Discuss Transformers 2 (Heavy Spoilers)

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transformers revenge fallen reviews Discuss Transformers 2 (Heavy Spoilers)

One of our most popular new features here at Screen Rant is the movie spoiler discussion post, where people can feel free to talk about all aspects of a film without having to worry about spoiling it for others. For spoiler-free discussion, check out our Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review (which will be up very soon), but if you want to talk about the movie after having seen it I suggest you do so right here.

So discuss Transformers 2 below to your heart’s content!

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  1. The action scenes are ruined by Bay trademark style…..

    and all other aspects of the movie are extremely terrible even for Bay.


    Optimus Prime Dies

    He gets better.

    Sam Dies

    He gets better.

  3. This movie was awesome. Its was epic and one of the coolest movies this year. I couldnt help myself getting excited every time Sam and mikela are on screen. This movie is just plain old fun.Finally prime is an offical BADA$$, and the sound was amazing. AMAZING CGI, I give this movie 10/10 and best number one movie of 2009. Bring on transformers 3
    cough unicorn cough cough

  4. Sideswipe didn’t get enough screentime. More to come but it’s late and I’m tired.

    It was sweet though, even with bad comedy and didn’t seem like 2 1/2 hours.

  5. did not like it one bit. stereotyped humor got old really fast. absolutely no plot and when a plot began to emerge it was bogged down by silly dialogue or a very badly shot action scene. i don’t know how michael bay managed to make robots fighting boring but he did. and i loved the first one. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

  6. movie sucked felt like bad gm add

  7. Most overhyped movie of the summer…the ending was horrible with the final battle over in like 2 minutes compared to about 40 minutes of build up. Most of the new characters got annoying real quick, they tried to make it too epic and over the top, and the dialogue was absolutely horrible.

  8. Amazing film, saw it at the Imax….In terms of action and effects it’s a 11/10 there was so much to take in I had to watch it the next day. And it was surprisely serious, there was some graphic violence in there and great quotes lol… The comedic moments were genuinely funny for this type of film (based off a cartoon) just short enough for you not to get bored and led you up to the next scene even the music in between leant to that. It felt like I watching a cartoon brought to life. Which is what i assume spielberg was aiming for.

    My one major gripe is the subliminal racism (we don’t read) like WTF

    Apart form that I loved it

  9. No offense, but this movie is for idiots. Every piece of this film is an insult on human intelligence.

    It’s one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. The plot is.. well… stupid. The fighting scenes were…mmm.. did you see anything?

    Transformers in heaven?
    Transformers transforming into hot chicks?
    Robots farting, puking and crying?


  10. @gingerbeer

    Are you Michael Bay?

  11. 5 minutes in my first impression was “this is terrible”. No character development, the first movie is a masterpiece, this is a cheap knock off.
    I can’t believe how bad it is.

  12. The first movie sucks too, admit it.

    But this is a complete mess.

    What a waste of Megan Fox hotness.

  13. “no offense, but this movie is for idiots”… yup… that’s not offending anyone at all. You’d think JM was MCG and was pissed off on the fact that this movie seems like its going to do much better then his….lol. Funny that a movie starring the kid from even stevens might own a movie thats starring the dark knight himself… either way this is my only comment… i loved it like i said i would. In a way i think bay and the writers put lots of those stuff in to piss off the critics even more… which was hilarious and genius in my opinion. To all those that hate and/or dislike this and/or the first transformer movie… “when is YOUR movie coming out? YOUR masterpiece with story and character develop-blah blah that your always blabbering about” and last but not least… thank you all (both ones that liked it and disliked it) for funding part 3 if it comes out… if not bad boys 3 then… whatever as long as its from michael bay i can alway think “yay”.

  14. Today i’ve learned this: making an ridiculous awful movie is considered “genius” for people that enjoyed tuturro’s ass close up.

    Thanks jago.

    Recheck your sources, not only critics are saying this movie sucks. Most of viewers agree this film is crap. Get real.

    And what do you prefer? not going to the theater and talk about a movie without actually seeing it?

  15. Wow reading alot of “this film is crap,,,” Maybe there is hope for some of you. Heeheeee…

    Subliminal racism, I thought I was the conspiracy nut here. Haa haaaaa.

  16. What this Film is amazing by the way the reason its so good is becasue Michael bay its good at making action film hense why theres loads of explosions which Bay likes doing its not for idiots its a brilliant movie!

