Disney Halts ’20,000 Leagues,’ McG Off The Project

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20000leaguespressbook Disney Halts 20,000 Leagues, McG Off The Project

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming. According to Variety, Warner Bros. has halted moving forward with their remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. On top of that, McG, who was set to direct, is off the project, and will now concentrate on other things such as the Warner Bros. drama, Dead Spy Running.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea seemed to be moving ahead pretty well, with a tentative shooting start of February, 2010. McG even said not that long ago that they’d already looked at different shooting locations including Japan, France and Canada. The Terminator Salvation director sounded pretty enthusiastic back in August when he talked about such things as how he was planning on contemporizing the story while still maintaining the spirit of adventure from the original 1870 story and 1950′s movie.

There’s no real word on why Disney has halted 20,000 Leagues, nor why McG has left the project (the latter is probably because he doesn’t wanna’ wait around for Disney to put it back on track). With regards to McG, as stated he’ll move on to concentrate on Dead Spy Running (written by Syriana scribe, Stephen Gaghan), and he’s still attached to Terminator 5. However, the fifth Terminator movie is currently in limbo as the franchise works its way through the courts.

The closest the 20,000 Leagues project had to casting was Will Smith being eyed as one of the two leads (which was really just McG wanting him to star), but apart from that no cast was set, so small disappointment there…

As for Disney, it certainly isn’t short of big-budget adventure films to fill our movie screens with: on top of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (which is clearly a priority), they also have John Carter of Mars and the quite highly-anticipated Tron Legacy. So it’s not like they NEED 20,000 Leagues to tide them over. Nonetheless, I think it’s a shame the film isn’t moving forward (at least for now); even with McG at the helm I was still looking forward to what Disney would deliver with such a great story to work off of.

mcg on set Disney Halts 20,000 Leagues, McG Off The Project

No Captain Nemo for McG…

Are you surprised Disney has put a halt on their 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Are you glad McG isn’t directing anymore? If the project ever does get started up again, who would you like to see direct?

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Source: Variety

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  1. I for one am glad to see MCG move on to something new. He was in over his head with Terminator 4 which was forgettable glad it is due out on DVD soon. I would like to see what Jon Favreau, Byran Singer or newcomer Neill Blomkamp would do with this. You also need 2 great leads for the movie. Viggo Mortensen and James Gandolfini perhaps…

  2. I love all “McG off the project” news! Worst director ever! Uwe Boll is James Cameron compared to him

  3. Darn.
    I wanted to see that .

  4. Huggybear,

    Come on. I know it’s hyperbole, but McG is NOT a bad director. Was T4 everything it could have been? No. But he had a crap script, a full-of-himself lead actor, and was making a sequel to a James Cameron flick.

    Seriously, I have absolutely no doubt that if Salvation was a stand-alone flick without all the Terminator baggage, people would have loved it for what it was. An enjoyable action flick about robots.

    Oh, and Ross, hate to be that guy, but there’s an error in the second sentence. You wrote Warner Bros halted the project, instead of Disney.

  5. @ Josh Rose

    maybe you should see Terminator 2 just before Terminator Salvation to really grasp how lousy that directing was

  6. Thank god. No one should be remaking this film especially not McG. This is one of my all time favorites and regardless of advances in technology or Disney trying to court some great director (the original’s direction is a bit stiff), no one but no one can compare to the awesomeness of James Mason as Nemo. Combine that with the fun and oddball pairing of Kirk Douglas and Peter Lorre and the new movie can’t stand a chance. There are plenty of Jules Verne tales that could use a movie adaptation. Let’s stop tainting ones that are already successful.

  7. Feel a bit sorry for McG. Salvation had many problems but it was decently directed. The script was just terrible though. Action was well done though

  8. Glad to see McG off of this, but I would like to see it remade (although I won’t be disappointed if it’s not). Let’s just hope that they didn’t drop McG just to put Bret Ratner in control. THAT would be even worse.

  9. After Terminator Salvation Mcg’s lucky to have a job at all.

    “20.000 Leagues” has been done to death, how about an original story about a sub etc?
    Really sick of remakes, its a waste of creative time!!

  10. Great news! McG should stick to TV.

  11. McG nearly killed the “Terminator” franchise with the gosh-awful Terminator Salvation, so if he were let loose to tackle 20,000 Leagues … it probably would have been a disaster (imo).

    The original film with James Mason and Kirk Douglas is a classic and is fine just the way it is. I hope the cancellation of the remake is a hopeful sign that Disney is learning to leave well enough alone and not remake a sci-fi classic.

  12. I got your back on that one Stephie !!!

  13. @Stephie

    Don’t know how you would kill something that was dead, Mastow did a fine job of killing the Terminator franchise with 3. And look at his new “masterpiece” Surrogates… *gag* Even with Bruce Willis he wasn’t able to make the movie good… Come on, BRUCE WILLIS!! HOW MUCH MORE HELP DOES HE REQUIRE??? lol

    Anyway, I agree that the script for T4 was just awful, but honestly, the director does have a lot of creative control, he probably could have fixed some things. I liked the action scenes, well, most of them anyway, in T4 alone, but all of the scenes together in the way they were put together, pretty crappy…

    Probably a smart move for Disney, McGriddle’s track record isn’t exactly the best… But you can’t blame him for messing up something that was already messed up. He sure didn’t fix it though, lol.

  14. “McG nearly killed the “Terminator” franchise with the gosh-awful Terminator Salvation,”

    Yeah, after Terminator 3: Rise of the Plot Holes already ruined the franchise.

  15. @790…

    I love you, man. Thanks for being my backup. :)

    @Ken J & Matt K…

    Considering that Terminator 3: Rise of the Plot Holes managed to mortally wound the franchise, all it took was McG to deliver the final blow to a franchise which started out great, but quickly turned crappy.

    Also… Surrogates should have followed the “go directly past the multiplex and straight to the bargain DVD bin” route. I expected something a little better than what I saw.

    Which leads me to ask… are there some directors who have no business directing sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies, and who should stay away from the genre altogether?

  16. @stephie

    There are some directors that shouldn’t be directing, period. But it’s a free country, which means they are free to keep cranking out idiotic movies, but it’s only if we’re dumb enough to pay to watch them that keeps them going. And sadly, often time we are… Curiosity is such a b**** sometimes, lol.

  17. @Ken J…

    Curiosity … it is a burden, but if it wasn’t for our curiosity concerning their latest movie, some of these directors wouldn’t be working. lol

  18. Terminator Salvation is a good movie. Plot holes? The entire Terminator concept is one huge plot hole. None of it REALLY makes sense… Why not send fifty T-1000 units back in time to kill Sara Connor, instead of one T-800 that for some reason has a german accent?

  19. Kevin Costner can make a great acting Ned Lad role and Jude Law can play Captain Nemo in this remake movie. I also think Kirk Douglas who starred in this disney classic can make a special appearance playing Old Billy.

  20. Kevin Costner can make a great acting Ned Lad role and Jude Law can play Captain Nemo in this remake movie. I also think Kirk Douglas who starred in this disney classic can make a special appearance playing Old Billy.

  21. Yes. Some directors are just no good for certain genres. Sci-fi, for example, for McG. McG used to work on Supernatural, one of my favorite shows. He should go back to that.

  22. Sometimes? Half the time, dude. lol!!

  23. If the photo is any indication of the direction they were taking with the sub, I am glad it’s been halted. IF that is the Nautilus, then it’s WAY too small. The Disney one was multiple floors. This one looks like the fuselage of a tiny jetliner.