Willis Ready For A Fifth ‘Die Hard’ – Are You?

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live free or die hard Willis Ready For A Fifth Die Hard   Are You?

Fresh off of the release of his movie, The Surrogates, Bruce Willis is already talking about what film he’d like to do next – and no, it’s not “Armageddon 2: Harry’s Revenge.” Willis is looking to reprise our favorite protagonist, John McClain, for a fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise.

Although, according to Willis, they better not wait around too long.

“I would love to do another one but they better get it done soon, what with the march of time and all that I’m not getting any younger.”

As a fan of not only Bruce Willis, but the entire the Die Hard franchise, I could not be happier about this news. While some people had a problem with a PG-13 McClain in Live Free or Die Hard, I felt that the move overall was as action-packed and entertaining as I could have hoped for. Sure, the movie wasn’t perfect and the whole “nerds can fix, hack or do anything” plot was a bit tired and over-used – but one thing that didn’t look or feel tired was a 52-year-old Willis as McClain.

The past couple of years have brought back many of our favorite heroes returning for new adventures. Last year we saw a 67-year-old Harrison Ford return as grail finder and penitent man, Indiana Jones, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls and a 63-year-old Sylvester Stallone reprized his role as our much loved Vietnam war vet, John Rambo, in Rambo. Don’t forget, in 2003 a then 56-yr-old Schwarzenegger returned as the T-800 in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

With Willis turning 55 next year and Live Free or Die Hard being almost 3 years old, if they’re going to make another film in the next couple of years, it seems like good timing and Willis seems in prime form to deliver.

Maybe I’m too much of a Bruce Willis/Die Hard fanboy, but I’m ready for another Die Hard. What do you think?

One note… no more Timothy Olyphant bad guys. Let’s bring back the Germans.

Source: The Sun [via: Digital Spy]

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  1. Another Die Hard would be sweet!!(Yes I am a Die Hard Fanboy)However, I would really like to see the John McClain we know and love foul mouth and all.

  2. ahahah YES, bring back the germans! hahaha

  3. I’d love another one! I didn’t see Live Free or Die Hard in the theater, but I got the unrated DVD and I loved it! I’m a fan from when the first film came out… man, 21+ years ago!


  4. Good news. John McTiernan should direct though.

  5. Live Free or Die Hard was freaking sweet. Let me repeat that. FREAKING SWEET! Bring on 5

  6. McTiernan MUST direct it! I thought Renny Harlin and Len Wiseman did great jobs, but this is McTiernan’s baby.


  7. I would love to see one more Die Hard, but make it R Rated and not PG-13, I want to see John Mclaine is full R rated glory.

  8. Live Free or Die Hard was an abomination. How John McClane went from the tired, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed everyman he was in the first movie (I mean… no shoes!) to a guy that jumps off of crashing plans and survives is beyond me. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  9. die hard 5/5(my favorite movie
    die hard 2 4/5
    die hard with a vengance 3.5/5
    live free or die hard 4.5/5
    yes i love die hard and id love another. john mctieran wont be derecting anytime soon. he is still getting prosicuted.id love to see another one somewhatg similar to the first one. like:
    holly ginero being held hostage in a building and he sneaks in and kills everybody
    john goes on a crusie with his dauther and her husband(justin long) and there are terrorists on board.
    terrorists are preparing to launch nucular missles so the government sends in secial ops or navy and john goes with them. they all die and john is the only one left to stop the terrorists
    P.S. vic can you turn on the thing that helps you with spelling mine is reallt bad

  10. I’ve always been a Bruce Willis fan and a “Diehard’ fan as well! Mr. Willis has even inspired many of us ‘fanboys’ to pursue an acting career. Sure, I’d love to see another “Diehard” film made! Aside from the first one, my all-time favorite “Diehard” movie was “Diehard with a vengeance”, co-starring Samuel L. Jackson! Bruce & Sam made perhaps the best team in movie history with that film! The action was unparalleled with awesome fights, explosions and the worlds greatest backdrop–New York City! I watched it a dozen times and it was more exciting every time! I say go for it, Bruce! Tear it up like nobody else can! And although I wish it were again filmed here in NYC with Sam Jackson, no matter where it’s at, just do it! Diehard is it’s own action genre film and Bruce Willis is the everyman hero who makes this machine run in 3-D!! So yes, Bruce–bring back old school John McClain and take care of the bad guys! Do it for us fans! We love Diehard, john McClain and of course Bruce Willis! So do it, Bruce! One mo’ time! “Yippy Kai Yay Mutha F*ckah!” Can’t wait to see this baby roll! ‘Nuff said!

