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disney marvel logo 1 Disney Buys Marvel

OK, so just a few minutes ago Twitter literally exploded with news of a major financial announcement: according to The Associated Press, The Walt Disney Co. will acquire Marvel Entertainment Inc., for $4 billion in cash and stock.

Woah! If you ever wondered how much the Marvel Universe is worth, I think you just found out.

Under the deal Disney will now control and own 5,000 Marvel characters, including Iron Man and Spider-Man. If Marvel shareholders approve the deal, they will receive $30 per share and will also receive .745 Disney shares for each Marvel share they own. Both the Disney and Marvel board of directors have approved the deal, but it still has to go through an anti-trust review. I don’t see there being any problem with the anti-trust review nor do I see the marvel shareholders turning up their noses to such a fantastic offer. Most likely, later this week, we should see final word on the resolution of this agreement.

Said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel’s Chief Executive Officer:

0d3848dd46fb9627b1fcf573b7f476b1 Disney Buys Marvel

“Disney is the perfect home for Marvel`s fantastic library of characters given
its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses…This is an unparalleled
opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties
by accessing Disney`s tremendous global organization and infrastructure around
the world.”

So what does this mean to comic books fans? Well, it could be both very good and very bad at the same time. Let’s look at some quick pros and cons shall we?

Pro – Disney is a universal name with pockets so deep that God’s hand would have a hard time reaching the bottom.  Marvel is no slouch either in the household name department – but let’s face it, they are no Disney. All that extra money, means way more marketing and increased traffic within the theme parks (sorry Universal but looks like you might lose the X-Men characters in your parades.)

Con – With movies like Iron Man 2, Spider-man 4, The Incredible Hulk 2, Thor , The Avengers and Captain America on the horizon, what does this mean for their development? Iron Man 2 is already in full swing so I doubt we see any type of delay with that one, but with no other pre-production or principle photography under way on some other films, could we see some eventual delay(s)?

avengers roster characters iron man thor captain america Disney Buys Marvel

Pro – On the flip side, with Disney having such deep pockets, that means much more available funds to push MORE movies into production. It’s not like Disney is buying Marvel because they were threatened by Marvel’s market share and were trying to buy out the competition. No, Disney bought Marvel to use the property rights, not sit on them. This could mean we start seeing Marvel characters pushed into multiple forms of media. More cartoons, more comics, more live action TV shows and definitely more movies.

Con – We could find ourselves over-saturated with watered down superheroes, quickly written scripts and under produced adaptation that are Disney is just looking to make a quick buck with. They are, after all, trying to re-coup $4 billion dollars of investment. It is distinctly possible that quality could suffer.  Hopefully that won’t be the case, because whether Disney knows it or not, they are now under intense scrutiny from one of these largest, if not the largest, fan base in the world.

marvellogo Disney Buys Marvel

There are plenty of other pros and cons and we may discuss them in detail later today but for now we thought the news was worthy enough to get to you quickly.

What do you think of this mega-acquisition of Marvel by Disney? Does it make you as apprehensive as me for the future or elated that we may have an enormous opportunity to see more comic films in the future?

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Screen Rant will keep you updated as news come out.

[UPDATE: For our analysis of what this could mean for future Marvel movies (and TV shows) check out our follow-up: So Disney Bought Marvel – What Does It All Mean?]

Source: The Globe and Mail

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  1. scary, but!!! but maybe they follow the comic books a little more closely to the actual freaking thing. least i hope so

  2. Hey, have you gone on “It’s a Small Mutant World”.

  3. Really can’t tell if this is good or bad news. On the upside there’s more money for Marvel to have access to. On the other hand we may suffer from sub-par films which don’t hold up to the scrutiny of the hardcore fans, which Marvel seemed to be aimed at pleasing.


  5. My gut reaction is not to like this news.
    I hope my gut is wrong.
    What happens to the MAX line and the more adult titles Marvel publishes?
    What happens to The
    Disney is very protective of their brand and their image.
    This cant be good.

  6. See-more proof that Satan does exist.

    Once again, Disney acquires a good thing and will trash it.

