Discuss Transformers 2 (Heavy Spoilers)

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transformers revenge fallen reviews Discuss Transformers 2 (Heavy Spoilers)

One of our most popular new features here at Screen Rant is the movie spoiler discussion post, where people can feel free to talk about all aspects of a film without having to worry about spoiling it for others. For spoiler-free discussion, check out our Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review (which will be up very soon), but if you want to talk about the movie after having seen it I suggest you do so right here.

So discuss Transformers 2 below to your heart’s content!

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  1. I don’t remember optimus shoving the all spark in his chest. Or crap!

  2. Well you should’ve noticed that… Crap is one thing that showed up repeatedly in that film, haha. I don’t understand why The Fallen is in the title when his story seems like side-plot at best with only a small portion of the film’s time dedicated to him.. They spent more time searching for that tomb in Egypt then The Fallen spent doing any real damage.. It’s like they added sooo many useless characters that the writers forgot about the important ones, haha. The movie should’ve been called:

    Transformers 2: Robots with thumbs up their butts in Egypt

    It seems to make more sense to me…Oh, and another thing that got to me… they added all these stupid new robots and barely any robots even got destroyed in this film… Three freakin hours of straight explosions and only those stupid cycle bots get the axe??? And who really gave a crap about them anyway? I suppose The Fallen got killed too.. But he was hyped up the whole film and then takes a beating like he wasn’t even trying… And just when one of the annoying twins is about to finally be torn to shreds, (the way I prayed for the WHOLE movie) he jumps out unscathed from that razor vaccuum of doom.. I rolled into that film blazed and didn’t even giggle at those twins… They could’ve at least killed them off to soothe the urge I had to jump through the screen and shoot a rocket launcher at them myself…

    Overall, the fact is.. Whether you liked it or not, the movie did to hardcore Transformers fans what episode 1 did to Star Wars fans… Except the twins made jarjar binks seem like George Carlin…

  3. chris man chill out, no one made you sit there 3 whole hours. AND ive said this before too, what did you think you were gonna get? you seem intelligent 2 me and you obviously saw the first one. SAME DIRECTOR, 1st ONE DID WELL AT THE B.O., MAJORITY LIKED THAT ONE TOO, ever hear of if it aint broke don’t fix it haha.

    Come on people! like i said the votes are in. if you didnt like it your in the minority so push on.

  4. thanks rich i thought i was all alone out here man oh and chris i have a couple questions How do you jump through the screen? Can I borrow your rocket launcher because you’re kinda enoying? And when you shot the twins did they die?

  5. Can I just say… what the hell are you all getting so upset about???? This movie is a summer blockbuster. It will not be nominated for awards in major categories come Oscar season but might be nominated for a few come MTV Movie Awards time.

    It was not a brilliant, thought-provoking movie. Nor was it an all out cheese-fest of vulgarity.

    How can you be so upset that there was crude humor and rather idiotic dialouge? This movie was made for the 14-25 year age bracket and it filled the quota.

    Everybody just needs to CALM DOWN!!!

  6. I’m not flipping out, nor would I care if I were the ONLY one that didn’t like the movie.. I would just assume that every one of you drank the ‘special’ koolaid and was brainwashed.

    And I definitely WAS expecting much the same as the first movie, I loved the first one.. But they did not stick to the formula.. They added unnecessary characters, changed the character of Sam, thinned out the plot, added bad stereotypes and language…

    It wasn’t broke, and they changed it…

    But I’m good on it, and unless anyone asks me a question, I’m done with my angry rant… I’ll just have to see another film STAT in order to get this one out of my brain..


  8. here’s two Questions Wat does the special Koolade taste like? And why didn’t you stop you’re angry rant a long time ago?

  9. I am a die hard Transformer fan from G1. I loved the first Michael Bay film. I have read all the comments from screenrant and have gotten irritated by all the negativity about that film about the humor used and John Totorous part in the film. I say that the first movie was perfect and I would not change any of it. It renewed my loved for the Transformers (not that it was gone. I have even immortalized the brand with a tattoo I love. That being said I have this this for all those who have seen the new Michael Bay film and I hope all who read this know I will continue to be a fan for this Brand.

    I went to the premiere of the Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, at 1201 am on 06/24/09. I could not wait for this film. I took my wife, and my kids 14 and 12. We wanted to be the first to see what was to be the most anticipated movie of the year for us.

