Willis Ready For A Fifth ‘Die Hard’ – Are You?

Published 6 years ago by , Updated October 6th, 2009 at 8:43 pm,

live free or die hard Willis Ready For A Fifth Die Hard   Are You?

Fresh off of the release of his movie, The Surrogates, Bruce Willis is already talking about what film he’d like to do next – and no, it’s not “Armageddon 2: Harry’s Revenge.” Willis is looking to reprise our favorite protagonist, John McClain, for a fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise.

Although, according to Willis, they better not wait around too long.

“I would love to do another one but they better get it done soon, what with the march of time and all that I’m not getting any younger.”

As a fan of not only Bruce Willis, but the entire the Die Hard franchise, I could not be happier about this news. While some people had a problem with a PG-13 McClain in Live Free or Die Hard, I felt that the move overall was as action-packed and entertaining as I could have hoped for. Sure, the movie wasn’t perfect and the whole “nerds can fix, hack or do anything” plot was a bit tired and over-used – but one thing that didn’t look or feel tired was a 52-year-old Willis as McClain.

The past couple of years have brought back many of our favorite heroes returning for new adventures. Last year we saw a 67-year-old Harrison Ford return as grail finder and penitent man, Indiana Jones, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls and a 63-year-old Sylvester Stallone reprized his role as our much loved Vietnam war vet, John Rambo, in Rambo. Don’t forget, in 2003 a then 56-yr-old Schwarzenegger returned as the T-800 in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

With Willis turning 55 next year and Live Free or Die Hard being almost 3 years old, if they’re going to make another film in the next couple of years, it seems like good timing and Willis seems in prime form to deliver.

Maybe I’m too much of a Bruce Willis/Die Hard fanboy, but I’m ready for another Die Hard. What do you think?

One note… no more Timothy Olyphant bad guys. Let’s bring back the Germans.

Source: The Sun [via: Digital Spy]

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  1. @SIN187UM

    Well really, why would Clint Eastwood even WANT to make a Die Hard movie anyhow? ;)

  2. I remember reading in the John leguizamo auto-bio-book about they’re being several changes in the script almost on a daily basis whilst shooting die hard 2. John says he was actually the main villain at first till day by day he got a demotion pretty much until the end where he was just a henchman that got voiced over in one of The versions by someone else… Crazy. He says the same thing happened to adrien brody in ” summer of sam”… Where adrien had all these parts but little by little they gave most or nearly all of it to john… Funny hollywood.

  3. Have you guys seen Clint lately he is dying hard and slow.

  4. @790

    That’s terrible! You should be ashamed of yourself! Oh, and: ROTFL!

    That sounds more like a porn title than a Die Hard movie.

  5. @ prtfvr
    you have obviosly never seen dirty harry or you would understand what he is talking about. he is saying that he would whant eastwood to make another dirty harry film not eastwood making a die hard movie. Anyway i think clint is 8 or 9 years to make one unless they make him a scondary character

  6. @hudson

    You have obviously never read any of my other posts, or noticed that I had a blinking smiley face at the end of my message. It’s called humor. Look it up.

  7. Drop the Eastwood thread. He’s made it VERY clear he’s never doing another Dirty Harry film. And he stated Torino was his last in front of the camera.

    More Willis! Bring it!!

    (790 is right…the man is dying hard and slow)

  8. Grand Torino, was better then the last 3 Die Hards combined…
    Great finale to a great career.
    “I don’t think its nice you laughing,,,”

  9. It would be cool to see a thread on SR that looks back on the films Bruce Willis has starred in.

    Maybe include a SR picks the Top 10 Willis list? That alone would be worthy of discussion…

    Yeah all have another one,,, don’t type that, oh.

  10. @ JessSayin
    Eastwood said the same thing about Million Dollar Baby would be his last film but im sure Gran Torino will be. One of his best movies and it would be a great movie that he would end his acting career in. But you never know, he may surprise people with a cameo in somthing. I remember my father and i talkin about the movie walkin out and sharing our thoughts and some guy asked us what would Dirty Harry think about the ending,lol.

