‘Dexter’ Finale Story Arc Begins This Year; Series to End with Season 8

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dexter season 6 promo Dexter Finale Story Arc Begins This Year; Series to End with Season 8

What is to become of Darkly Dreaming Dexter? While the future is still murky for TV’s favorite serial killer, one thing is for certain – the end is nearer than some might have thought.

Nearly two weeks after Showtime announced that Dexter would be returning for at least two more seasons, network president, David Nevins, has confirmed that the writers and producers are in the process of outlining an end date for the fan-favorite series – specifically that season six will set the stage for a season eight series finale.

Shortly after Showtime’s renewal announcement (which sewed-up contract negotiations with star Michael C. Hall), Nevins hinted that the showrunners were on-track with a “three year trajectory” (which included season six) that could potentially end with the series finale.

If Nevins’ comments at a recent network holiday party are to be believed, Dexter may indeed be bound for a season eight series finale. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he confirmed that, unless there’s a radical shift in the plan, the writers are currently setting up an endpoint for the series:

“Coming back for two more years gives us clarity about how and when it will go out. There’s things that are going to happen [this season] that will set up a very clear endgame that will take two seasons to tell. You have got to be there for the last two episodes.”

As for the possibility of a Dexter season 9, Nevins’ answer mirrored his comments from a couple weeks back – that the network was expecting two more seasons and that a continuation beyond that point is unlikely:

“I’m never going to say ‘never,’ but everybody is operating under that assumption. Things could take a turn creatively where they come to us and say they need more time.”

There’s no doubt that, while audiences still enjoy Dexter, the week to week format, melodrama, and character development on the show has been growing increasingly stale. Many of the character journeys established last season (such as Deb’s pursuit of the lover-killers as well as the relationship between Angel and LaGuerta) were almost entirely abandoned (i.e. reset) this season. As a result, despite offering some fun twists and turns, there’s no doubt that the Dexter writers and showrunners are having a hard time juggling all of the characters – without undermining prior story arcs. Hopefully, with only two seasons left, the team will be able stop spinning their wheels and move all of the characters toward a satisfying (and, of course, nerve-racking) conclusion.

dexter season 6 premiere dexter ambulance Dexter Finale Story Arc Begins This Year; Series to End with Season 8

Ending fan-favorite, and critically acclaimed, series before they turn stale has become an increasingly popular move in Hollywood lately. We’ve seen a number of shows predetermine an end-date, such as LOST and Breaking Bad – instead of limping along toward a quiet cancellation (after the audience bails).

While some viewers might see the end-date approach as a way of maintaining artistic integrity – it’s important to note that some series have actually been able to extend their run with a steady endpoint – since audiences might be more willing to invest in the week to week commitment, knowing an end is in sight. Similarly, going out on a high note keeps positive buzz and word of mouth in the air – which, no doubt, bolsters a show’s post-air life with DVD’s, Blu-rays, and syndication.

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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9PM on Showtime.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I recently became a fan of the show, having watched all of season 6. I would like to see a season 7, but not if this whining, ungrateful actor is complaining about the millions of dollars he already receives. There are people in this country who actually work for a living, doing more work in one week than this actor does in a year, and they don’t receive anywhere near the income Michael Hall makes. If there is a season 7, I will watch it. But if the show ends over Hall’s outrageous, selfish demands, so be it. He is not worth the money he already receives and should be grateful for what he does earn for doing next to nothing, and compared to real actual “work”, acting is next to nothing.

    • So how would you respond over time if you were asked to become a twisted serial killer and pretend that you’re normal at the same time?

    • Um, acting is a tricky business.

      1.) You have to travel all over the world to shoot ALOT.
      2.) You have to wait around and do nothing ALOT.
      3.) There is not much room to have a laugh on the job. They call you, you act for a few seconds, then its over for hours until the process repeats.
      4.) Promotional stuff, traveling the world again and doing talk shows.
      5.) Not having the same set of people in individual jobs.
      6.) Enduring uncomfortable stuff, whether its costumes or the weather.

      I could go on, but thats the least obvious stuff and its late, can’t be bothered to write it. I agree on the term that they should not be paid so much, as they are getting paid more than people in foreign countries who are being shot at. But to say ‘acting is easy’, makes you look stupid.

    • Well he has cancer and I would want to end the show as well in such unfortunate, scary life threatening circumstances. I love the show and hate that its ending soon but the actor needs to enjoy the rest of his life while he still can.

