Top 10 Pros and Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm and ‘Star Wars’

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Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Parking the At-AtDisney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger, along with Star Wars creator George Lucas, set the financial world and nerd-iverse on their ear when they announced that Disney was purchasing Lucasfilm for the out-of-this-world sum of $4 billion (the same amount they paid for Marvel).Along with the obvious enormous financial windfall the Disney corporation stands to gain from this purchase, they'll also acquire the rights to all the Star Wars characters. There's no way to know for sure how this will ultimately affect the Star Wars universe - it could be really good or really, REALLY bad.To help us determine if we should be excited for this transaction, we created a list of Pros and Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm. Let's go through them one by one, then weigh the results.

Pro - More Star Wars Films

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Smiling YodaIf you're a die hard Star Wars fan - the kind of fan who waited in line for 30 days before Episode 1 opened - then the announcement that Disney will be making a new Star Wars trilogy should have you shooting off blasters in the air.More Yoda! More Chewbacca! More lightsaber battles! More Star Wars!Since the next film releases in 2015, we're guessing people are already lining up for tickets to the midnight showing opening night - and we don't EVEN want to think about the line for Hall H at San Diego Comic Con for the next few years.

Con -More Star Wars Films

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Angry ChewbaccaUnfortunately, the last time fans were given more Star Wars films, they ended up with a 10-year-old pod racing kid, a "one-and-done" villain, and a character so annoying in Jar Jar Binks that people started re-cutting the film to remove as much as him speaking as possible.Will this happen again? There's no way to be sure, but so far the track record hasn't been good.

Pro - George Lucas Wont Direct Films

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - George LucasTo sci-fi nerds, George Lucas was the best director in the world - that is, until he stopped making new films and began "messing" with his successful ones over and over again like a DJ remixing the same song ten different ways on one album. In other words, he became rusty.Fortunately, Lucas won't be getting behind the camera for the next set of films in the Star Wars saga (for now), though that's always subject to change.*And there was great rejoicing.*

Con - George Lucas Will Still Be Involved with Films

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - George Lucas with Disney CharactersOn the dark side (see what I did there), George Lucas will still be involved with the Star Wars saga in an executive producer's role. Sometimes, in the filmmaking, executive producers have more creative control than the director.Lucas had his finger in every step of the creative process for all six Star Wars films, so to think he would just back away with no involvement whatsoever is unrealistic - but hey, a nerd can dream.

Pro - Princess Leia Character in Disney Theme Parks

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Slave LeiaSpeaking of dreaming - Princess Leia is now officially part of the Disney Princesses Collection, which means there will be cute women dressed as Slave Leia standing at the character meet and greet stations throughout Disney theme parks posing for pictures.How could that possibly be a bad thing?CREEP ALERT: There will undoubtedly be a long line of single, nerdy men monopolizing the line. It's probably best to have the children avoid this one.

Con - Jar Jar Binks Character in Disney Theme Parks

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Jar Jar BinksHere's one the children will avoid for different reasons. Dressing up as a Disney character and walking around the park should be a fun and exciting adventure - meeting family, making children smile, signing "autographs".However, the poor sap who has to dress up as Jar Jar Binks will most certainly be miserable since no one really likes him.Seeing him walk around Disney World will probably cause people to spontaneously throw their turkey legs and popcorn at him. On the plus side, if, for some reason, you DO want a picture with him, there will never be a wait.*Me-sa sad*

Pro - Hothland

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Planet HothDisney likes to incorporate its movies and characters into its theme parks around the world, and what better "land" to have at Disney World than Hothland?Explore the Rebel base. Have simulated laser battles with your friends in an Imperial Walker, Snowspeeder or AT-AT. Pretend you're Luke Skywalker by crawling inside the belly of a Tauntaun. Just think of the possibilities!BONUS: The cold environment of the planet Hoth would be a welcome relief from the 100+ degree summer weather of Orlando, Florida.

Con - Dagobahland

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - DagobahDagobah is the very opposite of everything Disney represents. It's a hostile, dirty, smelly and dangerous swamp filled with mud that will suck down your X-Wing (or Saturn Coupe) in a matter of minutes.Nothing about Dagobahland sounds interesting, though Disney could convert the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house into Yoda's tree stump.Still, that may not be enough to make even the most dedicated fan want to spend time there.

