Disney Announces ‘Avengers’ & ‘Tron’ Animated Series

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avengers earths mightiest heroes header Disney Announces Avengers & Tron Animated Series

While doing their upfront presentation to potential media buyers and clients this past Tuesday, Disney unveiled two new animated series spawned from the upcoming Marvel team-up movie The Avengers, and the 3D tech-world sequel, Tron Legacy.

The Avengers project (which we first reported on back in ’08) will still be titled The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and will now premiere on the Disney XD channel in the Fall of 2010. The Tron project will come after the release of Tron Legacy, most likely in late 2011/early 2012.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will feature the ranks of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Giant Man, The Wasp, with featured appearances by The Hulk. It doesn’t really take a genius to figure out Disney’s two-pronged plan for releasing this Avengers cartoon:

  1. They start reaching that young market they were clearly aiming for when they acquired Marvel.
  2. They start upping the exposure of The Avengers, as a strong lead-in to the feature film release.

Not a bad plan, the only question is: Will this latest Marvel animated project be able to hold a candle to DC animated shows like Justice League?

Take a look at the trailer for The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and you tell me:

As for the Tron series: it’s being aimed at kids 6-14 but has yet to receive the official green light. As stated, the series would arrive in late 2011/early 2012 and be broadcast on The Disney Channel.  Disney is also planning a Tron “micro-series” that they would premiere in the Fall of 2011, to serve as a lead-in to regular animated series. It’s still too early for any trailers, but we’ll keep you posted as promo material is released for the show.

tron legacy wallpapers 14482 1280x800 Disney Announces Avengers & Tron Animated Series

How do you feel about Disney’s new animated projects? How about their movie counterparts? Think the cartoons are good lead-ins/tie-ins?

More on The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Tron animated series when we hear it.

Source: THR via /Film

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  1. Pretty freakin' great!!! As for matching what Justice League was, we'll have to wait and see. Cap looked very cool! Everyone did!

  2. Very nice style, sort of an American style anime hybrid with CGI elements. I like it but Iron Man as the leader, now how did that happen. I guess I can live with that because they have switched leaders throughout the years. But they better not do that with The Avengers movie, Captain America is the leader nuff said.

  3. looks great, I'm 25 and I'll watch it. But its just another animated cartoon the companies will get you hooked on and then for no good reason will take away without resolution and/or stop producing dvds for. EX: X-men Evolution, TMNT (2003), Spectacular Spider-Man (so far), Spider-Man (94), Spider-Man (03). ETC.

  4. Looks really cool. I like the intro of the Hulk at the end, as always, doing the heavy lifting. I was surprised with Iron Man leading the team though. Is this what they plan on doing with the film? Also, Giant Man & Wasp as the other team members in the movies?

    I am surprised they did not use Vision, Scarlet Witch, or Dr. Strange.

  5. Compared to DC? Sorry DC wins hands down. Will I watch it? Of course. Like it? Probably not.. I dont know just didnt get the vibe. Maybe it was the cruddy voice over.. Ironmans look… Wasp looked best with Giant man second….

    So Ultron in the live action movie? :D

  6. the animation looks great but my biggest concern is will it last as long as Justice League did ( season wise ) I mean look what they did to Spectacular Spider-Man, Iron Man Armored Adventures and Wolverine and the X-Men… I Love Marvel but they are more Animated movies while DC is more into Animated series. oh well, cant have the best of both worlds.

  7. Avengers looks okay to me, but I really wanna know if they're gonna do a third season of the Spectacular Spider-Man or not! For the love of God, Marvel/Disney (whoever!!!) CONTINUE THIS SERIES.

    Oh, and a Tron cartoon series? S. W. E. E. T.

    End of rant (for now….)

  8. Avengers looks okay to me, but I really wanna know if they're gonna do a third season of the Spectacular Spider-Man or not! For the love of God, Marvel/Disney (whoever!!!) CONTINUE THIS SERIES.

    Oh, and a Tron cartoon series? S. W. E. E. T.

    End of rant (for now….)

  9. sorry but disney has already ruined them.
    look at the horrible drawing and the way iron man looks they look alot like those how to draw books.

    if you want me watching a dc/marvel cartoon then it better look as damn good as the 90's xmen cartoon.