    I can’t wait until we get to see:

    Stan Lee’s Fantasia

  7. I doubt Disney would affect how Marvel runs at the moment, Disney know how to handle properties that arn’t theirs. The Studio Ghibli films are a testement to that.

  8. lmao that WOULD BE SWEET! like iron mans armor sparks to life and starts mopping, next thing you know theres iron mans all over the place flooding the compound, and wolvy can be conducting the orchestra

    i love that idea, funniest idea ever,

  9. The Hulk teams with Mickey Mouse?! The pain, the pain of it all! I don’t know about this; on the business side, it makes since but as a Marvel fan, I’m ambivalent. I just hope it works out for all us Marvel fans.

  10. I don’t like the news. I don’t think Disney will change much with Marvel in the short term (3-5 years) but beyond that … who knows.

    Marvel’s brand is very high in the comic world so i would think they would want to keep it.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing a Disney-Pixar team-up of a marvel story however.

  11. NO No No No NO NO Bugger! comics I mean sure comics are for kids but most comics these days are desighned for adults bloody disney are gonna turn everything into sodding ben10 or whoever and just you wait the’l be action movies wher knowone dies EVER

  12. It’s all good news I hope. Disney has the Pixar creative team on their side they tell great stories and im sure theyll assist in some way with future movies.I hope this new acquisition means no more wolverine, deadpool spinoffs or the end to a X-men first class idea.

  13. MARVEL now owned by REPUBLICANS! It’s the end of the world as we know it!

  14. Like I said in the article guys, Disney didn’t buy Marvel because they were under-performing or threatening their market. Would be like buy a million dollar mansion and then closing in some of the rooms and putting vinyl siding on the exterior. Just wouldn’t make very much sense.

    But I do fear we could see Miley Cyrus in a Marvel film now, it was rumored long ago (and debunked) that she wanted to be Dazler in X-Men Origins.

  15. How about Pixar making an animated Marvel film?


  16. I think Disney bought Cross Gen (or what was left of it after they went bankrupt). I wonder if that will work its way in. In 2002, there was a rumor that Sony was going to buy Marvel around the time Marvel positioned itself to NOT get taken over/bought out.


  17. @Heath
    Now I would like that! As long as it’s not 3D. Pixar could do some amazing things with an animated Marvel flick.

  18. Hey guys, I’ve added a poll regarding this news – chime in with a vote.


    That can only be a good thing. 8)


  19. Well, say goodbye to films like Watchmen or Dark Knight. Pretty sure Disney would not go for such “dark” (hate using that term) films.

    PPL bag on Snyder and Watchmen but the truth is he gave us an adult comic book movie and I don’t see another one like that coming out for a long time.

    A little sad. I’d rather have Watchmen then all the Fantastic Four, The Spirit, Catwoman, Electra, Daredevil and Ghost Rider films combined

  20. @Vic
    I’m going to have wait to choose; I’m just not sure on whether this is a good thing or not. Heath has shoved me a little to the positive side, but am still not sure.

  21. @ Kahless,

    Samesies, I’m having trouble determining if this is good or bad.

    This Disney’s way to compete with Warner Brothers and their ownership of DC Comics and movies, etc.

    How will this affect the comics side of things. Do we see more children’s stuff? less Mature/adult-themed material? What about future movies? Do we see more kids versions of wolverine cartoons, etc.?

    Or do they keep the way it is and simply up the financing and marketing for more production

    If they want to make fans happy, cut the cover prices of the rediculously over-priced comics by a hefty %. That will get fans on their side. Then they can finance more movies for Marvel Studios

  22. If they want to make this fan happy, give us better comics. Marvel hasn’t been all that great, imho. I miss action in comics–I hate the long scenes of exposition.


  23. CON: Disney won’t actively push “questionable” material. Not too dark, not too violent. Watered-down, indeed. Disney purchased the film rights to Clive Barker’s fantastic Abarat book series about five years ago — spared no expense in treating him to every luxury at their disposal, access to their publishing and marketing branches for the future books in the series; storage space in their climate-controlled vaults for the massive paintings he produced for the books; wine, women (or in Clive’s case, men) and song; the promise of a theme park attraction at Disney World.

