New ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Trailer: John McClane Takes on Russians with Nukes

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Die Hard introduced iconic modern American cowboy John McClane (Bruce Willis). The character has sustained in popularity over 25 years of changes – in terms of both the general political climate and Hollywood landscape – and returns in next month’s fifth installment A Good Day to Die Hard.

Previous trailers built up to a bombastic payoff, highlighting the fireworks and wise-crackin’ that ensues once McClane takes a trip to Russia, seeking to help out his grown son Jack (Jai Courtney). However, McClane Sr. is unaware that junior’s a secret CIA op, looking to stop a bad bunch of terrorists from getting their hands on some loose nukes.

The latest A Good Day to Die Hard hits the ground running, cutting quickly through the activities of said Russian terrorists – which includes Cole Hauser (Pitch Black), Sebastin Koch (Unknown) and model-turned actress Yulia Snigir as the mystery stripping motorcyclist seen throughout marketing – before culminating with a non-stop onslaught of vehicle collisions, helicopter gunfire, massive explosions and both McClanes running about like a pair of superheroes who can survive anything (be it enemy fire or a plummet through several glass ceilings into freezing water).

Of course, it’s not a proper trailer without the requisite joke about its star being a member of the 50+ crowd (see previews for fast-approaching titles like The Last Stand and Bullet to the Head) – just in case anyone needs a winking reminder that this inherently ridiculous action movie sequel is, well… kind of ridiculous.

a good day die hard trailer New A Good Day to Die Hard Trailer: John McClane Takes on Russians with Nukes

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney in ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

This trailer offers the best taste of director John Moore, cinematographer Jonathan Sela and editor Dan Zimmerman’s handiwork, recalling their collaborative efforts on movies that people love-to-hate (Max Payne, The Omen (2006)). A Good Day to Die Hard also has a cold metallic color scheme and grimly-filtered visual style, which makes it look more like a Jason Bourne movie than John McClane adventure (the overseas setting contributes to that feeling).

All the same, there’s something to admire about a film with a poster tagline this cheesy, a cast featuring multiple European supermodels and trailers promising to fulfill every whim of straight male action junkies; not to mention, everyone else (see: topless Courtney). Plus, you can always count on screenwriter Skip Woods to not skimp on the out-of-control spectacle, as evidenced by such films as Hitman and The A-Team. It harkens back to The Expendables 2, but with contemporary global-political awareness and less self-referencing; that should move the fifth Die Hard away from Expendables self-parody territory. Hopefully (?), it’s for the best.

A Good Day to Die Hard opens in U.S. theaters on Valentine’s Day.


Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. You know there could’ve been a press release that said, “We are making another Die Hard movie,” and I would’ve said, “Ok, let me know when and where I can watch it.” No trailer required.

    That being said, this trailer was full of awesome.

  2. Varro from Spartacus. That’s where I’ve seen this guy before!

    Stuff blows up real good. I’m guessing story is coming in a distant second here….But what the hell. I loves me some John McClane.

  3. This could have been entitled


    I would still see it.

    • Or GREEN HARD: COLOR GRADING WITH A VENGEANCE. The visuals look terrible.

  4. Russian babes, and John McClain blowing the S*** out of bad guys.

    It’s gonna be a good movie.

  5. The trailer was edited poorly, but the movie looks cool.

    • Too bad it seems to reveal the entire stoty a to z

  6. The first trailer is still my favorite, but hey, this still looks pretty awesome! Looks like they are avoiding CGI (which is a good thing) with the exception of the final shot, which will probably be the main action sequence of the film.

    • Main Action Sequence?

      Hell, thats John McClane going to the corner store from some bread and butter.

    • Well given whats going on in that shot I can’t blame them for using CGI lo.

    • I hate it when a trailer gives to much away..last thing we saw could be even the final shot of the film :(

  7. Haha, there is just something about the longevity of the John McClane character that makes me smile.

  8. Looks great.

    I’m just wondering what it’ll be called in the UK since the last one was retitled Die Hard 4.0

    • Die Hard 5? :P

    • I think it’ll still be called A Good Day to Die Hard. It was called Die Hard 4.0 in the UK to play off the whole cyber/computer aspect of the film, and because they thought the play on “Live Free or Die” would be lost on many.

  9. I think everyone should realize this film is written by Skip (X-Men Origins, The A-Team) Woods and directed by John (Max Payne) Moore… a recipe for crushing mediocrity if ever there were one, was Renny Harlin or John McTiernan not available?

