Disney Execs Wowed By Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 22nd, 2013 at 2:52 pm,

During Walt Disney Company’s annual meeting a small glimpse of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s unreleased Alice In Wonderland was shown momentarily during a montage of clips. Apparently shareholders were impressed with what they saw judging by the barrage of oohs and ahhs that accompanied the brief glimpse of Depp’s character.

The Carpetbagger Blog describes what was seen:

“Victorian top hat, crimped hair that sticks straight out, and swirl of brightly colored make-up on his eyes, cheeks and lips that resembled the blur of a pinwheel blowing in the breeze.”

If I didn’t know any better I’d say Burton and Depp came together to help portray on film the Mad Hatter many have only been able to dream of. I suppose a dash of the preposterous and a sprinkle of “acid flashback” can do that when you’re dealing with that sort of character.

However I am sad to announce the photo will not be made available. After the meeting, a Disney spokesperson said that an exclusive interview with director Tim Burton and concept art from Alice In Wonderland would be available for $15.95 in the launch of “Disney Twenty-Three,” a quarterly magazine also introduced at that same meeting.

This movie sounds awesome. I mean super awesome. Although there is some fear in my heart after the travesty that was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now that I’ve heard this all my faith is in Tim Burton. Not to mention he was recently quoted as saying: “It’s kind of a mixture of some distorted live action and animation. I’m not sure what to relate it to. It’s kind of new territory for me.”

New territory for the guy that established a whole arena of new territory with his early work Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands means I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Honestly, I am so excited with the prospect of something new and different that I’ll probably be absolutely shattered if this movie isn’t absolutely original and innovative.

How’s that for having a high standard?

Alice in Wonderland is scheduled to open on March 5, 2010.

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  1. You didn’t like his take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I thought he did a wonderful job with that, he certainly stuck more to the source material than the original ever did. Depp was a great Wonka I thought (maybe a touch on the young side but he pulled it off well).

    I’m not a Tim Burton die hard fan but I tend to like most of his work (I LOVE Beetlejuice and Big Fish in particular), and this is certainly shaping up to be another great film from him.

  2. I don’t feel the need to ever watch Burton’s take on Willy Wonka again, but I love pulling out the original film and watching it from time to time.


  3. I’m totally with Vic on this one. There were just certain things about Burton’s take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that did not set well with me, like the entire film.

  4. @Sabrina Cognata LOL!

    I liked the 1st Willy Wonka, wasn’t a fan of the second.

  5. I’m not saying Burton’s version was better than the original – that one just holds a special place for me – but I just thought his style suited the story very well.

    One of the things I always remember about the movie is the thing Wonka does to “call” the Oompa Loompas. Instead of having a whistle or flute of some kind he just does like a tongue wagging thing while making a noise:P I dunno, just the way Depp played around with the little quirks like that just really endeared me.

  6. i ment Vincent my mistake.
    srry dyslexia is a B*tc#

  7. Sounds kind of like any of his other roles… But hey, if you’re good at something, why not keep doing it?

  8. The original Wonka movie was a favorite of mine but after repeated viewings I like the Depp/Burton version better. More modern, beautiful colors, better music, love the fact that they used one guy, Deep Roy, for ALL the oompa loompahs and also loved the Christopher Lee as the dentist father element. Plus, for Depp/Burton fans, there are a lot of under-the-radar references to their past films and criticisms each has received.

  9. New territory with Scissors and Beetlejuice I can agree with. However, everything I’ve seen since then seems to just regurgitate the same mood, pacing, and artistic vision.

    Its not that what he does is bad… its just retread for me. Johnny Depp is an amazing talent, but I’m just not that interested in Burton’s work anymore. I’d rather watch Beetlejuice again than anything he’s done recently.

  10. I hate Burton and I’m sick of Johnny Depp.

    Gimmick after gimmick, it’s completely boring to me now.

  11. lol then why the hell did you even botter reading this and commenting? I wonder..

    anyway I love the Burton-Depp team, they’ve done amazing things together and I’m pretty sure this will be exceptionally good, I did like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s not my favorite but I liked it better than the first one

  12. @Julie

    I think Depp is a good actor – he just seems to like to choose “gimmicky” roles.

