Dexter Has Nothing on These Serial Killers

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serial blog header Dexter Has Nothing on These Serial Killers

If you’re fans of the hit television show, Dexter, then you’re well aware that Dexter is a complex character. While he is a serial killer and an anti-hero character in the show, he is also a dedicated family man with a conscience, and a member of the Miami Metro Police Dept. Unlike Dexter, here’s a look at some simply cold-blooded killers, courtesy of our friends at the Medical Insurance Blog.

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serial blog Dexter Has Nothing on These Serial Killers

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  1. lol no manson

    • Manson didn’t kill anyone directly…

      • Manson killed one person, but just one.

        • I dont know where you guys are getting your information but Charles Manson has never been found guilty of killing a man..He was a cult leader that had his druggie followers do his dirty work..There is no tangible evidence against him,showing that he committed a murder..

          • It is the INTENT that is the most evil. Any animal can kill, but if the animal planned it, plotted it, mapped it out, that is the evil behind the deed. They call them rapters. He got consecutive live imprisonments, and he’ll die there, where he belongs.

        • Really.. At this point no one knows who Manson killed or did not kill. It seems that he did not kill on the spree but this NO ONE knows know (except him) what he has or has not done.. GROW UP..

  2. so this was kinda somber

  3. Pedro A. Lopez… Set free? Ah, hell no….

    • :( he seems to have the most victims too

  4. Dexter has nothing on them? Those people are disgusting, vial abominations. Dexter (the character) kills criminals, people whom hurt other people and other wise deserve their fate. I see the reason of bringing this topic up was just to compare the worst acts of the worlds most sickening people and Dexter’s name was just the means to get people to check it out.

    Interesting to see the comparisons, but to say Dexter has nothing on them is absurd. If Dexter were real, those sick B@st$rds would now be victims.

    • Dennis Fontaine, simple fact is the show is setup where Dexter is a serial killer, hence he should be compared to serial killers. Each Serial killer has their own reason for killing people, you could argue that the Chess board killer was cleaning up our streets, or even Jack the ripper doing the same thing.

      It all comes down to their perception, Dexters perception on what is good and bad and killing them as a solution.

      • There is no “perception”. Dexter killing criminals that would take many more lives being alive is completely different than someone cleaning up prostitutes in the streets.

      • U are off.. Jack the ripper killed ladies of the night. What crime did they commit. They killed no one. They might of stolen assests but if you go outside of Clake county their CRIME would of been legal..

  5. Whoa, these guys are insane! Stumbled. :)

  6. i doubt these guys are anything compared to David Parker Ray, who killed over 60 people (mainly women) with his ‘girlfriend’. they made their victims read a ‘pledge’ then tortured and raped them he was known best for his ‘torture box’ hehehe prob my biggest idol/role model :P

    • There is no proof that David Parker Ray killed over sixty women..Yes,he tortured women but authorities have never found any bodies.

    • You are right about one thing, sexual sadists are amoung the most dangerous…

    • seriously? a serial killer, sadist and rapist is your idol/role model?
      lol i hope your jking if not a real life dexter will hopefully visit you…

    • Your fing sick…

  7. LOL I know right? Plus even if he was just a regular serial killer he has more victims than most of these ppl and he’s never been caught! do these guys even watch the show? lol

  8. Dexter has 70 confirmed kills so far, I think it is 72 because the 2 drug smugglers he shot usually don’t get counted. To date he hasn’t been caught. It looks like all of these serial killers could take a lesson from him instead of vice-versa.

    • “he is also a dedicated family man with a conscience” I don’t know where the website gets their info, but Dexter is psychopathic, and the hallmark of a psychopath is lack of conscience. He states in the beginning that he can’t feel love for anyone, doesn’t feel guilt, and has never regretted anything in his life. Also, he hasn’t been caught, so those killers should learn from him; he has all of the law-enforcement background knowledge. Also, if anyone’s read the books that inspired the TV program, he better fits the character of the psychopath. In the show, he’s nicer, not as sarcastic, and slightly awkward. In the books, he’s got a sliver tongue, he’s sarcastic, manipulative, and a little more reckless sometimes (still avoids detection).

      • Sigh…although I like your post, I’m compelled to fix your obvious mistkes. The latest “standards” for diagnosing mental illnesses,(actually the last Few versions), do not even list “psychopath” as a valid or useable condition. Although commonly interchangeable with Sociopath…Antisocial or Dissociative Disorder is what you need to use. (Technically, the TV show is Clear in labeling him a Sociopath). So why even bring up Psychopath? Other than that, I liked your post. Try harder…

  9. No zodiac killer?

  10. Slow news day.

    • Roger,

      Indeed. :)


  11. Who ever made this list needs to up their serial killer knowledge…some good ones, but overall weak. No Ed Gein, Manson (and no flack please he convinced people to murder for him), Ramerez, Bundy, Green River killer, I could go on but peeps would think i’m way to into serial killers…which I am! Haha!

