Willis Ready For A Fifth ‘Die Hard’ – Are You?

Published 6 years ago by , Updated October 6th, 2009 at 8:43 pm,

live free or die hard Willis Ready For A Fifth Die Hard   Are You?

Fresh off of the release of his movie, The Surrogates, Bruce Willis is already talking about what film he’d like to do next – and no, it’s not “Armageddon 2: Harry’s Revenge.” Willis is looking to reprise our favorite protagonist, John McClain, for a fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise.

Although, according to Willis, they better not wait around too long.

“I would love to do another one but they better get it done soon, what with the march of time and all that I’m not getting any younger.”

As a fan of not only Bruce Willis, but the entire the Die Hard franchise, I could not be happier about this news. While some people had a problem with a PG-13 McClain in Live Free or Die Hard, I felt that the move overall was as action-packed and entertaining as I could have hoped for. Sure, the movie wasn’t perfect and the whole “nerds can fix, hack or do anything” plot was a bit tired and over-used – but one thing that didn’t look or feel tired was a 52-year-old Willis as McClain.

The past couple of years have brought back many of our favorite heroes returning for new adventures. Last year we saw a 67-year-old Harrison Ford return as grail finder and penitent man, Indiana Jones, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls and a 63-year-old Sylvester Stallone reprized his role as our much loved Vietnam war vet, John Rambo, in Rambo. Don’t forget, in 2003 a then 56-yr-old Schwarzenegger returned as the T-800 in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

With Willis turning 55 next year and Live Free or Die Hard being almost 3 years old, if they’re going to make another film in the next couple of years, it seems like good timing and Willis seems in prime form to deliver.

Maybe I’m too much of a Bruce Willis/Die Hard fanboy, but I’m ready for another Die Hard. What do you think?

One note… no more Timothy Olyphant bad guys. Let’s bring back the Germans.

Source: The Sun [via: Digital Spy]

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  1. If they let the guys that wrote “Taken,” Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, and Pierre Morel, who directed “Taken” have a go at the next Die Hard, it could be really amazing.

    Look what they did with Liam Neeson at age 56.

    “Taken” was like a Die Hard film with one man against all odds with the world against him.

  2. Yah, but it has to have some level of sarcastic humor in it or it wouldn’t be John McClain…

  3. i always had a problem with taken.he is just like john mclain bot(as much as i dont like saying this) more BAMF(bad ass mother f##ker)the story is simaler in part to live free or die hard. dauter gets kidnapped father saves dauther.

    BAMF scale out of 10
    riddick 10
    John Rambo 10
    Darth Vader 10
    Dutch from predator 9
    the terminator 9
    Guy from taken 8.5
    john mclain 8
    boba fett 8
    chewbaca 8
    captin kirk 8
    Darth maul 8
    kyle reese(teminator1 n 4)8
    Yoda 7
    Han solo 7
    sawyer (lost) 7
    King Leinitus (300) 7
    riply (alien) 6
    wolverine 6
    robin hood 6
    Marcus wright (t4)6
    lucian (underworld) 6
    dominic tereto 6
    bruce wayne 5
    iron man 5
    teddy t-bag bagwell 5
    john conner 5
    sarah conner 4
    simon cowell 4
    anikan skywalker 1

  4. I love the unrated Die hard 4. I wish they would put it on Blu ray. If Bruce wants another Die Hard, I say, do it.

  5. For all the ‘massive’ Die Hard fans on the blog you’d think more would be able to get his name right.

    McClane = Die Hard lead character.
    McClain = No damn idea.

    I blame you Anthony! ;)

  6. I thought Live Free Or Die Hard was an ok sequel. Wasnt as good as the first 3 were. Im all up for another Die Hard flick, hopfully it will be R-rated next time. I wouldnt mind seeing McClane in a skyscraper again, or maybe have Samuel L. Jackson involved again. Those two made a great team in the 3rd film. Anyways they better get to work cause Bruce isnt gettin younger.

  7. I saw Die Hard 4 and liked it. But let’s face it, it had *nothing* to do with why we liked Die Hard in the first place. And the same goes for the third. They’re enjoyable movies for sure, but the special Die Hard formula was completely gone.

    The main things that made Die Hard 1 and 2 so special was the claustophobic feel of being trapped in just one building/area, kind of like the classic disaster movies from the 70′s (The Towering Inferno, Airport, Poseidon Adventure etc.)

