Diane Lane is Martha Kent in Superman Reboot

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Now that Henry Cavill (The Tudors) has been cast into the high profile title role of Clark Kent in the upcoming Superman reboot, rumors are pouring in hard and fast to fill in the supporting cast. Previous rumors indicated that Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike and Alice Eve were gunning for the role of Ursa, a Kryptonian villain, and the latest speculation puts some of Hollywood’s best as contenders for Ursa’s leader, General Zod.

While we wait to find out who will play Ursa and if either Viggo Mortensen or Daniel Day Lewis will be chosen to play Zod, we do at least have one more official Superman cast member to announce. Warner Bros. has just informed us that Diane Lane has officially signed to play the motherly Martha Kent!

The beautiful and talented Lane hasn’t been too busy in the last two-three years but still played key roles in last year’s Secretariat and in Jumper, Killshot and Nights in Rodanthe in 2008. She previously received an Oscar nomination for her performance in 2002′s Unfaithful and makes for an excellent addition to the cast of Zack Snyder’s take on the Man of Steel.

On the casting of Lane, Snyder says:

“This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.”

We know the film, which is based on Chris Nolan’s and David S. Goyer’s story, will not focus on Superman’s origins but we at least know that Clark’s parents and the iconic Kent family farm will have a role to play. Assuming that Kevin Costner’s rumored role is that of Jonathan Kent, Warner Bros. is making great casting choices thus far.

Superman: Man of Steel (not yet officially titled) is produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder, and is set to hit theaters in December 2012.

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  1. I have no alternatives to offer, but I think she’s 5-10 years too young for the part – especially is Kevin Costner is to be Jonathan Kent. But all in all, I think she’ll do well.

    • I have to agree. The Kents are ‘supposed’ to be a not so young couple when Super baby drops from the sky. So by the time he is grown they should be at least 60-65. That makes her 15-20 years too young.

      • I don’t think 60 – 65 would either. It supposed to me “Ma” Kent, not “Grandma” Kent. I like the casting of Sally Field as Aunt May, and was hoping they’d go in the same direction for this. But, like Costner, I think she’ll portray a good mid-western character.

        • Hate to break the news to you but in most of the versions of Superman’s origin, the Kents are Elderly by the time Clark is doing the full blown Superman thing at around 30.

          If we do some age matching however, that would mean Martha would have been a mere 18 years old when Clark was found.

          • …which is highly possible, considering the story (in many versions) the Kents tell their neighbors and friends about adopting a relative’s son. Also, several recent retellings of Clark’s origins (including “Smallville” and “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”) have featured a younger Kent couple finding Clark’s ship.

            • I think arguably the definitive origin is that the Kent’s find the ship, thats the one thats used most often.

              • Didn’t we say the same thing? The “adoption” is just the story they tell the neighbors.

                • Yes. I was just agreeing with your assessment.

                  • Ah, well, okay then.


  2. Not sure how i feel about this.

  3. Great news. I like her a lot :D

    Btw “Superman: Man of Steel (not yet officially titled) is produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder, and is set to hit theaters in December 2012.”

    So Nolan is officially involved as a producer.

    • That’s what it sounds like :)

      Both official casting press releases included his name. Good to see him involved.

      • With Emma Thomas also listed as producer, it seems more like Nolans + Snyders movie :D

      • Included his name because it is the only thing decent about this entire project, how can he be actively involved when he is busy working on Batman. Because he isnt. Nolan’s name is being used to drum up excitement for this film. A film with a poor script that is being rushed into production before WB lose the rights to the property.

  4. She’s a little too hot to play Martha Kent. Don’t you think so?

    • Is that something wrong? :D

    • Yes, please don’t destroy my image of her!! She’s so sexy! Don’t mamaw her!

    • Well look at Clark’s mom on Smallville. :-D

      And the info I get for this movie, the more it looks like Smallville: The Movie. :-(

  5. Not sure, she’s a good actress (her Oscar nominated role in Unfaithful showed that) but I really can’t see her as Martha, she deoes’nt look the part.

  6. She’s too pretty, too young. But I guess they can make her look older so she matches Costner’s age? She obviously do the character, it’s just she doesnt fit my image of Martha Kent at any age, lol.

    • No, I certainly never pictured Martha Kent, the farmer’s wife being quite so glamorous.