    • Acting is next to nothing? Really? Then why don’t you go out to Hollywood and rake in the easy dollars? Why doesn’t everyone? I’ll tell you why. Because most people can’t act worth a s***. Also, keep in mind that by doing this series he’ll probably not be able to do much else. He may not be able to do anything else in the acting realm for the rest of his life. By portraying a character on a weekly TV series, people will recognize him as that character and have a hard time seeing him as anyone else. Some of my friends don’t watch this show based on the fact that they can’t separate him from the character he played on Six Feet Under. You’re an idiot and have no understanding of how TV and movies work.

    • Considering the amount the company is making off the show Dexter, his demand for an increased salary is not ridiculous.

      • So true

    • It’s funny how you complained about how much money Hall makes when he’s only making 140K more than the cast of the jersey shore

    • And Anyone who is a fan doesn’t want to hear your nonsense. He deserves that money and he is an amazing actor. Season 6 by the way is the worst season of them all still, when of the best shows ever, watch the show from season 1 and you’d probably think more highly of Michael C. Hall.

    • In that case we should all become actors

    • You don’t know the work he puts in for anything, he is an actor and makes more money because of what he does!

      If he wants more money, its no different then someone asking for a raise from a warehouse job.. no difference…

  2. He is worth every penny he earns for the pay standards set by the industry; evident in the fact that you want to watch season 7… along w/ millions of others. His acting on the show is nothing short of brilliant. You just sound jealous because your can only define “work” by your own labor standards, which I predict must be manual labor or working a cash register. If acting is next to nothing – why are you a “fan”?

  3. Noooo. Dexter cannot end at 8. I am a diehard fan and wouldn’t be able to live without my fix of dexter. And I entirely disagree with the author of this articles opinion that dexter has ” gone stale” totally not true. In my opinion it has got infinitely better as it went on. Season 3 was a complete fail but after that they all have been complete knockouts, especially season 6 , the last episode of season 6 have me jumping up and down screaming various expletives at the tv in excitement nerves and exhilaration. We want more!!!!

    • I definately would not want to be Michael C Hall at the moment. Those ‘Popperazzi’ chasing him everywhere sound very dangerous, like they might be gonna ‘pop’ him…

  4. First Weeds now Dex…Showtime, you are breaking my heart.
    To those who think acting is not “real work”, re-evaluate your opinion. Imagine losing all your privacy; being harassed by psycho fans; you and even your children photographed by popporattzi and plastered on covers of every tabloid; being constantly criticized; and heaven forbid you snap under all that pressure the media never let ya live that down. And that is only tip if the iceberg. Sounds like a lot of work to me.

  5. A launch with a lot of fervor, a number of WTF moments, and some great perspective. Can’t wait to review it tonite. Is it just me or does some of the slopiness DEXTER showed last year still exist in regard to the crime scene and – what happened to the entire room/area being covered in plastic? I also lament Anderson who’d only just begun a character launch and now sadly – dead-dead-dead. I was glad to see Iron Eagle pilot himself Doug Masters is lookin’ good! (Jason Gedrick) after too many years. I hope they can develop that thread through the season, rather than being just a quick shot. Thoughts?

  6. Yup, time to wind it up. Season 4 with Trinity was SOLID. Then came season 5, total dud. Thanks for nothing, casting . . . Jullia Stiles was a bad call. Then last season . . . no surprise at all that Deb found out, given the buildup during the season and utter lack of any other plotlines of note. So far, Season 7 is sssslllllooooowwww. They may want to think of winding it up this year.

  7. Definitely don’t want Dexter to end at Season 8. Also a diehard fan and wouldn’t be able to live without my fix of dexter! Hopefully season 8 is not the end …

  8. Disagree with some, Season 6 was the slowest and most boring of all. Season 5 was the most exiting. Michael worth every penny. Julia was great in S5. Maria ex Lt now captain very annoying ! At the moment I am at S7 E2. Showtime rules !

    • Yeah I didn’t really like season 6, but I do love all the new Deb drama, put a good twist on to a slow season and made it more exciting again. Season 7 season final deffinetly one of the best and exciting episodes ever. Im so glad there is one more season I thought this was it.

  9. No, two more season please, 8 seasons, so 3 more seasons enough for Debra to get used to all of Dexter’s activites, possibly even joining/viewing his murders. :p But Debra is less cop-y enough, to give up Dexter to the police.

    But if the final season is Dexter on the run from the law, after LaGuerta picking up the pieces to the puzzle, that’ll make more sense to end it right there.

  10. End will always near and Dexter is no different, the show is amazing, I’m never bored watching the show but sometimes annoyed by his whiny little sister.

