Diane Lane is Martha Kent in Superman Reboot

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Now that Henry Cavill (The Tudors) has been cast into the high profile title role of Clark Kent in the upcoming Superman reboot, rumors are pouring in hard and fast to fill in the supporting cast. Previous rumors indicated that Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike and Alice Eve were gunning for the role of Ursa, a Kryptonian villain, and the latest speculation puts some of Hollywood’s best as contenders for Ursa’s leader, General Zod.

While we wait to find out who will play Ursa and if either Viggo Mortensen or Daniel Day Lewis will be chosen to play Zod, we do at least have one more official Superman cast member to announce. Warner Bros. has just informed us that Diane Lane has officially signed to play the motherly Martha Kent!

The beautiful and talented Lane hasn’t been too busy in the last two-three years but still played key roles in last year’s Secretariat and in Jumper, Killshot and Nights in Rodanthe in 2008. She previously received an Oscar nomination for her performance in 2002′s Unfaithful and makes for an excellent addition to the cast of Zack Snyder’s take on the Man of Steel.

On the casting of Lane, Snyder says:

“This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.”

We know the film, which is based on Chris Nolan’s and David S. Goyer’s story, will not focus on Superman’s origins but we at least know that Clark’s parents and the iconic Kent family farm will have a role to play. Assuming that Kevin Costner’s rumored role is that of Jonathan Kent, Warner Bros. is making great casting choices thus far.

Superman: Man of Steel (not yet officially titled) is produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder, and is set to hit theaters in December 2012.

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  1. I have to correct the writer (and suggest that they do a lot more research before writing any more articles) Diane Lane was only nominated for an academy award for unfaithful……

    • That’s a bit harsh mate! Rob always writes good stuff, there is no need to have a go because he made one tiny mistake!

    • Just an oversight and it’s being corrected.

      Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater.


    • @ Blackwillow

      Besides saying “Oscar nom” instead “Oscar win” what other research would you think needs to be done? You said “a lot more” so I expect you have other facts to bring to light?

  2. Okay I just have to ask if Costner is even signed on to this yet and if he is. Is definitive that he’ll be play Jonathan Kent? I mean he could be Jonathan Kent or he could be Jor-El, Zod, or my pick Perry White.

  3. I agree DSM.
    And guys, the press release says that DianeLane Lane is the SECOND cast member to join the production.
    So, its official.
    Costner isnt cast yet .
    So lets stop calling it Smallvile on the big screen until we see what they do.
    and besides ,
    even if there had NEVER been A smallville,
    They still would have cast younger actors to play The Kents .
    Going after the younger audience is all the rage now .

  4. People may hate me for saying this but I think that the should just make a movie based off Smallville because they’ve already established the characters and everyone knows who they’re and they’ve already laid the ground work for the JLA. Plus I think that Smallville is a better fit for the new Green Lantern movie than anything that Snyder and Co. can come up with. But again this is just my opinion. So what do you guys think?

  5. In Costners case, we sshould say Younger Looking, not young .
    He is 55.
    Diane Lane is 45.
    And guys, they may have similar hair colors
    But I Would NEVER mistake Costner for Schneider or Lane for O,Toole.
    They are hardly twins.
    I think this is just another case of looking for the best actors to fill the roles.

  6. I think Diane Lane and Kevin Costner are great actors and will do justice to their respected roles.

  7. It’s weird how she kind of looks like Louis on Smallville. In that photo above at least.

    • I didn’t realize there was acharacter named Louis in Smallville. You must mean LOIS. ;)

      anyway, I like Diane Lane and I think she’d be fine.

      • Silly typo.

  8. Am I right That Snyder himself has never said the Film was going to be based on Birthright?

    • He said it wasn’t going to be based on any comic.

  9. So Ma Kent is a MILF! That DOES change the mythos JUST a bit!

  10. Great casting! I have been screamin for Diane Lane to be cast as Martha Kent and now Snyder has made it into a reality!

    Seeing Lane paired up with Costner as the Kents is perfection! This film will be an EPIC WIN….especially if Snyder can get Viggo or DDL onboard this puppy!

  11. @Brandon I would love to see a Smallville movie, but I doubt it will ever happen. Oh well, ten solid years of tv is a hell of a run.

  12. She’s hawt…….She could easily play Lois Lane if needed.

  13. Awesome casting. DIANE LANE is a GREAT actress and very hot as well.
    She’ll be great!

  14. sweeet great choice for the role

  15. I’m so confused. It’s Supermans sweat gentle Ma Martha Kent. No. It’s hot cougar Diane Lane. No don’t listen to little head. It’s Supermans mom. You shouldn’t have those thoughts about her. Screw that look at that smokin’ bod…..

