‘Die Hard 6′ Titled ‘Die Hardest’ – John McClane Headed to Tokyo?

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Die Hard 6 Die Hardest Die Hard 6 Titled Die Hardest   John McClane Headed to Tokyo?

Based on our 2-star review of A Good Day to Die Hard, it’s clear that (in our opinion) the franchise is running on fumes. Domestically, the movie was something of a flop ($67 million on a $90+ million budget), but international earnings were huge ($235 million), meaning that Fox (which, like many other studios, is showing greater favor to the international market) has good incentive to move forward with the sixth film.

Well, today comes word that Die Hard 6 is at least moving into the pre-production phase. The next installment apparently has the working title of Die Hardestand we have reports about the screenwriter who has been tapped to pen the film, as well as some early plot details.

Total Film has the exclusive about Die Hardest, which is apparently being scripted by Ben Trebilcook. If the name is unfamiliar: Trebilcook is currently working on a martial-arts-meets-video games movie called Knockout, and the producer of that film tapped the relatively untested young filmmaker to write Die Hard 6.

The plot details we know so far are that Die Hardest will once again take place predominately overseas –  shifting from NYC to Tokyo. This would mean that John McClane (Bruce Willis) would get a chance to kill bad guys of a whole new nationality – while still leaving room for him to crack many America-centric jokes, as well as making crass cultural observations like how Japanese dudes can’t take a punch, or how some femme fatale isn’t acting like a proper little Geisha. You know the drill by now.

Die Hard 6 title writer Die Hard 6 Titled Die Hardest   John McClane Headed to Tokyo?

“In Russia, You do not Die Hard – Hard Die YOU!”

Things are only in the script treatment stage at the moment, which leaves the studio plenty of room to scrap the project at low cost, should they fail to convince Willis and franchise producer Alex Young to sign off. For his part, however, Trebilcook seems hopeful that his work will be up to par:

It is extremely faithful to the franchise and characters and is a natural progression. It’s also a very plausible storyline… [There’s] the possibility producers might go back and find some other source material to base the next one on, like they did with the first and second. Mine though, I feel it could be the Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise.

…Hopefully that Rocky Balboa reference means that he’s writing the closing chapter to this worn out story (ZING!).

Would you like to see John McClane take on Tokyo? Or is it time for this entire franchise to just go ahead and ‘Die Hard?’


We’ll keep you updated on the status of Die Hardest as more news comes to light.

Source: Total Film

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  1. Really? The last one was horid and they are still going.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this…all I know is that it should definitely be the last whether it’s good or bad.

  3. Just make it stop please…

  4. As a faithful viewer of “Die Hard” since day 1 I say Die Hard, Die Soft, I don’t give a sh*t. Just DIE already.

  5. You know what? I’m actually curious to see what this one turns out to be like. Yes, the last one was terrible; but terrible because of bad script and direction.

    Give it a new screenwriter and a less ‘shaky-cam’ obsessed director and this might turn out to be a decent action flick. At least I can only hope, it would be a shame for this series to go out on a whimper instead of a bang.

  6. I wonder if the ‘Rocky’ reference and Japan setting is going to give a nod to the Nakatomi corporation and Holly works there from time to time.

    But the last film was horrible.
    My hopes are not too high.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Get Holly back in the picture, and dial it way more down than what was in the fifth and even the fourth. Make it more personal like the beginning of the series. No more of this saving the country/world garbage.

  7. Kill off John Mclane, let Jai run with the series…….

    Bruce you should be in Lethal Weapon cause your too old for this s***

  8. Oh gawd… make it STOP!

  9. Die Hard 5 was horrible. Those who watched it purely for the action may have gotten their money’s worth but it was clear that the film had no heart. This franchise needs to die hard while people still respect it. At least Stallone had the sense to leave Rambo be after 4.

  10. I was really surprised to like A Good Day to Die Hard quite a lot after all the heat that the movie received and still receives. I wouldn’t mind if they made another one, but they should bring the story back to America.

  11. This franchise needs to die hard.

    • This franchise needs to die fast!

  12. At the rate the series is going, Japan will be completely annihilated by McClain’s actions, not that I will be attending it.

  13. Only McTiernan (1, With a Vengeance) had an understanding of McClane.

    • I know, right?! Can’t they at least have him as a consultant or something?!

  14. I didn’t think Die Hard 5 was horrible…but it was definitely the worst of the franchise. I only want this if it’s gonna be good. If Die Hard 5 is any indication on how the series is going, then it’s clearly running out of steam, and should stop now. Still, on the other hand…I’d hate for Die Hard 5 to be the last entry in the series. Die Hard deserves a better finale than that, so I say if this is in the right hands, make it awesome and make it the last one.

