‘Die Hard 6′ Titled ‘Die Hardest’ – John McClane Headed to Tokyo?

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Die Hard 6 Die Hardest Die Hard 6 Titled Die Hardest   John McClane Headed to Tokyo?

Based on our 2-star review of A Good Day to Die Hard, it’s clear that (in our opinion) the franchise is running on fumes. Domestically, the movie was something of a flop ($67 million on a $90+ million budget), but international earnings were huge ($235 million), meaning that Fox (which, like many other studios, is showing greater favor to the international market) has good incentive to move forward with the sixth film.

Well, today comes word that Die Hard 6 is at least moving into the pre-production phase. The next installment apparently has the working title of Die Hardestand we have reports about the screenwriter who has been tapped to pen the film, as well as some early plot details.

Total Film has the exclusive about Die Hardest, which is apparently being scripted by Ben Trebilcook. If the name is unfamiliar: Trebilcook is currently working on a martial-arts-meets-video games movie called Knockout, and the producer of that film tapped the relatively untested young filmmaker to write Die Hard 6.

The plot details we know so far are that Die Hardest will once again take place predominately overseas –  shifting from NYC to Tokyo. This would mean that John McClane (Bruce Willis) would get a chance to kill bad guys of a whole new nationality – while still leaving room for him to crack many America-centric jokes, as well as making crass cultural observations like how Japanese dudes can’t take a punch, or how some femme fatale isn’t acting like a proper little Geisha. You know the drill by now.

Die Hard 6 title writer Die Hard 6 Titled Die Hardest   John McClane Headed to Tokyo?

“In Russia, You do not Die Hard – Hard Die YOU!”

Things are only in the script treatment stage at the moment, which leaves the studio plenty of room to scrap the project at low cost, should they fail to convince Willis and franchise producer Alex Young to sign off. For his part, however, Trebilcook seems hopeful that his work will be up to par:

It is extremely faithful to the franchise and characters and is a natural progression. It’s also a very plausible storyline… [There’s] the possibility producers might go back and find some other source material to base the next one on, like they did with the first and second. Mine though, I feel it could be the Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise.

…Hopefully that Rocky Balboa reference means that he’s writing the closing chapter to this worn out story (ZING!).

Would you like to see John McClane take on Tokyo? Or is it time for this entire franchise to just go ahead and ‘Die Hard?’


We’ll keep you updated on the status of Die Hardest as more news comes to light.

Source: Total Film

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  1. My opinion has been that with each entry in the series the quality of each film has lowered.
    1. Great
    2. Pretty Good
    3. Alright
    4. So-So
    5. Pretty Bad
    Anyone else notice a pattern?

    • Vengeance was an improvement on Die Hard 2. Even Bruce Willis says that is his least favorite entry in the franchise. Although Die Hard with a Vengenace started the trend that has not yet been abandoned, that John McClane is becoming so one-dimensional that he needs an on-screen side kick to add some depth. I don’t want a side kick in the next film unless it’s Holly Genero

  2. Die Hard: Great. My favorite in the series.
    Die Hard 2: Die Harder: Really good.
    Die Hard With a Vengeance: Good.
    Live Free or Die Hard: Really Good.
    A Good Day To Die Hard: Great. My least favorite.

    I’ll look forward to the 6th movie. Taking place in Tokyo, huh? How intresting.

  3. I just want his son to have a good impression. not like the last movie. And its not even for character development. I just really want Jai Courtney to go far in Hollywood.

  4. Die Hard 7 “Die even harder than we than you did in Die Hardest”
    Die Hard 8 “If you aren’t dead yet then why did you pay to see this movie?”
    Die Hard 9 “Already Dead Hard” (Happens in Nakatomi Retirement Home)

  5. Die Hard 1 was simply amazing. 2,3, and 4 were all acceptable sequels. 3 was better than 2 in many respects but worse in some others. Same goes for 4. DH5 had the gritty look and feel that I think was lost in DH4, but was crappy anyway. I’d still like to see one more good one and the only way to do that is to make one.

