‘Die Hard 5′ Adds Cole Hauser to Cast; First Set Photos of Bruce Willis

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Die Hard 5  – a.k.a. A Good Day to Die Hard – is already in production, and today we have the set photos to prove it. In addition to images of franchise star Bruce Willis, we also have the latest bit of casting news for the film.

Scroll down for details on the Die Hard 5 casting, as well as the set photos.

Deadline reports that actor Cole Hauser (K-Ville, Pitch Black) has been cast in a “pivotal supporting role” for A Good Day to Die Hard; the site goes on to add that Hauser will, in fact, be playing a villain named “Collins.”

At the risk of speculating: one cannot look at that combination of information and not wonder if Deadline might have let a cat out of Die Hard 5‘s bag: The way it reads, it seems like Hauser would play the sort of double-crosser role in the film – along the lines of what we saw from John Amos (Major Grant) in Die Hard 2.

Cole Hauser in Die Hard 5 Good Day Die Hard Die Hard 5 Adds Cole Hauser to Cast; First Set Photos of Bruce Willis


Hauser has pretty much made a career out of playing the unlikeable dirtbag type – whether as a bad guy in films like 2 Fast 2 Furious, or even the lawman who made us root for a bad boy like Riddick in Pitch Black. Hauser also has experience sharing the screen with Willis: the pair worked together on both Tears of the Sun and Hart’s War.

A Good Day to Die Hard sees John McClane travel to Russia to help out his son, who has become embroiled in some kind of terrorist plot. Spartacus: Blood and Sand actor Jai Courtney will be playing McClane’s son Jack, with Sebastian Koch and Yuliya Snigir confirmed as a pair of Russian Villains. Behind Enemy Lines helmer John Moore is directing, and A-Team writer Skip Woods is handling the script.

Check out Willis on the Die Hard 5 set:

A Good Day to Die Hard will be in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2013.

Sources: Deadline & Szeretlekmagyarorszag, Bruce Willis Images & Cozy Cot (via The Film Stage & /Film)



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  1. CAN. NOT. WAIT. and Hauser being in the movie doesnt hurt either!

    • I’ll be there for sure!

  2. I love all the Die Hard movies. Ready to see Willis kick some ass. yippi-ki-yay motherf#$%as!

  3. Bruce willis and liam neeson need to go head to head in a movie

    • I’m totally into that. I think Liam Neeson would be an awesome bad guy. Especially against Willis.

    • Fingers crossed for The Expendables 3

    • RED 2?

  4. I’m not complaining i love the franchise, but shouldn’t officer mcclean be planning on how he is going to spend his retirement after die hard 4 just a thought.

    • *McClane

  5. This is a sad turn of events, seeing as Cole Hauser has: Almost no decent movie on his resume, and the two films he has already been in with Bruce Willis have been about the worst two in Mr. Willis career. But hey, I will of course eagerly wait Die Hard 5 just as much though.

    • dazed and confused?

    • Yeah dude, Dazed and Confused. And what about Pitch Black? Very good sci-fi flick. He was also in Good Will Hunting and School Ties too, although in smaller roles, but both good films. I do agree though, that Hart’s War and Tears of the Sun were both not Bruce’s best. lol

  6. I like Hauser. He was great in Pitch Black. But I’m still not intrigued by the idea of McClane teaming up with his son. It’s a cheap ploy to lure in younger viewers. I watch these movies for McClane, not some young hunk.

  7. OMG not another one!!!!! They should have left it after Die Hard 2. Die Hard 3 was ok…….. ish but I had to turn off part way through Die Hard 4. Just another case of Hollywood flogging a dead horse because they have no originality any more.

    The spate of remakes & reboots over the years proves that.

  8. My List:

    1. Die Hard
    2. Die Hard 3
    3. Die Hard 2
    4. Die hard 4

    • My list is identical.

    • Yup. Me too.

