Disney Planning Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Movie

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beauty beast movie disney Disney Planning Live Action Beauty and the Beast Movie

The news that Disney intends to produce a live-action Beauty and the Beast retelling (probably in 3D) might come across as sacrilege for those who grew up loving the company’s traditionally-animated version, but shouldn’t be a surprise following the successful (as in cash cow) fairy tale revisionist blockbusters Alice in Wonderland and Oz the Great and Powerful.

Mouse House executives are calling the project The Beast and have recruited Joe Ahearne to write the script. Ahearne co-wrote the upcoming Danny Boyle-directed thriller Trance (loosely based on the screenwriter’s 2001 TV movie), in addition to previously writing for the TV series Ultraviolet and Apparitions and the forthcoming Da Vinci’s Demons. His resume suggests Ahearne was brought aboard to write a darker fairy tale re-imagining – something which pushes Disney’s family-friendly boundaries further than Tim Burton’s gloomy vision of Wonderland (or Sam Raimi’s threatening rendition of Oz).

Oz the Great and Powerful James Franco Disney Planning Live Action Beauty and the Beast Movie

Deadline is reporting that David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman (The Muppets) are producing Beast, as opposed to Alice and Oz champion producer Joe Roth (who also backed Universal’s Grimm fable re-imagining Snow White and the Huntsman). Roth is producing both the gestating Alice sequel and the recently-confirmed Oz followup, in addition to the Summer 2014 release Maleficent (which is to Sleeping Beauty what Wicked is to The Wizard of Oz).

Disney must be hoping to get Beast into production before Guillermo del Toro turns his attention to making his own Beauty and the Beast live-action movie, with Emma Watson (loosely) attached to play the Beauty half of the equation. This puts the Mouse House’s project on course to begin filming sometime during 2014, while del Toro is preoccupied shooting and editing his haunted house feature Crimson Peak (and possibly moving forward on a sequel to Pacific Rim, if the filmmaker’s giant monsters versus giant robots opus proves a box office smash).

angelina jolie maleficent 570x345 Disney Planning Live Action Beauty and the Beast Movie

Angelina Jolie in ‘Maleficent’

Beast could also be the third film of its kind to hit the big screen over the next few years, after Maleficent in 2014 and Disney’s live-action Cinderella retelling - which director Kenneth Branagh (Thor) looks to begin production on before the end of 2013, possibly with a 2015 release date in mind. Of course, that will depend on whether the studio prioritizes development on either the Alice followup or next Oz installment (both of which are currently without a director).

Disney’s recent crop of fairy tales retold have avoided some of the problems which keeping showing up in films such as Jack the Giant Slayer and Snow White. However, there are (unwelcome) similarities between Alice and Oz, suggesting the studio’s already comfortable with an okay quality/high profit turnout on these films. So long as they keep bringing in big financial rewards, though, there is no reason to think Disney heads are gonna call it quits while they’re ahead…


We’ll keep you posted on The Beast as more information is released.


Source: Deadline

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  1. Are there really any directors besides Del Toro that should go anywhere near this project?

    • I wouldnt want del toro, he likes odd aspects of fairy tales not classic fairy tales.
      He should give us hellboy 3 now.

      • I want him to do Pinnochio. Del Toro would be perfect to tell that story and explore its darker elements. I’m crazy excited for Pacific Rim but I’d actually love for him to do another movie more like Pans Labyrinth than Hellboy.

        • Pretty sure he is. It’s a stop-motion version of it, a la James & the Giant Peach or Nightmare Before Christmas.

  2. ” with Emma Watson (loosely) attached to play the Beauty half of the equation”

    Srsly? A very generous use of the word beauty then. But ‘All right after a few beers, apart from the jawline & the beast’ doesn’t have so much of a ring to it, I guess.

    • She is very beautiful and you are wrong.

    • yeah dude watch it! emma watsons a babe.

    • I guess she’s not skanky enough for you? I’m sure you’d rather have Megan Fox or something like that… Or maybe you just need someone who is fat, I mean, have huge “knockers” or whatever…

  3. With Emma Watson passing on Cinderella I think she’s perfect. Also Alexis bledel.

    • you’re totally right. Belle is basically Hermoine repacked. Or vice-versa seeing as how Belle predates HP. But yeah we already know Watson can play the courageous bookworm successfully so it stands to reason that she would kill it as Belle.