    As for M. Hall being worth the money, absolutely, the guy makes the show and makes it worth watching. I dont know if anyone would be able to pull it off as well as he done.

  11. Personally, I think he’s a very good actor in a fun and occasionally very poor series. Let’s face it, it’s not Sopranos. Given 6 feet under, I’d have wanted to up the fees to keep going. Time to call it a day with was has been a fairly filler and sometimes interesting TV series. I like watching but the plot holes have become unforgivable. Peace. x

  12. Michael C Hall is an amazing actor and by all accounts a very nice person. I’m curious as to how closely the show is following the Dexter books. season 7 – so far- has been one of the best. Season was not quite as good but I still enjoyed it.

    • The series is not following the books at all. The first season was in large parts based on the first book, but a lot of stuff was also changed. (unfortunately they keep the part of LaGuerta being killed in season 1… like she was in the book.

      After the first season the books and series aren’t remotely the same and I think that is good a good thing. The rest of the books wouldn’t fit the TV format as good, (my opinion) and would just ruin both books and series.

      I love the books, and I’m happy that they didn’t ruin them by trying to film them. Instead I got a kick ass TV-show too!

      • Correction: unfortunately they DIDN’T keep the part of LaGuerta being killed in season 1… like she was in the book.

    • The TV series and the books share very little, especially after season 1. I prefer the TV series but follow both. The books get a bit too supernatural at points and require a bit more suspension of disbelief. They’re worth a read if you can get them cheap, have time to kill, or you just really need more Dexter. Otherwise, just stick to the TV series.

    • the 3 parts of the book i wished they would of kept:
      1) laguerta kicking the bucket in the first one. She is annoying, and i wish they would of taken her out of the tv series that early.
      2) Brian didnt die. As brian comes in and out in the books, i like him and his dynamic with dexter. I didnt really like the whole “rudy” side story. He should still be alive.
      3) Doakes. Doakes needs to be alive! Erik King is flippin hilarious in the show, and they should of kept him around. I think the 2nd dexter book is by far the strongest and they could of turned that into season 2 and still had doakes around in the capacity he is in the book (lost a tongue and a foot i think), he’s STILL hilarious in the books, and i think if given the task of playing that kind of doakes, king would knock it out the park.

      -i am glad for (things not in the book), Lundy, the death of rita (holy crap she was annoying), and quinn.

  13. Our audience has told us that it’s diverged quite a bit, especially for DEXTER himself. We haven’t been shy about how much we’re enjoying this season. A truly STARK contrast to the two previous seasons, this one continues to get deeper and more complex. Cannot WAIT to see what the second half offers and how it’ll tie into the last season next year.

  14. Just recently started the series, and have watched all 6 seasons in a matter of weeks!! So friggin’ awesome. Season 5 with Julia is my fave, season 6 was a bit slow but ended with my jaw on the floor! Love love love this show and do not want it to end at season 8. Finally watching the current season 7 and was very saddened to hear its ending. Please please go to at least 10!!! I’m sure the writers can think up more messed up plots, look at the world we live in and get inspired!! Go Dex go!

  15. Umm… for the person saying that Michael isn’t worth the money and doesn’t actually work, you should realize that he does TWO jobs for the series; he’s the lead character AND one of the producers. That’s a f*ckton of work.

    I’m really disappointed to hear their ending it already, such a good show, Season 3 wasn’t memorable, but the rest has been flawless.

  16. I only recently starting watching Dexter.. and I’m already up to date! Dexter is a totally addictive creative show, yes in some series it slows down a little but I can’t say in any way has it made me want to stop watching. Michael is a pretty amazing actor if you ask me! He pulls it off beautifully, so much I find myself wondering what Michael does in his spare time :P. Absolutely gutted it’ll be ending, pulling on my heart strings in fact! I’ll be glued to the end and I hope there’ll be another series that’s just as good and hopefully longer ;). The story has been great, it’s not often we get to see a killers side and how they work, fight with the “norm” etc. Massive fan of this one, it’s a shame to see it go!!! -Me :)

  17. I was a late comer watching Dexter. My son downloaded each season: 1 through 7 (until episode 6). At the present, I am now “current”. I watched it non stop! I am very disappointed that the series will end in season 8 or 9. I have enjoyed every episode – each and every one!! It aways left me wanting “more”… I hope they will revisit their decision to end it and keep it going a bit longer (season 10 maybe??)…

  18. Glad that you gave it a shot, Kathleen! I too marathon’d DEXTER and am sorry that season 8 will be its last. I’m also very thankful that this most recent season has been so much satisfying than the last two. A great ramp for season 8!