  12. James. I see your point about perception, but in Dexter’s case its clearly different.

    Dex channels his affliction into a positive means to an end. He only kills those that clearly deserve it…

    • Dexter did kill at least one person that was completely innocent (the photographer, or whatever).

      So by his own definitions, he is one of the “bad” people that he kills, right?

      I love the show, but Dexter isn’t “different” from these other killers. That’s kind of the point, I think. To show you that everyone has their own reasons, and from their perspective, they make sense.

      But he’s still a murderer. And murder will never be a “positive means to an end”

      • I disagree. Much like on the show HOUSE when Chase injects some very high up guy from another country that is responsible for genocide. If you think taking his life is worse than letting him take thousands then I question your morals more than Dexters. So in this case, Yes, murder IS the positive means to an end.

  13. Being a serial killer and hiding behind a badge is just weak and pathetic. Can’t wait for Dexter to end and when his character is killed it will be because he deserved it.

    • he doesn’t have a badge,

      its a laminate

      • Hahaha, super late reply, but your reply made my night!

    • LOL> He has no badge.

  14. Dexter (the character) is way better than these serial killers. If it’s possible to compare real life serial killer with a fictional I would say that Dexter beats everyone of these. why you say?


  15. Charles Manson shot a man and ran over him 3 times. It’s in several books. I read about in school while doing a report on seriel killers only had enough time to do Bunndy, Dommer and Manson.

    Funny scary little story I did some work with a guy two years ago who actually knew Dommer they shopped at the same store and lived 1/2 a mile apart.

  16. I love Dexter, it is such a great show. I cannot wait for it to start up again on Sunday night. It sure holds my attention more than any other show. I had to do a report about serial killers back in high school. This article is great. I especially love the diagram of what Dexter can learn from other serial killers such as Ted Bundy.

  17. Ryan Dex is capable of love and conscience. In the beging he says he isn’t but as the show goes on he realizes he is. He even states he is feeling for them also he says at one point that sometimes when Rita looks at him a certain way it makes him feel guilty.

  18. What exactly is he supposed to learn from them? The article title is pretty pointless in regards to what is actually being shown. All I see are people that killed less than him and were caught, excluding the Ripper. They were also killing random people, not criminals, in other words Dexter has it much harder and is still more capable of doing what he needs to without being caught.

  19. Even though Dexter killed a bad guy, this act is wrong from the moral sense. That’s the reason why I agree that he must be punished.

  20. Dexter has nuthing to learn from these out of control killers.k forget da reason y hes doing it.but luk at his methods.his technique.he leaves AbSoLuTeLy no evidence.puts da cops off his trail jus lyk tat bcuz hes an expert in blood spatter he can do ANyThING on da crime scene n make people believe wat HE wants dem to.he cuts dem up n throws dem in da ocean and da bodies r carried far away.hes never gona get caught.if u ask me dese guyz hav 2 learn from Dexter.
    n dan cums da reason y hes doin it.he saw his mother bein he has dese urges wich he channels by killing murderers hu DESERVE to die wich da stupid LaW leaves dese animals on da street wher dey HaPpILY go n rape n torture even kids((cuz dey hav a very gud D.A or lack of evidence or sumtyms dey pay da judge–wat does ur MoRaLs hav 2 say bot TAT)).newyz by doin dis his savin many families from bein destroyed etc etc.i think hes doin da ryt thing.n hes not hiding behind da batch puhleez.he uses da badge so tat he never gets caught.

    • You my friend are a serial killer of the english language.

  21. hey moral people.if u wer a person from one of those destroyed families.dan YOU yourself cheering Dexter on everytym he has one of dose animals on da table.
    i bet you will.

  22. everyone is arguing morals but morals very from person to person there really isn’t a universal right or wrong it’s just your own opion

  23. Love what you’ve done here! Although I Must disagree with your main point. Setting aside the obvious fact there Dexter is a fictional character, let’s make the same exact comparison, to a real life duplicate (which certainly exists). SO much I could write, but isn’t success at not being detected enough to win on it’s own??? If it weren’t for his obsessive ritual, I’m certain he’d have no issue killing in any fashion. I think you “may” be confusing conscience with mimicking. All antisocials, sociopaths and psychopaths are adept at faking. I’ve seen 0 evidence that he has a conscience. Him appearing to care for his son and sister, is merely him caring for what he perceives as an extension of himself. Without that connection, just a woman and a baby. What are your thoughts???

  24. After reading through the paltry offerings from a group of “people” that fancy themselves; whatever…all I can do is shake my head. Have you no Pride? Put forth some effort, learn to spell, and type clearly with Real words in a true Language; I speak a couple and am not picky…juz don wun diz crud…pathetic! Admin, my suggestion is to purge and rebuild your following. Oh, and just for “giggles”, add the Iceman. His given name is Richard Kuklinski. Quite possibly the most rational monster in America…if that’s even possible. (Why wouldn’t I reject your ideas, Mine are available!)

  25. …dexter only killed killers which would explain why his kill count is much lower… i hope you are clever enough to understand what i mean without further explanation.

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  27. wow. These people could learn from dexter actually, he has a kill count of over 200 and still isnt caught…