Pro - Spaceship Earth Becomes the Death Star at Epcot

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Death Star Epcot

Disney knows that the only thing Epcot has going for it right now is the ability to drink and eat your way through other countries at the World Showcase. The best thing they could do is convert the dated and boring Spaceship Earth into the mighty and awesome Death Star!Visitors could ride throughout the Death Star and see how the soldiers and workers on the fictional planet destroyer go about their day-to-day activities.I live in Florida and was at Epcot on opening day in 1982. I didn't return for 25 years because it's a one-and-done park - but put the Death Star in the place and I'll be the first with season passes.

Con - Ewoks Replace Dwarfs in Snow White

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - Snow White and the EwoksStop shaking your head. You KNEW this was going to happen eventually. How can it not?Dwarfs and Ewoks are the same size, so when Disney does proceed with the inevitable Star Wars/Disney crossover, Snow White is sure to be their first choice to headline it.Just let this concept invade your mind and give you nightmares of what will possibly be the worst crossover in history - should it ever come to fruition.

Pros and Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm

Pros & Cons of Disney Buying Lucasfilm - General GreivousSo what's the outcome now that we've weighed the pros against the cons? Let's recap:Pros:-More Star Wars Films -George Lucas Not Directing -Princess Leia Theme Park Characters -Hothland -The Death Star at EpcotCons:-More Star Wars Films -George Lucas Still Involved -Jar Jar Binks Theme Park Characters -Dagobahland -Ewoks Replacing DwarvesIt's clear that the pros of Disney buying Lucasfilm outweigh the cons - especially the idea of a large scale Death Star! - but until more information about Disney's plans for the Star Wars Universe has been made available, the jury's still out.What are some pros and cons that you can think of to Disney buying Lucasfilm?-Follow me on Twitter -@MoviePaul- and let me know.
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  1. Im surprised that nobody has brought up the fact that yoda is gone. How can one have Star Wars without yoda?!?

    • How is Yoda “gone”?

        • lol

            • When Obi-Wan died in A New Hope, he came back as a ghost in Empire and Jedi. When Yoda died, he also came back as a ghost to greet Luke. It makes just as much sense for him to be in the new Star Wars movies as it did for Obi-Wan to be in V and VI.

              • Actually, in the book on Obi Wan’s life, his ghost comes back to Luke 5 years after the battle of Endor, saying that he will have to leave him, I guess because he thinks that Luke is capable of running the New Jedi Order. Therefore, Yoda most likely did the same somewhere in between or soon after.

            • Pretty much agree with what Garry said, but who says the new movie will be set after ROTJ anyway?
              If you look at the novels alone there’s a lot of stuff that happened between the movies, and if they make a KOTOR movie then Yoda should be there too (since he made brief appearances in the games).

              Yoda isn’t “gone”. He’s dead, but he ain’t gone.

              • There won’t be any KOTOR movies, yet. :( They’re saying it’s going to be an original story set after Episode VI. Which kind of bums me out, because I was REALLY hoping for some Gran Admiral Thrawn.

                I’d buy an action figure of that guy.

                • KOTOR was just an example. There are lots of stories with Yoda in them and even if they do an original trilogy, they can and probably will find a way to incorporate Yoda as well.

                  • I don’t think that was Yoda in the KOTOR series. I might be wrong, but that’s always what I thought since KOTOR is, what, two thousand years in the past, right? I might be wrong, I haven’t played the game in forever.
                    KOTOR would be the best choice to make into a movie series, only I hope they wouldn’t keep TOR ending for the KOTOR characters. Revan and the Exile deserve better endings!

    • He’s taking coats at the Haunted Mansion.

    • As far as I am concerned there are only three Star Wars movies and am sickened by the news of move CGI Star Wars movies. Keep it old school. I find it harder and harder to watch new movies. All horror movies are ment for teens now and everything is all computerized. I tell you where it all went down hill was after The Mateix. I get a headache trying to watch most action films now. What happened to steady cam? I just know with Dis behind this I feel kinda sick to my gut

  2. Lol

  3. i cant wait for the smash bros type fighting game using disney, marvel, and star wars characters

  4. I read that the new films will be set after the original trilogy, possibly features luke, solo, chewie. Defo will feature C3PO and R2D2.

    No yoda cause you know hes dead. No vader cause you know his dead. New sith leader and apprentice :D

    Realy looking forward to the new films.

