Jai Courtney is John McClane’s Son in ‘Die Hard 5′

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Jai Courtney and Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard Jai Courtney is John McClanes Son in Die Hard 5

So far we’ve learned that Die Hard 5 is going to be called A Good Day to Die Hard, Bruce Willis is back as John McClane, and plot details include McClane going to Russia to save his son, who it turns out is somehow embroiled in a terrorist plot. The instant the words ‘John McClane’s son’ were glimpsed in Twentieth Century Fox’s synopsis, the Internet exploded with the obvious question of which young actor is worthy enough to play Bruce Willis’ onscreen progeny?

Today we have that answer – but do you agree with the studio’s pick?

Last we heard, names like Ben Foster, Aaron Paul and Liam Hemsworth were being tossed around for the role of John McClane Jr. – and according to the reader responses, each of those actors had their pros and cons. As it turns out, it was all wasted debate: the part of John McClane Jr. has gone to Jai Courtney (pictured above doing a screen test with Willis).

Fox made the announcement today, along with a rundown of Courtney’s achievements in acting – in case, you know, you have no idea who this guy is. The Australian actor played Varro in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, has a starring role in the upcoming Tom Cruise film One Shot, and got his start on Australian TV and in theater (the latter of which he won awards for). Between Jai Courtney, Sam Worthington (Avatar, Wrath of the Titans), and the brothers Hemsworth (Thor star Chris and Hunger Games star Liam), it seems we have an official Aussie leading man invasion on our hands right now. Ace!

Not having seen Courtney in much, there’s not a lot to say about him – except that it’s going to be a little awkward seeing aging action legend Bruce Willis having to stand next to this guy:

 Jai Courtney is John McClanes Son in Die Hard 5

Of course, the real question is: Does Courtney have the potential to carry a hit action franchise into future installments without Willis? If Bruce has proven anything, it’s that muscles don’t count as much as swagger when it comes to being badass.

A Good Day to Die Hard will be in theaters on February 14, 2013.

Source: FOX

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  1. Is that picture from the movie?? They started filming??????? wow, they work fast.

    • screen test

  2. Noob

    • ha.

    • Totally

  3. Wow . I’m so pumped up …. for not seing it!
    I mean : John mclane’s son ? seriously ? after the daughter in the previous movie? what’s next the nephew? And russia? for a proud american that makes no mistery about how great he think america is and how europeans are pretentious blokes?
    let’s wind the clock back: I kinda remember Bruce willis saying during die hard 3 promotion that he would only come back if mclane died in the next one. but I guess when you’re taking gigs likeGI Joe you don’t have much standard left…

    • I don’t think people see these movies for them to make sense…

    • Maybe he will die in this film,who knows! And there’s nothing wrong with him being in G.I. Joe.

      • agreed^ I mean. He’s Bruce Willis. the only reason he’s a step UNDER Chuck Norris is because he’s not a novelty item. lolol him just being IN a movie makes it better. If he was in any of the Twilight movies? BAM. they would automatically be amazing. #BruceWillisRantOver #ThankYouForYourTime

        • Agreed. For me, Bruce Willis is one of those actors who, even if the movie is bad, he’s always great to watch. Like Jason Statham.

          Also, I don’t know what the contention is for hating McClane’s kids… They were established in the first movie, and no father should live in a vacuum. In fact, McClane is the kind of guy who would go to rescue his kids (and has the reputation where people would go after them, too, if they had a chance [like Gabriel in Live Free or DH).

    • u just made me LMAO!!! thank u for this. i have insomnia & i am a nightowl & cant sleep, so i have been on the computer all nite researching Jai Courtney & Bruce Willis. i have been totally blown away with what i have found out. bruce is born march 19 & Jai is born march 15!!! Coincidence or what? no wonder they work so well together & they are good eye candy for me, a single, love starved female in the wrong part of the globe where the weather is cold more than warm & the men are less than men. thank u Bruce & Jai for making me a happy woman & i hope to c more of you both

  4. so excited for this! not sure about the guy though, kinda wish they wouldve chosen someone i knew. oh well thats not stopping me from having this be one of my most anticipated films for 2013!

  5. Spoiler for people interested in seeing Spartacus


    I loved Jai Courtney in Spartacus. I wish they hadn’t killed him off. I think he will do well in a movie like this, hopefully he goes A-List.

    • I feel exactly the same. He was great in Spartacus, and by far my girls favorite character of the show.

  6. Really liked the idea behind Die Hard 4.0. Thought the idea of a lumbering, alcoholic cop who has lost focus and drive (only to gradually find it again) fitted the John McClane character well in his older years. Really rested my fear that the movie was going to be a sanitised piece of garbage that erased all memory of how iconically brutal the one was…

    What’s that?

    Oh… I apologise. I was thinking about 16 Blocks there.

  7. Hey Kofi,there’s already been a Aussie leading man invasion for a while now,where have you been?:)

  8. Just as long as it’s not Shia Laboof, I’m good.

  9. Statham should have been his son..

    • All statham does good is fight. His acting is Meh. He doesn’t have charisma like Willis or Sam Jackson.

  10. Bruce Willis is the Secret Ingredient in Secret Noodle Soup.
    He can do no wrong.

    • MY MAN. ;D also, your screen name, considering your comment, is ironic to say the least :P

  11. they should bring back Sam jacks Zeus character. now that would be awesome. them two in a movie together again now would be great

    • I cosign this message.

