What Star Wars Could Have Been…

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star wars the old republic What Star Wars Could Have Been...

Remember when Star Wars was awesome? When it owned the sci-fi genre and had the most devoted fans in the world, including its own legion of real storm troopers?

And then came the prequels… and then The Clone Wars

This is where a big portion of the fans of old lost interest, where many became angry at George Lucas for what happened with Star Wars and more recently with Indiana Jones. While there were a billion different overpriced toys to buy from for the franchise from a million different Star Wars toy lines, the franchise was heading in the wrong direction.

To me, Star Wars was no longer the cool thing and it was no longer exciting… How could that possibly happen? I used to love it! The prequels were dumbed down and not as respected as the originals, changes were continually being made to the originals for a dozen different variations of the DVD sets, most of the video games were weak and the obvious focus and effort was placed on merchandising which was getting out of hand. It had become an absurd case of quantity over quality in all facets of the Star Wars business model.

What interesting timing for Star Wars to fall a few notches in the minds of many fans, as Star Trek began to make its triumphant return with J.J. Abrams leading the charge. And to the pleasant surprise of moviegoers around the world, the movie was a smashing success critically and financially. Trek had stepped up to re-claim the sci-fi throne from the faltering Star Wars (we’re talking movies here).

One of the bright spots in all of this for Star Wars was its two amazing Knights of the Old Republic video games which brought Star Wars to a new era, with a strong story based 4,000 years in the past. The games won major awards (including game of the year for the first), were critically acclaimed and everyone seemingly loved them. It was even rumored that they might make a film based on the first game. It’s funny that the only good games we had seen in the franchise in such a long while had to distance themselves as far as possible away from where the movies had gone – We also saw this with The Force Unleashed.

While gamers waited eagerly for a third installment in that franchise on the new generation of video game consoles, we were instead given news that the next game made by Bioware (the electronic entertainment company behind KOTR) would instead be an MMO (massively multiplayer online game like World of Warcraft) and the trailer for it debuted not long ago.

John over at The Movie Blog picked up on the trailer for this game and made a great point – If the prequels were anything like this, everyone would be a lot happier, and the state of Star Wars a lot different.

You must watch this video and see how awesome it is:

Imagine a movie like that? Instead, the recent Star Wars films targeted children in a dumb way. People of all ages loved the original trilogy movies without having overly childish moments, characters and dialogue – why do it like that now?

Anyways, instead of a movie like what we see in that trailer, we got this:

jar jar binks What Star Wars Could Have Been...

… and this:

star wars the clone wars What Star Wars Could Have Been...

We got ripped off.

What do you think of this trailer and where do you see the future of Star Wars heading?

Source: The Movie Blog

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  1. Steven, yeah, I didn’t want to even mention that one!

  2. your so right,thats why i traded all of my star wars films for the terminator films to my younger brother,that trailer was bad azz,and they need to make movies dark and gritty,well thought out,good acting,and great story,the fx have to be spectacular and the scenes were the slow down in the fight scenes were awesome. star wars im afraid is threw unless they strat makeing films a little gritty and dark like dark knight and x-men 1,and 2 ,then they will dwindle away.

  3. That trailer was great.

    I think Lucas has just lost his edge with most of the content of the prequels.

    But Revenge of the Sith was good.

  4. Star Wars has got to go down that route, much darker and nastier would be so much more fun. Loved how Vadar looked, we should get to see that in a movie.

    Lucas get your act together and make one like that.

  5. WOW!

    I’ve been a defender of the Prequels, but this is just sick.
    THIS is what the Order 66 scene SHOULD have looked like in Revenge of the Sith…damn!

  6. WOw that was pretty sweet, better than the entire latest trilogy. Its astounding to see the influence of Guelermo Del Toro in media these days, fans of his work should be able to spot it.

    I think the trilogy, latest one, should be rebooted and reimagined like this.

  7. That’s a fantastic trailer! That’s the Star Wars in remember. Seeing that trailer gives me hope that the franchise could make a triumphant return; it’s only a matter of when or how.

    If Lucas could make movies like that bring it on.

  8. *that’s the Star Wars I remember

  9. That kid from The Phantom Menace who played young Anakin gives me a migraine every time I try and watch it. Revenge Of The Sith darker and much better.

    But this trailer makes them all look like bad B-movies! WOW!!!

