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disney marvel logo 1 Disney Buys Marvel

OK, so just a few minutes ago Twitter literally exploded with news of a major financial announcement: according to The Associated Press, The Walt Disney Co. will acquire Marvel Entertainment Inc., for $4 billion in cash and stock.

Woah! If you ever wondered how much the Marvel Universe is worth, I think you just found out.

Under the deal Disney will now control and own 5,000 Marvel characters, including Iron Man and Spider-Man. If Marvel shareholders approve the deal, they will receive $30 per share and will also receive .745 Disney shares for each Marvel share they own. Both the Disney and Marvel board of directors have approved the deal, but it still has to go through an anti-trust review. I don’t see there being any problem with the anti-trust review nor do I see the marvel shareholders turning up their noses to such a fantastic offer. Most likely, later this week, we should see final word on the resolution of this agreement.

Said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel’s Chief Executive Officer:

0d3848dd46fb9627b1fcf573b7f476b1 Disney Buys Marvel

“Disney is the perfect home for Marvel`s fantastic library of characters given
its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses…This is an unparalleled
opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties
by accessing Disney`s tremendous global organization and infrastructure around
the world.”

So what does this mean to comic books fans? Well, it could be both very good and very bad at the same time. Let’s look at some quick pros and cons shall we?

Pro – Disney is a universal name with pockets so deep that God’s hand would have a hard time reaching the bottom.  Marvel is no slouch either in the household name department – but let’s face it, they are no Disney. All that extra money, means way more marketing and increased traffic within the theme parks (sorry Universal but looks like you might lose the X-Men characters in your parades.)

Con – With movies like Iron Man 2, Spider-man 4, The Incredible Hulk 2, Thor , The Avengers and Captain America on the horizon, what does this mean for their development? Iron Man 2 is already in full swing so I doubt we see any type of delay with that one, but with no other pre-production or principle photography under way on some other films, could we see some eventual delay(s)?

avengers roster characters iron man thor captain america Disney Buys Marvel

Pro – On the flip side, with Disney having such deep pockets, that means much more available funds to push MORE movies into production. It’s not like Disney is buying Marvel because they were threatened by Marvel’s market share and were trying to buy out the competition. No, Disney bought Marvel to use the property rights, not sit on them. This could mean we start seeing Marvel characters pushed into multiple forms of media. More cartoons, more comics, more live action TV shows and definitely more movies.

Con – We could find ourselves over-saturated with watered down superheroes, quickly written scripts and under produced adaptation that are Disney is just looking to make a quick buck with. They are, after all, trying to re-coup $4 billion dollars of investment. It is distinctly possible that quality could suffer.  Hopefully that won’t be the case, because whether Disney knows it or not, they are now under intense scrutiny from one of these largest, if not the largest, fan base in the world.

marvellogo Disney Buys Marvel

There are plenty of other pros and cons and we may discuss them in detail later today but for now we thought the news was worthy enough to get to you quickly.

What do you think of this mega-acquisition of Marvel by Disney? Does it make you as apprehensive as me for the future or elated that we may have an enormous opportunity to see more comic films in the future?

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Screen Rant will keep you updated as news come out.

[UPDATE: For our analysis of what this could mean for future Marvel movies (and TV shows) check out our follow-up: So Disney Bought Marvel – What Does It All Mean?]

Source: The Globe and Mail

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  1. As long as they dont water down the characters and rush production everything should be sweet. Like if they make the punisher a soft guy showering his enemies with flowers and love then I am going to bomb their headquarters! lol :D

  2. Lasseter has some sway with Disney films outside of the Animation department as has been somewhat instrumental in showing that a new Tron film might not just be relevant, but may also be a tentpole blockbuster.

    If Tron pans out, I would look for Lasseter to exert some muscle in offering a guiding hand in some of these Marvel properties, if nothing else than in helping to find and pick the right talent for the job at hand, as it’s been said he did for Tron.