    It sets for a unique feel of hopelessness when you’re all alone, and can’t run for cover or help. And it’s also cool to get a real feel of the place the character’s in. When I watch the first two Die Hards, I’m right there with him. When I watch no. 3 and 4, I feel like I’m just watching a movie.

    I don’t know why they went away from it, ’cause it’s not an outdated concept. Just look at video games like Bioshock or Batman Arkham Asylum. They were all about the mood, just like the original Die Hards.

    The second important thing I felt was changed for the worse was McClane. I don’t like the bald look (I felt that the look in 16 blocks would have been better). And I also don’t think the character had the same feel at all. Not in no. 3, and even less in no. 4. He lacked the look and the attitude.

    I think the main reason why they are off track is because people are mistaking Die Hard with pure action movies, while the originals were all about claustrophobic terrorist/hostage-situations, kind of like a disaster movie with guns and explosions.

    I will not be happy if they just bring back the R-rating. I need the whole original feel and concept to be satisfied. I don’t need another Die Hard 4, ’cause as far as I’m concerned they can’t compete with all the great superhero movies of today. A bald Bruce Willis just ain’t as cool as Batman.

    I love Bruce Willis, and have been a fan for almost 25 years. But if he’s doing another chapter in the story of such a classic character, he needs to refocus. Like Stallone did with Rambo and Rocky. Ask the simple question “Why was the original such a big hit?”

  8. @jordi

    Dammit, I knew it didn’t look right, but thought the author of this article would know better so I just went along with it, lol.


    Surely you didn’t feel Die Hard 2 was better than Live Free or Die Hard?? That movie was just plain bad… It is like the unwanted step-child of the Die Hard franchise, lol.

  9. @Ken J

    Haha… I’m not perfect. I used to be, but then someone broke me. Now I’m only cute/endearing.

    Still, sorry about dropping the ball on John McClane.

  10. I wonder if they’ll bring back Winstead. Even if it’s just for a small role. I liked her in LFoDH.

  11. Hudson

    I thought taken was awesome.

    Good list but ripley and the Connors are too low. One fights aliens and the others fight machines. Think about it.

  12. @ Ken J
    Sorry bud, but i thought Die Hard 2 was little bit better than the last installment. I like the films in this order
    Die Hard, Die Hard: With A Vengence, Die Hard 2. and Live Free or Die Hard. First film will always be my favorite. Reason why liked the 2nd little bit more than the previous one is because his wife was in more of a position where he cant help her. All he could do was take down the terrorists and hope for the best. I liked the fight between him and Maggie Q. She was a badass in the film. Anways im just one those who grew up with the original film etc. I liked what McClane said at the end of Die Hard 2 McClane: Holly!, heres your f_cking landing light. Howcome you didnt like the 2nd film?

  13. @ M-Cat
    ya but thy dont give me a bad ass feel. wih riply i think couldnt you throw in boba fett or john McClaine or the guy from taken and they would handle aliens bettr then riply.
    and with the connrs ya they fight terminators but thy dont fill bad ass. john conner in particular in t2,t3,t4. i probaly should have put sarah a little higher

  14. Big difference between Luc Besson’s movies and the Die Hard franchise:
    Die Hard (especially the ones John McTiernan directed): caviar.
    Luc Besson’s over the top portfolio: jam.

  15. If they do a fifth, PLEASE make it better than the last film. Seriously, that has to be one of the most boring action films ever.

  16. i thought the last film was awesome,

    how he saves the day ( lol dont tell them i did that ) edited for spoiler free

    dude jumped off a plane

    dude “killed a helicopter with a car”

    dude ran someone over on a floor other than the 1st.


  17. As long as there is no young slacker douchebag MTV-ish sidekick to appeal to the “Youth Demo” I’m there

  18. @Lord garth, Formerly of Izar

    I’m with you. While I like Justin Long, I’d prefer him out of the Die Hard series… Also, you can’t just follow up Sam Jackson with Justin Long.

  19. @chrisj

    Visually, Die Hard 2 is probably the most interesting one. I’ve always THOUGHT that I liked Die Hard 2 the most, but that’s from when I saw them all back in the day when I was much younger. I’ve seen the first Die Hard plenty of times since then, but not 2 or 3. Before Live Free or Die Hard came out. I made it a point to watch them all again. And the original Die Hard was bad ass as I remember it, but when I watched Die Hard 2 I realized something. Now that I’m older and I actually pay attention to detail, I realized just how dumb and contrived that story is…

    1: Why would they fly a political prisoner aboard a military aircraft and land in a CIVILIAN airport on its busiest day?? Wouldn’t they land in Edwards Air Force base or something? So the whole premise of the film is already complete BS.