    And Bruce Willis has said that 6 will be the last, so there’s no reason to say that the franchise will never die. He’s got one more in him and that’s it. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

  6. CRAP! This franchise is dead since the fourth. Move on!!!

  7. Die Hard 6: will finally Die! should be the title for sequel

  8. Another one? No kidding…well, if they make it, I will watch it. Maybe we should send McClane to North Korea to take that little Pillsbury Doughboy they have over there running the country down a notch!

  9. There is a reason why, in my opinion, that Die Hard 4 was a great entry into the series, while DH5 was not. DH4 was a great re-introduction to John McClane; it modernized the franchise by using a great plot based in technology, while also providing some good (albeit a bit far fetched) action. In 5 though, there was no significant plot. Mostly it was just a lot of action; action that would make DH4 look tame. Without a strong plot and with ridiculous action, DH5 didn’t stand a chance. That being said, for what it is (a no brained popcorn action movie) its kinda good, but it is no where near the quality of the first 4.

    Maybe that Rocky reference is a good sign of things to come because I would definitely say that both Die Hard 5 and Rocky 5 were the worst of their respective series. Maybe a 6th movie for DH could act as RB did for Rocky. While RB is probably not as good as most of the other movies in the franchise, it can definitely hold its own. I think it is a pretty solid movie and a fitting end to the franchise. Hopefully a 6th Die Hard could do the same.

    1. Die Hard
    2. Live Free or Die Hard
    3. Die Hard With A Vengance
    4. Die Harder
    5. A Good Day to Die Hard

  10. Everyone’s comments are so clever.

    I still haven’t even seen the 5th. Waiting to rent it. And I’m not buying the box set until they stop making the films. What’s the point in a collectors box set if they keep making more?! At least I have my VHS trilogy still.

  11. After reading many articles from most of screen/game rants staff, I think its safe to say that Kofi is the only one that follows the sites motto of News without the sugar coating. No offense to anyone..

  12. Oh Jesus why bother! Die Hard 5 was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, it was a 12A in the UK which meant it was cut to hell, poor violence and no swearing, this didn’t help a ludicrous plot and horrendous script! I’ve got nothing but contempt for that movie and have deleted it from my memory!

  13. If the Die Hard franchise happened in reality John Maclane would be so well known and famous for all his deeds he wouldn’t be able to show his face in a bar fight without being recognised. Placed in the context of an international incident he would be targetted by the criminals and offed as soon as they saw him.

  14. It should be noted that Eoin Friel broke this story on April 20, 2013. http://theactionelite.com/2013/04/is-this-the-plot-for-die-hard-6/

  15. Get a Gruber sibling, Samuel l Jackson, sgt. Al Powell, holly and bring Robert Patrick again as the brother of one of the terrorists killed in the second one. Make it as good as the first three. Make it the rocky balboa of the franchise. Make it good so that it will be a die hard film and that it is rated r and not pg 13 like die hard 4. Don’t make the villian reveal himself in the end like the last one. It was stupid set it in New York, La or dc like 1,2,3 and 4

  16. i love all the die hard movies i still have them include it the 4 one but i have not seen the 5 die hard yet i just cant believe hes going to do a 6 die hard that if its true

  17. I’m excited just to know how much it bothers the nay-sayers and critics that can’t move past the idea that not everyone has the same taste in movies and jusy because you hate a particular franchise that doesn’t mean the rest of the world should as well.

    I for one am bewildered at how anyone could be so diehard a fan of some of the stuff that gets high reviews (i.e. the artsy stuff ) but I would never begrudge those who do like said artsy films. Different strokes for different folks.

    For all the Die-Hard Haters out there, $300+ million at the box office says you may not be as movie savvy as you think compared to the rest of the movie going public.

    • The amount of money a movie makes at the box office says less about how good a movie is and more about what type of movie most people are willing to spend their money on (which, as it turns out, has a strong correlation with plots that require little to no intellectual effort).  

      I am sure if you got Bruce Willis alone in a room, he would tell you A Good Day to Die Hard is a bad movie.  Or at the very least, the weakest and laziest effort in the series.

    • But the original Die Hard got good reviews. It has 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t get why people pretend that critics don’t like action movies. They just hate *bad* action movies. And from what I’ve heard about Die Hard 5, it was sh*t. So, maybe you just have bad taste (i.e., you like sh*tty action movies, as opposed to good ones?).

