character and his back story could be pretty emotional if done correctly on film. So my vote would be for a Sentry movie to begin to happen…

    • Most comic book fans hate the Sentry. He’s a nut-job IMO.

      • Well yes, he is crazy lol. His mental instability could be a great thing to explore in film. While I am not denying that most readers don’t like him I blame that on most of the writers who had to deal with him. His individual issues were fantastic but when the writers had to put him in other titles it was obvious that they didn’t like him.
        If they made a movie, they wouldn’t have to have other heroes in it, it could be more of a self discovery thing-the world/sentry coming to the realization that he is the void.

          • True, but I like The Sentry more than those that are “more deserving”. His story is different in it’s details as well as it’s plot. He is very much unlike most others and this could be a great opportunity for Marvel to keep pumpin out more character movies without tiring the audience with the same old comic book movie formula.

  5. Doctor Strange for the May 16 and Captain America for the June 27 are my picks.

    • im guessing ur right on cap, because its likely he’ll follow soon after iron man and thor, plus its a week before july 4th, which would be perfect for cap. doctor strange may be right, but it could others. but i like ur choices

  6. Hhhmmmm :D Wonder when Marvel/Disney will announce the titles of these ~mysterious new films~ ;) (hopefully soon – maybe D23?). I really hope it will be Black Panther and Cap 2. Then in 2015 we can have Avengers 2, Doctor Strange and maybe Thor 3! :D

    ‘John Carter’ on the other hand… couldn’t care less – never heard of the guy – not interested – boring.

  7. Weren’t they planning on an Incredible Hulk 2 at some point? Not that the first was anything great, but I’m curious what happened with that.

  8. I think one of those “mystery” films will be a sequel to Ang Lee’s “Hulk” film, to be directed by Wim Wenders.

    • Dude, again…
      Ummmmm: NO.

      • You got something against Wim Wenders?

        • No, but it’s still a pretty stupid idea (to put it bluntly) – no offense.

          • its pretty unlikly cus they rebooted hulk, but it could be incredible hulks sequal. probly with letirier.

            • Ever since Ang Lee’s “Hulk” was released, I’ve wondered what Wim Wenders would do with a sequel. From what you guys are suggesting, I might never find out.

              • You do know that the Hulk was rebooted in 2008? The chances of them making a sequels to THAT movie is about 38%, so what do think the chances would be of them making a sequels about the OLD Hulk? (My guess is 0.00000%)

                • Didn’t Kevin Feige say a while back that there would be an Incredible Hulk 2 after The Avengers? Not that the first was anything great, I’m just curious what happened with that. Tim Roth (Abomination) is signed for 3 films, and Tim Blake Nelson is signed to be The Leader. And the short on the Thor Blu-Ray with Coulson talks about what happened with Abomination.
                  With how much they’ve put into setting up this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’d be surprised if they let loose ends fall by the wayside.

                  • Yes, he did say that, but we aren’t talking about ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (2008 film), we are talking about the ‘Hulk’ (2003 film).

                    That’s why I said Ricky’s idea was stupid:
                    1. the 2003 film sucked
                    2. the franchise was rebooted (2008), so making a sequel to an outdated (and frankly stupid) movie is just dumb.

  9. Yes Rom. (Seriously) And I did mean Heroes for Hire. Thats why I said Powerman AND Iron Fist.

    • The Rom license is not owned by Marvel anymore so that wont happen unless they were to get the toy company on board….

      That said he was a favorite of mine when I was a kid so I would love it!

  10. This is something that shouldve been planned out. Since they (Marvel) were planning all these movie, they should already have a time table set up by the time Iron Man 1 was set to release. Of course they cant ok anything before the success of the franchise, but it should still all be planned out. With a Dozen superheros each getting their own movie over the course of 10 years, they should have a fairly comprehensible idea of when they want everything.

    I really hope they have a good idea of how to handle this and not just making stuff up as they go.

    • There not making it up as tey go along, if i remember correctly in a past interview with Kevin Feigne thr head guy at marvel films, hr stated that they had a story board up in one of their offices with timelines and characters and how they were all connected in relations to existing movies and upcoming ones. Who know how far in the future they are planning ahead but with all thr money these films are generating im thinking having aet plans for several years sown the road is pretty realistic.

  11. hopefully the movies will be Black Panther and Dr. Strange

  12. What about a Sub Mariner movie? He is deserving. Plus does he not connect with the Avengers in some ways?
    I agree a Black Panther movie would work too. What about bringing Hank Pym in some way , shape or form?
    It will have to have SOME mainstream appeal cause all of these are going to require some serious cash to pull off. Its gotta make money with the public not just us geeks.

  13. I am going to have to see John Carter in IMAX 3D simply because it is one of the few pictures coming out that I would want to see the rest of the book series made into sequals.

  14. if Marvel dont do Black Panther i will they are weak cause they scared.

    Black Panther, Dr Strange, Ant-Man should be they main focus not Guardians of the Galaxy

  15. I think one of them is going to be a Nick Fury film. Probably Cap America 2, then Nick Fury.

    • If not Nick Fury, maybe a SHIELD film?

      • i dont want a nick fury film, maybe “Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D.” film, but not a nick fury solo. im sure cap 2 is the second date, and im hoping the first is hawk eye, black widow, shield, black panther, Luck cage, doctor strange, or antman. though not so much doctor strange or luke cage, because i want them to be older, more mainstream avengers. maybe scarlet witch, or war machine.

  16. Hopefully a proper Punisher movie starring Tom Jane.

    • Agreed 100%

    • Wouldn’t that be wicked? If they did do that, then the events that were seen in the 2003 film would be part of the “universe”. But the truth is, I would chalk up all previous Punishers as something of an urban legend about the character, where only the following would be true:

      - His family was killed by the mafia; he doesn’t talk about it. Among mobsters/ urban legend The story changes from car bomb to mass murder to the witness to a mob hit while having a park picnic (and thus being killed).