  12. I enjoy the Die hard movies as just kind of brainless, blow-em-up entertainment. I’ve seen the first 3, plan to watch the others on Netflix.

  13. I agree with Draagyn, those two have more swagger in their pinkies than most have in their entire body, as for Jai Courtney I thought he was a very talented actor on Spartacus B&S. I thought he had a certain charisma about him and there was a lot of chemistry between him and Andy Whitfield. He seemed to take easily to his fight choreography. I could easily see him taking the reigns on the Die Hard franchise. I look forward to watching him on the silver screen with my favorite action star

  14. Bruce willis is an american bad azz, why would they hire an aussie!

  15. If they make more Die Hard films without Bruce Willis, they might aswell be straight-to-DVD sequels. Without Willis, there is no Die Hard.

  16. According to Top Gear there is a huge chase through Moscow featuring big trucks or fuel tankers.

  17. I quite liked Die Hard 4.0. The dvd cut anyway with all the swearing and violence put back in, it was a funny action flick. I don’t think this one will be as funny somehow.

    Would rather have seen his daughter again though to be honest.

    And the originally planned Die Hard 24/7 featuring Jack Bauer would have been such a great movie.

  18. I haven’t watched Jai Courtney in any movie or TV series but still I would give him a chance.

    Bruce Willis proven that some action heroes doesn’t need muscles but a funny humor and a classic action line.

    I hope Courtney does a great job as John McClane’s son, I mean McClane is a classic and action hero character.

    Let’s hope this teamup becomes- like father, like son.

  19. I just hope the 5th film is better than the last one was. Already has a corny title.

  20. I think for Die Hard 6: Sidekick Die Hard, Too they need to have John actually get caught and helpless and the past sidekicks have to band together to help the man they love.

    Sgt. Al Powell will head up the crack team.
    Leslie Barnes and Marvin will handle communications and transportation.
    Zeus Carver will handle tactical.
    Matt Farrell and “Warlock” will handle hacking, tech support and sarcasm.

    You laugh. But that little critter in the back of your brain just went: “hey, waitaminnit…”

    • That is an idea for sure – How about the computer nerd Theo as the bad guy – ‘The Quaterback is Toast’!!

      After many years in prison he escapes and wants to kill Argyll but John Mclaine stands in his way………

      • @ ChrisTypeR

        They could of used Theo in Live Free Or Die Hard to assist Gabriel. Id go with maybe a brother/sister of Karl & his brother who’d also want to even the score with McClane but go after his family aswell. That’s where Father & Son comes in. I could imagine McClane’s face if he saw his son beaten up on video used to lure him out. With someone saying something like (You killed my family). Now i will kill yours, starting with your son.

        • Wasn’t Jez Irons grueber’s brother or something in DH3? Like the idea of Karl’s other sibling going mental but would he have waited 25 years? Perhaps this guy in DH5 was Gabriel’s boss or something. Maybe he or she could be something to do with Col Stuart and Major Grant. Remember in DH2 Maj Grant killed that guy as one of his usual boys was ill. Could be that guy?? Grasping at pretty short straws here!!

          • @ ChrisTypeR

            Yes Iron’s played Han’s brother in DH3 but it wasn’t all about revenge he wanted as he broke into the federal reserve. Having McClane doin all the running around & maybe getting killed would be a bonus. It wasn’t till near the end of the film where Iron’s character wanted to take it personal with McClane.

            As for Karl & his brother having another sibling wanting revenge for the death of their brothers & waiting so long, revenge is best served cold. Afterall in the first film, McClane’s daughter was seen on television & wouldn’t be hard to find out he had a son aswell. They could bring back Holly aswell as Bruce Willis stated he would like to have Bonnie Bedelia come back.

            Just a idea i had was all.

    • LOL. really I love the die hard movies am watching Live Free or Die Hard now. Awesome just love that acrobat in it he reminded me of the frog man in the first x – men strong ! Probably all computer generated regardless fun to watch

  21. Hopefully he dies in this movie so they can make another where he fights the devil.

  22. This guy looks like he is a thin Jonah Hill on steriods.

    Sorry but the Die Hard franchise ended with Die Hard with a Vengeance. You know…when they weren’t scared to drop the f bombs and go a little more bloody.

    F you very much Fox.

  23. Varro was the man!

  24. I’m sorry buit this project is just ridiculous and once again highlights the cowardice of studios in going for original projects and just recycling the same old franchises again and again.

    I admit that while I thought Die Hard 4.0 was a bit of a stretch – Willis and some good action stunts did make it watchable. But McClane and his ‘son’ taking on Russian terrorists? are u kidding me?? Maybe the 9th film can feature his great grandchild against corrupt high school terrorist teachers after classes – Die Hard for Detention anyone??

    I agree with ghinzdra that the nature and appeal of McClane will just continue to diminish with every constant sequel. Despite the high concept – he was always a believable character in the first 3 movies. Tough and vulnerable, but always with with the wisecracking , abrasive personality as well. But that persona gets lost as he ages ever older and he now just comes as a more battle hardened – beat down character. There isn’t the same vitality or spark in his manner now. He can’t be hurt as much now because it doesn’t convince that an old man can endure all the pain and still come out on top – hence the need to give him a younger sidekick all the time.

    Just suprised at Willis feeling the need to make another one, I guess old habits do die hard after all

  25. Vic Said: “Hopefully he dies in this movie so they can make another where he fights the devil.”

    They could all it “Died…Hard”