  7. I am really starting to be seriously perturbed at Snyder. Diane was picked because she looks like Annette O’Toole. Before Smallville, Martha Kent never looked like this in any comic book, cartoon, TV show, or movie. The ONLY way you can say Diane Lane looks like Martha Kent is if you say she looks like SMALLVILLE’S Ma Kent (O’Toole). I thought Cavill and Welling looked similar since they share “the Superman look”. No big deal. Costner seemed very coincidental, since before Smallville’s Snyder, Pa Kent never really looked like that either. But this is pushing beyond the boundaries of happenstance now.

    • I think Diane Lane and Costner are the perfect age for the Kent’s as seen in Superman:Earth One , they would be perfect for that story line, which has been one of the titles the movie might be taking their lead from.

  8. The maternal wisdom and strength Diane conveyed playing
    Penny Chenery in Secretariat was an audition for this role.
    All the casting news on this film is positive for me so far.
    Diane is still hot but was suitably not in Secretariat.

  9. This movie is sounding more and more like SMALLVILLE on the big screen, jsut with a new cast. I’ve got nothing against Diane Lane as Martha Kent or Costner as Jonathan, but again too much like Smallville with Annette O’Tool and John Schneider.

  10. I do not wish more a backlash on this comment, this is just my opinion. I do not want to offend anyone. I believe they are going the Smallville Route in how they are approaching this movie (I love Smallvile) and wish they would give smallville credit as in influence. Before Smallville the Kents in the movies and tv shows were always older and now they are making them younger, I think Smallville and Al and Miles are a big influnce in how Snyder is approaching this movie. I do not mine they are casting younger (it worked for Smallville) and while I know it’s my biased view that I think John Schneider and Annette O’toole are the best kents, but I believe Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are solid actors. Again this is just my personal opinion.

    • You have nothing for which to apologize. I, too, think this is great casting and am more excited for this film, now. :)

  11. since when is supermans mom a milf?

  12. This is everyone assuming that Costner and Lane are playing the contemporary versions of the Kents. They could be themselves in flashbacks and have age-advancing makeup on for the “Now” version of the Kents.

    This is a movie,people. Makeup is a factor in all this…

  13. Cherry Valence… sweet and yum “The Outsiders”

  14. Interesting Casting, We’ll be looking forward seeing this movie come out in 2012 Superman in his time when he was young ?

  15. some of you guys complain about everything lol DAMN

  16. I’m stoked. Perfect choice. A classy actress. Yes, she’s hot but that’s a good thing.

    She’ll have that “down at the Kent farm” whismy nailed on.

  17. Diane Lane was NOMINATED for Unfaithful.
    She has never won an Oscar.
    But I approove of the casting choice.
    I dont care about likenesses or Ages,
    I just want good actors .
    Costner hasent even been confirmed yet, but I do think they would be good together.
    I am not worried about the Smallville Factor, others have mentioned, that is an exaggeration IMO.

  18. Pony Boy nooooooooooo! I think she has a classic look that can be aged appropriately. Seems like a safe choice next to Costner for me.

  19. This is awful. Costner and Lane as the Kent’s? It’s just ridiculous!
    And I’m waiting for the replies from people to say that I’m being negative, well, so what? You would be negative if your favourite Superhero was being butchured by hacks right in front of you.

    But no wait!!! Chris Nolan might or might not be involved in some small capacity. God, everything is saved.

    Or not.

    So with the Kent’s being cast like this, it is clear this will be an origin story. And that is exactly what no one wants. There is not a country in the world you could go to where they don’t know the origin of Superman, it’s like not knowing the story of Jesus.

    Personally, I have nothing agaisnt Costner, or Lane, but they are not the right people for these parts. I thought casting Cavill was smart as he isnt too famous, but so far that is the only smart choice that has been made.

    • Gee DSB sounds like you’re judging this before it’s even in production. ;)

      • Yeah I am. And I know I have said not to do that but this is different. This has a bad director, a mediocre writer, a terrible script by all accounts, an untested lead, and bad casting.
        There is keeping an open mind, and then there is this.

        • Doc have you read Superman: Earth One?
          you really should check it out its one of the best Superman books Ive read in a long while , and Im pretty sure thats the story line they are sort of aiming for or at least using parts out of.
          The Kents are spot on for Costner and Lane

          • Yeah I’ve read it and it’s very good, apart from the photoshopped artwork. But this film is not based on any comic, or so they say, it sounds more like Superman:Birthright to me.