    I don’t know guys. A hot Martha is gonna be extremely stressful for me.

  16. while i love diane lane, costner, viggo or ddl, henry cavill as superman? forget all the little details of supermans appearrance not being evident in cavill, we can get by that, sure. But this isnt some little wreewolf/vampire book where the details can be altered for the new hot actor to play the role. NO, this is frakking SUPERMAN. 6’4″ 225lbs. black hair, crystal blue eyes, cleft chin. ITs why nic cage said no ten years ago, he didn’t fit the role. Cavill is like 5’9″ 170 at best. this guy wouldn’t intimidate me with a chaingun and hellhound at his side, how is he suppose to do that in bluetights and a yellow s on his chest? but i can go with it. However if lindsay”rehab”lohan is even an extra in the background, i think wb should be burnt to the ground.

    • but he does have the black hair, blue eyes, and stong jaw/chin. though one thing has bugged me about all the superman movie castings is that supes is always too skinny. you have to get a guy that looks like cavill but has The Rock’s body ya know? and even Rock can look like a nerd if he used CK’s tecniques such as slouching, thick glasses, greased comb-over, make your voice nasally, and last but not least…just acting nerdy and weak. now dont get me wrong, i am NOT suggesting that rocko would be a good supes but physically he fits the comic book superman look

    • I believe he’s actually 6’1″. Facially he has a lot of different looks but where he has longer hair he looks pretty close to what you’d want for Supes.

      I don’t know about Clark though. He’s very very pretty. He’s really going to have to work at it to make himself look nerdy enough for Kent.

  17. I’m loving this casting!!

  18. shes hot O.O lol but seriously she definately can pull off the sweet and awesome mother that mama kent is. kinda like how she was with robin williams in the movie “Jack”

    • I think you’ve hit on the angle here. Jack was about 10 years ago, right. She is old enough to play the mom of a grown man in his 20′s, and still be hot.

  19. According to her bios, she’s only 45 & Superman is to be portrayed at his 30s. So she’s only 15 years older than his son?
    She gonna have to approach like Charlize Theron on Monster I’m afraid just to make herself look like 60s or late 50s to be least & that’s a great sacrifice of her.

    • deacon…

      Actors often play characters who are much older or younger; that’s the point of acting…That’s why most of the actors on “Beverly Hills 90210″ could be in their 20s or 30s but play teenagers in high school, why whatshername could play the oldest of the four women on “Golden Girls” even though (I believe) she was actually the youngest, and why Brad Pitt could play Benjamin Button in the movie of the same name across the entire span of his life.

      Diane Lane, with make-up, can easily pull off the kindly, strong-willed Martha Kent.

  20. Even at 45, I still see her as “Laurie-darlin’”


  21. Yup, cant go wrong with Diane Lane, she’ll probably still be hot when she’s 105 :-)
    On the other hand, it will be very strange to see a new Clark that does not look like Tom Welling!

  22. Stupid, stupid stupid. Martha Kent was an elderly woman beyond her years of having child. Hollywood just got stupid. Martha Kent was not a Milf. Thats like cast Selma Hyek for Aunt May in the next spiderman.

    • They probably cast her a little younger for the flashback scenes. She can be aged up easily enough with makeup: just look at the cast of Watchmen, specifically Carla Gugino.

    • Selma as Aunt May! That’s pure genius. LoL. Seriously I hope no hollywood execs read that.

  23. @bill
    I would LOVE to see Selma as Aunt May in the next Spiderman! :D

    But seriously, as much as I like watching Diane Lane (a common theme here methinks) she shouldn’t be Ma Kent.

    While I’m not gonna get on the whole ‘Tom Welling for Superman’ silliness that plagues this movie (and I am a Smallville fan) I still think John Schnider and Annette O’Toole were perfect. Annette would’ve been coming full circle, Lana Lang (Movie), Martha (TV), Martha (Movie).

  24. If they are hiring such high caliber actors to play Supermans parents, does that mean the parts are much more substantial than previous?

    I don’t want any more Superboy growing up on the farm. I want a full fledged super adventure concentrating more on Supes in a major battle with a powerful villain and less on Kent and his personal life, particularly his love life. I want action adventure and asskicking galore not face sucking. Unless it’s alien face sucking as in a brain eating attack.

    • HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Now that one was funny, brain sucking nice one. ;)

  25. Someone divert Supermans attention. So I can hit on his mom.

    • I don’t think I’d risk a beatdown by Superman. Imagine a shot of heat vision to the testicles. Yeooow!

    • LOL @ happyman. :-D


  26. She also played Toni Manix George Reevs mistress in the movie Hollywoodland

  27. Is Diane Lane a great actress? I’m not so sure but I see some positives with her casting.