    • from what i gather from the expanded universe, Palpatine DID die, yes. But came back as a clone. Not sure if that was right after Jedi or shortly therafter. so there can’t be a new master.

    • well, I think it wouldn’t be so cool without yoda, or Vader, I would like to see them again!

  5. “To sci-fi nerds, George Lucas was the best director in the world”

    …what? Who in the hell has ever said that?

    • Rob, they apparently already got a Screen Saver made so were moving in the right direction! lol

    • If you were signing over the company you built up over decades as well as (basically) all the ideas, stories and characters you came up with, wouldn’t you be a little scared/nervous too?

      I can’t see how money is the only reason Lucas signed over the company… there has to be another reason and I’m hoping we’ll find out what it was.

    • Gannett is the evil empire in the crumbling world of journalism.

  6. I seriously doubt the Star Wars “world” will take over Disney Land, I mean really?

  7. The new kingdom hearts is goin to be epic!!
    And George Lucas is an awesome director!!! Said no one ever

  8. When they convert Epcot into the Death Star, it feel as if thousands of voices at Universal Studios Theme Park cried out as one, then suddenly silenced.

  9. Great pic of Princess Leia. Lucas was over come with greed which was primary reason for SW 1-3. If Lucas truly wanted to make epic SW then he would have used the magic and love of film making he used pre-greed SW 4-6.

    I have faith that Disney will do justice with SW 7-9 by not repeating Lucas’s mistakes with SW 1-3!

    • ^^ I agree with you, kinda. With that said, people keep buying video games from EA? They have a very strong grip on the video game market. Just because there aren’t many fish out in the sea, doesn’t mean they will stop making stuff. As long as we keep sending $$$ on their services, they will keep making movies/games/whatever.

      • Right, but both Pixar and Lucas Films broke into the business as a competitor that tried to do their own ideas. Disney buying up the competition now directs all that creativity the way they think it should be. Will there be other competitors who come out and try their own ideas? When you have such a huge monopoly to compete against that just makes it tougher. Besides…At one time we were supposed to have anti monopoly regs to protect the country from monopolies……They’ve never been good in the past…I doubt they’ll be any better now

        • Lucasfilms was not really competition for Disney. Instead of thinking all negative, maybe the board at Disney are huge Star Wars fans and with the franchise sitting idle, bought the company so they could continue the story for a new generation and bring life back into the franchise.
          Along with Pixar, you don’t know the companies financial situation before they joined teams with Disney. Putting out quality products takes time and money. Maybe Pixar decided they would benefit from the deep pockets of Disney.
          Just a different way of thinking.

      • Ea doesn’t have a monopoly, they have a contract with other companies. The ea comment is usually in regards to the nfl/madden /ncaa football games. Other companies are allowed to make type games just to use the logos or names. 2k sports made all-American football using hall of fame players. Before activision sold the blitz title to ea, they had blitz the league 1 and 2 using fictional teams, the games did fairly well. No one is stopping other game developers from making quality games to compete, are they fighting an uphill battle w/o the licensing? Possible.

  10. Hope this new one is good, I’m interested

  11. I disagree with one thing here. Well, a couple things. First, Ewoks in place of dwarves, HECK YES! That would be awesome! Also, Luke Skywalker helping Mickey on Fantasmic at MGM, YES! Also, I though Phantom Menace sucked but AOTC was really good (poorly done Anakin and Padme love scenes aside) and ROTS was on par with the original trilogy, though still not as good as A New Hope or my all-time favorite movie, Return of the Jedi. Having said that, I want George Lucas involved. Star Wars belongs to him. Not having him involved would be like doing Peanuts without Charles Schulz or Muppets without Brian Henson.

    And in conclusion, Jar Jar Binks is a dark cloud over the prequel trilogy and my only real complaint with ROTS is that he didn’t get butchered in a violent way.

    • Oof. Had to collect my thoughts for a few minutes. Didn’t wanna come off as a prick or hater or generally bad person. And let me say I appreciate all people’s opinions whether or not I agree.


