‘Dexter’ Series Finale Review – What Did You Think?

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dexter series finale Dexter Series Finale Review   What Did You Think?

After 8 seasons on the air, Showtime’s hit series Dexter has finally come to an end. In the highly-anticipated conclusion to the tale of Dexter Morgan, everyone’s favorite blood spatter analyst ends a life for the last time. But did the right life come to an end  - and, more importantly, what did you think of the ending?

Throughout Dexter’s season 7 & 8 journey, the once thought-to-be emotionless serial killer has been attempting to explore another side of himself, hoping to understand what it means to be human and to feel human emotions. Thanks to Dr. Evelyn Vogel, as well as Debra and Hannah, Dexter was able to touch upon the origins of his creation, the everlasting love of a sibling and the potential to live happily ever after. But in the end, it was Deb who fell because of Dexter’s sins and Hannah who took on the responsibility of Dexter’s most prized possession. As for Dexter? He somehow skipped out on more child support.

Yes, it seems that, with all the foreshadowing and exploration of Dexter becoming more than he was meant to be, the path that he chose to go down was based on one thing: everyone he loves ends up getting hurt. With that, Dexter has given up the chance to begin a new life with Hannah and Harrison; instead, Miami Metro’s one-time finest has decided to become a lumberjack, for the time being. So… was the Dexter series finale somewhat of a letdown?

dexter series finale dexter Dexter Series Finale Review   What Did You Think?

As with any series, Dexter has had some high and lows throughout its run on the air, but audiences were still ready and willing to explore whichever avenue producers decided to go down. When Dr. Evelyn Vogel first appeared on the show, it was thought that it would be her who would bring down the Butcher, but as the season progressed, her story-arc allowed us to explore more of Dexter’s past, allowing fans to learn much more about the character before he walked off into the sunset. Still, no matter how much character progression and evolution the season introduced, it was as if the finale threw it all away for a twist ending that is not only wholly unoriginal, but was also awkward in execution.

It seems, at least in part, that Debra’s death was ultimately the only way producers would be able elicit an emotional response from viewers. If Dexter died, viewers would (momentarily) be sad, but would ultimately understand (he’s a murderer, after all); if Hannah died, viewers would be happy; if Dexter was caught, viewers would want to know what happens next.

When caught between a rock and a hard place – or, in this case, a series that’s coming to an end – it appears that the Debra’s death was the only way to end the series; that is, if Showtime president David Nevins is still trying to drum up interest in a Dexter spin-off (which probably wasn’t helped by AMC’s spin-offs of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead).

dexter series finale hannah Dexter Series Finale Review   What Did You Think?

That said, television shows are never really about the start or ending – it’s about the journey. So while Dexter’s series finale was much more a forgettable conclusion than the ending of an earnest opus, it’s impossible to deny the fact that Showtime has brought 8 great years of entertainment to our televisions. Sure, there were a few hit or miss seasons here and there, but Dexter will forever be known as the show which made the world fall in love with a serial killer – and unfortunately, like with most tales about serial killers, this one ends poorly.

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Dexter aired October 1, 2006 – September 22, 2013 on Showtime.

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  1. It was SOOOOOO disappointing. The exact worst way to end a show.

    The tone of the last episode did not fit the tone the show has had for at least 4 years now. Debs death wasn’t earned it was just latched on at the end as an after thought. And how about Dexter abandoning his son to “protect him?” b*******. So stupid.

  2. Not only was the finale a let down, the entire last season was. They should have taken notes from Breaking Bad & The Shield on how to do a finale season!!

  3. There was so many things that I have to say about this horrible series finale, but overall I think that when ending a series its all about build up (Just look at breaking bad). Everything in this series finale just happened, there was no build up, no anticipation, and no satisfying surprises. It would have been better if people found out that he is the bay harbor butcher and there is a manhunt for him, which leads to his death.

  4. I felt this season was “ok”. As far as the end went they should have left it with Dexter riding off into the hurricane then roll credits. Also why does he dump Deb’s body into the ocean? Did I miss something? Is that what she would have wanted? I did not understand his reasoning for that. He dumped the bodies of his victims into the ocean and felt his sister should share the same fate? What’d I miss?

    • I think he saw deb as his final victim. Although he didn’t want her to die, she did and he was the cause. Therefore, she shared the same grave.

      It was still weird though.