  10. That was my thought too….

    If this is supposed to get us excited for the movie…. then maybe that is the official lineup?

  11. RLMAO!!!!! “And there came a day……” that voice over was absolute cheese whiz,so corny. LOL!!!!!!! How come the old black guy in the beginning looks like Granddad Robert Freeman from the “Boondocks”?!!! How funny would that be,he'd be like “WTH is that shyt”!!! “Damn can't I just come out and buy some groceries and Bengay without some crazy shyt happenin?” “Damn,gotta call the boys”

  12. I'm sorry but the Avengers are lead by Captain America, not that pansy Ironman

  13. I miss Justice League. I'm really looking forward to the Avengers, but I hope they manage to make it humorous without it being campy, and serious so that we old people can enjoy it :)

  14. I'm guessing they have transitioned to Iron Man being the leader for the Avengers because his character is more bankable; it's about economics. The success of the Iron Man movie has created a universal juggernaut of a character for Marvel at this point. While every fanboy on the planet knows who Captain America is, everybody on the planet with a TV and DVD player knows who Iron Man is.

  15. I have to admit I do like the animation. It looks cool. Even though the article said it is aimed at the 6-14 year old crowd, I hope it is not like well…marvel's super hero squad, which is obviously for kids. Hopefully, this has some seriousness to it.

    However, Cap looks great. Truthfully, I think Iron Man stinks and I don't like him; ever since the Superhuman Registration Act. I'm hoping Thor or even the Hulk makes him eat dirt…again! Nuff said!

  16. You are absolutely right. I don't like that either. They need to have a back story to these cartoon. Ya know, where every episode is different, but they all lead up to one big picture.

    BTW, best X-Men cartoon: X-Men 1992, a total of 75 episodes, and it depicted Wolverine nicely. I think the animated version of Wolverine's origin story is better than the live-action film Hugh Jackman did.


  18. Yeah, I think DC wins in the animated department. Justice League was awesome. How long did it last for? 3 or 4 years?

    However, I did like both Ultimate Avengers movies Lionsgate did. They were pretty cool.

  19. I am hoping that the new Avengers is so much better than their predecessor.
    Also they need to return with Spectacular Spider-Man too.

  20. That's right! I like Iron Man and all but we can't have The Avengers lead by a known ALCOHOLIC. Thor neither because he hits the mead a little too hard at times. A barrel of mead is more than a keg of beer that's a bit much. And Giant-Man, don't get me started on his egotistical low self/esteem arse who knows what he be smokin?

  21. It would've been better if they had just made ultimate avengers a series. That's the only thing Marvel's done that competes with justice league. It does look better than the previous avengers animated series that was led by ant-man and didn't feature iron man, Thor, or captain america. What a joke. Does anyone remember that one?

  22. I would rather see “Earth's Mightiest Heroes – The Avengers” from the original MARVEL comic book title.

    Have the original founding members as shown in the above picture but with a mature animated treatment.

    The “Ultimate” series is great but IMHO a bit over-rated.

  23. Yeah x-men 92 was/is great although wolverine seemed to get his ass kicked a lot as the series progressed. I bought the dvds bootleg off ebay years ago, they were terrible. I was sooo happy that they were finally legitimatley released on dvd.

  24. Marvel announced a while ago that the Avengers movie was going to feature the original/founding Avengers line-up (Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, & the Wasp, and probably the Hulk, given that they've already got a Hulk movie and he *was* involved in forming the team in the very first issue). Hank Pym and Jan Van Dyne are two of the most classic members of the team, outside of Cap, Thor, and Iron Man (and, yeah, Wanda and Vision, who came a little later) – why wouldn't they be in the movie, especially if it's going to be about the founding of the Avengers?

    Dr. Strange is apparently lined up for his own, separate film, plus he's never really been an Avenger, anyway, except for a little while in New Avengers. Wanda, I have an unfortunate feeling, may end up being owned by Fox and stuck in some forthcoming X-Men project (which would be a tragedy as far as I'm concerned, because the Avengers aren't complete without both her and Hawkeye).

  25. Disney's first marvel series. should be interesting.

  26. Another Dr. Strange film? Lionsgate (I think) already put one out about a year or so ago. I bought it but never finished it…..