  11. DO IT! I will see it. Crash cars into helicopters as many times as you want, McClain, I will watch it.

  12. @Evan

    I’m with you, sir! I loved him crashing a car into a helicopter.

    Best use of inclined plane – EVER!

  13. “crashing a car into a helicopter”
    Cartoonish, like the jet chase,,,

  14. The car crashing into the helicopter was a great action scene, but having a guy jump out of it and still standing up no problem made it look cheesy. By how far up the helicopter was in the air, the guy had to be atleast limping or sitting down for rest of the scene while talkin to his boss.

  15. @chrisj

    Actually, Bear Grylls showed us in one episode how to jump from a pretty high altitude and land without being hurt, and that was onto solid ground, this guy landed on a car, which is made out of flexible metal, so if he landed correctly, that is very doable. I’ve seen videos of people falling from distances like that and survive with only minor injuries. Of course I’ve seen more videos of people falling from that distance and sustaining major injuries or dying, but you get what I’m saying, it’s not impossible, and it’s likely that guy got some kind of training on that. Not to mention, he was a pretty nimble free-runner type guy, so he’s probably use to falling a bit, lol.

    That whole tunnel scene was very exciting. I thought the part with the flipping car landing on the two cars was CG, but watching a “making of” documentary I found out they actually did that shot using practical effects. They actually used wires to yank a car spinning into the air to then land on two cars, of course they CG’ed the actors into the scene because they did it without any actors, but I’m still pretty surprised they actually took the time to do that shot, and the helicopter shot, practically and not all CG like most films now.

  16. Maybe he could partner up with Ashton Kutcher as a rookie cop/detective?

    Much could be made of Ashton’s character dating McClain’s daughter…

  17. @Dan, the only part of that I would like is if John McClane beats the crap out of Kutcher’s character for wanting to date his daughter… lol

  18. Now days it doesn’t matter how old you are. I feel like Stallone will be kicking butthole past his seventies. And I’m cool with that. Make as many Die Hards as possible and I’ll buy the ticket and the dvd. Bruce Willis is the best.

  19. @Ken J-Well, maybe Kutcher could date a cougar that just happens to be Holly (Gennaro) McClane?

    Hey, it would be a funny comment on Kutcher marrying Demi Moore…

  20. More reason for John McClane dealing a very “believable” beat-down of Kutcher’s character on-screen… lol

  21. To Ken J

    If you’ve seen any of the pictures of Kutcher with Bruce’s daughter you might start to wonder if it’s the mother or the daughter Kutcher is with. He’s always got his arm around the oldest.

  22. @prtfvr

    I think u misread my comment. Harry Callahan is a character from the Dirty Harry series. I said I’d rather see Eastwood play that role before WIllis do another die hard.

  23. @SIN187UM

    Nope. I didn’t misread it but sadly I’m not as amusing as I thought I was. I’ll just go drag my unfunny self away now. :(

  24. LOL its all good :)

  25. @Adora

    You know he wants both… at once…

    Men are pigs, what can I say, I try not to be one myself, but let’s be honest here, lol.

  26. @ Ken J
    Did you see Rumor Willis in Sority Row? It was a ok flick, i guessed the who the killer was wrong two times. Willis’s daughter is pretty hot. Lol id be never to ask her on a date, could you imagine how strict Mr. McClane would be?lol

  27. @chrisj

    I don’t know man, Rumer Willis looks a little too much like Bruce Willis… Now before you guys start flaming me, it’s NORMAL for daughters to take on facial features of the father and sons to take on facial features of the mother, my point is that it’ll be kind of weird… it’s like you’ll be dating a younger Bruce Willis in drag… Now you guys might think I’m gay for Bruce Willis seeing as how I’m a fanboy of his, but I’m not in a literal sense… lol :-D

  28. @ Ken J
    She kinda looks like Demi too. Has her voice. i need to watch the movie again, i only seen it once,lol.

  29. @chrisj

    Eh, a little, but definitely more Bruce Willis than Demi Moore, lol.