  5. after 8 years i think that no mather what they did people wont be happy i mean the finalle wasnt perfect but it wasnt bad

  6. OH MY GOD! I really loved this show for all the years. Not a single episode which I missed. Everything perfect until the end. But you all are right… The 2nd half of this Season was so disappointing. I really hoped the would live happily ever after in Argentina. They could have thought of so many different endings, kill him, catch him, whatever. BUT WTF IS THAT??? Sorry. thats the WORST ENDING EVER in TV HISTORY!!! THIS MUST BE A KIND OF BAD JOKE…

  7. Terrible, hated it.

    it wouldnt have been great but had they ended it with him driving off into the storm and them finding the boat and you leave it with did he kill himself to protect others from him or did he fake his own death?

    Leaving with Hannah and the kid going to get ice cream would have been better than showing him alive as a lumberjack? Come on.

    Think they could have done so much more with this season and they didnt. reality is the show went down the last 4 seasons. First 4 were great. Even the Lumen season I didnt think was as bad as others.

    I would have even been ok with Deb being ok and Dex making it with Hannah and the kid and living happily ever after.

    anything would have been better than this ending.

  8. Disappointed is an understatement, I loved the character and the show and I was really hoping to see a happy ending over this. I was content with Dexter having some peace and happiness in his life and Deb getting her life back together as well. I feel as if the writers decided to go with being shocking over going with their hearts. Big mistake! It felt like The Lost finale all over again…

  9. I agree with everything having potential. You wanted the little story lines to add up to something bigger but they didn’t. They just sat there at the end. I was very dissalounyed with the tone of the end. Dexter has always been one to go out with a bang, fighting until the last second, but he went out with a whisper an then sort of didn’t go out at all but ended up a lumberjack…??? I really wanted a parallel story arc developed. It seemed they were heading that way until deb got shot. In my dream course of events, I wanted some actual tension to be built. I wanted vogal’s warnings against trying to straddle two worlds to be realize with dexter warring between letting Saxon go and escaping with hanna. I wanted him to start feeling the pressure, feel completely torn between them. I wanted elway to get just a bit to close and send dexter over the edge. I wanted dexter to kill him and then everyone discover Hanna and ten to run and fhole up somewhere, but it’s too late. The police are on them. In some course of events I wanted angel to have to order the take down as Quinn held deb back from running into the building as the snipers shoot. I wanted to end with deb picking up Harrison from a pool of his parents’ blood and walking away. But no. Lumberjack dexter is what we got. I will admit I was on board for the deb’s watery grave (his final victim) even though my suspension of belief was tested for his waltz through the hospital with a stolen body. Despite the hurricane li believed someone would have noticed. The ‘I hurt everyone’ play is SO dexter, I can’t really object to it even though it was disappointing. Really?? The martyr line? It seemed unoriginal. I accepted it and was being very forgiving. When that last shot was coming up, I thought angel was going to find something incriminating or something to hint that dexter gets discovered. I really wanted that. But then it’s a logs and im like what? That lumberjack thing was so random and I feel like if your going to kill off the main character, you need to just commit to it. Also, I need to know why he was a lumberjack. For an appropriate beard disguise? Why not some mindless office job or something where he’s in a cubicle? Lumberjacks have an almost comical stereotype being giant guys with beards and plaid. It completely ruined the ending tone for the show. And that look at the camera? While dexter’s was especially creepy, I’ve seen it before. *sigh* it was all so pointless. He got away, but wasnt happy either. Way to go out with a sorta awkward handshake and trip out the door.

    P.s. sorry if there are copious typos, I’m on my phone and it’s just way too long to go back and proofread.

  10. bad ending to a great show. the last scene looked liked dexter was channeling his inner “Heisenberg”……….

  11. By the way people, Dexter didn’t become a lumberjack, he became a truck driver. Lumberjacks are the ones who are responsible for cutting trees, not transporting them.

    • If their isn’t a season 9 I’m going to be so pissed off. You just can not end a season like that. That was bull s***. I mean Deb was DEAD… the least they could of done if it is for real the last episode of the last season is leave us with a happy ending of him off in Argentina and the question would be if he would continue his hunt… not him sitting at a table with a beard while the love of his life and his only child are off in some other country with no idea of what happened to him. What the hell was that? We don’t know anything like this leaves the door wide freaking open for season 9 and we better get one. >:(

  12. For me, Dexter has ended 4 years ago with Trinity killer…after that, the writers started to take meth from Heisenberg what made them destroy the rest…

  13. all i can say is that as a huge fan of the show i feel very betrayed and disappointed with the finale and the writers. It was a half assed finale that seemed rushed. Only thing I liked was Dex giving Deb the burial at sea and him riding off into the hurricane. And the last bit where he is alone at the end.

  14. Why the beard-Dexter…

  15. Anytime you have a show thats as popular as Dexter, Lost, the Sorpranos ect. the ending will never be quite good enough. Just one of those things.

