So Disney Bought Marvel… What Does It All Mean?

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disney marvel So Disney Bought Marvel... What Does It All Mean?

To quote the late Queen of Blues, Dinah Washington, “What a Difference a Day Makes.” Just recently all anyone was talking about in the movie industry was whether The Final Destination was in indeed final and if Rob Zombie was done butchering horror films (to answer that last question, NO, he’s trying to tackle The Blob next – and I’m not referring to my first girlfriend from high school). But here we are, just a scant twenty-four hours later and the biggest fish in the marketing sea has just eaten the biggest fish in the comic book sea.

Of course, I’m talking about the news that Walt Disney Co. acquired Marvel Comics, Inc. for the meager sum of $4 billion dollars. It’s a great deal of money, and I don’t care what the nay-sayers out there gripe about, if I owned a prospering business and a mega-company offered to buy me out for an exuberant amount of money, I’d sell too. Heck, I’d go buy a special pen just to sign the papers! Anyone who says otherwise just isn’t being honest with themselves.

Let me start by saying that like most of you, I too thought this was pretty much the end of hardcore Marvel comics, films and cartoons. Disney isn’t exactly synonymous with violence, so at first I can see how this would be a cause for concern. Read this quote from Disney chairman Robert Iger:

“We believe that adding Marvel to Disney’s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation.”

Wait – that didn’t make you put down the Rolaids yet? Try this one:

“The acquisition of Marvel offers us a similar opportunity to advance our strategy to build a business that is stronger than the sum of its parts.”

Still nothing? Well on the conference call with investors shortly after the announcement, Iger said, “I think there’s a phrase, if it ain’t broke.” This is nothing new to anyone familiar with Disney’s business practices. They did not spend this much money just to ruin what they bought. Saying that just because Disney now owns our favorite comic book superheroes it will water them down and ruin them, is like saying you would go out and buy a Rolls Royce and then paint it to look like an ice cream truck just to sell ice cream to kids. Much like the aforementioned high school girlfriend – that’s just plain crazy; and if anything can be said about Disney, it’s that they are not EVER crazy when it comes to a business decision. Want to know the real reason they bought Marvel? Read this statement:

“We believe that adding Marvel to Disney’s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation. The acquisition of Marvel offers us a similar opportunity to advance our strategy and to build a business that is stronger than the sum of its parts. [These shows are] right in the wheelhouse for boys.”

marvel xd So Disney Bought Marvel... What Does It All Mean?

Disney has always struggled to find its place in the world when it came to reaching the teen/young teen male audience. It’s no wonder, because shows like Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers and every freakin’ princess movie ever made is geared and marketed towards girls of every age. Disney finally started trying to hit the boy demographic when it started up the TV channel Disney XD, which already shows 20 shows from Marvel’s arsenal, but it was having trouble finding an audience with its current lineup of characters. I don’t think they have that problem anymore. Now, with more than 5,000 characters to choose from, Disney can now move forward with some interesting shows.

Let’s go through a list of possible new ideas Disney could be kicking around:

TV Shows

Besides the obvious fact that we could see many new cartoons on the Disney channel, let’s not forget that Disney purchased ABC a few years back and has had much success with its lineup of shows – or have you forgotten about Lost? This same argument about watered down, kid-friendly, ponies, rainbows and flowers nonsense was floating around back then too. I don’t hear too many people saying that now.

Imagine if you will no more Marvel origin movies in theaters. All of them are now shown on TV running on a regular series and the movies can now focus on just being pure bad ass-ness fun. Does an origin story really need two hours to be told properly or could it just be done in forty-five minute segments over the course of a TV season? Keep the major characters in theaters, Avengers, Thor, Iron Man and such, but now audiences would get the chance to see more of the Marvel Universe and appreciate and enjoy lesser known characters like some many hardcore fans already do. It would also give those lesser characters a chance to build an audience that would potentially follow them to theaters.

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  1. this is ridiculous why did they do tht i mean was marvel in trouble, and freakin 4billion dollars!!!!!!!!!what about the fanes dammit!!!@!!!!!$HI

  2. Punisher with a Purity Ring, LOL!!! Yeah I recently watched that episode of South Park.

    But anyway, I’m not a fan of the idea of Disney & Marvel. I can already see the shameless placement of various Disney Channel teen stars into super hereo roles. But here’s to hoping Disney takes the hands off approach and allow Marvel to do it’s thing. Because it’ll be a pitty to see Marvel’s role to stop just when they’re just getting warmed up.

    • Well, as you can see, it turned out pretty freaking great.

  3. great news for all the ROM SPACEKNIGHT FANS (or just me), now that marvel has a “Big Brother” in Disney maybe they can put some pressure on Parker Brothers to release ROM. One can only hope

    till next time

  4. please lets no hope zack efron for captain american role.

