Disney Developing Gargoyles Movie

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Gargoyles movie Disney Disney Developing Gargoyles Movie

In a world where we have to deal with the reality of movies based on everything from books to board games, it should be no surprise to find that even completely inanimate objects aren’t safe.

Heat Vision is reporting that Disney is currently in the process of developing a film based on gargoyles. Yes, that’s right, those ugly statues that are usually perched on the corner of rooftops.

The studio is currently trying to hire Zoë Green to write the script for the untitled gargoyles film. Green doesn’t have any past credits to her name yet but she’s written a couple of fantasy projects that are in development, including Tigress (also for Disney) and Book of Shadows which has director Rob Reiner attached. She’s also been hired to adapt the novel The Diamond Age, so it sounds like she’s a prime candidate for making a watchable movie out of gargoyles.

Of course, if you’re into mythology more than the average person you might know that gargoyles weren’t always just grotesque statues that were used to keep rain off roofs. There’s everything from the “Legend of La Gargouille” to the more general idea that they were used to both ward off and attract evil.

Disney is seeking to build a mythology around the medieval statues and in keeping with recent fantasy flicks such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Percy Jackson, the gargoyles film will likely be set in modern times. The reason that keeps happening with fantasy movies is so that the fantastical elements seem all the more fantastical when compared to the boring, mundane surroundings of the world we live in today (how’s that for optimism? 😛 ).

On top of a cheesy 1972 Gargoyles TV movie, some of you may also remember a Gargoyles series that (funny enough) was also made by Disney. However, it doesn’t appear that this gargoyles film has anything to do with that series other than the stone creatures they both center on.

Gargoyles cartoon Disney Developing Gargoyles Movie

'Gargoyles' animated TV series

It’s not mentioned if the gargoyles film will be done in live-action or CGI or a hybrid of both. If it’s going to be live-action and not completely computer animated, my guess is it will be mix of live-action and CGI simply because I don’t know how else the gargoyles could be shown on-screen. Somehow I don’t think going the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles route (read: having men in gargyle suits) is going to work here…

Am I alone in being skeptical about a film based on gargoyles? I’d love to know your thoughts on the project.

Be sure to check back at Screen Rant for any updates on the gargoyles film.

Source: Heat Vision

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  1. Disney is definitely stretching lately for ideas, but I remember the animated series and was a pretty big fan growing up. If they turned that into a live-action film, that’d be pretty impressive. An animated feature might not do so well, but I think there could be some potential for an epic film if they do it right.

  2. I would LOVE to see the cartoon series come to the big screen! I grew up with it.

    Anyone remember The Mighty Ducks also? And DragonFlyz? Lol.

    • I do I enjoyed Mighty Ducks when I was younger although I was always perplexed because the cartoon was nothing at all like the movie which was just about a regular everyday hockey team with not an anthromorphic duck freedom fighter to be found; and people thought the Back to the Future cartoon show was a stretch.

    • I thought the animated series was awesome, and I hope that this is what the movie would be based upon.

  3. Let’s not forget that they also have the gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame still in their stables. Let’s not get our hopes up just yet that it’s not just an animated prequel from the House of D!

  4. Now if it was based on the tv series then I wouldnt be worried about it but they making their own gargoyles movie. Somebody start praying. They need to make the cartoon into a movie

  5. And here I was excited for a moment about a movie for the Gargoyles tv series. 😐

  6. I’d love to see the original source for this, the writer of the Heat Vision article doesn’t seem to know of the existence of the 90’s cartoon and hasn’t given us their source.

    Frankly, as soon as I saw the title for this article, I immediately thought of that cartoon. I think it would be a safe bet that they’re actually adapting the cartoon and not just making some random film about Gargoyles.

  7. The Gargoyles animated cartoon that was out in the 90’s at first had very adult themes sort of how serious Batman the animated series was back in the 90’s(very serious). When I first saw Batman and Gargoyles I said “theses aint for little kids”.I think it would make more since to meld the old mythology and that animated series together. The animated series had some great stories when started out.

  8. I wish it was based on the animated series or is at least inspired by that storyline because that was a great show for the first 2 seasons when the episodes were still written by the original writer…

  9. After all these years… okay go ahead Hollywood, let’s see what you can do.

  10. why not base it off the animated series. it has a pretty big fan base and bringing the familiar faces of Goliath and the others to the big screen would be amazing. I could understand if it was some other studio, but why would disney make one that has nothing to do with a very similar franchise that they already own and could easily adapt. it makes no sense.

  11. I would love it if it was based on the animated series! It was a great show and if they can make a whole movie out of The Sorcerer’s Apprintece than Disney can make a movie out of this. Personaly I’m all for it. Bring back my childhood!!

  12. It would be awesome if its base on the cartoon, and it would make sense since the article say’s that it will be set in the present just like the show
    (Gargoyles guardians of a castle were cursed into stone until the castle was raise into the clouds, that happens when a millionaire moves the castle to the top of his skyscraper in NY)

  13. I also would loved to have seen a movie based on the Gargoyles animated series. It was not just some children’s cartoon, it was filled with dramatic and dark tones. There were laughs to be had but was geared more towards younger teens. I think the transition from cartoon to film could work if in the right hands. For a while, at least, I’m not giving up hope that there could still be a Gargoyles movie in our future.