  19. I think Dexter needs 200 more seasons. I love it. Lol. I’m scared Luguerta is going to catch Dexter. He should have killed her right along with Doakes. And he should have just killed Hannah instead of let her go cuz a lot of things wouldn’t have happened this season. And he needs to catch the guy that just got away. “you’re dickey Morgan!!” lol that guy.

  20. I love Dexter but to make a show about a serial killer killing serial killers, while working for the police for eight years must be difficult. They have done a great job but almost any show gets stale after nearly a decade. How many times will the police almost catch Dexter? How many times will Dexter meet a friend or lover that knows his secret that he will kill or that will conveniently die or disappear. The same people who are begging for more will yell foul when the show jumps the shark. Its been a great ride end it with style every story has an end you will live I promise!

  21. Although I love the show (in my top ten), it’s gone on long enough. Maybe even too long. A couple seasons felt like the same story but with characters being replaced. How many times can Dexter open up to someone, then realize it’s a mistake? During seasons 3,4, and 5 very little progress is made. I’ve always hoped that he would eventually be discovered by the general public. I would hate for the series to end with him continuing on his killing spree. I want everyone to see what he’s done. I want them to realize that not all murders are a bad thing. Should he get the chair? Life in jail? Escape? I really don’t know. But a life of killing without any consequence and everyone left in the dark just doesn’t make for a satisfying ending.

  22. Like many here, I am also a recent Dexter addict. In less than ten days, I’ve watched every episode. I avoided it like the plague for years because – as a writer myself – I had actually come up with a very similar idea (15 years ago) for a MOVIE about a serial killer who kills killers and I must admit, I was quite bitter about someone else cashing in. LOL

    BUT, I opted to give it a chance (after much prodding from my family, who knew I’d love it). And I’m so glad I did. Showtime has done a WAY better job with the concept than I would have been able to.

    Michael C. Hall is bloody brilliant as Dexter. His character is so complex – not only in how he’s written but how Hall portrays him… his nuances… his struggle to find the tender human inside which the audience can see every episode but that which Dexter cannot seem to grasp. It’s breathtaking.

    Shame on me for not embracing this series from day one. I’m so glad I’m *ahem* up to snuff now, though. Sad to see it end next season but I will revel in the new episodes to come and will relish watching the series over and over again on DVD.

    I also thrill at the sight of plastic wrap now. The kill room scenes are always my favorite, not because I’m homicidal, but because I enjoy seeing Darkly Dreaming Dexter emerge to take out another nasty murderer.

  23. I started to watch dexter ass backwards. Everyone kept telling me what a great show it was. I hate having to wait months to watch a show. Anyway I started to watch dexter the 1st show of season 7. Omg I loved it but I didn’t want to keep watching starting w season 7. So I started watching season 6 on free in demand. Watched all but the last 2 episodes. I thought this is crazy. I want to see it from day 1. I ordered seasons 1-5. Watched them all. Then I ordered season 6 even though it was on demand. Watched all season 6. I have not watched anymore episodes of season 7 except the opener. I did Order season 7 on DVD so I can watch it all @ 1 time. Dexter is an amazing show. I want to know when season 8 will premier. Great writers great acting. Who thought that you could be in love w a serial killer. I’m so hooked on dexter. When it comes to the end , please dexter can’t die or be jailed.

  24. Personal note to the author:

    The writing is good, I like the style, but please improve the grammar and spelling. Here are some obvious examples:

    quite -> quiet
    believer -> believed
    site -> sight

    It’s a shame to see such a nice writing style and talent spoiled by sloppy English. A simple proof-read should find these easily enough.

  25. I don’t want dexter to leave aaaaaaaaaaa a 10 season will do de slice

  26. Lool get on earth people! Dexter’s actor has been cured of cancer! search google now.

  27. I’ve been faithfully watching this amazing show since the beginning. It’s definitely disheartening that the shows last season will be the end of 2013. There aren’t many television personalities I can stand to watch for more than a few weeks, but Michael playing Dexter has been addictive. Every character in the show has been addictive. One of the best television shows I’ve ever seen.

  28. As sick and twisted as the subject matter is, there is a deep rich struggle in Dexter, the character is well written and particularly well acted. I for one am sorry to see it end, but after seeing season 5 I knew the end was not to far away. I am disheartened as when you watch this series it’s as if you are there, in the background like his father.