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disney marvel logo 1 Disney Buys Marvel

OK, so just a few minutes ago Twitter literally exploded with news of a major financial announcement: according to The Associated Press, The Walt Disney Co. will acquire Marvel Entertainment Inc., for $4 billion in cash and stock.

Woah! If you ever wondered how much the Marvel Universe is worth, I think you just found out.

Under the deal Disney will now control and own 5,000 Marvel characters, including Iron Man and Spider-Man. If Marvel shareholders approve the deal, they will receive $30 per share and will also receive .745 Disney shares for each Marvel share they own. Both the Disney and Marvel board of directors have approved the deal, but it still has to go through an anti-trust review. I don’t see there being any problem with the anti-trust review nor do I see the marvel shareholders turning up their noses to such a fantastic offer. Most likely, later this week, we should see final word on the resolution of this agreement.

Said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel’s Chief Executive Officer:

0d3848dd46fb9627b1fcf573b7f476b1 Disney Buys Marvel

“Disney is the perfect home for Marvel`s fantastic library of characters given
its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses…This is an unparalleled
opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties
by accessing Disney`s tremendous global organization and infrastructure around
the world.”

So what does this mean to comic books fans? Well, it could be both very good and very bad at the same time. Let’s look at some quick pros and cons shall we?

Pro – Disney is a universal name with pockets so deep that God’s hand would have a hard time reaching the bottom.  Marvel is no slouch either in the household name department – but let’s face it, they are no Disney. All that extra money, means way more marketing and increased traffic within the theme parks (sorry Universal but looks like you might lose the X-Men characters in your parades.)

Con – With movies like Iron Man 2, Spider-man 4, The Incredible Hulk 2, Thor , The Avengers and Captain America on the horizon, what does this mean for their development? Iron Man 2 is already in full swing so I doubt we see any type of delay with that one, but with no other pre-production or principle photography under way on some other films, could we see some eventual delay(s)?

avengers roster characters iron man thor captain america Disney Buys Marvel

Pro – On the flip side, with Disney having such deep pockets, that means much more available funds to push MORE movies into production. It’s not like Disney is buying Marvel because they were threatened by Marvel’s market share and were trying to buy out the competition. No, Disney bought Marvel to use the property rights, not sit on them. This could mean we start seeing Marvel characters pushed into multiple forms of media. More cartoons, more comics, more live action TV shows and definitely more movies.

Con – We could find ourselves over-saturated with watered down superheroes, quickly written scripts and under produced adaptation that are Disney is just looking to make a quick buck with. They are, after all, trying to re-coup $4 billion dollars of investment. It is distinctly possible that quality could suffer.  Hopefully that won’t be the case, because whether Disney knows it or not, they are now under intense scrutiny from one of these largest, if not the largest, fan base in the world.

marvellogo Disney Buys Marvel

There are plenty of other pros and cons and we may discuss them in detail later today but for now we thought the news was worthy enough to get to you quickly.

What do you think of this mega-acquisition of Marvel by Disney? Does it make you as apprehensive as me for the future or elated that we may have an enormous opportunity to see more comic films in the future?

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Screen Rant will keep you updated as news come out.

[UPDATE: For our analysis of what this could mean for future Marvel movies (and TV shows) check out our follow-up: So Disney Bought Marvel – What Does It All Mean?]

Source: The Globe and Mail

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  1. im right there beside u matt keith. i am not looking foward to that but for some reason i have a feeling disney will just find some reason to do it.

  2. just don`t tone down any of Marvel`s ratings or themes disney.

  3. Hannah Montanna and the Jonas brothers play “The Fantastic Four?” Maybe they’ll do that in a new cartoon… :D

  4. This is terrible! Disney is going to destroy Marvel! I love Spider-Man, now what is going to become of him? The is the worst thing that’s happened in the Marvel Universe sinc Captain America’s death.

  5. Im trying as hard as I can to imagine Ghost Rider riding, uhm, Pluto!… LOL

  6. TERRIBLE NEWS!!! You mean we’re going to have castle on a river with fireworks softening up the openings of MARVEL’S great movies? Of course, the opening is the least of our worries… what will the actual films be like? A prude, considerate Tony Stark? A calm, relaxed Hulk? A gentle, non-violent Wolverine? All PG with the occasional 12a? DISASTER! Our only hope now is in DC with Warner Bros. to keep providing decent comic book films. Such a loss

  7. @Drew and other naysayers

    how about reading the article and comments before voicing your 2 dimensional opinion.
    disney own miramax which put out alot of adult movies kill bill, trainspotting and many more

    Disney have already said they would step back and let marvel do their thing (why fix what’s not broken i believe was the quote) disney is more of a financial backer to put out more and better quality projects…. this is good news

  8. Hey Guys” Disney is the perfect Host for Marvel Comics. Being the owner raises a lot of possibilities. We must have faith that Disney will do an excellent job. I like what Vic said about Superman. Superman can become a reality with Disney becoming the financial backers for Marvel.

  9. They’re gonna make all characters gay!!!

  10. I just hope Disney really does lets Marvel keep doing things their way. If that’s the case, it’s great news. Otherwise this could be really bad news.

  11. @ink

    as un-PC as that comment was, I couldn’t help but think of how Disney World gives a better discount to FL residents than miltiary discount and you cannot combine them. So basically if you’re in the military in FL, you don’t get squat over anyone else that visits there, and that they have a “Gay day” in Disney World. Funny, didn’t know they didn’t allow gay people the rest of the year that they need a special day just for them. When is “Straight Day?” Or would that be discrimination?? :-D I hate Disney.