      Predator, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, even the new Predators, Avengers, The Dark Knight, SKYFALL? They’re all action movies, and they all have great reviews.

      Call me when they get a competent director and writer again to make these films. Until then, Die Hard 5, and to a lesser extent, 4, deserve all the criticism. Hell, let McTiernan have a shot at it again (if he’s out of prison now), I’m sure he’s got one good action film hidden away in him.

  18. the screenwriter sounds promising. lets hope he gives mclane an emotional edge instead of just on liners like F#u#ing skip woods did. ben triblcook if your reading this coment please do not mess this up and also if you ever run into skip woods in holywood please punch him in the face. thank you

  19. Its all about the director i mean look at the crap in DH5.As soon as i heard Max Paynes director was in charge.I knew it would be crap.It has to be gritty,great script,Gruber,Holly.I mean Wtf Fox.Its obvious.I love the first die hard,but part 3 hands down had the best ending.Say hello to your brother..,,,,,,EPIC

    • I think the biggest problem with DH5 wasn’t the directing. It was the piss poor script.

  20. To me “Olympus Has Fallen” would have been better the best Die-hard kind of plot, except it was without John McClaine

  21. Well this ought to be interesting lol. I do honestly hope Jack (Jai Courtney) will return… John McClane is kind of worn out ;)

  22. Hopefully they will go back to the previous style. Blood and cuts. The last one he never got hurt the whole time. It was unrealistic

  23. Die hard 5 did suck but i will take more if the sixth is better. Its also funny to hear people complain about another when crap like fast anc the furious is on film six with film 7 confirmed. At least the die hard franchise wasnt rushed out in just a decade

  24. I think its lame to see McClane in Tokyo…….

    Its best to see him inside the States.
    Seriously. No Asia or Africa. Its boring to watch, and I’m sure more of super fans would agree with me because First 4 Die Hard movies were in the States which was a perfect line for McClane.

    PLEASE so Asia this time. We have seen him on outside the States, and that’s enough. Now let’s go back to US, maybe back to NY and end the story there.

  25. Like I said bring a Gruber back make it rated r, set in the United States, bring holly, Sam Jackson, al Powell, etc.

  26. I want the movie to be about Justin Longs character and Lucy’s character trying to elope without family being there.

    McClane and Jack are talking over a dinner. Jack knew that they were going to elope but John didn’t. The conversation comes up and John (who believes Lucy should have a traditional wedding with family there)says he’s going there to stop the wedding. Thus, Jack and John head to stop the wedding.

    Then cue the terrorist plot whatever it happens to be and the McClanes are wrapped into it. The movie could take place at common eloping spots Hawaii,Vegas or on a Cruise Liner.

    The movie ends with a traditional wedding! And we see many friendly familiar faces from the series who show up for the wedding at the end. Happy ending to the franchise.

    • Die Hard in Hawaii..? Are you high?

  27. Bring it on “Die Hardest” get the series back on track ! Bring back Samuel L & Argile the limo driver.

  28. I’ve always enjoyed the franchise, despite the disaster which was the last movie. In the next one I’d like to see the torch passed to his son, with Willis only making cameos in any future movie.

    • That would kill the franchise deader than dead. People only go to watch Die Hard movies for Bruce Willis, not for Jai Courtney. He’s the only reason it was revived after 12 years.

  29. What is the world coming to? All of you art majors out there that crave realism need to spend a little more time off of the couch (or Starbucks or Panera or any vegetarian cafe) and walk down any street in a big city, and you will have had your fill of reality. The purpose of a movie is to provide an entertaining escape from reality, not mimic the boredom and sadness that is the real world. I thought part 5 was great. Plot – save the world (we’re you really expecting anything else?), subplot (renewed father/son relationship). And the notion that a sequel (even a bad one) will in any way lessen the enjoyment of an established film is crazy. No one will have snuck into your house and edited your favorite flick, it’s still the same. Anyone that doesn’t want to get excited for the potential behind another round (or 5) of John McLane should hold their breath for The Kings Speech 2.