Disney Developing Gargoyles Movie

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Gargoyles movie Disney Disney Developing Gargoyles Movie

In a world where we have to deal with the reality of movies based on everything from books to board games, it should be no surprise to find that even completely inanimate objects aren’t safe.

Heat Vision is reporting that Disney is currently in the process of developing a film based on gargoyles. Yes, that’s right, those ugly statues that are usually perched on the corner of rooftops.

The studio is currently trying to hire Zoë Green to write the script for the untitled gargoyles film. Green doesn’t have any past credits to her name yet but she’s written a couple of fantasy projects that are in development, including Tigress (also for Disney) and Book of Shadows which has director Rob Reiner attached. She’s also been hired to adapt the novel The Diamond Age, so it sounds like she’s a prime candidate for making a watchable movie out of gargoyles.

Of course, if you’re into mythology more than the average person you might know that gargoyles weren’t always just grotesque statues that were used to keep rain off roofs. There’s everything from the “Legend of La Gargouille” to the more general idea that they were used to both ward off and attract evil.

Disney is seeking to build a mythology around the medieval statues and in keeping with recent fantasy flicks such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Percy Jackson, the gargoyles film will likely be set in modern times. The reason that keeps happening with fantasy movies is so that the fantastical elements seem all the more fantastical when compared to the boring, mundane surroundings of the world we live in today (how’s that for optimism? 😛 ).

On top of a cheesy 1972 Gargoyles TV movie, some of you may also remember a Gargoyles series that (funny enough) was also made by Disney. However, it doesn’t appear that this gargoyles film has anything to do with that series other than the stone creatures they both center on.

Gargoyles cartoon Disney Developing Gargoyles Movie

'Gargoyles' animated TV series

It’s not mentioned if the gargoyles film will be done in live-action or CGI or a hybrid of both. If it’s going to be live-action and not completely computer animated, my guess is it will be mix of live-action and CGI simply because I don’t know how else the gargoyles could be shown on-screen. Somehow I don’t think going the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles route (read: having men in gargyle suits) is going to work here…

Am I alone in being skeptical about a film based on gargoyles? I’d love to know your thoughts on the project.

Be sure to check back at Screen Rant for any updates on the gargoyles film.

Source: Heat Vision

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  1. I wouldn’t exactly like it in 3D Nerd. It depends on what works, take AVATAR that was good in 3D but for The Lion King, the 3D in that movie, in my oionion, wasn’t that great. Also in Titanic the 3D wasn’t good. When I saw the film when the ship was sinking and the people falling into teh water I could make them out being fake, this was before 3D but when I went to see it in 3D they look even more fake. It depends on the movie… Avengers now, that was good in 3D I went to it without 3D as well.

    • Well I have taken the advice from other people on other websites and I am turning it into a book and going from there,
      But if this is made into a movie I think with some of the battle scenes it would be great in 3D but to have the whole movie 3D no it wouldn’t be that good.
      I have found a writer that works at a college near me and she is hooking me up with advice and guiding me to someone to proof read my book and also told me to write a 1000 word short story. So I can get a agent to help me get the book published when I’m ready.

  2. I really hope it works out for you Shawn! Here’s hoping :)

  3. Disney better not follow through with this idea. Gargoyles, the TV series, had and still has a major following. If they do turn this into a movie, why not call it something that won’t confuse and infuriate the fans, like “Goblins” or something?

    • Well they can’t make the name different because first goblins and gargoyles are 2 different thing’s.
      Next if your talking about the main characters being gargoyles then the name has to coincide with the main characters.

  4. Is this project canned?

    • We can only hope that it won’t be ultraj1004 Let’s not give up on Shawn, have faith in him having his dream come through! :)

    • No ultraj1004 it’s not canned.
      I’m on page 74 right now and there double spaced and I have over 16,000 words and I need around 120,000 words to be finished.
      Right now it’s hard to do more because my keyboard died on me and I’m using a on screen keyboard which is hard to do.
      I have re- spliced the wires together on the keyboard but I don’t have black tape to keep them separated; So I need to go buy some tape when my check comes in on the first of the month.
      Once I can write some more it should be done around Oct. or Nov. as long as nothing else happens.
      So far my keyboard died and before that my harddrive crashed and I thought I lost everything but guy who sold me the new harddrive retrieved all my stuff and put it on my new harddrive.
      Now I have it backed up so if my harddrive crashes again I can retrieve the books and movies scipts from a new E-Mail I set up just for my book’s movie script’s.
      This is hard typing on a screen keyboard my eye’s are going crazy trying to type.
      Thanks Neil for believing me.
      Okay need to rest my eye’s.