    2: That whole scene with him ejecting from the plane right as the grenades exploded was just retarded. First of all, those bit cargo planes don’t have ejection seats. You want to bail, you get up, put on a parachute, and jump out! Secondly, is it just me or did those grenades have the longest fuses I have EVER seen in a grenade?? After the first one was thrown, they didn’t explode until like 20 seconds later… WHISKEY TANGO FOX?????

    3: All of the constant referrences to the original Die Hard. Bruce Willis said it himself, there’s nothing he hates more than a sequel that continually tries to find opportunities to make references to the original. He said this himself about filming Die Hard 2 how he “f***ing hated it” when they made him say something about the first movie like him going “Why does this keep happening to me on Christmas?” or when there happened to be a reporter there that recognized his face out of the crowd and started talking about how “That’s John McClane, the hero from the Nagasaki incident.” or whatever. I agree with Bruce, it was really annoying…

    4: And this is the biggest thing, why would they run wire that taps into the controls of a major airport OUTSIDE of airport property?? That simply doesn’t make ANY sense! It’s like they were hoping someone would do what they did. There really was no reason for control over the air traffic controller computers to be routed outside of the property. The only thing they should be getting from the outside is the power…

    So to me, the whole thing was just soo convenient for the events in the movie to have been possible. The first one will definitely be the best one. In that one, it’s actually semi-realistic. He does a lot of recon before he actually goes after the bad guys, and the way he does it isn’t like he was trying to take them all on at once, he picked them off one by one. And to me, he had this level of cautious bad-assedness in all of the movies except for Die Hard 2 where he seemed too brash and too willing to just confront the enemy face on and have some big extended gun fight… To me it seemed like Die Hard 2 was just the typical action sequel and wasn’t really of the same quality as the rest of the Die Hard movies.

    Just my opinion though, I know a lot of people liked Die Hard 2, like I said, I used to think I liked Die Hard 2 the most, the visuals in it, with the whole night time, runway lights, fire, and planes, just seemed so cool if you don’t notice the details behind it. So a lot of people might have real fond memories of it too like I did before I watched it again recently…

  20. I’m not saying that’s why YOU liked it specifically, but I’m just explaining why I liked it before and can see how even people with similar opinions as I do could think the same thing without seeing it over. I know there are plenty of people who like it while noticing these things as well, it did have a lot of good elements in it, but not enough to save it in my opinion.

    For me, I would order the movies:
    1. Die Hard
    2. Tie between Die Hard: With a Vengeance and Live Free and Die Hard (I really liked the older wiser John McClane in the last film)
    3. And Die Hard 2 last.

    That’s how I would order them. Just my opinion though of course. :-)

  21. @ Ken J
    I see where you’re coming from. About a drug lord politician be transported by military aircraft to a civilian airport. Grenades takin longer to explode, not to mention all of them being tossed right into the cockpit etc. I suspect they tapped into the airport’s control tower was to keep tabs on them and make sure they wouldnt warn flight pilots about whats goin down, and if they tried anything they’d used that equipment to ground a random plane to the ground etc. Another thing that got my attention was that military plantoon’s involvment. But im too busy tryin to enjoy the movie as anyone would. Till this day its easy to look back and realize they should of made changes to the film but too late for that. To be honest, i used to hate Die Hard 2 cause i thought more boring. The more i watched it, the more i understood the plot. Further note i would later find out that Bruce Willis killed Robert Patrick before Arnold does in T2,lol. And sadly Robert only had one line in the film.

  22. Love to see Bruce Willis back on the beat. He’s too young to retire from the force yet.

  23. I agree, prtfvr!! Just appraching his peak! Rock on dude!

  24. @chrisj

    Yah, I noticed Robert Patrick in that too, lol.

  25. For The Last Time : Die Hard

  26. YES! Bring on another Die Hard, but please do NOT have Len Wiseman direct. While I liked the last one, it unfortunately does not have the staying power of the first three.

  27. Last film was good but honestly another one? Come on, too many of these actors are returning to the movies that boosted their carrers and making sequel after sequel. Willis, I know surrogates sucked but come up with something new…think outside the box you DO have money!

  28. @tasouli

    No need to fix what isn’t broken, and Bruce Willis as John McClane… well, that isn’t broken… lol

  29. Id rather see Clint Eastwood take one last shot at Harry Callahan before another Die Hard. I thought Live Free or Die hard PG-13 and Unrated versions were a good end to the franchise.