    We were in the movie and it begins. The excitement is overwhelming for me. I have loved these characters since I was a kid and I have passed this love to my family. The movie begins. I am watching with total ah. Then it begins. First it is the twins who I see. I am thinking they are okay no biggy. The are for comic relief which i am fine with. I continue to watch taking all the new characters and the awesome action as I expected. I loved Soundwave although I had seen the new toys and had been a little discouraged. I believe he was one of the coolest additions.I am not going to tell the entire movie but over all I liked it. Now I will say this, by the end of this movie I was angry. I was disappointed, and most of all a little saddened. I wanted this to continue feel the excitedment in this brand and take on the fantasy I so enjoyed but I could not. Why, because my beloved Transformers, a highly intelligent technologically advance race of beings that I have always thought were excellant role models in my life, were now showing that they were nothing more than a product of the idiotic B.S. that has become our society. The curse, they talk like they have become under educated and dumbed down to be street thugs in a gang, or that they are now apart of our wonderful world of reality show characters, and that is the Autobots. The Decepticons actually seem to be the more intelligent side. I loved Sideswipe, Arecee, Sideways, and The Constructicons, I liked Devestator, that is what I got to see of them. Ravage was cool, and the super thin robot I have know idea of the name. Soundwave was probably my favorite. Optimus was awesome in his battle royal until he died and I felt sad. Thats it that is what I loved. I am disappointed in the rest. I thought the language was just stupid and totally unnecessary. I thought the sexual humor was out of control, again I say out of control. I really did not need to know Devastator had balls.

    The acting was fine and ofcourse Megan Fox is sexy. The action was great and the Transformers looked great, asside from the twins (my daughter said the looked like Obama).

    I say this, Michael Bay you got my money for this one and I will buy the DVD’s when they come out on one condition. Fire the ones that are resposible for dumbing down and over sexualizing this story. They should just be ran out of Hollywood. This brand deserves better than that. We the fans deserve better. Take my money and redeem yourself with the next one.


    I LIKED THE MOVIE a lot, but this one soul character would of made such a difference.

    isnt he supposed to take over when poptimus gets shanked?
    and Starscream in the very first cartoons i watched when i was little was ( well you had to watch that winey duech with eyes in the back of your head ) a lot more important

  11. MIKE, you said it well brotha.. I liked aspects of the movie, but it was the dumbing down that was most annoying.. I felt like I was watching the transformers on TMZ… The brand and the fans indeed deserved better..

    As for the questions…

    I was being sarcastic.

    It was a reference to the Jonestown Massacre, cult that conformed and all drank the deadly koolaid.

    And lastly, I had all these points to make about shortcomings of the film, and didn’t receive any couterpoints beside the equivalent of “don’t look into the movie so much”. So I felt as though I should continue..
    Believe me, I love hot chicks, action and special effects as much as the next guy, I just assume that when entering the movie theatre I will be getting at least SOME substance along with it…

    Anymore questions I’d be glad to take on, otherwise, perhaps I’ll see a film like The Hangover and write about how it was possibly worth my $10…

    I will however say, that I was content with just seeing the preview for Avatar, which looks pretty sweet. I would’ve left the theatre 30 minutes into the movie had I not been there with my girlfriend and 5 other friends.. That’s why I didn’t HAVE to sit through it, but felt pretty obligated to there Rich.

    I’m done “arguing” I suppose.. I just wish I could go back in time and pirate that movie so I could’ve saved my time and money.

    Anything out there worth going to the theatre for?


  12. @ Mike

    I agree with you too much unnecessary humor

  13. Christopher Miles: I think “The Hurt Locker” is supposed to be great – if you’re looking for a cleansing film!! I think the best by-product of Transformers 2 is all this emotional and (mostly) intellectual debating it’s stirred up! I love seeing a byproduct like that. 😉

  14. transformers 3:

    more action away from earth
    soundwave must transform into robot mode
    megatron becomes galvatron
    no more revivals because no more shard of allspark and no more sun harvester
    superion and trailbreaker must be in it
    more plane battles in the sky like in the first movie
    show us a good 30 minutes of footage on cybertron
    way more screentime for sideswipe (badass)
    have a couple new epic autobots and decepticons like primus and unicron
    less human interaction
    oh Alice is as hot or maybe hotter than megan fox, too bad she died
    they should call it:

    Transformers: The Battle for Cybertron


  15. I just saw the R-rated “Public Enemies” and it had about 1/20th the foul language of PG-13 Transformers 2.


  16. Vic, how was that. I wanted to see it.

  17. Well, I thought the movie was great and I thought the twins were hilarious. It was there for comic relief and that’s it. I think everyone should stop looking so deep into it and just enjoy the movie. It was a great movie

  18. I thought the movie was great yes it had some sexually humor but it has so get it over dont let the kids plenty of so called top rated movie have sexually humor do hear anyone compliaing so just live with it this wasant suppose to be no oscar wining movie it suppose be robots beating each other up and they did that so just quit complaing

  19. I completly and totaly agree with you Brandon and Jacob
    What else can you expect from transformers except great entertainment and robot on robot carnage?

  20. I enjoyed the film…it has its flaws, but overall it was enjoyable. Only major complaint I had was that “The Fallen” had only 10 minutes of screen time and “he” is the title character.