    And no, I’m not a huge Tim Burton fan, either.


  13. @melanie

    Because she has the right to express her opinion without being ridiculed by some random fanboy/girl. :-)

  14. actually the fanboy/girl has just as much right to ridicule her opinion.

  15. And I guess another fanboy/girl has every right to defend said fanboy/girl. :-P lol

  16. I LOVE Johnny Depp and have since jump street-he is an amazing and artistic actor. I look foreward to anything and everything he does with much anticipation! Whether it’s with Burton or not, Johnny is amazing and he choses things based on if they are right for him and not what others think, and that’s what amazes me -that he’s not gone the same way as others-I love his work and I do not care what others say!


    Martin Short will always be the definitive Mad Hatter in my eyes.

  18. Concerning the ppl who said they did not like teh remake of Charlie and the Choclate factory. Have you ever read the book. If you have you’ll see why teh remake is much more like teh book a much better adaptation i guess you could say. Most ppl complain when a movie isn’t like the book and now ppl don’t like Burtons remake thats 10 times closer to teh book than Willy Wonka with Gene it’s not very much like the book at all but the remake was way closer. but we each have our own opinion i guess i can see why some ppl didn’t care for it I think they both were great movies but if i had to pick Gene or Johny i pick Johnny way funnier

  19. Sorry to add to my earlier post if you have ever read teh actual Book to Alice in Wnderland nothing like the Disney stuff we have seen. And i can’t wait to see how Tim burton does this movie and if it follows the book which i hope it will we are in for a nice and pleasant Dark ride :D

  20. I’m sorry but enough is enough like everyone else. Priest…… learn to spell the basic word “the”…. But this movie is going to be another Tim Burton movie which is not Gothic or Trippy just plain odd which of had its place earlier with Burton’s better movies : Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish. The only way this movie would should go is Verbatim or extreme Victorian or Gothic such of that as American McGee’s Video Game or completely trippy to match that of Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory

  21. Since I am a fan of both Tim Burton’s movies and Alice in Wonderland, it’s hard to wait for this movie. Yes, Burton’s work does seem a bit redundant at times, but I just can’t get enough of it. If this movie portrays the book in some way while having a sense of newness and creativity that I expect from Burton, then chances are, I’ll absolutely love it. I really hope I won’t be disappointed, but I highly doubt that I will be.

  22. I can't wait for this! Tim Burton movies are a lot like pizza; even the bad ones are pretty damn good.

  23. I would like to point out that, for one, I really think that you should stop saying goth in a bad way, its a period of time and a mood. A mood that not only Tim Burton uses but so do up and coming directors. You say you don't like it, but it's going to end up in plenty of movies soon. Goth=dark and truth, its being who you are and not being afraid of it. Thats the may I see Tim. Johnny Depp takes roles so he can take our eye's of his looks and pay attention to his acting. Something that I wish some other actors did. And yes I will admit that I am a die-hard fan of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fan. I love all the movies even the ones that you guys think suck. I love the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory way better then the first, I can relate to it and laugh the first was way to down to earth for me. And Willy singing? I'm rather glad Depp didn't because we might have a flash back on to Sweeney Todd,lol. But I trust that this move, Alice in Wonderland, will not only be great and blow our minds, but will become a teenage favorite. I know me and alot of my peers love it already.:) Everyone at my school is planing to see it opening weekend, and I just thought that at lest on teen should stand up for Timmy and Johnny, we love them.
    [p.s. if it sounded like I was yelling I wasn't :)]
    I just thought my POV, would help.

  24. Jonny Depp Is A Beast I Dont Care What Anyone Says, Its A Fact Not An Opinion(: Thanks!(:

  25. Jonny Depp Is A Beast I Dont Care What Anyone Says, Its A Fact Not An Opinion(: Thanks!(:

  26. gett'in visious here aren't you guys? violent sobs

  27. im just reading these comments and i can see you guys banging on the keyboard.