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disney marvel logo 1 Disney Buys Marvel

OK, so just a few minutes ago Twitter literally exploded with news of a major financial announcement: according to The Associated Press, The Walt Disney Co. will acquire Marvel Entertainment Inc., for $4 billion in cash and stock.

Woah! If you ever wondered how much the Marvel Universe is worth, I think you just found out.

Under the deal Disney will now control and own 5,000 Marvel characters, including Iron Man and Spider-Man. If Marvel shareholders approve the deal, they will receive $30 per share and will also receive .745 Disney shares for each Marvel share they own. Both the Disney and Marvel board of directors have approved the deal, but it still has to go through an anti-trust review. I don’t see there being any problem with the anti-trust review nor do I see the marvel shareholders turning up their noses to such a fantastic offer. Most likely, later this week, we should see final word on the resolution of this agreement.

Said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel’s Chief Executive Officer:

0d3848dd46fb9627b1fcf573b7f476b1 Disney Buys Marvel

“Disney is the perfect home for Marvel`s fantastic library of characters given
its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses…This is an unparalleled
opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties
by accessing Disney`s tremendous global organization and infrastructure around
the world.”

So what does this mean to comic books fans? Well, it could be both very good and very bad at the same time. Let’s look at some quick pros and cons shall we?

Pro – Disney is a universal name with pockets so deep that God’s hand would have a hard time reaching the bottom.  Marvel is no slouch either in the household name department – but let’s face it, they are no Disney. All that extra money, means way more marketing and increased traffic within the theme parks (sorry Universal but looks like you might lose the X-Men characters in your parades.)

Con – With movies like Iron Man 2, Spider-man 4, The Incredible Hulk 2, Thor , The Avengers and Captain America on the horizon, what does this mean for their development? Iron Man 2 is already in full swing so I doubt we see any type of delay with that one, but with no other pre-production or principle photography under way on some other films, could we see some eventual delay(s)?

avengers roster characters iron man thor captain america Disney Buys Marvel

Pro – On the flip side, with Disney having such deep pockets, that means much more available funds to push MORE movies into production. It’s not like Disney is buying Marvel because they were threatened by Marvel’s market share and were trying to buy out the competition. No, Disney bought Marvel to use the property rights, not sit on them. This could mean we start seeing Marvel characters pushed into multiple forms of media. More cartoons, more comics, more live action TV shows and definitely more movies.

Con – We could find ourselves over-saturated with watered down superheroes, quickly written scripts and under produced adaptation that are Disney is just looking to make a quick buck with. They are, after all, trying to re-coup $4 billion dollars of investment. It is distinctly possible that quality could suffer.  Hopefully that won’t be the case, because whether Disney knows it or not, they are now under intense scrutiny from one of these largest, if not the largest, fan base in the world.

marvellogo Disney Buys Marvel

There are plenty of other pros and cons and we may discuss them in detail later today but for now we thought the news was worthy enough to get to you quickly.

What do you think of this mega-acquisition of Marvel by Disney? Does it make you as apprehensive as me for the future or elated that we may have an enormous opportunity to see more comic films in the future?

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Screen Rant will keep you updated as news come out.

[UPDATE: For our analysis of what this could mean for future Marvel movies (and TV shows) check out our follow-up: So Disney Bought Marvel – What Does It All Mean?]

Source: The Globe and Mail

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  1. did they buy marvel the company as a whole or did they buy the movies side of marvel, marvel studios?

  2. There’s no way a badass Punisher or Daredevil or R-rated Wolverine will EVER debut under a Disney banner.

  3. POTC was alot darker than Iron Man.

    The films will be fine. Here is a copy/paste that should calm us down a bit:

    Responding to a question about the future of Marvel Studios — especially with the burgeoning technologies of 3D — Iger said “that’ll probably be determined by the talented people who are in charge of producing Marvel’s theatrical films — they did a brilliant job with Iron Man and we’re confident in their abilities for Iron Man 2.” Another person asked about possible cross pollination between Marvel and Pixar: “We actually have had some conversations internally, and [Pixar's] John Lasseter met with some of the key Marvel creative executives fairly recently and the group got very excited pretty fast,” Iger said. “We had to say, ‘slow down guys, we haven’t done this deal yet.’” Still, Iger said, “you can put a lot of creative, enthusiastic people in a room that can appreciate the value of great characters and interesting worlds, a lot can happen… sparks can fly, is the expression that comes to mind.”

    After Stagg discussed that Disney’s leverage with powerhouses such as Wal-Mart could also help promote the brand, Iger responded to another question regarding Marvel and its film slate, and whether or not they would remain an autonomous entity in that regard. “No one knows the Marvel characters and stories better than Marvel,” Iger said. “We continue to be impressed… not just from a creative perspective, but as a business perspective. I think there’s an expression, if it ain’t broke, and that’s our feeling here.”

  4. Alos, I think the comics will be fine as well. Disney likes what Marvel has been doing or they wouldn’t bother buying the company.

    If anything, we’ll get more kid related comics and merchandise in-addition-to, rather than in-place-of exsisting stuff.

  5. When Fox and Sony’s contracts run out for X-Men and Spider-Man, I can see Disney keeping them and doing a reboot, maybe with Pixar.

  6. Ok, That little love child from General Hospital just put me on the positive side. :-)

  7. Oh yay, now marvel characters will get even more left-wing. First tony stark says making weapons for the military is bad, now what? Iron Man fights for PETA??