  21. The movie is a mess. Lines like “Sam, it has always been your destiny,” left me wondering if I was watching Star Wars or the Death of Superman instead of a flick about giant robots. And why the hell did we need the step and fetch it robots in this? Some of the action was good, but it became indecipherable at times. I thought the first movie was better and I didn’t even like the first movie.

  22. I thought the action in the movie was great. Honestly though some of the action sequences could of been cut out and the movie could of been 20 to 30 minutes shorter. The dialogue was a little cheesy and forced. Megan Fox was dynamite hot. Shia was great, just wish the writing for him was a little better. The mom was getting annoying, but was somewhat funny. The other transformers added were just for comic relief.

    Overall, the movie was 7 out of 10. The plot was really thin. I like the John Turturro parts, but didn’t need to see his butt. I thought the roommate wasn’t really a factor in the movie and he could of been cut out completely, but he had a couple funny scenes.

    I hope the third one brings just as much action and a better plot and setup. It’s a movie about transformers and the action and stuff, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more up close personal action with Megan Fox…Can I get an AMEN! lol

  23. I loved the fight scenes except for the endless slow-motion shots. It was cool for Optimus to finally whip Megatron’s butt, even in the first fight. Was it just me or was anyone else wondering if they came to see the TRANSFORMERS? Most of the movie was Sam and the gang running and hiding. As far as the sexual humor goes, I knew we were in for it when the ice cream truck shows up with “suck my popsicle” painted on the side. The first movie was fine without it and it didn’t make this one better. Megan Fox looked like she was dressed for a music video in every scene. I know she’s the eye candy of the film, but come on. It seemed the film was too long and a lot of the unneeded stuff could have been trimmed. I loved the first film and didn’t feel that it had all these drawbacks. Did it have the same writers?

  24. Everyone seems to be saying there were more transformer scenes than the first. I thought it was way less with a lot more of Sam and company. I thought Bumblebee and Optimus were hardly in it. If you take away Jetfire’s endless talking and running into everything as well as the annoying twins, there’s not a lot of action left. Venom has more time in Spiderman 3 than the Fallen had. Even the military guys were used a lot less. The movie was about Sam, his parents, his girlfriend, his roommate, and the goofy CIA agent.

  25. Wes,

    Yes, it had the same writers as the first film(Orci and Kurtzman),but I heard that they aren’t coming back for the third film though.

  26. The best part about all the haters writing these loooong negatives comments….is that when part three comes out…we all know they will be waiting to see it!!!!!

  27. Ok seen it twice now….I still hold the first film in high regard and my favorite just cus its was Transformers on the big screen for the first time 4 cripe’s sake. Revenge Of the Fallen I really enjoyed, a total popcorn movie with something for everyone. Drama, comedy high and low points and of course Michael Bay’s explosive action and iconic imagery.
    Being a fan of the 80’s cartoon, Beast Wars, Beast Machines. I enjoyed most of the film but had a few personal thoughts. Like why not more Sideswipe,Soundwave (battles/transformation…), Ravage, Rampage, etc….I liked the whole Nest thing. But got tired of the switching scenes of military red tape giber. I would have preferred more dialog for the Transformers and original cast and not pointless minor characters that had no point taking up time. Another thing was with the Fallen basically comes a connection to Unicron (only and obvious plot for # 3). Nothing…. The only thing I heard was Tyrese comment “if god made us in his image….who made them” hint hint. Over all really enjoyed the movie and planning on going for a 3rd time. No movie is perfect espically with huge fan followings, its so hard to please everyone. Its gonna be a while but already xicked and intrested in what they will do with Transformers 3.

  28. I loved the subtle imagery in the movie. Let’s not forget who the writers are! :)
    The first robot seen in this movie raised two over-sized arms in the air and crashed them down while emitting a loud, audible robot tone. He was in New York. He destroyed a suspension bridge. Ringing a bell???
    We later find Megatron lying at the bottom of the deepest trench in the ocean, surrounded by octopi?!?! Isn’t it too deep and cold for those guys there? Were they drawn to Megatron?
    Later in the movie, a girl chasing after Sam turns out to be…..a mutant transformer alien!!! Reminded me of Sil (I avoided all blonde supermodels for years after seeing that movie!) How long have they been here? Walking among us?
    After we are reintroduced to Agent Simmons, he stands in a doorway to a pyramid in Egypt and says, “This is just about the biggest doorway I have ever seen.” Hhhhhmmmmmm?
    The doorway leads into a chamber made up of “dead” transformers who were guarding a key that unlocked the power of their main machine. It was a giant world killer (like Star Trek XI’s Romulan machine).
    Suddenly, a super-transformer appears (made up of several transformers combining Voltron-style) and starts sucking up the desert. He tries to swallow an autobot by sucking him into his maw! A giant soul-sucking transformer!?!?!?
    What does this all mean??? All allusion to what’s coming up next, of course! Watch Lost’s last season and see everything written or produced by the Abrams team! It’s gonna be a hell of a ride! You might read a little sci-fi/horror as well. Start with the originators early in the century.