New Titles For ‘Die Hard 5′ and the ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:24 pm,

7 Fantastic four reborn New Titles For Die Hard 5 and the Fantastic Four Reboot

According to Aint It Cool, the new title for Die Hard 5 will be Die Hard 24/7 and the Fantastic Four reboot will be called Fantastic Four Reborn.  This comes from one of their sources who is presumably inside or has connections at 20th Century Fox.

Truth be told, I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at both of those titles – especially Die Hard 24/7. However, there were an infinite number of titles being tossed around for Die Hard 4 before they settled on Live Free or Die Hard (or Die Hard 4.0 if you live outside of the U.S.), so I suspect this may not be the final word on the matter.

Regardless of how silly that Die Hard 5 title may be, it’s another indication that the project is picking up steam, so fans should be pleased to learn that we’ll probably be seeing John McClane again sooner, rather than later.

Bruce Willis has never been shy about his desire to return to the role. Last February, the project went past the point of speculation when Willis announced that they might start shooting as early as next year. He also indicated his desire to see the franchise go “worldwide” with the fifth installment. A few months later, we learned that Skip Woods (Wolverine, Hitman) was in negotiations to write the sceenplay. There are still no details regarding the plot of the film or which characters from previous films might return (if any).

We haven’t heard much about the Fantastic Four reboot since Fox confirmed it late last summer – other than Chris Evans stating that he would not be returning as The Human Torch (obviously).  If fans needed any further proof that Evans had vacated the role it came with the announcement that he had signed on to play Captain America. Apparently the Fantastic Four reboot is still chugging along though, and perhaps this means there will be more news on the project in the near future – such as who will play the new Fantastic Four.

Neither project has an official release date but we’ll keep you posted.

What do you think of the titles Die Hard 24/7 and Fantastic Four Reborn? Do you have any suggestions for something better?

Source: /Film via Aint It Cool.

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  1. I am really hoping that if there is a Spawn movie made, they stay true to the source and go as rated R as they can get. Real world grit, dirty, nasty and vile.

    • what, you didnt like the first time around for Spawn??

    • There were reports about it on Super Hero Hype that said that Todd McFarlane is trying to do a new Spawn. The problem is that none of the big company’s want to bend to his will and let him do it himself. They want big fancy writers and directors to do it. He want’s to do the whole movie his way. He is currently looking to get some small movie company to pick the project up and let him do it the way it was intended to be done. I am with you in hoping that someone lets him do it.

      • Oh, I don’t want anyone to let HIM do it. He iw what was wrong with the first movie. Thats why there isn’t a company that will bend to his will on it, they saw the last piece of garbage and know how much he was involved with it. If I were an exec I would tell him we will agree on a production team, director and so forth and consult you from there. Otherwise, no go.

        As a film and FX student, I see all these comic films as properties with great, GREAT potential. They get produced and released and look horrible due to rushed schedules. The writing is half-assed, campy and trite and for some reason people latch onto it and actually enjoy it.

        There may not be anymore original idea but there can certainly be original takes on an old story. This is one reason I enjoy reboots. It does see silly, however, to have to reboot a series a year or two after the last production in the series. Something wasn’t done right in the first place if that’s the case.

        From a technical stand point the FF movies were not horrible but also not great. There were some visuals that were lazily executed. One thing that really bothered me was the fact that Ben Grim was not CG. He really should have been if they were aiming to be true to the source material. Alba as the invisible woman was rather miscast to me. Not quite mature or refined enough.

        The over all cheesiness of the film is what turned me off to them. From the writing to the visual style of the movie.

  2. I have mixed feelings on the Batman movies as well. That said, I am a reality based creator. No matter how fantastic a story, if it is rooted in realism, it will win.

    As for Spawn. Yeah…. Ive been half tempted to find Todd McFarlane’s house (he lives somewhere within 20 miles of me) and tell him what I though about that movie. Total waste of a property at the height of it’s popularity. Not to mention the difference between the theatrical release and director’s cut is literally 2 cuss words!

    • well, cuss words being a deterant for an R rating is BS, kids hear same words if not WORSE words at school…

  3. Don’t hold ur breath Fox and Sony will do everything in their power to keep the rights to xmen and spiderman. I’m not positive but my understanding is that as long as they continue to make films of these properties they keep the rights. I remember reading that Fox keeps pumping out X films regardless of quality so that they keep the rights hence every film being Xmen or xmen origins. I assume Sony has the same or a similar deal. I doubt marvel will get the rights back.

    • I sometimes wonder about all the legalities involved. The contracts must be filled with all sorts of loopholes. Who knows. It would be great though now with the Marvel/Disney merger if they could simply buy the film rights back. Surely they can afford it?

      Better still Marvel/Disney should challenge Sony and Fox in court for totally misrepresenting the MARVEL ethos and for screwing up their characters. :-)

  4. I certainly hope not. I’m tired of all these stupid rights lawsuits. So far it’s been greedy people who have no problem ruining things like Superman just so they can get a nice stack of money now that comic books have become so popular. I’m tired of reading about a new lawsuit every other month. I’ll lose all respect for Marvel if they did that.