    Lol just kidding :-P

  8. Ok, Vic, I just tried the poll. I chose “Good News”, clicked “Vote” and it came back with “Choose an answer”.

    If you’re trying to make me feel like I’m going crazy than you’re 2 years too late. :-P

  9. The press release said full rights of the Marvel properties. I will make up my mind when I learn what the full deal means. Does this mean that they will be buying out contracts on marvel movies at other studios as well as paying marvel themselves? Does this mean that their Marvel Studios financing deal ends and they will be able to go crazy with producing movies?

    I just can’t tell whether this is good news or bad without anymore details of the full deal.

  10. At first this was a scary headline to me. It may still be. I hope that Disney does push more movies out and with better funding and development I’m sure they can make some great ones. But the fact that Disney has a kid friendly image may take away from some of the characters and stories displayed in any future marvel movies. I have my fingers crossed.

  11. Is this bad for iron man?

  12. If they start making the movies kiddie friendly it will suck…But if they dont and start releasing the movies quicker since they can do what they pretty much want it will be great to see the sequels come out quicker

  13. It used to be that Disney created their characters, not purchased them.

    What happened to the creativity that used to fuel Disney?

  14. Like after most earthquakes their are aftershocks. My thoughts circle around licensing, if any, Disney would do
    to maximize profit while preserving its image.

    Of course the Levi & Korsinsky investigation of the Board of Directors of Marvel Entertainment concerning whether the Marvel Board of Directors breached their fiduciary duties to Marvel shareholders might be a major aftershock. More important now than any future business deals. With Marvel stock up 25% since the news this morning some are having a shockingly good day despite any rumblings of shareholder shortchanging…

  15. Disney made an offer Marvel could not refuse.
    For the simple reason Marvel is not worth 4 Billion.

  16. Every now and then a marvel character would really go off on some poor s.o.b., or neighborhood, like when Hulk would tear a city apart, or Wolverine slicing his way through some ninjas, or when Punisher would mow down a gang with an M-60, or when Ghost Rider would literally scare the piss out of some poor sinner… a few kick-ass moments of unbridaled rage by the Marvel biggies.

    Say good-bye to the bloodier, more intense marvel. Maybe… Marvel Light?

  17. yeah, i’m a little worried about the “marvel lite” aspect too

  18. this is really bad news for marvel fans. all of the movies for now on are going to be for kids let not forget this is disney HANNAMONTANA JONAS BROTHERS!!! how can the same people who make that crap possibly make a bloody action fest. These comics are graphic and they should carry to the screen that way, i just can imagine there ever being a marvel movie again that is going to be for adults. bad move

  19. I can hardly see the punisher movies as disney movies

  20. At first glance, I’m very nervous about this buyout. Disney being mostly rated ‘G’ and aimed at the kids, but after calming down this could be work very well. Disney has made some gritty and violent films that boarder rated ‘R’ like ‘Pirates of the Caribernia’ and even ‘The Incredibles’. as long as Disney allow Marvel to be true to their 5,000 characters and not candy-coat the dark ones. Remember Disney’s adult side is Bueta Vista

  21. Too bad, Marvel just lost me as a opening weekend customer, and I won’t see any Marvel films that are in 3-D. No doubt this will also create superhero theme park rides. Disney is pure evil.

    Disney is going to someday morph into a giant space amoeba that Kirk and the Enterprise will have to kill to save the universe… Now we know where it came from…

  22. I find this news to be… what’s the word? Oh yeah.


    I know Marvel fans are going to be up in arms about this and that’s just delicious as far as I can see.

    That said, I do feel I need to inject a bit of common sense into the proceedings here by pointing out that as far as I can see, this is just a money thing, I doubt we’re going to see Captain America interacting with Goofy any time soon.

    Also, to those thinking that they’re going to make all the marvel films kiddie friendly… um why? I could name you any number of not-kiddie friendly films produced by Disney (albeit under a different name, but then that’s of little consequence here since Marvel is simply another name as well) and since John Lasseter seems to have a good deal of sway at Disney these days, I see no reason why he’d want to change much.

    Again, this is just a money thing, and at the moment, Marvel are making a tidy profit, Disney will make their money back in time (my guess, 5 years, everything from then on will be profit), there’s little reason for them to be changing things now. Hell, Disney “acquired” Pixar and the quality of their movies didn’t change a lick (first film to come out of Pixar after Disney’s acquisition being Ratatouille and their films just keep getting better).

    Seriously, to those who hate this idea, chill out.

  23. I am not worried about them watering down the marvel franchise in the future. If I am not mistaken disney owns a pretty succesful pornography studio. They do not want to interfere, they see a profitable establishment and are willing to invest in it in the hopes of a good return. Mickey scratches your back, expecting to get scratched back.

  24. i want to see another hulk film with edward norton fighting leader,and abomination,lizard,dock ock,venom,carnage,and scorpion in spiderman,namor,silver surfer,and x-men magneto with apocalypse as the villain,first class with the sentinels and sinister,and beak,chamber,husk,glob herman,angel salvador,and prosimian,a generation-x,and i really want to see district-x with the mutant bishop hire as a fbi agent sent to capture wanted mutants because normal humans can’t catch them.x-4 with more colossus,iceman,cyclops,rogue,storm,gambit,nightcrawler,and of corse wolverine,and professor-x, these are the things i really hope to see and if disney does them they will make money.

  25. @Greenknight

    Yeah, studios will retain their own ownership of whatever characters, so Spider-man will stay with Sony, X-Men with Fox and so on, at least for now (although I’m sure Disney would like the set :p)