  11. Being a huge Die Hard fan I would love to see John Mclaine in action one more time. But this time I want it to actually be John Mclaine and not some watered down PG-13 version that we were given in Live Free or Die Hard.

  12. live free or die hard was pretty good because of the techy stuff so I would check out another one if they did it.


    i can’t vote on the poll. i didn’t see it.

  13. Ive only watched one die hard movie and its the newest one. I liked it so im gonna have to say yes to a new die hard

  14. @Alonzo Golden

    I’m with you. Aside from the original, the third was my favorite.

    Lets bring back Zeus!

  15. @Anthony

    Please enroll me in your Bruce Willis fanboy club, lol.

    I say as long as he’s physically able to do it, bring on as many Die Hards as he’s willing to do.

    I saw Live Free or Die Hard in the theater, then bought the “unrated” DVD which just means he drops the f-bomb a bunch of times. You know honestly, I liked the PG-13 theatrical version better. It made him seem more mature which is how he acted most of the time. I felt like it fit with his character in the previous films because he was younger and more of a hot shot, but in LFODH the cursing actually felt forced. I’m not saying he shouldn’t curse at all, but it seemed in the unrated it was about as often as before, and I really felt that there really should have been a decrease in frequency due to him getting older.

    But anyway, I’m all for another one as long as they make a good story and don’t do it just to take advantage of the franchise name…

    I’d say it’ll be real nice if John McTiernan makes it, even the director from Live Free or Die Hard wouldn’t be bad, but PLEASE don’t bring back the guy who directed Die Hard 2, that was just bad…


  17. How about Stellan Skarsgaard as the head of the Guber clan looking for revenge for his sons ?
    Max Von Sydow would also be good for this role .

  18. Best line in Live Free or Die Hard,,,

    “Are you a Boba fan?”, “Naw I like Star Wars”
    Couldn’t care much for another lame Willis Die Hard.
    The first one was the best the rest were awful…

  19. Die hard and live free was a different movie, yes. But was it a bad one? No. John McClain is older, divorce and is kids don’t talk to him. But as the computer dude says ”you just use a freaking car has a rocket launcher” Yep, that McClain. I am ready for more.

  20. Wow. I’ve never seen so many people say they loved Die Hard 4. I mean, as a standalone action movie, yeah, it was good and I liked it.

    But seriously, it was way too out-there for a Die Hard movie. The first one was fantastic because McClain could actually get hurt, unlike most action heroes at the time. The first two sequels followed up on that.

    Then comes along the fourth movie, and McClain can suddenly jump off of flying plains without getting a scratch, and launch a car into a helicopter because he “was out of bullets.”

  21. Die Hard4 nuked the shark during the hovering Raptor chase.

    I’ve never laughed so inappropriately during an “action” film since AvP Requiem…

  22. Launching cars is nothing compared to trying to get plains to fly… :-P

    plains, as in a big grassy field? lol, ok, typo, I know, I’m joking, sorry… :-D

  23. @790

    Actually, Raptor’s can’t hover, that’s the F35B Lightning II… And actually if you watch that scene, it was only like a 10 feet drop in height from the plane to the highway section, no where close to surviving a nuclear blast inside of a fridge or anything like that… lol

  24. Ken

    That was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in a movie…getting in the fridge to survive a nuclear blast. and they thought they made it believable by showing that the fridge was made with lead. There were some pretty dumb things happening in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

  25. Whatever plane that was it looked ridicules… :-D

  26. In the immortal words of Rorschach:

    “DO IT!”

    Considering they’re finally doing the right thing by Alien and Predator, and since Die Hard 4 was actually really good, DH5 might kick some serious ass.

  27. @790

    Come on, you enjoy things that are 50 times as ridiculous, like just about EVERY scene in T3, The Spirit, or whatever, and yet now all of a sudden you’re critical of this? Come on, lol. Just kidding man, to each their own huh?


    What about the swinging with the monkeys scene? That movie was all kinds of bad, lol.

  28. @ 790
    i think the guy say
    “you a fan of the fett”

  29. Prob right Hudson, I’m not going back to check,,, :-)