      - Castle had, at one time or another, infiltrated varied criminal organizations due to military and law encforcement training. While he did set some criminals up or gather evidence for busts, it is speculated that (ahem) not all of the bad guys lived to tell the tale. He may have even played the bad guys against each other from time to time. His code name on the street is ‘Punisher’, although most crooks might not know his actual name (those that do aren’t around long enough for, ahem, “some reason”)

      - SHIELD still calls on Castle from time to time to assist on missions and occasional “removal” of terrorists foreign and domestic.

      It is the latter part which I think the focus will be on; I also think that Castle will be more part of a Nick Fury / SHIELD film if there is one. While I would love Jane reprising the part, I suspect another actor (and not Ray Stevenson) would be cast. And when he walks in the door, you’d expect someone that looks like Jane, Stevenson or a Lundgren type.

      Your jaw drops to the floor as Viggo Mortensen walks in the room…

      • A punisher film looks kinda likly to happen, but not as a sequal to any of the previus ones. punisher is owned by marvel, but those movies r owned by lionsgate

      • @ Darren

        To see Thomas Jane as The Punisher in a Marvel Studios film would be great.

  17. cant wait for another captain america to come out =)

  18. “beginning with next year’s The Avengers and Iron Man 3″

    WTF!? Iron man 3 doesn’t come until 2013,not next year…

    • I was only referring to The Avengers when I said “next year.” I went ahead and clarified that, so there shouldn’t be any confusion now.

  19. I’m actually more excited for the other disney films that Disney announced that will also be released on 2014, a new from from Coraline director Henry Salick (supposedly in stop motion and it’ll be released on my birthday) and a new Pixar movie that may be a sequel (Incredibles 2 please!)

    Apperently there’ll be confirmation on all these projects and they’ll announce what they are and more on disney’s D23 event later this month.

  20. I wonder why Marvel is trusting the Dr Strange movie to those two writers? They seem like weak choices.

  21. I can’t wait for which ever 2 Marvel Movies are coming out in 2014. All I know is that hopefully Disney better not mess this up.

  22. I’m really looking forward to John Carter. Andrew Stanton directing, Michael Chabon on the script, and Willem Dafoe and Taylor Kitsch starring mean that it’s going to be a hell of a lot better than TRON right out of the gate. It looks like Disney is looking for it to be its next major franchise. As a fan of steampunk and the Victorian aesthetic, I’m actually most excited to see how the filmmakers blend retro and futurism. I’d had similar hopes for Cowboys and Aliens but it flopped tremendously on that point.

  23. Not to get OT but did Marvel officially regain the rights to Punisher and Blade?

    • Yes they did.

  24. Looking at that picture, it would be really nice if Marvel Studios obtain the rights to franchise such as X-Men, Spider-Man, etc. Atleast make some kind of offer to use characters. Just wishful thinking.

  25. Since I saw the trailer, John Carter has really intrigued me. Wanna read the books now. Also want to see a Black Panther, Dr. Strange and the Thor and Cap sequels (I guess Ant-Man also, but I’d rather see him in Avengers 2).

    • Since Namor is “the first mutant”… I think Fox owns the rights to him.

    • Yeah what ever happened to the Hulk? Iron Man got a sequel and the Hulk came out the same year but didn’t :-(

      • I always wondered why there wasn’t a Hulk sequel also, I mean they completely got me hyped up for the leader and then …nothing

  26. I wouuld love to see a Namor film – and folks, Fox does not have rights to the character, as the character is loosely referenced in Iron Man 2 (“Oracle”) and almost made a cameo mention in Cap’n America. But I’m pretty much with one of these guesses:

    - Thor 2
    - Guardians Of The Galaxy (which I can really see The Mouse House doing)
    - The Runaways (y’all almost forgot about that one, didn’t ya?)
    - Doctor Strange
    - Black Panther (maybe-although the character could be like another Hawkeye in that T’Chilla is part of Avengers 2)

    It all really depends on which gets the fast track. I’m thinking more Guardians and Runaways, as Doc Strange, (in my view) would be pushed up to 2013. Just a feeling.

    • It cant be thor 2, because its already scheduled for july 26th 2013, plus the second slot will prolly go to cap 2. its unlikly that doc strange will move up, cause they already have to films for 2013, and they may add a late july release for 2014 though, so im thinking doc strange for the first slot, and something else for a july slot

    • Where in IM2 did they reference Namor? (Because I’ll tell you, I’ve watched that movie over 20 times and I didn’t get that :))

      Also, if you could, please let me know where Namor was referenced in CapAmerica: TFA?

      • look at the map in the shield base, there is a dot for namor

        • Well… to be fair… that was never confirmed to be a reference to Namor. I knew about the map and I knew that some of the dots relate to Hulk and Cap (and Thor) and Favreou did say the one dot in Africa relates to the Black Panther, but there was never any mention that the one in the Atlantic was a reference to the Sub Mariner.

          • And what else would it be, Einstein?

  27. guardians of the galaxy, it opens up a nw aspect of marvels universe, the marvel cosmic universe.
    epic in scale, LOTs of characters, much more than say doctor strange, heroes for hire or another sequel.
    it could also tie in with another future avangers movie, the cosmic universe always had crossovers.
    it screams franchise at me, the g.o.g possibility.
    if marvel cant get their popular superheroes back, then they need to step it up, they are competing with their own properties!
    hence the avengers

  28. I agree cant want to see John Carter, but I really would like to see a Black Panather movie as well.