‘Star Wars 7′ To Hit Theaters in 2015; Disney Buys Lucasfilm [Updated]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated February 16th, 2014 at 9:23 am,

disney lucasfilm star wars 7 Star Wars 7 To Hit Theaters in 2015; Disney Buys Lucasfilm [Updated]

Yes, you read that headline correctly (and no, this is not some sort of elaborate hoax… we think). Walt Disney Pictures is, in fact, acquiring Lucasfilm in a deal valued at just over $4 billion. That means the Mouse House now controls the future of the Star Wars franchise – which means that more live-action films are indeed on the way, with a Star Wars 7 tentatively set to hit theaters sometime in 2015.

Scroll on down for additional information about the deal, along with the official statement from Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Iger – as well as the creator of the Star Wars universe (and head of Lucasfilm) George Lucas.

Earlier this year, Lucas announced his intention to leave his days of blockbuster filmmaking behind him. However, few (if anyone) could’ve predicted that meant selling the powerhouse studio he founded – not to mention, the rights to the game-changing sci-fi franchise he engineered – to Disney, a company that now owns three of the most lucrative creative bodies out there: Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, and now Lucasfilm. Here, as promised, are the official statements on the matter:

“Lucasfilm reflects the extraordinary passion, vision, and storytelling of its founder, George Lucas,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company. “This transaction combines a world-class portfolio of content including Star Wars, one of the greatest family entertainment franchises of all time, with Disney’s unique and unparalleled creativity across multiple platforms, businesses, and markets to generate sustained growth and drive significant long-term value.”

“For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next,” said George Lucas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lucasfilm. “It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers. I’ve always believed that Star Wars could live beyond me, and I thought it was important to set up the transition during my lifetime. I’m confident that with Lucasfilm under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, and having a new home within the Disney organization, Star Wars will certainly live on and flourish for many generations to come. Disney’s reach and experience give Lucasfilm the opportunity to blaze new trails in film, television, interactive media, theme parks, live entertainment, and consumer products.”

Kennedy, of course, has led an illustrious career producing the collective works of director Steven Spielberg, as well as such famous titles as the Back to the Future trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Twister, The Sixth Sense, and countless other money-raking tentpole projects. She will executive produce the seventh Star Wars movie, which Lucas is slated to serve as a creative consultant on. Expect to learn much more about the project over the forthcoming weeks, as the tentative 2015 release date indicates that early development (perhaps even pre-production) is well-underway.

Suffice it to say: this is a MASSIVE development, as far as the future of the Star Wars franchise is concerned. Where the film series will go from here, who will step in to write and direct future installments, how much they will (or won’t) deviate from the style of Lucas’ much-derided prequels – as well as countless books/video game spinoffs released over the past couple decades – has yet to be revealed.

Moreover, one has to wonder: now that Disney owns the franchise, what does this mean for the long-gestating live-action Star Wars television show that was going to bridge the gap between the first two film trilogies (before this unexpected turn of events, that is)? That was viewed as a potential change-in-direction for the property, moving it towards more-adult territory beyond where the prequels or the ongoing animated Clone Wars TV series have ventured. However, now that Disney owns the rights, will that theoretical vision for a Star Wars live-action show ever see the light of day?

UPDATE: During a conference call following this big announcement (via Coming Soon), Disney revealed plans for a new Star Wars trilogy beginning in 2015, with subsequent installments arriving in 2-3 year intervals thereafter. Deadline has also mentioned that the studio is exploring the possibility of a new animated Star Wars TV series for its Disney XD channel. However, even though Disney does now have partial ownership of the Indiana Jones franchise, Paramount’s claim on the property complicates the situation – which is why the Mouse House is prioritizing expansion of the Star Wars universe over producing more ‘Indy products.’

One thing’s for certain: you’d best start preparing to worship our Disney-overlords, as the Mouse House is seemingly determined to takeover the entire entertainment industry, piece by piece…


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  1. Super Excited! I always tough that movies 7-9 would be interesting than 1-3 because we already knew what was going to happen to a lot of those characters. Only the most hardcore fans would have an idea of the plots possible for 7-9. Can anyone who even cares about movies at al say that they aren’t at least intrigued?

    • I Agree I’ll Take anything over A Remake.

  2. I hope they do one more changes release of the blu-rays…where they get rid of certain added dialogue and changed sounds (NOOOO! in ROTJ and the krayt dragon sound from ANH, among others) and re-rotoscoped lightsabers.

    That and a blu-ray release of the unaltered original trilogy so everybody can stop b****ing and whining about it. God am I sick of hearing it.