      ROTS “on par” with original trilogy? Whatever you are smoking, please stop, or smoke more. Ok, insults aside (I only joke – no malice intended), seriously?
      I usually say “in my opinion” but I’m skipping it here. ROTS was the best of the ‘trilogy that shall not be named’, I give you that, but that’s like saying: of the three turds I dropped this morning the one on the left was the best…
      I actually saw Phantom Menace 6 times theatrically. Yeah that’s right. I’m a child of Star Wars, saw Empire in 80 at the ripe age of almost 4. Love it so much, was so excited, the utter crapness of TPM did not sink in to my brain or cure me of the geek boy blindness brought on by the news of new Star Wars. I even saw AOTC and ROTS twice each to make sure what I witnessed on first viewing was for real.
      One example to prove my point: Compare the ridiculous scene of the faceoff of “all powerful” master Windu verses the terrible and frightening (umm no) Palpatine. That entire scene from start to finish is utter comedy. I laughed out loud. Now I cringe when viewing. Yes I still watch these atrocities because they are Star Wars and I love Star Wars even in bad form. (Thank God the Clone Wars came along and helped me look at pre-Luke Skywalker era in a different perspective)
      Enough said about the prequels. Hey to each his own man. I like certain aspects of them sure, like Ewan McGregor did the best he could with bad script, dialogue that was just atrocious, and a director who clearly had his best days in the chair behind him. That’s about all I got. Oh, the lightsaber duel was pretty badass with Qui-Gonn, Obi, and Maul…
      Now, the other thing that made me gasp…no mention of Empire? Really? Ok I understand people’s opinions can be biased due to many factors, including nostalgia, first experience, or a number of things…but my opinion that Empire is the BEST in the trilogy is shared by many. New Hope is a close second…very close. But Empire just killed it man. Jedi was a 2 hour commercial. A very good one I admit. I love Jedi. Great film ending a tremendous epic story wonderfully. But in no way was it better than Empire. But again, I’ll offer another analogy: comparing those (unaltered of course) three films to one another is like comparing three diamonds almost flawless the size of that rock the old bag in titanic threw in the ocean. Empire had flaws only the most trained jeweler could find. New hope, maybe one or two little flaws somebody with a keen eye and microscope, but Jedi had a view naked eye flaws but still offers an absolute gem.

      Anyway, that’s my two cents. Peace brother, Forgive my ranting your comment threw me a bit.
      Oh and George can be involved in new movies just keep him in the corner and feed him jello and just nod your heads but still do the right things, not what he says to do…
      That all being said, I am more excited now than I was in the 90’s when Eps 1-3 were announced. This Disney thing, I believe, is a good thing. A very good thing. And hell yea bring back Hamill, Fisher and hopefully Ford if he can please agree to it. Even in cameos. That’s fine.

  12. i think some people need to use the internet and look up the definition of “monopoly” Disney hardly qualifies, as they are not the only movie studio in the country. they may be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, but there are plenty of other studios making films that have nothing to do with disney. also, it’s not like they did a hostile take over. lucas sold the privately owned company of his own free will.

      • It is not a monopoly, there are plenty of other film studios, just because you don’t agree with the acquisitions doesn’t make it a monopoly. Now if Sony and their collective, WB, and whomever is left of the major moguls all join as one company, you could almost call a monopoly, but there would still be independent film makers.

        As Jeffro said, look up the definition of monopoly.

        • Just want to add one major competition out there “of the same ilk” is dreamworks.

          • if disney buys dreamworks I’m going to f****** cut myself. I don’t want disney making madagascar 4 or the how to train your dragon sequels.

            don’t forget disney movies are all about self discovery and all that f****** b*******

  13. Here’s a pro: Sith vs. Avengers. Who wouldnt want to see Palpatine and Thor tradin’ lightning?

    • ^^^this

  14. I was sad to hear about the sale of of the StarWars franchise to Disney. Starwars, the original first movie, back in 1977 captivated and held my imagination as a young teen. Now the Evil Empire has acquired the likes of Luke, Obi Wan and Yoda…what next? Will these heroes and role models be sullied by the greedy, money-hungry executives at Disney who will milk the StarWars franchise for every dollar that it’s worth. What will remain? Just the hollowed out theme-park characters and props from the magical journey to a place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

    • The “greed” of Disney as you say couldn’t ruin the franchise any,ore than the greed of Lucas did with ep 1-3. Haters will always hate. Disney fixed the money milking that marvel was doing with x-men 1-3. Not saying all marvel films after the acquisition were great, but they were improved at least. Just a thought.

    • @JeffW – Wow bud! Glad you’re safe. Possessions can be replaced…lives cannot.