    That being said, they should have kept the original ending to ‘Die hard with a Vengeance’ and ended it there – when it was still the gold standard of action franchises – I hope this does well though so FOX will greenlight the much-delayed ’24′ movie for a February 2014 release…

    • So you think the new Die Hard film is a recipe for mediocrity and yet you want too see the 24 movie which was written by Mark Bomback who wrote the new crap version of the new Total Recall movie and Howard Gordon who was responsible for making the second season of Homeland unwatchable. The 24 movie is a pipe dream at this point. 24 has peaked already and given the show has been off the air for years nobody is interested in Jack Bauer anymore. If fox was really interested in making the movie they would have it by now.

      • I agree. There will never ever be a 24 feature film. The ship has sailed.

      • John dude, I was merely speculating judging by the previous output of the new ‘Die Hard’ film’s writer and director, they may prove me wrong but we’ll see…

        And Mark Bomback DID NOT write the ’24′ movie, Billy Ray did, Bomback just did a final polish on it. How do you know no-one is interested in a ’24′ movie, judging by the comments I’ve read elsewhere, a hell of a lot of people are still interested in one, and the script wasn’t finished until late spring 2012, which gave them too little time to prep the movie for production before Kiefer Sutherland had to return to the ‘Touch’ television series… it would be nice if you actually got your facts straight.

        • Billy Ray or Mark Bomback? Who really cares who wrote the script? The real fact of the matter is fox hasn’t greenlight the movie and the more time pass the less likely the movie will get made.

          • Unfortunately, I have to agree with you on that one, John dude, the more time elapses since the end of the series, the less interested FOX will be on greenlighting the film… they only wanted to give it a measly $30m budget last year, which says a lot about how they view it’s chances at the box-office!

            The ’24′ movie probably should have been shot in summer 2007 and released summer 2008 as was originally intended but they felt they couldn’t work on the both the series and movie simultaneously and make both as good as could be. The series’ executive producers – Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran, and Howard Gordon – hammered out a story outline for the proposed movie over summer 2006 that would have been shot in Prague, London, and Morocco, with the action in the three main location settings playing out in real-time segments of around 40 minutes each. They should have handed that outline to an outside screenwriter to turn into a full script whilst they were doing the series, as well as a director not related to the series to actually helm the movie, that way, no resources from the show would have been diverted for the film and it could have been made and released while the franchise was at it’s commercial and creative peak, alas not though, and whilst the optimum time for the ’24′ movie has clearly passed, I see no reason for FOX not to greenlight one with a tight $40m budget that would garner a pretty decent return in both theatrical and home release sales.

        • The only series I can think of that is Non Trek that pulled off a feature film long after it’s run was X Files..and it never really won the day. 24 is nowhere near as iconic as that show and suffers under the weight of it’s main conceit (real time). It’s a scary business, these days. A big gamble to do a feature that is really sort of niche marketed. I’ll buy dinner if a 24 movie EVER happens.

          …ah Firefly…and that movie was a flop. (though I loved it.)

  10. Im sold.

  11. They haven’t learned a thing from Live Free or Die Hard have they? I see the same mistakes only with a less wimpy side kick.

    Back to watching the trilogy again.

  12. Ove die hard a lot I will see this when it comes out for sure

  13. I will never get tired of…
    1. John McClane
    2. Beethoven’s 9th
    3. Watching John McClane while Beethoven’s 9th plays
    4. Listening to Beethoven’s 9th and thinking ‘best Christmas song ever…John McClane…Yippee Kai Aye Mother…”
    5. John effin’ McClane

    Honestly, they should rename ‘Ode to Joy’ the “John McClane Overture.”

    Just sayin’…

    • Super lol..thanks man !

  14. I’d like to see this same sort of thing with the Dirty Harry franchise. Have Clint Eastwood as like a Grandfather role to a no holds barred, kick ass and take names later Grandson. Who can then take over s the new face of the franchise and carry on where Harry left off. Dirty Harry:Get off my LAWN! Coming to a theater near you….hopefully lol.

  15. Jai Courtney’s chest…. i’m there.

  16. “Me and my boy here..we’re gonna put a whoopin’ on ya’”



    Great father and son movie. Too bad my son is only 9…..hmm..maybe I can convince the wife the movie is PG.

  17. Does anyone know the song in the trailer???