      • I hope that IF the movie comes out it will be based on the first chapter of the cartoons. Otherwise it’ll be kind of a bummer.

        • We’ll just have to wait and see ultraj1004 what Shawn has planned. Yeah, it probably be different from the cartoons but adapting one storyline into one of your own shows that you have a lot of creativity and imagination. Take the original Spiderman movies from 2000’s for the 2012 Amazing Spierman example. Different storyline. Yes, both were based on the comics, but take the web slinger. They’re both different.

        • My book talks about the end of the Gargoyles but this first 1 and the second 1 doesn’t go with the cartoon. Well there is some from the cartoon they are good but their is more to it and the struggles they went through.
          I have never seen a story about Gargoyles that are good just about evil ones.
          I do have 4 books in mind for this; And I think it should be pretty good.
          All I will need is for it to proof read after I’m done with it and maybe get some feed back on if it is done or still needs work and maybe some feed back on what I need to do to make more interesting or appealing to the readers and then see what I need to do for the movie script.
          I hate this damn on screen keyboard; If I had my laptop keyboard this message would of been done in 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes. LOL

          • Just wanted to also say since I’m writing a book about good Gargoyles I can’t take to much from the cartoon without breaking the copy right laws.
            Here are the names of the 4 books.
            1: Gargoyles End
            2: Gargoyles Beginning
            3: Gargoyles Beyond
            4: Gargoyles New Beginning.
            Book 2 would be book 1 but if I did that then the mystery in book 1 would be ruined.

  5. Any new developments Shawn?

    • Hey Neil yes I have finished it all and then was told by proof reader that I need to put it into chapters.
      That’s when I hit myself in the head and said duh lol.
      So I went to put what I wrote into chapters and didn’t like it so now I’m re-writing it and this time putting it into chapters; which is coming a long really well and should be done around spring or beginning of summer.
      Now I did as suggested by my proof reader and sent a copy of my book I finished to the library of congress to get it copyrighted.
      I didn’t get anything back yet but it has only been about a week since I sent it.
      I think this book will have some where around 45 to 50 chapters not sure yet.
      I am also working on a short story to send to agents to get one of them to help me get the book published.
      I also made a website that I will open up after I get the book done and know it will be published.
      Thanks for inquiring about my book and when I finish it I will post it on here to let you and anyone else who wants to know that it’s done and when I have the date of when people can buy it I will post that as well.

  6. Thank you for the update Shawn. I’m quite looking forward to purchasing your book when it comes out. Happy New Year to you!

    • Hey Neil
      Do you have my E-Mail address if so E-Mail me please I want you to look at the first chapter and tell me what you think about it.
      If you don’t it’s shawnperreault at rocketmail dot com.
      It has been copyrighted so I can send part of it so I can get some feed back on if it’s good or do I need to do more work to it.

  7. I’d love to have a read of it. Thank you very much Shawn.

    • Hey Neil did you get the chapters I sent you yesterday.
      I would like to now that you got them.
      See if you didn’t get them and you have a FB account then maybe I can send them to you through FB.

  8. Okay update on my book now that I’ve put it into Chapters.
    I’m on page 108 chapter 13 and I have 25636 words done out of a 120,000 words I need.
    I think it’s coming along very well; but I know I need help with knowing if everything is correct in the sentence’s and punctuation are right.
    So what I’m saying is I need to find another proof reader to check these things for me.
    I did have one but she left me because she had to go back home to North Dakota to help her family.
    Also I’m looking for a new agent; the other one didn’t have patients and dropped me.
    Which she will regret that when I do get this book done and it’s successful.
    Okay back to writing so I can have it finished by April 13th 2013.
    I have said on my FB that I will work on my book 13 day’s straight and then take a break for 1 day and then go again for another 13 day’s and keep doing that until my book is finished.