  12. Maybe lets just look on the brighter side. More movies for marvel that is great! but with special participation of Mickey while marvel heroes knocking down their foes.

  13. Maybe lets just look on the brighter side. More movies for marvel that is great!

  14. I smell a crappy Kingdom Hearts sequel in the air.

  15. thats exactly what i was thinking. kingdom hearts ultimate alliance or something. i am really bummed to hear this news and hope they don’t change what we’ve all grown to love! :D

  16. Some one earlier said that there will be no more dark knight movies. Some one obviously doesn’t know about comics because Dark knight I.E. Batman is D.C. Comics which is owned by Time Warner. Also my take on this is we will see the end of comics like DeadPool And Punisher. The blood doesn’t look good to Disney. They have quoted that Comics are too violent for children and that they should be toned down. This was said several years ago when everyone was blaming school shootings on violent media. old school Disney may have been dark but the darkest thing they have done in the last few years is Hana Montana Breaks a nail. Disney also stated a few months ago that they wanted to have a way to aim at the young to teenage boys for sales. They found it! 55% when i voted of the people think this is a bad idea. That means 22.5% Will never buy another marvel comic book and the other22.5% will bail as soon as their comics are tampered with This may be a small poll But any business man Knows that this can accurately be translated large scale. Meaning if Disney messes with the comics they will loose more than half thier fan base if not more. Disney is notorious for not leaving well enough alone so that is my awnser.

  17. This is totally gonna screw up The Avengers,Thor,Spidey and Cap films. If they cast Zac Efron as Captain America, there will be hell to pay!!

  18. Heh yea i mean i wouldnt want Disney makeing a Awful X-men movie imagine that ! They might do somethig crazy like Screw up the Dark phoenix Saga

  19. Disney pixar Made “the incredibles ” an that move was better than the fantastic four movies both of em

  20. Ok listen people. I’m an equal fan of both Disney and Marvel. And to set the whole record straight Disney isn’t going to do the cracked up stuff you people are suggesting. Disney just loves it money, it wanted a hand in another big company and it got it. They are not going to change anything. Take Ghibli for example, Disney owns that company here in the US and do they change anything,NO, they just translated it. Think of it this way Marvel uses Disney’s money and makes bigger better stuff and in exchange Disney gets more profit. Duh!!! Another point there are people who work for Disney that are Marvel fans too. I mean who doesn’t have a favorite Marvel Superhero. Nothing’s going to happen!

  21. This is the Most Terrible News I’ve ever heard from the Disney company.
    And behind all these, is of course the New Disney president “Bob(Robert) Iger”.
    In my opinion this man seems to be very “Greedy”.
    I don’t know why he wants to buy “everyone and everything” and all the movie Entertainment companies. What for? He spends “BILLIONS” not millions, on buying Pixar, Marvel and now “Lucas Films” (Indiana jones & Star Wars). If he doesn’t like Disney company as it is, he should go and create another Company. If Walt Disney was alive now, he would had Fired him from the company. Disneyland parks need improvements and refurbishments. Why he doesn’t spend his BILLIONS on improving the parks, instead of spending them in other people’s fields?
    Will this be the End of “Disney’s magic” as we know it?
    After all, What common thing “Disney Characters” have with the “Devils” of Marvel?

  22. Now Spiderman and Wolverine are gonna sing together.

  23. The problem I find is that the animated movies or shows like ultimate spider-man or Avengers assemble are not too dark. They feel like they are more for kids which I don’t like. On the other hand DC has animated moves and shows like young justice, under the red hood and flashpoint that are dark and go deep compared to Marvel. That is one of the major cons I found after watching ultimate spider-man and avengers assemble.

  24. This is going downhill allready. think about teen titans go. they made the teen titans look stupid, act retarted and the show has no serious moments. what has the world come to when you cant stand the biggest comic book producers

    • Dude, Teen Titans are DC characters, not Marvel and DC is owned by Warner Bros so if you want to complain to anyone about Go talk to Bugs Bunny and learn to fact check.

    • Teen Titans? I’ll tell you what, you actually learn what studios hold which IP’s and people just might take you seriously. Thats a big might, but you just never know.

  25. How blatantly wrong every single person in this forum was in the end.

  26. I was actually one of the few stockholders that voted against this deal as being a lifelong comic fan, I was more concerned with the long term health of Marvel than I was in making a few quick bucks. Not to mention, I really had no interest in owning Disney stock, which is what your left over with once the aquisition takes place. That said, I really thought Disney was paying way too much. 4 Billion is a LOT of money for a comic company. Funny what a difference 5 years can make. Marvel’s films have absolutely exploded and Disney is now making 200+ million on each individual film. 4 billion was actually a steal given the current monetary value of the MCU. Disney will probably pass 4 billion in profits by the time Phase 3 finishes up. All in all, aquiring Marvel was just an ingenious move on Disney’s part. I was nervous that Disney would muck everything up by trying to control everything, but they have really kept thier paws off and let Marvel run the show. I actually think the monetary safey that comes with being a part of Disney has only emboldened Marvel just that much more, which is a very good thing!!

    Basically, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the deal. Not only was it a steal for Disney, even at 4 billion, its also wound yp being a great move for Marvel and Marvel fans alike. Again, its pretty amazing what a diffeence 5 years can make!!