      Paul Young

  15. I really hope Disney doesn’t screw Star Wars up, if I see Mickey Mouse in Star Wars 7 (hidden mickey or otherwise) I will nerd rage like no one has before. I only hope they can make a Star Wars movie like a Marvel movie, without all the funny, but non essential comedy of course. And what about The Clone Wars? I’ll admit its not too good, but Ahsoka has grown on me, will CN no longer be able to broadcast it. When it inevitably gets moved to Disney XD, will they no longer allow death, what about Maul’s return, I mean him and Savage are a little too violent for your average Kick Buttowski or Phineas and Ferb fan. What about Cannon? Is G cannon still the top dog, or will it be replaced by D cannon? Star Wars the Force Unleashed 3? Republic Commando 2? What about these possible sequels, are they down the drain due their violent gameplay? Food for thought.

  16. C-3P0 is more annoying than Jar Jar Binks.

  17. Pro: garbage cans that crush like the iconic garbage smasher in the original STAR WARS (including resident monster)
    Con: garbage cans and recycle bins shaped like R2-D2

  18. “and there was great rejoicing”

    posting a comment specifically to say “kudos on the python reference” :)

  19. Too much George bashing. It’s frankly old and sad.

  20. George Lucas has done what most people do in his position. He foud a gold mine and he used it

  21. In reference to the up-thread question about Yoda being in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. The alien in KOTOR was named Vandar and looked just like yoda save his more brownish tinged skin. The events of KOTOR are set over a thousand years before Anakin skywalker (which discounts Yoda as he states he is 900).

    KOTOR 2 sux, do not play it…

    Also very excited about this purchase as it (for better or worse) means we will see episodes 7, 8, and 9. I hope the older actors are used sparingly in cameo type appearances. It would be nice to get a fresh take on the universe. I appreciate 1, 2, and 3 for what they are, and think they masterfully tie together the movies… but I was hoping for more of Vader hunting down and eliminating jedi, and wanted more of the plot explained (ie Anakin is immaculately concieved by midichlorians!; Syfo Dias placed an order for clones but was already dead, was it the emperor posing, or dooku? ; what is up with the conversation between dooku and obi-wan, wtf he tells him about the emperor controlling the senate?!)

    Quote Anakin Skywalker: “I hate sand, it’s rough, and course, and it gets in everywhere.” LMAO!

  22. KOTOR takes place in 3,956 BBY (BBY means “Before Battle of Yavin”), the opening credits explicitly say: “Four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Republic verges on collapse…”

    So Yoda is definitely NOT in it. Master Vandar also has a better grasp of proper word order than Yoda, lol.

    I did not mind KOTOR 2, they just left parts unfinished, some of the plots don’t lead anywhere. And I have NO interest in the MMO

    The new movies are going to be 7,8, and 9. But which set of post Return of the Jedi stories out there might they do? Or will they completely be ignored in favor of something original?

    Hopefully they will not screw it up like they did John Carter, they actually spent more money making that flop than they did making The Avengers.

  23. Orlando doesn’t have 100+ degree summer weather.

  24. no one ever mentioned how Disney failed in bringing a good John Carter film and how that film was expected to compare with Star Wars

    • I never saw John Carter, but from what I’ve heard from most people, it’s not that it was a bad movie. It’s just that no one saw it because they didn’t know or care what the hell it was. It wasn’t advertised well. That, and the name means nothing to most people. If it were called, like, “Space alien adventure movie with explosions and stuff,” I’d be down. But from what I’ve read, the few people who actually did see it liked it. And I never heard anything about what the hell it was till it was out of theaters, so it’s on my Netflix queue.

  25. The best thing about Disney buying Lucasfilm is that Lucas will no longer have anything to do with Star Wars. Hopefully this will put an end to all the completely unnecessary ‘special editions’ of the original films; just make legit retail versions of the original films in HD for those of us who don’t want a cgi Jabba in Star Wars, or Vader yelling ‘No!’ during the climax of Return of the Jedi, etc.

    As for future films? I’m sure the original gang will be back in some capacity in Episode VII at least. The best thing about Episode VII (already) is the fact that it won’t have Hayden Christensen in it and won’t be centered around Anakin.

  26. I don’t see why Dagobahland was put down as a con. As if you wouldn’t want to see Yoda’s place, the murky X-wing and the monster… How about the obstacle course with it’s very own swinging vine?!