Disney Takes Full Control of ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise – What’s Next?

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disney indiana jones 5 reboot Disney Takes Full Control of Indiana Jones Franchise   Whats Next?

When Disney announced its $4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm, the Mouse House was quick to announce that it would develop, finance and release Star Wars: Episode VII in theaters by 2015 (that remains the plan). However, when it came to Indiana Jones – that other serial genre throwback IP and financial juggernaut conceived by George Lucas – the studio had to proceed forward with greater caution.

Paramount, at that time, still had partial ownership of the Indy Jones franchise, having distributed the four previous live-action feature installments in theaters. Still, the way that star Harrison Ford has been nonchalantly (wink, wink) making references to a fifth movie in recent months, it has seemed only a matter of time before Disney would make some official announcement – sooner rather than later – that concerns the future of the well-traveled archaeologist with the bullwhip and fedora.

THR is reporting that Disney and Paramount have reached an agreement, where Mickey Mouse’s company assumes full control over all the future Indiana Jones-related projects (movies, TV spinoffs, etc.) while Paramount will receive a slice – make that $lice – of the pie “on any future films that are produced and released,” according to the official joint statement from the studios. So, for every Indiana Jones movie that the Mouse House produces and distributes in theaters, Paramount is guaranteed to make some quick cash.

Frankly, that’s a sweet deal; though, not the first of a highly profitable nature that’s been struck between Disney and Paramount, coming three or so years after their exchanging of rights for Marvel’s The Avengers and Iron Man 3 (the Mouse House probably got the better end of that agreement, all things considered).

Indiana Jones 5 Harrison Ford 570x294 Disney Takes Full Control of Indiana Jones Franchise   Whats Next?

Rumor has it that Disney and Lucasfilm have re-started development on Indiana Jones 5, as part of a deal that assures Ford will return to play an older version of Han Solo in Episode VII in exchange. Basically, in the five years since the fourth movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – which grossed $787 million worldwide despite 19 years passing between installments (and lukewarm critical reactions) – concerned parties like Karen Allen (who plays Indy’s ex-flame-turned wife, Marion) and director Steven Spielberg (helmer on the previous movies) have said the same thing: a fifth installment depends on George Lucas.

Except, of course, it no longer does; Lucas presumably won’t be involved with Indiana Jones 5 beyond a creative consultant level, as is the case with Star Wars: Episode VII. Meanwhile, chances are good that if Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy – who served as Spielberg’s trusted executive producer on all his projects from 1982-2012 – can find a suitable writer to put together a script, then Spielberg and Ford will reunite for one final (?) adventure with Henry Jones (Jr.). And seeing how Kennedy got the likes of Oscar-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), followed by Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and writer Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back), to work on the Episode VII script, she ought to have little trouble doing just that.

indiana jones 5 harrison ford Disney Takes Full Control of Indiana Jones Franchise   Whats Next?

But what about when Ford permanently retires his hat and whip (which the 71-year old actor will have to do in the foreseeable future)? Clearly, Disney intends to keep milking this cow for years to come, which could mean a movie reboot down the line, in addition to spinoffs like an animated TV series (similar to Disney XD’s upcoming Star Wars Rebels) and/or a modern attempt at a young Indiana Jones live-action TV show, in the vein of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (which aired from 1992-93).

Do you think the Indiana Jones character should live on, even when the actor who originated the role of the globe-trotting archaeologist finally calls it a day (a la James Bond, Batman, etc.)? Or would you rather the series conclude with a really great version of Indiana Jones 5 – one that makes up for the disappointment of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? (Pick one, since it’s safe to say the series won’t simply be laid to rest hereon out.)


We’ll keep you posted on all news Indiana Jones-related as it comes our way.

Source: THR

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  1. Oh Disney.. you soul sucking, monopolizing, heartless money-grabbers.. your Pixar movies are good. Other than that, I hate you.

  2. Im going to venture a wild guess and say another Indiana Jones movie

  3. The franchise is never going away. I would hate to see an Indiana Jones movie without Harrison Ford but at this point Indiana Jones is the same as James Bond or something. Like how Kevin Feige was saying Iron Man will be around with or without RDJ its the same with Indiana Jones.

    • They will make a movie without Ford, that is certain. If it is a complete failure at the box office that may kill it.

      Let us keep in mind that it was the Indiana Jones films that brought to Eon’s attention that the quality of their movie making with the Bond films was was years behind.

      For that reason alone I think they deserve to be given a new lease of life.

      • on* life.

  4. Or it will be a decent representation from a studio that can afford to take a chance on a franchise older than I am.

  5. If making a fifth Indiana Jones is what it takes to make sure that Harrison Ford will be in Episode VII (even though I think he’d be in it regardless), then I’m fine with that.

  6. It’s hard to believe Ford’s 71. It’ll be sad to see him go.

    • Maybe he can be cast as the new Indies dad.

  7. What happens next is Disney will frickin’ take over Hollywood.

    I didn’t have a problem with Indy 4, though.

  8. Cmon, guys. Indy 5 could be a great opportunity to say a proper goodbye to the franchise, after the disappointment of Indy 4. I think it’s safe to say Shia won’t be involved anyway, considering his comments about the last one and how they rubbed everyone involved the wrong way. That’s already a step in the right direction.
    As for a reboot? Just tap directly into the James Bond vein and keep the originals as canon, but cast a younger actor to play Indy during WWII again. Work around the first three movies, and keep Dr. Jones in the decade he’s always been at his best at.

  9. It should end with Ford.

    • no it shouldnt

  10. “omg nooo… Indiana jones is going to suck now even though the last installment already did!”

    Dajavu much?