  10. I think they need to go backwards with Star Wars. We know who Vader is now. They told his story. They should instead do a prequel prequel trilogy like “Knights of the Old Republic” era where there were tons of Jedi and Sith. Kinda explain the origins. Just imagining seeing Yoda on the big screen (a much younger yoda) fighting sith with his crazy lightsaber style brings me hope…

  11. I can say that I’m old enough to remember seeing the original 1977 version of STAR WARS at the theaters. Not long afterwards, there was an interview on NPR Radio with George Lucas, and the interviewer (can’t remember his name) asked what the ‘Episode 4′ meant. Lucas went on to say(and can be confirmed through many sources) about his plans to possibly created 9 movies set to the title ‘STAR WARS- EPISODE’ then the number then something like ‘A NEW HOPE, RISE OF THE EMPIRE, FALL OF THE JEDI’ and such.


    But when he was confronted about this in 1997, he calmed that he NEVER said those things. He also said that he would NEVER bring his original movies to DVD (at the time, he got burned on the laser disk because they were too big and didn’t play well). But after years of hounding him to do the movies, he puts out the prequels that DID NOT live up to the original story. Many believed that he was under pressure by not only the fans, but his own daughters (of whom wanted the BACKSTREET BOYS in ATTACK OF THE CLONES) and TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX to finish it. Lucas has went on to say that he wouldn’t do any more movies OR T.V. because he didn’t trust anyone with keeping true to the story….
    …and yet…
    …there’s the animated series CLONE WARS, and the (possible) live-action STAR WARS T.V. show.
    So MY question is- should George Lucas trust others to bring out the TRUE story of STAR WARS to the big and little screens? Yes, yes he should….because everyone else seems to be doing a better job than him.

    But that might be just ME thinking that.

  12. I think Lucas should do either the sequel trlogy(Episodes VII-IX) and bring Mark Hamill back as an older,wiser Luke Skywalker traning a new generation of Jedi Knights and having new adventures and enemies set against the backdrop of the rebuilding of the republic as was promised back in the late 70′s and throughout the 80′s with Luke’s son or gifted protege as the lead hero flying the Millennium Falcon inherited from Han Solo or let J.J. Abrams do the sequel trilogy or a reboot trilogy or sexology or even nonology with not only Luke’s backstory but Leia’s and especially Han’s story of how he met Chewie,won the Falcon from Lando and made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs etc. Leading up to the Death Star battle with both Luke and Leia flying X-Wings and the series continue with Luke and Leia becoming Jedi Knights by the end of the trilogy confronting Darth Vader and in another trilogy become Masters and train a new order of Jedi Knights and fight the last remnants of the Empire led by an intergalactic terrorist also have Han and Leia married and have the twins Jacen and Jaina and Luke meet and marry Mara Jade the former Emporer’s Hand and at the end give birth to a son Ben Skywalker and confront the Emporer similar to the Thrawn trilogy and Dark Empire.

    Then do a final trilogy with the adventures of Luke and his son Ben facing the Yuuzha Vong,Luke’s old Sith Lady Nemesis Lumiya(from the Marvel Comics SW series of the late 70′s/early 80′s) and Han and Leia’s son Jacen as a Sith Lord or even the being Aboleth from the SW novel series’ The New Jedi Order,Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi.

  13. I hate the prequels and the re-issues of the originals. If anything, cancel the clone wars show and focus on old republic, force unleashed, the comedy show and the live-action show for a few years and then reboot the original film for IMAX digital 3D so future generations can actually grow with a good movie.

  14. The prequels have more intelligence in them, and old school Star Wars aesthetic, than JJ Abrams Star Trek. The trailer you’re applauding while putting down the prequels contains designs and shots almost out of the prequels, only departing to add “coolness factor” which is never what Star Wars movies have been about. JJ’s Star Trek is only on the level of EU Star Wars. Lower. I guess there’s a certain segment of the population that eats up low art, and thinks high art is trash.

  15. Ramping doesn’t belong in a canon Star Wars film. It’s too trendy and modern:
    “Speed ramping, or simply “ramping”, is a process whereby the capture frame rate of the camera changes over time. For example, if in the course of 10 seconds of capture, the capture frame rate is adjusted from 60 frames per second to 24 frames per second, when played back at the standard film rate of 24 frames per second, a unique time-manipulation effect is achieved. For example, someone pushing a door open and walking out into the street would appear to start off in slow-motion, but in a few seconds later within the same shot the person would appear to walk in “realtime” (normal speed). The opposite speed-ramping is done in The Matrix when Neo re-enters the Matrix for the first time to see the Oracle. As he comes out of the warehouse “load-point”, the camera zooms in to Neo at normal speed but as it gets closer to Neo’s face, time seems to slow down, foreshadowing the manipulation of time itself within the Matrix later in the movie.”