            • ok well in Birthright the Kents were older but they where not elderly

        • Im not jumping on the band wagon for this, It’s got a Smallville feel already and I was never into that show. I want a Superman story where he’s a mature adult and fighting off any villian(s) but Lex.

          That type of story will probably never come though.

    • DSB…

      WHY are they not right? They both are great actors who can play people with midwestern sensibilities. They are both old enough to have found an infant Clark/Kal-El. Everything I’m hearing, so far, says to me that they are working hard to make a quality production…far from butchering the legend. The rushing of the script was a rumor (as far as anyone can confirm), but Nolan’s producer credit seems to be legitimate. I too love Superman and very excited by the possibilities of this film. Are you sure you’re actually giving it a chance?

      • Untested lead…hmmm…you mean like Christopher Reeve?

        …and, just curious: What accounts about the script? All I’ve heard are rumors about it and not even many of those.

        • Cavill isnt a problem, I didnt mean it like that.

          As for the script issues, just google it, there have been dozens of reports, going back nearly a year saying that the script just isnt ready, that the third act is a disaster. And they don’t care, all they want is to make a quick buck. They lose the rights next year, that’s why this film is being made.

      • I will give it a chance when I hear a single thing about it that I like. Costner seems wrong for the role to me, as does Lane, I cant picture them as Jonathan And Martha Kent.
        I do not like Synder as a director, he is flashy but little esle, they picked him out of a wealth of directors that were far better, and rumour goes that other directors wanted to change the script or be too involved and they went with Snyder because he wasnt going to rock the boat.

        As for Nolan, he officially stepped back from this film, saying he wouldnt be involved, thats a fact, how can he do any legitimate work on Superman when Batman is going to be filmed at almost the same time? He cant.

        • Just want to say there are people who do not the story of Jesus. Probably more people are familiar with Superman than they are with the origins of Jesus. And this includes a lot people who attend my church and I minister too.

          Not sure what that says but I felt the need to point that out.

          • I actually wanted to say that myself but feared some kind of backlash, but my point stands; We do not need to see another Superman origin story because everyone in the world knows it already.

  20. Diane Lane have never won an Oscar.

  21. wow what is it with so called “die-hard” fans? Wasn’t this the same type of doubt shown when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker? Guys Diane Lane is an actress! Why don’t you wait before you pass judgment. Kind of getting tired of this so called fan-boy purists. Besides everyone’s perception of what superman should be is different, including the comic book creators. Also didn’t DC just release Superman Earth One? Come on guys lets give these people a chance to present their interpretation of the Superman universe. Stop this madness of who is right and who is wrong, ’cause you know what you can’t do anything about it. Just lets see what happens. I hope they do a great job and I for one would really like to see the end product.

  22. Diane Lane could play a younger Martha Kent . The one that found baby Kal-El, but she’s just not old enough to play an older Martha Kent besides Costner will probably be Perry White because Jonathan Kent never lived to see Clark become Superman

    • yeah he did, he only didnt see him in the original Superman the movie, in several differnt versions of the comics it was retconed and Johnathan did see Cark as Superman. Including Earth One. Birthright , John Byrnes run back in 1986. In fact in the current run of Superman comics Pa Kent just died about 2years ago.

      • Actually, in Earth One, Johnathan Kent was dead when Clark became Superman. There’s a scene in the novel with him visiting his father’s grave.

    • In the Death of Superman comic, Jonathan Kent died after Superman was killed by Doomsday. In one of the Reign of the Supermen comics, Jonathan helps Superman in the afterlife by telling him to not go down a certain path that led to hell.

  23. Here the problem that I see, all the so called fanboys are not really fanboys, most of the people complaing seem to be stuck in old movie versions or silverage history, Instead of the comic books they so call love. The Kents havent really been the old fuddy dutties since 1968, which is older then most people on here I would imagine,except maybe for Vic , Lol sorry Vic had to say it lol. That said evryone is allowed to have a voice , but you cant complain about something if your facts arent right or atleast havent been valid for over 40 years.

    • Actually Martha Kent looks pretty old in the comics these days, in Superboy for example. And to take issue with your statement, I know all about this character, I have read the majority of the comics, and I hate everything I hear about this new version.
      I am a fanboy, and my facts are right.