      • *Hermione *repackaged sry bout that haha

        • Oh how about lyndsy fonseca! She would be great too!

    • yeah I think emma Watson will be Amazing in movie beauty and the beast and i love emma i hope on role will be perfect

  4. uh no. why?

  5. Im pro this, b&B is one of my fav disney films and Id love to see a live action version that actually splurges on effects and looks good.

  6. I like the original Beauty and the Beast the way it was made. I rather leave it alone. You know how old was that movie ? Since 21 years old. I would stick with the original classics for a remake ? like Lady and The Tramp, Old Yeller, Davy Crockett,

    • I agree, Danny.

  7. Hopefully they make it an intelligent movie and not another fantasy princess in distress piece. Belle’s a strong character and that should be showed in the live-action as it was in the animated.

    Guillermo Del Toro’s version, if along the lines of Pan’s Labyrinth, would be amazing. He can tell a story.

    • As long as it’s not Kristen Stewart’s Snow White-strong. That was just…what?

      • I completely agree!

  8. For my money, the original Beauty & the Beast is the crown jewel of Disney’s animated features for the past quarter century, maybe ever. I also saw a local, live musical production a few years back, and it was great as well. I welcome a well-created live action film, but would be very surprised if it could measure up to the animated version.

    • Also, that picture of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent cannot help but bring to mind Charlize Theron as Ravena in Snow White…and in spite of how striking she looked, that film was ultra-forgettable and almost completely inane. Whoever they get to play Cinderelle, Belle and so forth, learn from what happened when Kirsten Stewart played Snow White. It didn’t work. (Screenplay to blame for a lot of it, but still…)

  9. Betty and the best is rhetorically best movie ever

  10. Recruit Robert Carlyle for the BEAST. He can give the beast a character depth it needs like no other!! I really hope they don’t opt for some muscular meat head!

  11. Joe Manganiello is kind of perfect for beast

    • YES! but with long hair

  12. I want Kristen Stewart to play Belle, I will not go see the Huntsman with
    out her. I hope this beasty is mostly human, and that they write an interesting

  13. I think Jennifer love Hewitt would be perfect for belle’s part.

    • YES!

  14. Also little mermaid is in the works

    • I will play Ariel. When are auditions.

  15. Joe Manganiello MUST be Gaston!!

  16. is disney seriously that brain-racked for ideas that they have to rely on remaking ideas? how unoriginal. the earnings from these productions are just simply the result of being lazy and greedy

  17. I’m so excited for this.but,emma Watson? No disrespect to her,she looks nothing like princess belle at all. I wish they would get someone who looks like her.

  18. Ema Watson as Belle and Ramin Karimloo as Beast! :3 That would be so perfect!

    • ahh yees Ramin. but i don’t think they’ll get theatre people tho.

  19. PLEASE MAKE “The Beast”
    I love beauty and the beast, it’s my favorite Disney movie!

    Snow White and the Huntsmen
    Alice in wonderland

    These films were creative & amazing with a twist to the animation films.
    I have currently seen France’s live action of Beauty and the beast, it was beautifully done,
    the cinematography was beautifully done, the story line was also very accomplished and creative.
    Although the casting had me a little thrown, the Beast was casted as an older gentlemen once in human form, it was hard to grasp the chemistry between Bell and the Beast as a man. I preferred the beast in his Beast form more than in his man, he wasn’t what I had in mind.
    I also thought the storyline would of been a little more different although it was creative and interesting I felt the beast being married before took away from his love and union with Bell.
    With that being said, I hope that when “The Beast” is created the storyline turns out to be a little closer to the animation in story so at least this way it won’t take away from the greatness of “Beauty and the Beast”

  20. You know, Emma Watsons style of acting isn’t self reliant at all. She doesn’t use her own personality to convey emotion, which is great. She’s a good actor, but for the Disney remake, I don’t think this is good at all. She really needs to convey the mature, intelligent Watson we know and love. Bill Condon picks actors based on their real personalities, which is great because they will fit with the characters more. But actors personalities aren’t conveyed on screen because actors create new ones to fit their intrepations of the characters. So you may think that Emma Watson is perfect for this role because she’s fantastically similar to Belle, but will it be portrayed in her acting? This all depends on Bill Condons directing ability and vision. Which doesn’t look so good. He directed the twilight saga, which are widely mocked as awful movies.