    And for the record, while I wasn’t alive to see the OT in theaters, i still did grow up watching them and I was able to enjoy the prequels too (with the exception of AOTC). I honestly can not fathom why there is so much unbridled hatred towards them by “die-hard” fans.

    Lastly, don’t jump down my throat for this post, i’m just expressing my opinion.

    • I too, well…I thought the Prequel Trilogy got better with each film, I personally think the prequel trilogy is a good one. Not as great as the Original trilogy, but still good. But the news of a new Star Wars film already having a planned release date, I hope George Lucas knows what he is doing and such. I never saw the Original trilogy as well, but, I did grow up with the films as well.

  3. Mostly worry about the Live Star Wars TV Show !
    Anybody any news on that ?

  4. It’s funny, this story is so big that it makes all the other stories on here seem silly.

    • We will be seing darthvader fighting with Loki, Michey Mouse with the x-men, spiderman fighting with donald duck plus ………………….. hidden mickey on iron man’s costume!!

      • X-men is owned by Fox and Spiderman is owned by Sony, but yeah that would be sweet.

    • Yeah, it did even beat the Idris Elba/Bond story in no time. ;)

      • It also (kinda) beat the Justice league in 2015 news

  5. It sounds to me like Disney are wanting to make ‘Star Wars’ into a ‘Pirates of the Carribean’-style franchise… endless sequels as long as they remain profitable! This is hideous news if true, weren’t the unnecessary so-called ‘special editions’, not to mention the prequels, bad enough, do we need to destroy the legacy of the ‘Wars any further?

    If Lucas had completed the couple of unfinished effects shots from Episode IV for it’s 1981 re-release, left the original Trilogy alone from then on, wrote the outlines for the prequel trilogy himself, then handed them over to another writer and director, with himself remaining as executive producer, and when the prequel trilogy was finished, released all six films in one deluxe DVD box set in 2007 (the 30th anniversary) stuffed with countless extras and goodies, and put the entire ‘Star Wars’ franchise to bed right then – no more movies, cartoons, novels, comics, video games, or anything else – THAT would have been the way to end the ‘Wars gracefully and before franchise fatigue set in, but I guess there’s still too much money yet to be bled from fans worldwide, typical…

  6. Not surprising that Lucas sold it to Disney.
    Hope that Lucas won’t be having direct influence on the next part of the franchise.

    Maybe we’ll see Samuel L Jackson using a lightsaber in Avengers 2, and using Shatterpoint.

    I hope Sidious would come back, as much as I love ROTJ, it really isn’t a fitting end for Sidious.

  7. Robert downey jnr as Obi won

    • Samuel L Jackson as Mace Windu (With an eyepatch)

  8. You do realise now that the X-men are going to be now visiting a galaxy far far away. Wolverine vs a sith lord

    • Does Marvel now own the X-men movie rights?

      • No they don’t.
        I don’t think Mart knows about the rights issue with Marvel Comics characters.

  9. Good grief… I don’t check screenrant for a couple days and i come back to this? I seriously thought this was a joke. I honestly don’t know how i feel about it…

    On the one hand… The entire 6 film saga was, for the most part, the journey of Anakin Skywalker. For better or worse, it stuck to that premise, so making more films now would seem way out of context.

    But on the other hand… Obviously many other things went on in the star wars universe while the events of anakin’s life unfolded, and then after RotJ. Countless books that many believe are better than the prequels could easily be adapted to film.

    Well I guess it’s happening regardless… I just hope they dont re-cast any of the main human characters. I would be fine with them using 3PO, R2, chewie, etc… (assuming the original actors dont come back) but for the love of all things good in the world… DONT RE-CAST LUKE, LEIA, OR HAN!!!!

    • True.

      I also like to think as 4-6 as Anakin’s legacy to Luke and Leia though, so maybe 7-9 could be about Luke/Han/Leia’s legacy to Jacen and Jaina.

      And maybe see Luke training padawans on Yavin 4. Would be fitting in a way to see the Jedi Academy re-established in the next film, considering it’s destruction in last film released (those poor younglings).

      I hope they either go forward, all waaay back – KOTOR style.

      • *’or’ waaay back

  10. Im up for Darth Vader in the new Avengers any day!! Can you imagine Hulk taking on Darth Vader, how sweet – its a childhood dream come true.

  11. Am I the only one who wants an Old Republic setting in these movies?

    Revan will be f****** awesome :D

    • Yeah, or Darth Nihilus he is AMAZING!!!!