    And then the endless harrying negotiations started. Even though the series is juvenile fiction and contains no sex, drugs or murders, the legal team swooped down upon the franchise and started dictating what could or couldn’t be in the films. Whole characters fell under the red pen because Disney deemed them too bizarre or scary, important characters — ones that are so integral to the story that their removal would have rewritten the entire story. Years dragged by and finally, both parties threw their hands in the air and agreed to disagree. The deal was dissolved without a single thing to show for it. Clive picked up his paintings from the vaults and walked off into the sunset.

    Similar story with Keven Smith and his animated “Clerks” show. Disney interfered with every creative decision, demanded every character conform to tight behavioral guidelines, and then unceremoniously dumped the show into a wandering, often preempted timeslot, before canceling it after airing two episodes out of order.

    You think Tony Stark is going to develop his drinking problem under the Disney flag? Not unless he gets hugs from puppies by the end of the film. Is Punisher going to gun down bad guys or offer them a bucket full of dancing, talking hamsters with blackitude?

    More proof that Joe Quesada may be trying to single-handedly wreck Marvel.

    Okay, so this comment is a bit of humorous overreaction and things won’t be nearly as sad and stupid under the new management. I mean, Touchstone distributed Con Air, a repellent, violent crap pile, so… wait, what was the point I was trying to make?

    wanders away, muttering… “f*ckin’ Joe Quesada… “

  24. Hm can’t really tell my feelings. Im was under the impression that Marvel does realy good right now and is growing with further success on the silver screen. I’d rather see them do their own thing and not bow under the shiny-childfriendly company that Disney stands for.
    Well at least one thing is cool … I love Disney Blu-Rays. They pretty much got all stunning picture Quality and almost all features you can imagine. =)

  25. Andy Diggle of Marvel posted an interesting Twitter that made me feel better about this whole situation.

    “Let’s remember Disney owned Miramax when they made films like RESERVOIR DOGS, PULP FICTION, TRAINSPOTTING and THE CROW.”

    Disney arn’t like Fox, messing with various bits of continuity like X-Men:Origins Wolverine, They know what they’re doing.


    this is terrible. they will disney all the characters to add more jokes to the movies and make them less offensive to mothers and children. there is no way disney wont get in there and just change everything. comics were are gritty and emotional and not places for little children with pixar fixations. i can hear the executive asking for wolverine’s claws to be shortenend and for him not to use them as much. and couldnt he have a supportive relationship with a junior character “kind of like batman has robin”……… this is going to be bad.

  27. “This will all end in tears.” At first it will be okay as it takes time for a new organization to take hold. But this could be good, I mean Pixar still outputs awesome movies and seem to keep thier “creativeness”.
    However Mavel and Disney have two distinct agendas. Where as Pixar is family oriented, Marvel is not. Marvel is more story and charaacter orientiend with a HUGE following. I mean I still have all my X-mens, Wolverine, X-Factor, Incredible Hulk, Deadpool, Deathlock, etc… comics sitting in boxes in a closest all wrped in plastic with backboards.

    So basically where pixar is aligned with Disney, Marvel will loose much of its creative control and movies will slowly degenerate to the point where the stories will not depict any of the orginals. This will then stop half of the fans from seeing it. Which will further decline the movie crowd.

    Also Universal Studios had Marvel rides as thier key attractions. Now that they were fortunate enough to have Harry Potter, what will happen to thier current Island in thier park. Will it be upgraded anymore? Is Disney planning on building a new more adult park based in a comic book world to appeal to the teen and young adults? The laer sounds like such a Disney move. See that Univisal is doing well with comic themes in a park and build one to compete and steal it away. I ear that soon Disney will become a Monopoly with all its holdings. Take a look at what Disney owns it will blow you away. PS. Did you know Steve Jobs owns MOST of Disney? So there is a lot going on here I fear under the curtain behind close doors.

  28. I don’t like it. I just think Spider-man could be in better hands.

  29. For those of you who say this won’t end badly,,, consider my reation on 9/11 when someone told me that they just attacked the pentagon and my reply was “that cant happen… dont they have missles and anti aircraft guns at the pentagon?” I was too optimistic then.
    its not the end of the world, but things were going so well.