    We shall see.

    This is earthshaking news, though.

  3. One thing’s for sure: No ‘R’ rated movies and MAYBE a couple PG-13′s in there….maybe.

    (and endless sequels…They’re STILL milking Pirates aren’t they?)

    Bad news indeed!

  4. When I first heard the news it sounded like a hostile take-over- a coup d’etat of some sort. I was distraught. There goes Marvel’s intellectual property! But the reality of it all is… nobody knows what the future holds. Disney’s assurances of “if it ain’t broken..” are only for the current dispensation. It ain’t in the contracts. I’m not worried about the comics per se (I stopped reading years ago), Marvel has experimented with her universe many times over that it’s all so mixed-up now and, I daresay, irritating. Another experiment by Disney would not be out of place. No, I’m more concerned with the movies- where the classic characters and plotlines have been more or less preserved. Would Disney interfere in this?

    Good thing though, the Thor, Ironman, Cap and Avengers movie plans seem unaffected.

    This is reminiscent of when WB bought over DC years back and I felt sorry for poor old Marvel (whom I always felt had better characters). This is Marvel-time, I guess. Wonder how Stan the Man feel’s about it all though. Where my true believers at? Make Mine Marvel!

  5. Disney is going to destroy all Marvel movies. Thats was the dumbest merger ever!!!!!!!!!

  6. i sware if any thing happens to the punisher.
    i am gunna protest my @$$ off !!!!!!!!

  7. Anyone that thinks Disney won’t have a “slight” hand in future Marvel projects is just delusional. At the end of the day a “slight” hand is still a big hand. When you’re God like Disney, the urges to control and dictate are just too great not to pass up. Power and money runs stuff in this world, people.

    It’ll be rosy and dandy in the beginning just to situate everything, but wait until the wolf in sheep’s wool reveals itself once the urges to make or recoup more money emerges. That’s when we’ll see Marvel’s brand start to crumble a bit. It won’t all go to hell, but I rather see none than some.

  8. And I might be a minority in this, but I have no desire to see a Marvel/Pixar animated movie.

  9. How will this change what Marvel does? I guess we will see.

  10. Reading a few more comments…

    Dang people. Have a little hope. If Disney exercised such overwhelming control, all the movies Pixar made since “Cars” would have been sequels to their early work.

    Iger seems to at least understand that the bean counters don’t make better creative decisions than the artists. As long as he and Lasster are running the show, then try to have a little hope.

  11. Hell is coming swiftly. In a few short years they’ll probably be rebooting Iron Man-with Zach Effron. This is the quality that comes from Disney, and that is why I am very afraid of this news. Very afraid indeed. Disney used to be a name associated with wholesome, wondefully imagined and beautifully crafted films, directed at-but not just for- children. Now it has become a watered-down whored out shell of what it once was. The studio that once made films like Cinderella, Pinnocchio and Snow White has sunk to popping out turds HSM 1,2, and 3, along with a whole slew of Hannah Montana related trash and everything in between. Disney once featured the most talented writers, actors and composers in the biz. Now they have the Jonas Brothers(sooo not rock and roll). These kings of imaginationland used to stand for wholesome ideals, and used their medium to teach us about love, friendship, family, and the magic within ourselves. Now they employ sensationalized celebrities, who’ve gained notoriety for some unexplicable reason, whose private lives put them a step above porn stars(the difference being porn stars are honest about what they do.) And now, the medium where we learned what it takes to be a hero, and how we should give of ourselves for the greater good has been taken over by these evil masterminds? The combined might of every Marvel superhero may not be enough to stop the slow filtering of garbage into our society. My only hope is that the anti-trust meeting sees all hell break loose.

