Discuss Transformers 2 (Heavy Spoilers)

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transformers revenge fallen reviews Discuss Transformers 2 (Heavy Spoilers)

One of our most popular new features here at Screen Rant is the movie spoiler discussion post, where people can feel free to talk about all aspects of a film without having to worry about spoiling it for others. For spoiler-free discussion, check out our Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review (which will be up very soon), but if you want to talk about the movie after having seen it I suggest you do so right here.

So discuss Transformers 2 below to your heart’s content!

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  1. I’ve been to the National Air and Space Museum in DC probably close to five or six times. It is located in the middle of the National Mall in DOWNTOWN Washington DC.

    I must have missed the section that had the GIANT HANGAR that opens up into a HUGE OUTDOOR PLANE GRAVEYARD. Which is funny because I have walked around that entire area, all I remember seeing was street to street buildings.

    I guess I needed to pay for the guided tour, or it’s a new addition in the last year? Can anyone confirm the new plane graveyard exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum?

  2. @DataSchmuck

    no i believe that was something that was added for the movie. they made it look like it was right outside but it is actually an entirely different location.

  3. Big fan of the cartoon, had tons of the toys, and really liked the first film.The second movie I wanted to leave after the first hour. People say turn your brain off and enjoy and I did and still was bored and dissapointed. How many times are humping dogs going to be used for a quick laugh then we got humping robots.Then we got scenes that were so predictable (wrestling robots uncover robot tomb,l-bomb dropped when charactor is dying) there were many times in this movie when I said to myself no thats not going to happen and oh crap it did. I’m not saying it’s awful but its far from great take out 2/3 of the scenes with the humans (please kill off Sams parents) and the movie is better.

  4. OK, so ive seen the movie twice now, once in IMAX and once regular theatres. I really enjoyed the action sequences. THe way he pulls out the camera and lets you see the fighting was really well done. Also, Sideswipe deserved a much bigger role, the way he takes out the R8 in the movie was amazing. Also, I noticed that one of the kitchen appliances shoots out of a canon placed right over his genetalia. That is to say, his dick was firing rockets… pardon my french. Anyone else notice that?

  5. Actually, there is some bad information being bandied about here. Critics universally hate this movie, but 90% of viewers rate it very highly. How is it possible that someone could make a movie that 90% of everyone loves, but critics hate? Michael Bay has a knack for giving the masses what they want while ignoring the critics entirely. He is a proven money-maker and producers will continue to produce his films because they are cash cows. If Paramount didn’t put out films like Transformers that are stupid, yet wildly popular, then Awesome films like Star Trek would never get made (because a studio would go out of business).

    By the way, other than a few annoying things about the movie (Megan Fox and Bumblebee’s voice, for example), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. I think someone had mentioned this somewhere before but I kept thinking about how the robots looked in robot-mode vs. their vehicle mode; in robot-mode, they have dints and scratches but when they transform, their vehicle mode look like they just came off the assemply line, then when they transform back to robot mode, they have the dints and scratches again. Weird. Also, it was said numerous times that only a Prime can defeat a Prime; who killed Optimus Prime? Is Megatron another Prime? Not according to the Fallen.

  7. @John “Kahless” Taylor says:

    Well, it seems that the vehicle mode is sort of a hologram of some kind. Or perhaps a shapeshifter deal. Maybe they would have to expend energy to project non-damaged parts in robot mode? It’s just an idea.

    Maybe Megatron is a prime, but he wouldn’t be a threat to the fallen because he is a villain and wants what the fallen wants anyway. Also, just an idea.

  8. unlike most people around here i loved the first 1. Revenge of thee fallen was just okay.here are some of the things i had a problem with.
    1. Leo, he was anoying, and boring
    2.devestator didnt have any big fights, and when he was trying to kill leo and simmons the scene was pointless. who cares if he kills leo and simmons.
    3. when sam tells his dad and mom to leave with bumblebee its like what. one of the autobots best is going to leave to protect the parents. and they dont realy go anywhere because they are there at the end of the movie.
    4. 30 of the last 32 minutes at the end are sam and mikela running to optimus. it was boring and like what theyre going to do this instead of having a showdown.
    5. when devastator is using his sucker it pulls in cars but not the people.
    6. the last fight scene with optimus and the fallen is only 15 seconds long.
    7. when optimus has those extra parts why does he take them off when megatron and starscream are still alive

  9. Does anyone know the last Optimus Prime words on the end movie TRANSFORMERS 2?

  10. so ya i just saw tf2 last night and ya it is not as good as the first one, there are to many holes in the story and its simple stuff that could have been thought out better, things like megatron having two legs and being the tank legs at that? all they had to do was show the cube shard fix his leg and transform him into the tank robot (galvatron) but no he was like that when they got there….so am i to think that the octopi did it? come on! i do love these moves, all i want is just a little thought put into them.

  11. ok
    1 Optimus was accualy a desendent of the prims so i guess it was ok to kill him.
    2 megatron got the tank legs because they fixed him up when they revived him
    3 the movie was ausome but the 2 things i didnt like(apart from the lack of plot) was that optimus just took off the jet part he got after he killed the fallen. WHY!! he had a gun on his right arm that was twice as long as his other arm and he could fly WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!! also im really angry that they killed scorponok. he survived the first movie by digging into the sand after the millitary failed to kill him then regenerated only to be killed by jetfire smashing his head as he fell down. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!! scorponok was ausome. he was that one minor evil caracter that survived and he had ausome slow-mo stuff. they better have him survive because he the one transformer that was really ausome. that was my problem with the movie.

  12. So there was a few things that really bothered me about rotf, first of all Optimus’s coloring is off. I sat through the whole thing just looking for the mistake with his coloring -it was really bothering me- and if you look at his collar bone (metal thing) in the first movie it’s red, in the second one it’s blue. Minor details that an animator should have picked up.
    Also the Matrix isn’t a source of power, if anything its more like a journal of past Primes. It shouldn’t have given him whatever the hell magical powers he had -temporarily.
    And lastly, Sam had an allspark fragment right, during the duration of the movie Im screaming to myself “take the fragment to Optimus and revive him with that you dip$h*t!” Oui I can’t help it, im kind of a fanatic.

  13. Roni

    Sam used the allspark fragment on jetfire.

    The matrix didn’t give him any powers, when jetfire died he gave his parts to beef up and fly.