    I think a problem with the series has been that the stakes have been getting higher, ironically. You go from a small building in the first, to an airport in the second, to a whole city in the third…and so on. Part of why Die Hard 1 worked so well is because of its small scale. It also made John McClane more relateable, which is gone now. I guess they seem set on Tokyo, but I think it would be a good idea for it to be something smaller again, maybe like a family reunion for the McClanes, where the stakes can be really high for them on a much smaller scale. That’s just my two cents though.

  15. Is ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ to intelligent and logical of a movie title to use?

  16. Die Hardest is a better title than the last and can’t help but be a better movie.
    If they get back to the essence of the character it could be a suitable farewell.

  17. After the last one i say end it already. Last one was pretty so disappointing

  18. I liked the first three, four, not so much. The last one was better than four.

    Not sure how I feel about a sixth one…. :/

  19. To the people who want the franchise to end (Yes I’m talking to all of you people who have bad taste in movies). More than 6 years ago, you all were all hopped up to see a new Die Hard, then Live Free or Die Hard came out. You kept wanting more since you enjoyed the others because they were good, now all of a sudden, you want it to end just because you didn’t like the newest one? GIVE IT A BREAK, ONE BAD SEQUEL WILL NOT KILL THE FRANCHISE!!! It’s the person who writes it that you need to watch out for. I usually don’t brag on people for talking down a big hit franchise like this if they didn’t like they new sequel, but I’m getting tired of hearing about the negativity, you know they’re gonna make the films regardless of what the fans say unless something in the business happens that causes the project to shut down, so why try?

    • +1000000000000000000000000000000000000. Nobody ever seems to know what they want. Everybody wanted more Star Wars, everybody wanted more Indiana Jones, nobody wanted more Fast and The Furious…. and now that francise has become an awesome action Juggernaut. Not sure what my point is… Quit complaining and let Bruce Willis keep working. There’s no reason why Die Hard 6 can’t be great.

  20. Can someone just put a stop to this please.

    Who are the studio execs trying to get his greenlit? Okay so the last movie has grossed over 300 million worldwide, but that’s certainly no case for another installment especially when it underperformed in the States and received very poor critical reception.

    To me these films have stopped being about John McClane, the everyday, normal cop who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has now been replaced with your standard Bruce Willis action hero who gets sent a routine assignment and goes about his business minus any personality or charisma.

    You can understand Willis wanting to do more but please anyone else should have the good sense to realise that this franchise is done with already.

  21. So he going to go get his wife i bet who stills works for the Nakatomi corp

    • yup and i feel like a gruber attack on the mcclane family is imminent

  22. Please say this is all a joke…..

    • This is all a joke…

      Do you feel better now? :D

  23. A Good Day to Die Hard was pretty crappy. (The action was fun though.) But I’d still like to see one more. Still have hope for one more good one out of the franchise.

    • That movie was a good 20 minute of plot and character development from being a good movie

      • My thoughts exactly.

  24. Oh for the love of crap. Let this series go already. I was really let down by the last one.

  25. THE ONLY REASON I’m hoping for this is cause I’d like to see DH end on a good note instead of a bad one. and it’s been reported in interviews with Willis he intends for DH6 to be his last so..

    • Doesn’t matter what he intends. If it does well, the studio will pay him to come back and if they pay well Bruce will always agree. He’s not above appearing in movies he doesn’t care about if the paycheck is right.

    • It’s going to keep going… just like Fast&Furious.

      Coming in 2015… Die Hardly.

  26. They just need to get back to the basics and have John McClane and have him back in one spot.

    OLD HABITS DIE HARD: Maybe trapped in a nursing home? As in he’s old and senile, thinks he’s fighting terrorists. It keeps cutting back to reality to show him fighting nurses.

  27. Die Hard 7:

    “Die? Hardly!”

    • And there it is ladies and germs, the best post of the day by a long shot, good one Nostelg-O dude, LOL, and sadly true!

      FOX try to crank out yet another $100m installment of a franchise long running on fumes and nostalgic legacy alone, meanwhile, the finished script for the ’24′ movie lies somwehere gathering dust because the very same studio won’t put up a mere $45m to get it made right… the greedy myopic dastards!

      No more John McClane on the big screen, more (or any for that matter) Jack Bauer on the big screen… pronto!

  28. So, because the last one wasn’t good, that means they should stop making them? What if the next one is awesome? Then what? I don’t care, nobody is forcing me or any of you to watch the movie. If the movie is bad, it’s bad, if it’s good, then we weill experience another good Die Hard movie, you really can’t “lose” anything…

    • I can ‘lose’ my respect for what used to be a consistent great franchise.

  29. As long as it isn’t a pos like 5… I saw 5 in imax and that was 18 bucks that I will never get back. I really enjoyed 1-4. Make it more like those, but judging by the videogame movie screenwriter I’m not holding my breath haha

    • Haven’t seen 5 yet… but 3 was the worst one to me.

      Keeping him in one place is the best idea… but then you can’t do those “take down a helicopter with a car” or “run into Nikita with a truck” scenes.