  5. Check this out:

  6. I think they will do some good and some bad but in the scale of things marvels recently made some big changes anyway, civil war, aunt may, secret invasoin lots of good charecters will go (deadpool,union jack, tigra) because disney corps won’t like what they say in their comics (USA propaganda I suppose) but now then marvel has mulah! $4bn of it

  7. Well, S**t.

  8. WTF
    what were they thinking!!!!!???????
    have you people seen what diseny done to the princesses
    now imagine all the great super heros like that :O

    ghost rider
    captin america
    and 4000+ more
    rest in peace

    • I won’t be surprised if in the next year or so, we see Hulk in a dress. :(

      • And that is hilarious, because now Thor is becoming a Woman.

  9. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of this deal. However, the one thing I am looking foward to is seeing marvel characters in Pixar animation style.

  10. wait i thought disney bought marvels parent company not marvel itself i think

  11. Wait… I think he made me a believer. If not only for the male teen demographic part. There will definitely be a bad side to this but I am hopeful.

    Wasn’t Marvel supposed to be working on a movie version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower?

  12. Disney has already ruined marvel by adding them to Phineas and Ferb, like really adding Spider man,Thor,Hulk,Iron man,Venom,Red skull,and other villains i do not remember the name of into Phineas and ferb really get me angry for the “not going to water it down” and “if it aint broke” and them being lies talk about false advertising?

    • I was disappointed with this as well. For what ever reason, when Disney gets a hold of something nice they reduce it to a pile of smoldering embers. They show things repeatedly to the point ad nauseum; take Teen Beach movie for example. Even my mom was disappointed when she saw the what they did; she’s old school Marvel and DC fan. Watered down? More like drenched in gasoline with a match waiting nearby. It ain’t broke; its shattered.

    • Exactly! It’s not about the contracts or money… It’s all about Disney and how there going to water down all Marvel heroes!

  13. It’s not that Marvel has grouped up with Pixar and Paramount Studios. It’s that Marvel grouped up with Disney. Marvel is a ass-kicking, alchocol drinking (Mainly Iron man), rated R movie making company with HD and blood! A real man feast! However Disney wil make anime with Iron man, Hulk, Thor and Spider-Man and if you know Disney they won’t tell the true stories if the heroes that make us lone them! Iron man and Pepper, Hulk and Bruce, Thor and Jane, ect…Disney will take that away and make characters such as Hulk only a monster!!!!!

  14. ” and I don’t care what the nay-sayers out there gripe about, if I owned a prospering business and a mega-company offered to buy me out for an exuberant amount of money, I’d sell too. Heck, I’d go buy a special pen just to sign the papers! Anyone who says otherwise just isn’t being honest with themselves.”

    Are you kidding me? Not in a million years would I sell a franchise like Marvel to Disney for any amount of money, especially since it’s a major competition to them. Sigh, The World is going downhill, and when one major corporation sells out to another, we know that the middle man, and less, is f**ked. Good luck, World.

  15. I hope you all know that Disney has made some excellent movies that are bloody, gritty, ect. You are all just looking at the kids side to Disney, not the mature grown up side. Do some research into it before starting a riot.

  16. You guys really believe that they won’t ruin marvel? Want a prime example? Look at Starwars, look how trashy and kidish it has become. They’ll do the same with Marvel, they’ll start making trashy cartoons, turning the heroes into kids (which has already begun). Everything they have bought, they have ruined. They make so much money, they really wouldn’t care if they ruined it or not.

  17. The worst thing that has happened to Marvel is being purchased by
    Disney. Disney is an evil company and uses the comic industry as a medium to promote the racial diversity and homosexual agenda. They have taken iconic characters (SpiderMan in the Ultimate Universe) and even mythological characters such as Hercules and turned them into homosexuals. They have taken The great name of the Defenders and turned the present team members into fem-nazi dykes. I will not go into detail about the other forms of entertainment that Disney had infiltrated and destroyed.
    BOYCOTT Marvel and Disney until Marvel is back to its rightful owners.

    • Dude, What the heck is wrong with you? Have you just came from stone age?
      Homosexuality and racial diversity is evil, femnazis, wow, too much ignorance and intolerance.
      Btw, if you want we could speak about the “Great” Tobey Maguire on the original spiderman or the Ghost raider or even the incredible hulk. And other bastard films accepted and collaborated. Also, the quantity of films, and quality was improved since the year Disney bought Marvel, you can check it on the internet.

  18. Disney has f up marvel already by changing genders and color who u fooling

  19. Disney buying marvel was the worst i dont think ebola is any worse than this i saw Spiderman cartoon on disney u guys have ruined him and all the other marvel characters i cant wait to see u guys lose so many customers because of this u should give marvel back u just ruined marvel

    • Dumbest comment ever lol

  20. “Disney isn’t exactly synonymous with violence.” Seriously, have you never heard of Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures or Dimension?

  21. I fukin LOVE MARVEL!!!!!!!! Avengers is my fave especially Captain America cause he’s fit