    • How about breaking bad next week?

    • I think a better question is why those successful shows have such lame endings? I think its a cop out on the writing. True Blood will likely go the same way. Vince Gillian has promised better but Breaking bad is an anomaly and will surely deliver an ending worthy of the series. When was the last great finale to an acclaimed television series?

      • I thought The Wire’s finale was pretty good despite the forgettable 5th season.

  16. Just curious,
    What was SUPPOSED to happen that didnt that has everybody so upset?

    • The problem stemmed from the direction of the whole season, I think

    • Quality writing maybe? Is that too much to ask for, Gary?

  17. This was about as weak of a series finale I have ever seen. Being that a show like Spartacus set the bar pretty high this didn’t even come close. I just hope Breaking Bad doesn’t disappoint either

  18. Man people cry like little babies i liked the show, he got what he wanted from the beging to be human an feel emotions now he has to live with those emotions an he chooses to live in solitude with them or he moves around alot we dont know , if you guys didnt like the show after season 4 then why did u keep watching 4 more seasons. I was happy with the hole series an i hope in a few years they make a movie that would be cool.

  19. Why the hell did he take Deb’s body out to sea to rest for eternity with all the “mosters” he’s killed? Seriously? Didnt she deserve better? I just cant understand that whole thing. Extreemly dissappointing. Also… HOW THE HELL DID HE SURVIVE SAILING INTO A DAMN HURRICANE??? Worst ending possible.

    • Dexter took Deb out to sea and wore his kill outfit because ultimately, he was the one that killed her. He felt solely responsible for her death–in his mind, he murdered her.

      • Selfish to the end I guess… But still. She deserved better than to decompose out at sea with every ass hole he has killed.

  20. As Deb would say WTF!! Not trying to use profanity here, but the ending of the last show was really out of sorts. I think there should be a follow up series of Dexter season 9 ya think?

  21. lame series finale, also the worst season of dexter.
    there are a few things they forgot as well like dexter killing hannah’s father they never tried to explore that again they kept trying to force feed dexter’s so called transformation to being a good guy when they could’ve just went the other way and made him a full blown serial killer.

    also what’s the point of mazuka’s daughter? she served no purpose at all.
    dissapointing end to a good series that went on too long.

    • Why would it be better to have him be a full blown serial killer? Although this season was not the best the character arc for Dexter was good. Also Hannah’s father did not need to appear again in this season, it was not necessary and wouldn’t serve the overall story.

      • I agree I liked how Dexter found his humanity in this season, it was a nice change for the character. Also bringing in Hannah’s father again for this season would be to quote Mr. Clean “lame”

        • Bringing back Hannah was unnecessary and lame.

  22. what a crazy ending how can you just give a kid away and what was with the truck driver seen and the beard i was very disappointed on the ending of the best show on T.V. they would of done better letting him sail off into the storm and end it like that

  23. Yeah just finished it, pretty terrible.

  24. This was the worst ending since Seinfeld. To protect his son, he left him with another killer? That makes a lot of since, #sarcasm. I wasted an hour, thank you to the writers

  25. make the last scene a dream sequence and give Deb a proper burial next to her father and let Dexter go to Argentina. season 9 Dexter Argentina TM

  26. If their isn’t a season 9 I’m going to be so pissed off. You just can not end a season like that. That was bull s***. I mean Deb was DEAD… the least they could of done if it is for real the last episode of the last season is leave us with a happy ending of him off in Argentina and the question would be if he would continue his hunt… not him sitting at a table with a beard while the love of his life and his only child are off in some other country with no idea of what happened to him. What the hell was that? We don’t know anything like this leaves the door wide freaking open for season 9 and we better get one. >:(

    • And another thing that didn’t make since was he had supposedly gotten rid of his dark passenger so why did he need to punish himself by leaving his family??? Hey writers here’s an idea for season 9 he lost his memory remembers who he is and goes to Argentina to find his family kills a few people along the way ladadededa and then the viewers get to be happy yay

  27. I thought it was good and bad at the same time. Given the way it ended I would have rather seen an ending something like this…. Instead of the lumber jack thing would have been cool to see a crime scene somewhere else in the world… Cops and what not… A body etc.. The cops signalling to someone to come quick…. A camera view of legs walking quickly towards it…. Camera slowly moves upwards and dexter turns around looks at the camera smirks and that’s it…. Not saying it had to be exactly like that but would have been better than him sitting at the table… I mean I know he quit to live a new life but still. Oh well…

    • yeah and he could do that in Argentina where his family is… stupid stupid writers and there stupid ending.