  14. … and Keith David’s voice can’t be beaten.

  15. Not Disney related, but just an inside tip…
    Watch for “The Dominion Prophesies” novel coming in the next year.
    If you’re into “gargoyles”, this book will give you food for thought as to thier actual origins.
    I am familiar with the author, and all you “sci-fi/fantasy” types will be blown away. Its a work of fiction, but from what I’ve been allowed to read, all I can say is…”God doesn’t take sides…”

    Personally i think its a great idea, if done right (like a series movie “Batman” style..) it would be a great film

  17. I really liked watching Gargoyles as a kid. (not too happy with the ending of the series) but I think with the right people involved bringing back Goliath and the gang (that includes detective Masa) would actually be fun. Live action would be the way to go. The special effects these days could do a film like this justice. Of corse I wouldn’t mind the right people making a live action film about the game series Soul Reaver either.

  18. If this is to be a movie directly following off of the 1990s tv show Gargoyles, then I just CAN NOT WAIT! That show was the BEST thing Disney came out with on tv! Fun for all ages, mixing the modern stuff with the classics (made me feel as if I was revisiting old friends when I actually started studying Shakespeare academically), and was just DELIGHTFUL on every level!
    However, if this is just going to be about “Gargoyles in New York!” …then no. Sorry. No. Nothing will EVER compare to the original characters of the old tv show. And while I get that most people will not have that higher standard to compare the movie to… Why aim for someone worse when you already have the licensing for THE BEST? As I said, if it’s based off of the old show, I am sitting on the edge of me seat. If not… I hardly think it will be worth the watch.

    • i agree that was my favourtie show when i was little and i only recently remembered it

  19. Since finding out there will be NO connection to the T.V. show then I WILL NOT BE watching the movie! In fact I will BOYCOTT Disney for it! That show had the best Disney could offer!

  20. A kant waithe to see thad movie

  21. Hi I just wanted to say that right now I have 1 movie script already written and I’m on a second Gargoyle Movie script that I have 7 pages done already on the second one the first one has 66 pages.
    In total I have 3 ideas for movies that all are part 1 thru part 3 all about Gargoyles and in them there not evil but good Gargoyles.
    Well I live in Tampa Florida and would really like for someone to look at these movie script to see if it can be put on the big screen. Hope to hear from someone soon.

    • I really wqould like to have a look of those Shawn. Not a director or anything like that but I’d like to have a read

      • Well I’m writing part 1 right now part 2 came to my mind first and while writing that one part 1 and 3 came to mind. I have them on my computer right now I need to print them out and then copyright them and then I can send them out for someone to read and see if they can go any where besides my computer.
        I already have some actors and actresses in mind but just want to see if it will go to the big screen and see if they will act in this movie.
        So I would like someone to read it and see if it will go any where and see if I need to change anything. I have followed a script format that I seen online and also know that each page is a 1 minute scene so I have for part 2 63 minutes of script but with some scenes there is battles and magic being done that the movie all together should be around 93 minutes. That’s from the opening scene with the names of the Writer, Director, Asst. Directors to the Actors staring in it all the way to the end credits.
        Let me know how I can send this to you to read so when I get it copyrighted I can send it to you to read.

    • Keep up the hard work!!

  22. I would love to see a movie on Gargoyles. There are a few concerns when making this film:
    -Live action with CG is a must; Think of Hellboy with there CG fight scenes.
    -Length; with Gargoyles, there is so much history and stories in the animated series that they have to now how to keep the beginning great, but the ending greatER in a 1:30-1:50 time frame.
    -Characters; I hope if they do try and make this film they do not strive away from the character design in the anime. The characters design fit the character roles perfectly and would be great if they kept it that way.

  23. On one hand creating something new with this rumored movie comming out is absolutely wonderful, however I am a huge fan of the cartoon series as well as disney, and I find it strange that they aren’t going to adapt the cartoon series into a movie, since it centers around the mystical creatures as well as a great storyline. The series itself is a pioneering effort in children’s animated stories because of the reality of New York life with the fantasy of Gargoyles

  24. Yes it would be nice to see the cartoon come to life but the cost would be really high. The cost of this movie would be more then the cost of making any one of the Transformer Movies and more then Harry Potter. The amount of money it takes to do a movie in the US let alone in NYC it would cost way to much to do it.
    I have written 3 movie scripts about Gargoyles and now I’m trying to wright the Book for them. I’ve told Disney about these scripts and I have not heard any thing back from them and it has been over 9 months oh well I guess Disney doesn’t help the poor creative people just the mid class and the rich.

  25. Shawn I really think you need to get an agent. Disney “If you don’t have an agent, Piss off” A quote from someone

  26. I am still a huge fan of the “Gargoyles” cartoon. I would love, love, love to see it come to life on the big screen! Just imagine the gargoyles coming to life (literally) in 3D! Although it would cost Disney quite a lot to produce this movie, I think that it would be well worth their time and effort.