    As far as buying the rights back these franchises good or bad have been turning in high profits so far it’s not likely the companys would be willing to sell at all and it would be way to large of a money lose for Marvel and considering Marvel is still making truck loads of money with from these films with out having to make them they have no financial reason to attempt a buy back.

  5. Look the originality argument is pretty old and pointless I’ll go ahead and say it. Nothing is or can be original everything has been done before and everything is inspired by something else. Come up with five original ideas and I’ll tell u where it’s been done before. The trick is not to be original but to be inspired by something and add ur personal touch and ur unique twist to this established idea.

    Most writers stick to a very true concept every story in the world no matter how unique can be broken down to one of three very simple stories.

    Man vs Man
    Man vs Nature
    and Man vs Himself

    name an original movie and I’ll tell u who they were inspired by and what book / movie they used as a template.

  6. Wow bob u must use some really good drugs. What I expected from FF was a entertaining summer blockbuster that looked like it was made by people who have made movies before and not college students making their first film. FF was an example of how not to make a movie from a complete technical stand point FF wad horrible it fails in nearly every department. If u found it to be acceptable maybe u should stop watching movies altogether. If u don’t expect a good quality comic film u should give up on them especially. I would hope for some comic films to be Oscar worthy and some have been. I don’t expect them to win because if it isn’t from another country or about a gay / mentally challenged mans struggle than the odds are 1 in a million.

    • Daniel, CHILL. You’re dashing out what seems pretty much to me like hate. Which is obnoxious and makes you look awful. Literally, right now I only respect you because you’re clearly not an idiot. You’re right about the lack of original ideas, the likelihood of a comic book film winning an Oscar, and (PARTLY) about the lawsuits that clutter the world today.

      Right off the bat, if Marvel sues for X-Men, I’ll shake my head wearily but I sure as hell won’t hate them.

      I liked Fantastic Four because it was a reasonably entertaining little movie. Total fluff, but it’s nice to escape the choking weight of The Dark Night for a quiet day in the cosmic radiation. Does my logic make me a bad or stupid person? No! My own inability to think in logical trains makes me stupid, and my trend of ripping down arrogant turds makes me “bad”.

      Take a breather- it’s just a movie. It’s not the end of the world.

  7. Lol u do realize what you are calling hateful from me was simply me saying the exact same thing he said to me but directed towards him. I bashed FF and explained how it is in fact a bad film he responded by with a negative attitude I returned the favor. If ur gonna be high and mighty and come after me at least be a fair and just shining knight on his high horse instead of just attacking the last person to make a comment.

    Also your soap box is showing.

    • Just for the record, I never saw the posts of the other person involved. I have no doubts he was being just as spiteful, probably for even sillier reasons.

      Of course my soapbox is showing. I come with one permanently attached my my feet because I generally disapprove of most of humanity. Comes with being a writer, you see.

      For the record, I generally ~am~ fair. Sorry if I didn’t dig through the trash heap in search of your old flame-warring foe.

      And on the bright side, I will say this: you’re quick to reply, good sir. I appreciate that- slow replies irritate the hell out of me.

  8. Am I the only one who liked the FF movies? Why do they need rebooting? In the comic book realm the FF team have never been a good candidate for grounded in reality and I think its a big mistake to try and take the FANTASTIC FOUR down the path of a DARK KNIGHT.

    Of the 2 films the only big goof I saw was how badly they handled Galactus. Imlting he is some cosmis storm was I assume a decission made based on budgeting then anything else.

  9. Die Hard 4 “LIVE FREE OR DIE” was great and I look forward to the next installment so long as it follows in the path of DH5 (as opposed to DH 3).

  10. Sorry Anthony gotta disagree. Rebooting good films or classics is bad I’ll agree to that there was no reason to reboot the Halloween franchise for instance. However bad films rebooting them can be good and for comic films it’s neccesary. Fans of that franchise get screwed by a crappy film and never get justice because some one like u hates reboots so much they will skip great films just because they hate reboots for no good reason.

  11. Wow u missed the point completely. No Unusual Suspects was not original not really. It’s a story that’s been done a thousand times with a small surprising twist. I really hope I don’t have to say the same thing 20 times before u understand. The writers for Unsusal suspects got their ideas from something else and added their own special touch to it. Which makes it feel fresh.

    • I think the correct title is The Usual Suspects.

      • LOL yes sir i do believe that YOU are correct

  12. a thousand times is a lot, hmmmmm

  13. I couldn’t help but laugh at the really clitche pathetic attempts at insults. I’ll just get to the point.

    Doom was horribly cast by a bad actor who couldn’t pull off the part. The story was poorly conceived and left plot holes. The action was substandard. The dialogue was very cheesy I mean to the point that children would roll their eyes. It was also unrealistic dialogue people simply would not interact that way with each other. I may not of been a dedicated FF fan but i know enough to know that they dropped the ball with the characters. Dooms origin was wrong and Ben Grimm was not used properly they also rushed through the cure story for him. Not to mention Thing was bad looking the ruined his look. The lighting was off in alot of parts. That’s all just the first film in the second one it was more of the same but add in the biggest ball drop with Galactus and the dumb johnny adopting powers story.