      • Agreed (if they don’t continue forward from ROTJ) KOTOR would be awesome. Not to mention it would leave plenty of ‘room’ to avoid tainting the existing films.

      • Yeah, they need to do that, not doing it would be an incredible waste of the property.

  12. Lucas has always said he wanted to go back to his roots and do films away from the Star Wars universe. I hope he follows through and brings out some creative efforts that show how talented he actually is. On on the business side Lucasfilm once owned Pixar, Pixar are now owned by Disney so it seems logical for Disney to go after the larger business as well especially now that Lucas is moving away from the business side and back into the directors chair (finally). Disney will also now own ILM and that may mean greater cross company development between the animation and special effects wings of the business which can only be good news… A Pixar/ILM live action film would be well worth watching. Hopefully the new Star Wars films will be worth seeing and not just a mediocre re-hash of past glories. It would be nice to think that the stroy can be continued successfully. Time will tell..

    • ILM and Lucasfilms are separate entities both owned (in the case of ILM, partially) by Lucas.

      Disney bought Lucasfilms, Lucas et al, still owns ILM.

      • ILM was a part of the deal, so was skywalker sound……disney owns those also. Everything that is part of lucasfilm is part of this deal, so disney got the live action movie division, lucas arts, animation division, ILM, and skywalker sound

      • Actually the deal also included ILM and Skywalker sound.

  13. Star Wars always had pretty good stories but the dialouge F’ING SUCKED! Who got paid to write these horrible scripts. I dare any of you to go back and watch anyone of them “movies”. The dialouge makes it almost unwatchable. Episode III is the only decent one in the whole bunch. And I will never forgive them for trying to force comedy relief (Jar Jar Binks) down our collective throats. There were so many bad ideas in episodes I and II. I really don’t think that anyone else could really make this franchise any worse than it already has been. Unless for some strange reason Disney decides to do JarJar Binks The animated series. Put on your shades people I think the Star Wars universe has a bright futre ahead. I hope.

    • Originally I thought the dialogue in the first movies was deliberately bad to be like the old movie serials that it was based on. But it eventually dawned on me that who ever wrote it was just lousy at dialogue. Heh.

  14. Dude, John Carter and Tron: Legacy were both good movies!

    • Absolutely agree on that! Loved them both!

  15. Disney most likely will not reboot the series but I don’t think they will do a story of the old republic either because they already made episode one and you can’t go before one unless it is a TV series. I would be expecting something on abc real soon though. I love the star wars saga and always wanted to work for Lucas and now I won’t have the chance. So Warner Bros. look out cause here I come.

  16. Peter Jackson or bust for the next 3. He is the only one with the attention to detail, creativity, and big film experience needed to do the last 3 properly. Wait for him to finish the Hobbit and get him. Nobody else will do.

    • ohhh that would be epic…although if the story isnt good enough, which it wasn’t for episodes 1 and 2 it doesn’t matter who is directing. Definitely not Nolan though, he would reboot it, set it in New York and have Yoda talking in a deep “Bale-esque” voice. I can just imagine it know “Serious, why so are you?” “A smile on that face we will put.”

      • What? Nolan would be awesome for directing a star wars film. It would have to be a bounty hunter one though because Nolan isn’t really into the force and stuff. But imagine a Jango Fett story set with the dark and grttieness of Nolan.

        • Nolan’s an awesome director, but he’s definitely not the guy I’d want directing Star Wars – even if it is a “dark and gritty” story.

        • It’s not like Nolan would make some wierd corny explanation of Force with micro-organism.

          If Nolan did a Star Wars movie it would be closer in tone to the original story. The force didn’t become a big deal until the Prequels where Lucas went CGI crazy. I could see him dishing out a Empire Strikes Backt type flick.

    • I kinda prefer Del Toro or maybe Matthew Vaughn.

    • I can see it now…

      Oh no! Chewbacca’s been shot! Cue slow motion death scene, with sad, dramatic music and muffled exterior sound effects. Cut to slow motion reaction shots of Han, Luke and Leia. Oh, but wait, it’s just a flesh wound. Chewie’s fine.

      Jackson, while talented, is one of the most manipulative directors there is. He manipulates every second of footage (literally, since they color correct the whole film) to make the audience feel how he wants to feel, rather than let them come to that conclusion on their own. How many times did Frodo or Aragorn get injured and we’re led to believe it’s mortally just because he goes slow-mo and removes all the sound?