      • +5
        Thanks god. Some people seem to have realized how s***** DH4 was.
        The part I don’t understand is how those people can have expectation about DH5.
        It’s everything that was wrong with DH4 on crack: the daughter now the son.
        McLane was some kind of superhero able to stop a terrorist attack on the nation now he foils terrorist even abroad, A B-list writer and director were behind DH4 a C-list team now is involved.
        I suggest you watch DH4 then DH1 IN THAT EXACT ORDER. McLain is dead. Now we have a bald terminator.

      • my list is slightly different
        1. Die hard 3
        2. Die Hard
        3. Die Hard 4
        4. Die Hard 2

    • Your list is spot on.

  9. ever since the bfirst die hard and diehard 3 they have really s*** the bed with their villans…tim olyphant? cole hauser? c’mon now the guy who played Quarles on justified can do a better job…i’m just saying hollywood needs better bad guys!!!!

  10. Cole Hauser is underrated.

  11. No way pal. My list goes like this:1) Die Hard 2) Die Hard 2 3) Die Hard 4 4) Die Hard 3. Still think part 5’s a bad idea though.

  12. No way pal. My list goes like this:1) Die Hard 2) Die Hard 2 3) Die Hard 4 4) Die Hard 3. Still think part 5’s a bad idea though. Not looking forward to it at all.

    • Die Hard 4 was way over the top with all this Harrier-Fight stuff etc.. It was unintentionally funny IMO.
      It was already in True Lies, but there it was intended funny, because everything was meant to be so over the top in a comedic way, it was like a James Bond satire.
      I hope they calm down for Die Hard 5, and make it less over the top and more grounded in it’s action. Less is more, sometimes!

        • I didn’t say less action, but less “over the top action”.
          What I mean is, it needs more believable action.

          • So…jumping on a hovering jet,and then jumping off it before it crashes, and surviving is not believable?…Ppl like u will complain about anything. Yea that totally can never happen in real life.

  13. ill be there with bells on

  14. I love all the Die Hards, even part 4. This is good news!

  15. Cole Hauser in Die Hard 5? Wow it’s been a long time since he was in a big action movie.

    Still he was great in Pitch Black and 2Fast & 2Furious.

    I hope Die Hard 5 has more pratical effects than CGI, I mean Die Hard 4 was okay but the part where Willis is on a jet plane was over the top and cheesey.

    This movie should have the first things that made the first Die Hard movie good:

    Great villains
    More funny-cracking lines
    More gunfights
    R rated violence
    And maybe a cameo from Richard Thornburg, the reporter from the first movie who got punched by McClane’s wife, it would be awesome if Jack McClane who punches him hard too.

  16. He also played a “villain” in Tyler Perry’s “The Family That Preys” and was exceptional in that role. He really made you hate him. So, I’m glad to see the Dazed and Confused star as the villain.

  17. If I were a star I’d be embarrassed to have someone hold an umbrella for me. Ridiculous.

  18. i wouldnt mind seeing sam jackson again; even if its for a small cameo.
    IMO, an “R” rating would go a long way in making the movie more enjoyable. mcclain was waaaay to hostile in the first 3, only to be somewhat tamed in 4.

    i saw where someone mentioned liam neeson as a bad guy… i think he would be a good choice. i was also thinking someone like viggo mortensen would be pretty good.

  19. Here is my list:

    Die Hard
    Die Hard 4
    Die Hard 3
    Die Hard 2

    Die Hard 4 was fantastic. Loved seeing a haggard and worn out Willis as John MC. Great action movie. And if you are complaining about over the top action, you must have been asleep during the original. It is all over the top. An average man would have died right away.

  20. Die hard 1. Is at the top. Then idk b/c 2 was preety awesome with the double cross. Its my Christmas movie. Lol I watch it evry year with my 3 brothers. Its a tradition. But then die hard 3 was amazing. They were all over nyc and there were so many twists and turns. Especially having Samuel l Jackson in it, and Hans, the bad guy from the first one, brother leading the attack. Gr8 movie. But dh 4 was a f-in joke they should have stopped after dh3 wth a vengance. In Hollywood stop recking the classics. Leave em. And be original.