    • Some excellent points Daniel. I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the FF movies either. The FF comic books epitomize a strong family unit with fantastic super powers in a super technology sci-fi environment with full on hardcore dramatic action. The Fox version was anything but that and totally ignored MARVEL’S original source material.

      The director Tim Story is a comedy director. No disrespect to him but they really needed an experienced big name director, a great script and better suited actors. Julian McMahon from Nip Tuck was indeed a very bad choice for Dr Doom.

      I also don’t understand the stigma some people attach to comic book movies as not being able to achieve Oscar potential. It has been done and can be done again.

  14. Hard Death live to free 5 sounds awesome.

    Fantastic four should be directed by Robert Rodriguez. A spy kids “feel” would be good for that franchise.

    • dude, can i have some of the dope youre smokin??

    • Yeah what a great idea, because the first thing I think of when reading a Fantastic Four comic book is Spy Kids. LOL! Are you serious?

  15. I would love to see Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller direct a Daredevil movie.

    • now THAT would kick ass, Miller knows Daredevil that is for sure, just NO BEN AFFLECK

  16. @ Patrick
    I just wanted to mention somthing about the previous Batman film franchise. Im refering to blame put on Joel Schumacher for Batman & Robin, while till this day most people blame him, some people like me blame WB more when it their intention in the first place to make the franchise more family friendly-like. Schumacher was even wanting to make the 5th film to be dark again as Burton’s were. Made me laugh till this day when people say Batman Returns was too dark, Especially from parents, heck my parents let me go with my brother. And people complained about Devito’s Penguin role. Reason for that was partly for script & Burton didnt want people to compare his version to the 60′s campy version. For a short while in the film Penguin is dressed up nice etc. just not exactly like the Comic. These Days i wouldnt know why people would critize the penguin in that film, not think much about Nolan’s Joker Have a smile cut into his face, or wearing make-up, whether the movie is intended to be real or not. Not that i want to debate, just stating a fact of who was really to blame for the previous Batman franchise’s failure

    • Wally if Joel was at such odds with WB about which way Batman was going why didn’t he just quit? He couldn’t have been too upset he didn’t even fight to get the G-awful costumes changed. What was with Mr. Freeze’s portrayal? The animated “Sub-Zero” was better executed by a mile. When the cartoon version communicates to the audience in every way the spirit, tone, story, the mise en scène of the property, better than the high dollar live version, you know something went way, way wrong. The best spin you can put on it is, he sold out…

      • Old Man, I never said Joel was at odds w/ WB about which way Batman was goin. I was stating it was WB’s intention to make the franchise more family friendly, probly to get more money of-course etc. I can say why Joel didnt quit, Batman Forever did well and was still considered darker that what Batman & Robin was. If you’re talkin about the nipple costumes, that was his idea and even during filming of Batman Forever Tim Burton didnt like the idea of them but Joel was directing, other than that i dont know why the change of costumes. As for Mr. Freeze, Someone wrote a bad lines for him in the script, but i outta the choices they had for the role, Arnold was the best pick id say. After the poor response from critics and fans alike, Joel was planning to make a 5th dark again as the first two were but Batman & Robin recieved too much critism that WB canceled it along with other projects in mind.

  17. I’ve always found it funny when people call any film by Tim Burton dark. The guys idea of dark is make a cartoony looking set put people in wigs and odd clots then turn down the lights. Tim Burton is just another poser with that cooky ‘look at me’ attitude.

  18. Im not a total fan of Tim Burton’s nor consider all his films dark but awkward in a unique way, or somthing like that. I also found it awkward WB & anyone else to consider Nolan the Godfather of DC movie making etc. when so far he only has two films under his belt with another on the way and his involment with Superman. If someone like him wants to impress me in makin DC films, id like to see him tackle other heroes who havnt made it to the big screen yet, give himself a challenge, like Hawkman, WonderWoman, Green Arrow, or even Aquaman? I love Superman & Batman films, but id like to see someone step up and direct other super hero films like Green Lantern.

  19. First anyone is a better choice than Arnold it was the worst choice. Also Joel is just a straight up bad film maker.

    • Like Who if may ask? Because besides Arnold other two top choices for Freeze were Sly Stallone or Hulk Hogan. Arnold was fine choice, problem was the script had bad lines for his character. As for Joel being a bad film maker i cant argue since i only seen 3 films of his. But like i said before i blame WB more than him for the downfall of the previous Batman franchise.

  20. They had other options sly wouldn’t of been good but better than Arnold. Arnold was a horrible casting choice and played a huge part in the massive failure of the film he was worst part about the film other than Bat nipples. He wasn’t even a moderatly ok choice.

    • Well thats your opinion i have mine, aswell other people thought Arnold was ok except for the lines in the script his character had. Everyone i know was more upset over the depiction of Bane in the film rather than Arnold as Mr. Freeze in the film. Me in particular.

  21. Die Hard – or Live Soft.

    Almost Fantastic Four.