      That and I’m pretty sick and tired of people throwing out his name (and Nolan’s) willy nilly just because they handled one franchise well. Guess what? Jackson was a LOTR fanboy. THAT’S why he made a good LOTR. He was a King Kong fanboy. That’s why he made a decent Kong movie. He’s not that big a Star Wars fan. You need to hire a director who loves Star Wars as much as Jackson loved LOTR. Whedon and Abrams are both Star Wars fans, and it shows through everything they do.

      But personally, I’d love to see Spielberg tackle one of these films. I doubt he’d ever do it, since I don’t think he’d want to upstage his friend, but his take on the franchise is long overdue.

      • Because Peter Jackson is one of the only directors to produce a movie that I walk out of saying “Wow. Never seen anything like that before.” One of the things about the LOTR movies that made them so great is that he made the shooting and sets so big, and attention to detail so small, that you really believed they were in a hobbits house, or in Rivendale, or going underneath the Argonath. Lucas did the same thing in the original 3 Star Wars (look at the minituare of the Millenium Falcon clamped onto the side of the Star Destroyer – it was 1 scene, but the miniature is huge and detailed). I think that is what is needed for the last 3.

        Really, only the Matrix, Avatar, and the LotR movies really drew me into another universe so completely. Nolan, while he did a great job with the Dark Knight movies, in the end it was just telling another hero story (even if done superbly). I don’t get the Guillermo del Toro suggestion, he really isn’t proven at all. Matthew Vaughn I think did well with original material (Stardust and Kick Ass) and obviously handled X-Men: First Class really well, but I don’t know about his ability to draw the viewer into another universe as well as Peter Jackson.

        • Pacific Rim looks promising, and can be used as a gauge to see if Del Toro is really worthy of helming Star Wars.

          Matthew Vaughn made X-men great, also while he is known for this, he can handle ensemble and big casts.

        • I also recall Whedon not proven until Avengers came out, or Nolan unproven until The Nolan Knight Trilogy, At least Del Toro is a veteran in comic book films. And Pan’s labyrinth was just an ordinary film that Del Toro made really great.

  17. Well, I don’t know if anyone has brought this idea forward yet, I see we’re at 6 pages of comments now, and I’m not going to wade through them all……I would like to see Ford, Hamill, and Fisher get into a recording studio, and lay down the voices for some of the expanded universe stuff. Get pixar in the mix, animate the Heir to the Empire trilogy. There is a ton of great story arcs in all those books. Just stay away from the New Jedi Order stuff. They lost me when they killed off Chewie.

    • they all couldn’t live forever I mean come on seriously they had to prove that not everyone was safe

      • Plus doing a eulogy for Chewy helped get me an A in speech class lol

  18. may the force be with disney lol

  19. I have to say I am in the optimist camp on this, Disney’s acquisition of Marvel had me worried, then it turned out great.

    I just hope that Lucas’ involvement in any future Star Wars films will be extremely limited.

    I personally (hopefully) think Disney is full on taking the reigns and gave George a creative consulting role just to keep his name attached to the property. How much you wanna bet his creative consulting is limited to the contents of the food table?

  20. At this point I have more faith in Disney to make proper Star Wars movies than George Lucas. Sadly it appears George is only in it for the money and not the passion for movies alone, BUT I still thank him for bringing us Star Wars!

  21. If they do it right, I could see it working. Maybe have Luke in the Obi-Wan capacity where he trains new Jedi. You could have Leia, Lando, and Chewie and the droids come back easily. If Harrison Ford doesn’t want to do it, they can easily say that Han is dead. I just don’t want them “Disneyfying” this, and putting some stupid Disney channel kid actors in it.

  22. Even better, use the Thrawn trilogy books by Timothy Zahn as a basis for Episoded 7-9.


    • That’s too bad, Star Wars The Clone Wars is actually pretty good.

      • It’s pretty water down and silly compared to the better stories. The animated Clone Wars shorts were better.

  24. I don’t have a problem with an animated version, but I would prefer a live-action to keep in tune with the other films.

  25. Does this mean they’ll make a “special edition” of SW 7-8-9 afterwards, complete with “creative editing?”

  26. Holy SH*} is all I have to say, Holy SH*} in shock

  27. Oh my God its hard to believe another star wars well Im delighted,, and i want to tell you something interesting about the whole thing. I was at Star Wars in Dublin this year and I had a blast at it it was great I met a few from the films as you do when you go to these things. I got a chance to ask Billy Dee williams live before and many people in a question and answers session. I asked Him whats it like to have been in the Falcon, and this is what he said ” well all i can say is it was like DISNEY LAND walking on to the set. Then in the same session he was asked if he was given a chance to reprise the role of Lando would he do it and he said I would if the money right,, so we will wait and see what happens here,,