    Honestly i see any franchise ripped out of George lucas’s hands to be a good thing. It seems like many of you are living under a rock but… George Lucas have not made anything extraordinary in years. I’m for this.

  11. I think the Indiana Jones franchise should continue as an anime for me it seems to work best that way instead of rebooting and casting for future movies I can just see a load of trash coming from here on forth if they go that route but as an anime directed for family viewing would be a fantastic idea kind of like how the Clone Wars anime has been going.

  12. Indy 4 doesn’t exist in my book, that train wreck never happened, its still a trilogy, Ford is 71 now, way too old now to play Indiana, I don’t have a problem with a reboot I guess, but whatever they do they’ll never beat the originals, and nobody will play Indy as good as Ford, would be pretty tough watching someone else do it..

    • Ford is 71

      Yeah, but he looks no day older than 81. I guess it really isn’t the years but truly the mileage. :D

  13. They should do one more Indiana Jones movie with Harrison ford that is really good to apologize for Indiana jones 4. Then put the series to rest. One last good Indiana Jones and then no more ever again.

    • no they shouldnt…they should do a new reboot

  14. I honestly wouldn’t mind if the the series went on without Ford…Not in the way that they tried to do it with the forth installment, but rather in the traditional Bond fashion. Ford will always be the best, but why can’t they simply continue his adventures during the Nazi era, simply replacing the actor when they get too old to play the part? It works in plenty of cases, so why can’t Indiana go the same route?

  15. I believe an episode of ‘South Park’ answered the headline question succinctly enough…

    • Except that was Spielberg and Lucas’ sequel, not Disney’s, which may end up worse

  16. Indiana Jones/Rocketeer crossover anyone?

  17. Oh… Disney… why you’re so evil. Milking all the greatest movies of the ages to it’s death. Just like Wes Craven did. It’s a bad idea and bad business.

  18. The main reason I am all for more Indy is the same reason why more Star Wars is a gamble worth taking: they are both great at their best, but frequently (and recently) dissapointing. What’s the worst a new film could do, damage the legacy or taint my youthful memories? A little late for that now. Under the right circumstances both franchises may regain some luster, draw in talented people, and create a product more worthwhile than than the low points. Yes, I’d rather they both die than have them get worse, but I will take the gamble. Does anyone expect a worse Star Wars than ep 1, for example? The damage is largely done, and what remains to be seen is if there will be any turnaround.

    People who say Indy was great for three movies, and so was Star Wars, really mystify me somewhat. Seen temple of doom lately? How about the Special editions of 4-6? The quality shift from Empire to ROTJ is remarkable, and I’m just glad I was young enough not to notice once. I even liked the Ewoks, and used to not mind that they were defeating the Empire with rocks and logs while my favorite characters were being reduced to comic relief. If you think the young Vaders were bad, what about uncle fester there in ROTJ? Did he seem in any way like the man we knew and feared? It seems like the people who want to avoid embarrassing sequels are often the ones with a generous blind spot when it comes to the “good” movies. Lucky them, I guess. I have some hope for the future, in part because the sanctity of the past feels like a long-dead illusion. More Indy…what’s the worst that could happen? Bury my fading interest a little deeper?

    Also, Indy can be an old man character in my mind. He was already a wreck in the original, because “it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”. Kirk and company were playing old versions of young heroes since their second film, and those stories didn’t need to hinge on youthful energies. I can see why some people don’t want to see an old Indy, but like any interesting person or story, I just want it to continue and be interesting.

    I’m open to differing opinions, so if you have to condemn my thoughts then at least keep that in mind. Really tired of responses that imply “correct” answers to matters of opinion. Disagree with any modicum of class and I’ll be respectful, no matter how misguided you are… :]

  19. Indy ended at 3

    Reboot if you want but Harrison is way too old for this.

  20. The franchise ended with The Last Crusade. Period.

  21. Disney sucks! They take everything we like and ruin it, look at Star Wars, I bet you anything the seventh one is going to suck. Now look at this series, one that already had aliens in the fourth installment! How can Indiana Jones get worse? Oh yeah, Disney buying it. The only thing Disney actually made better was Marvel films, but even now they are stupid, unrealistic, and terrible.

    • Yeah… they totally ruined Marvel, and also that Star Wars movie that no one has seen yet…

      For protocol: for me the Indiana Jones franchise is over because Ford is too old now and no one can replace him. If he were in better shape I’d have confidence that Disney could do something good with it. People tend to forget that Disney isn’t just Mickey Mouse and Hannah Montana. Disney also is Con Air, Starship Troopers, High Fidelity, The Recruit, Hidalgo (very indy!), King Arthur, National Treasure (also very indy), The Prestige and Déjà vu, just to name a few. Well, and that small little Marvel Cinematic Universe that is totally unsuccessful and that nobody likes.

      • Oh you little troll, you,…. :)

  22. They’ve done well with the Marvel and Star Wars franchises thusfar, and this move was expected. I want to see them have Spielberg direct and Ford star again, but with a new team of writers and Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Chris Pine replacing Shia LaBeouf and better costars

  23. I see no reason why we can’t have a new Indy.Why not have Ford in a movie thinking back when he was younger, thus having a new actor fill the role?

  24. or just reboot it if Ford doesn’t return.

  25. Indiana jones meets relic hunter movie thus passing the torch to tia carrera.

  26. Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Atlantis.

  27. Mutt Williams and the Matrix of Leadership

  28. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

    Starring Karl Urban as Indiana Jones.

    • This is perfect.

    • Karl Urban would be a cool Indy. Then again Karl Urban would be pretty cool as pretty much any character.

  29. Don’t end up Like Lone Ranger Indie! :( You cheat Mr. Jones, you cheat!