  17. Dudes! Really! I can not believe that there are people on this site who actually like, and even worse,(gasp!) prayze this movie! I am completely dumbfoundedly godsmacked at what has become of the human race’s iq levels! Revenge of the Fallen is in my top 5 worst movies of all time, hands down! And considering its budget, hype, scale, etc., probably my all time worst! Michael Bay literally went and puked all over the screen and it will bag him kazillions! (side note, the word kazillions is actually used in the movie!). Ugh, this makes me sick. My brain literally died after watching this. And this is coming from someone who actually liked the 1st one. REally, I appreciated it for what it was, and it was awesome entertainment. But this! This is just too horrendeous for words! Plot = Non-existent and boring as f***, Action = a bunch of really, really quick cut, close angle cg,can’t-see-wtf-is-going on- shots that only serve in borig the life out of anyone with a functioning retina! Only cool part in the entire movie is the Prime fight in the forest before he dies. And that’s it, I give this movie a half star, and that half is only due to Optimas being realy cool and badass throughout (but guess what, he’s dead for half the thing, so what does that tell you!). Ugh, what a waste of good effects people and money. I’d rather watch a ten hour marathon of Batman & Robin than this piece of crap! Sorry for the rant, REvenge of the Fallen puked on my face, so I had to regurgitate it back somewhere. Cheers cheers, I have to go try and stop the bleeding from my eyes now.

  18. its a good film, however i didnt see it a spotlight for the decepticons (which i was looking forward to) instead the autobots took the spotlight straight from the decepticons and was turned into a autobot propaganda movie. no seriously hopw many decepticon do we see die? and how many autobots die? well no autobot dies sadly *which i was hoping for, especially the ones with hardly any screen time*. i was also disappointed with soundwave as well; such as all you get to see him do is hump a freaking satellite and thats it! ¬_¬

  19. @JM, “no offense but this movie is for idiots” ummmmmm, good one? You can call the movie stupid, but why call the people who liked it idiots? Doesnt that make you the idiot?

  20. havent seen this 1 yet but I believe it is going to be another x-men origins type of movie for the summer…lots of action, lots of new characters, and lots of bad dialogue…first was good, but it wasnt even that great…Bay shoudl NOT have directed these films…

  21. I liked it. Lots of action. A hot Girl. Talking robots. Robots that kick ass, i think people need to stop looking into it so much and just see it for what it is entertainment theni hear you say “it didn’t entertain me” then why didn’t you walk out halfway through? exactly so stop crying. It was a great film i loved the action sequences. Plus optimus prime wasn’t such a push over in this film =D. Loved it guys so i guess I’m an idiot… shame :( x

  22. @JM, don’t worry dude, I agree with you wholehartedly!
    @Oscar!, no, it doesn’t make him an idiot. People who like this movie are idiots. Absolute, 100%, hands down idiots! They have the brains of cockroaches. Seriously, as I sat in the theater and watched as the other 50 people laughed and applauded this piece of garbage, I sincerely started to loose faith in all humankind. You know that movie Idiocracy, while not a very good movie I have to say, the entire princible/premise of it = Entirely 100% true. Modern man is retarded! And I expect that the box office numbers will illustrate this perfectly.

  23. Horrible..Do not see this movie..very disappointed..the intro was terrible..the whole story of the movie was just thrown all over the place throughout the movie..they did not explain to you at all how the deceptocons really came back..it’s like they resurrected a few of them just so they can die again..no plot no explanations of new characters and why they are there..horribly directed…very disappointed with Michael Bay

  24. I liked it. It was everything a movie BASED OFF A CARTOON should be. LOTS of action ( something a lot of people said was lacking in the 1st ) it got about as dark as transformers could get without having a lot of kids crying. they set up the 3rd one nicely.

    LOL i dont know how you can say horrible, if youve seen the 1st one this is like that on speed. Not great writing, corny dialogue, and yes its about the cg. BUT honestly you should of known that going in lol.

  25. Since when a movie a based off a carton must be crap? Is that a new rule?

    And sure, most of people who didnt like it saw the first one and naturally expect some kind of improvement. That’s make sense right?

    And “dark”? Robots crying, puking, farting, talking like white rappers? This movie makes jarjar funny, imagine that.

  26. @Oscar

    no offense but you’re the idiot!

  27. Great action / Horrific… well everything else. Its pretty mindless, racist, and forced. If all you need at the movies is grandstand effects and the desire to eyehump Mega Fox for 2+ hours then this is YOUR MOVIE! If you like depth or have graduated the seventh grade you’re too smart to enjoy this movie.

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