  12. Wow, I hope they don’t clean up any of the Marvel violence or cussing that we have all grown to love.

  13. I still dont know if this is good or bad, im seeing some pretty good arguments for both sides in the comments.

    Marvel have hit a high note (at least in movies) recently with iron-man and hulk…not to mention the excellent civil war/dark reign stories in the comics….will this be ruined now?

    and for those that think this means a watering down of marvel universe… perhpas not considering movies like the crow, trainspotting, resvoir dogs are tied to disney

    i guess time will tell…

  14. As i see it, Disney wont mess with the comics, and doesnt plan to, but movies are a different story. If they are like they were with Miramax in the 90′s and let them make the movies they want to it will be fine. If its direct collaboration like with Pixar…thats the trouble.

    1.Iron-Man 2, I hope they dont, but i could see Disney keeping it from exploring Tony’s drinking problem

    2.Thor, Disney is all about profits, and with a Hero like THor who is not so well known that movie will probably stop

    3.Cap, same argument as Thor, or i should say the public is less interested in Cap

    4.If Cap goes down the tubes, Avengers goes down with him.

  15. Spider-Mouse, Spider-Mouse
    Scaring the women in every house;
    Climbing walls, quick as you please…
    Web-snatching some ColbyJack cheese…
    You louse!
    You OK’d the Spider-Mouse!

  16. @Michael
    you’re way off, no offense.
    All this does is make the pockets deeper for the budget of these movies. They will not affect how the story is written or what they do with the scripts.

  17. @MCat

    that makes me spot on, i put down two scenarios because i could see it going either way, either The Miramax scenario or the Pixar scenario, and since it is apparently going the Miramax scenario i was right(i kind of cheated but i was still right :D)

  18. Miramax? Pixar will be making marvel movies and we know they make good movies. Up had a more serious tone than many superhero movies. This move is all about Disney making money off the marvel movies and they are smart by putting these movies Pixar’s hands.

  19. No the way Disney let Miramax run their own company and only owns it doesnt touch any of their movies, while Pixar since…2006 maybe has been merged with Disney so has Disney over their shoulder. No they wouldnt be, they would be smart to leave them in their own hands, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk were phenomenal movies and Pixar couldnt do better than Marvel to stick to the source material. To hand over creative control to Pixar would not be samrt.

  20. I agree with JessSayin; totally worried about the rating issue. I mean can Disney even make a “dark” movie? Cronicles of Narnia and Pirates had potential to be dark, but ultimately came up short….or at least they did to this Marvel fan. Oh and congrats to the people at Marvel for selling out. You better hope that we are rewarded with the equivelant of $30 a share.

  21. @Everyone – I just finished an article that should be up shortly to address each of your concerns directly. None of the films that are slated for release with other studios are in any jeopardy of being halted. Wait for the article and see for yourself.

  22. Jeez those people at marvel can’t do anything right anymore get ready for family friendly comics I have been boycotting disney for years so I guess my list just grew but man I did love Marvel well maybe we’ll have better marvel cartoons

  23. Hey gang, here’s a follow up with a more in depth look at what the deal could mean for future Marvel projects:



  24. Michael,

    I can’t imagine Pixar taking on a Marvel property directly under their banner (more likely one of their directors utilizing one of Disney’s other production banners) taking over a property directly, and even if they did, I’d find it dubious they wouldn’t involve Marvel creative types into the production process much the same way Pixar took in Brad Bird’s entourage (he didn’t come to Pixar by himself – he brought his own battalion of animators he’d worked with previously worked on with Iron Giant).

  25. Come on disney..Marvel are u for real like why not dc ya messed up..im just askin please dont change none of the characters..

  26. amazing,I hope it’s good news

  27. great, hannah montanna is now gonna make appearances in any marvel movie they can get her into. For all we know the jonas brothers plus one will be the next fantastic four. wow……

  28. “great, hannah montanna is now gonna make appearances in any marvel movie they can get her into. For all we know the jonas brothers plus one will be the next fantastic four. wow……”

    PLEASE don’t let that happen.

  29. Guys, y’all are really bringing me down. I thought I saw some light in this but now I’m starting to see Revelation images. :-)