      • Sam, you should check out It’s Superman! By Tom DeHaven. It’s the story of Superman set in the 1930s and does a very good unique retelling of the traditional Superman story. I think you would like it alot.

        • I have read that, I think it is absolutely brilliant, I would love to see a movie adapatation of that book.

          • I would too. It takes me awhile to finish a book but this one was too good to put down. When they were starting this movie I was hoping that would be the source. Just because it’s a telling but a retelling of Superman and set in a different time period which sometimes I wish these movies were set. One of the reasons I liked Tim Burton’s Batman because I felt that it was set in a different time period than 1980s.

            • That’s why I like Batman The Animated Series. It wasnt set in a specific time period, they had airships and classic style cars, but it had modern technology.
              I love the idea of doing period superhero films. Imagine a big screen version of It’s Superman, but filmed in black and white with occassional flourishes of colour like in Sin City.
              My idea for new Bond films is to set them in the 60′s.

              • yeah the “the Sky Captain” treatment would be cool for a superman movie, I think it would get panned by todays movie goers but , it would be pretty cool

  24. I like it. Now the important question. Who is gonna stand up and throw Superman through every wall in the city?

  25. Ummm… Haven’t any of you guys heard of makeup before, I mean this is Hollywood we are talking about here, the masters at changing how an actor or (in this case) actress looks like.
    Just stop and think of how many movies you have seeing were an actor or actress looks older or younger than they really are, I can think of two right off the top of my head, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and La Vie en Rose were they did a terrific job at transforming the Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, there are hundreds of other movies also. I mean heck they do this kind of stuff all the time, so there is NO need to worry about how young Diane Lane looks.

  26. Diane lane has never won an Oscar. She was nominated for Best Actress in Unfaithful. Also, she is the hottest woman in Hollywood. What a classy babe.

  27. Well if Clark is in Africa and Jonathan and Martha seem younger, than most likely this film may contain a little bit of Birthright. And I’m definitely not complaining about Costner and Lane as the Kents. At least we have some big name actors with experience under their belt to portray them. Do you remember who played the Kents in the original Donner films or in Synger’s film? I don’t.

    Now who the crap is playing the villain and who is it is the biggest question here. Where’s our answer Zynder?

    • Sorry, but why do you have to remember the actors names exactly? Synder is just using attractive, well known people. Why does it matter how big a name the actor is?

      Glenn Ford played Jonathan Kent in Superman the movie, that’s a pretty well known fact and performance.

      And Eva Marie Saint played Martha kent in Superman Returns.

      I can tell you both of those without even having to think about it. So yes, I remember who played the Kents.

      • And those were 2 big names back then.

        • Indeed.

          • I meant that as a small little positive note. I didn’t mean it as a major reason why they are good for the characters. Now that I realize, yes the Kents actors were big back then.

            As a big note for these two playing the Kents, I say Costner looks perfect and he’s played a rancher and or farmer in his career. Diane is a great actress with plenty of good films under her belt, so I’m not worried about how she’ll turn out. Though they may need to add a couple of years to her face like Carla Gugino did in Watchmen.

  28. Can somebody please back me up when I say the writer of this article needs to check his facts before he sumits an article. I know I might sound like a a-hole or pretension jerk, but correct me if I’m wrong Diane Lane has never won a Oscar. In 2002 the award went to Nichole Kidman for The Hours, the year before that was Hallie Berry for Monster’s Ball, the year 2003 was Charize Theron for Monster.
    So please just don’t go qouteing facts that are not true.

    OH! And yes I do like the idea of Ms. Lane playing Martha Kent lol

    • I’m sure the author meant NOMINATED instead of won.

    • Can somebody please back me up when I say the writer of this article needs to check his facts before he sumits an article

      And would someone tell the author of this post that the word is SUBMITTED and that a question mark (?) goes after a question? :-D

  29. Does anyone know anything about the story. I heard awhile back they were going to going to do a ‘dark’ story because it worked so well for Batman. Stupid logic. So tired of being victimized by producers who are uninformed or stupid.

    Anyway, Supermans powers don’t make him super. It’s his Mid-Western values that make him super. Glad to see Costner is involved.

    • It’s not going to be a dark story anymore, but it will re tell Superman’s origins, most likely drawing on Superman Birthright as inspiration.