‘Dexter’ Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

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dexter season 61 Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Showtime President of Entertainment, David Nevins, is quickly becoming one of the most noncommittal and chatty network heads in the business – taking every TV-related event he attends as an opportunity to toy with the emotions of Dexter fans.

However, this time, Nevins is set to deliver some good news and intriguing details for fans of the Bay Harbor Butcher – as the Showtime executive indicates that, while the writing team is still working toward a Dexter season 8 end-date, there’s still a possibility that the show could continue on into season 9 and beyond.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Nevins remained open to the possibility of further seasons of Dexter as well as offered an intriguing detail about what audiences might be able to expect next season:

“[Season 8] is the likely endpoint, but I’m leaving open the possibility that plans could change [...] I think there’s a very clear trajectory now of where they’re going. I think it’s going to help to write with that endgame in mind. I’ve been pushing to shake up the formula a little bit. I think there should be fundamentally different dynamics now.”

The comments echo similar assertions from Nevins following Showtime’s official announcement that Dexter would be back for season 7 and 8. At the time, Nevins implied that they intended to wrap-up the story lines and go out with a bang – unless they decided they’d rather keep going:

“I’m not going to say with absolute certainty that this is the end, but that is the likely scenario, that the series is moving towards a definite end.”

[Warning! The remainder of this article contains numerous Dexter Season 6 SPOILERS]




Still here? Nevins also dropped a short, but especially interesting, detail about just how the writers intend to “shake up the formula” – implying that, in the coming months, Dexter may no longer work as “such a lone wolf.”

Could this mean that Deb, who recently caught her brother mid-ritualistic killing act, will actually join-up with Dexter’s cause and help round-up Miami’s surprisingly robust stable of active serial killers – outside the confines of the law? That said, earlier reports seemed to indicate that Deb might not truly understand the full extent of what she witnessed in the Season 6 finale (i.e. Dexter may have offed the Doomsday Killer but that doesn’t mean he’s full-blown serial killer). As a result, it’s certainly possible that someone else, potentially serial killer fan Louis, could be the other “wolf” in Miami – though, that might be a bit too similar to the Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) storyline from Dexter season 3.

Jennifer Carpenter David Zayas Billy Brown Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Nevins also briefly discussed whether there is on-set tension between former off-screen husband/wife and on-screen brother/sister pair Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter – which is especially relevant now that Deb has admitted she’s in love with her (non-biological) adopted brother - “It makes for an interesting ripple in the show.” According to The Wrap, Nevins believes audiences will “‘figure in’ the dynamic” but also asserts that, wherever the writers want to take the show, Showtime won’t be held-back because “Michael and Jennifer have a really good relationship.

Regardless of whether or not it’s awkward on set, many viewers will probably attest that watching Deb pine after her adopted brother is, at the very least, still awkward to watch.


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Source: The Wrap

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  1. I STILL can’t believe he left his beloved baby with gross Hannah!! Not school, I hated her since the beginning.. It was a tearful ending and although i ADORE the season, I couldn’t take the series as seriously if they made another season. : /It’s just not realistic to the story. Stories have a beginning a middle and an end, if you add on, it just doesn’t sit right.

    • This is what you get when a writer braggs about taking IP from a fellow person who visits a site the same as the writer and collaboration on a serial killer is metted out and then the writer braggs about taking character away from said person and then says there is nothing they can do about it.

      Pride and vanity are the root to all this. The writer knows my full legal name as he asked me for it. I did not return to the site the next day back in 1997 thus the reason he could not fill in the missing dots on Dexter.

    • so you are saying that this HAS to be the end who are you to decide

    • Me too i hated hanna i love dexter but i just couldnt stand the fact that hanna was there i liked lummen better

    • deep down hannah is good a good person.she was just surrounded by some bad people.until she met dexter.i never get emotional with movies this show really got me I would like to see season 9 it broke my heart to see deb die.i would like to see dexter hannah and Harrison live happily ever after.hannah did not have to leave the country the 1 charge against her was the murder of correctional officer .she could have turned herself in ad the evidence could have disappeared.dexter could have removed it from the evidence room.and there would have been no charge insufficient evidenc.

  2. Please bring dexter back. Deb could take the place of his father so she would be in season 9

    • i totally agree with shelley. i think that would be a GREAT idea for season 9 on in. Dexter is reunited with his sister as he proceeds forward

      • In real life my sister and I are doing fine and are not very close.

        She is in her weirdo cult. One of the reasons I stay far away.

  3. nie wyobrażam sobie aby nie było 9 sezonu. nie można zakończyć w taki sposób historii. dexter przeżył. jego dziecko tak samo jak i ukochana też. życie toczy się dalej. są nowe możliwości, treści sceny.
    myślę, że takie odświeżenie serialu się nam przyda.a sama 9 seria zaskoczy wszystkich fanów dextera.
    liczę na Was z Showtime!

  4. WTF… just watched the last one, i hate you all!! i was crying so freaking much!!

  5. I just spent 10 hours watching Dexter last weekend — You MUST continue and have a season 9 – That’s all there is to it! I work at Stanford, I’m an educated person – but I love to escape in TV — shows in general had become boring until DEXTER! — Please continue…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! My friends and I love Michael Hall – What a fabulous actor…!

    • I totally agree with Patty Smith, pls. continue Dexter

  6. Rumours have hit the mill just this week that there are several opening episodes written for a season 9. However, just because they are written by no means assures viewers of a intact Season 9. The writers who are most involved are simply taking it upon themselves to create ‘ticklers’ for network producers to mull over.
    I don’t want to throw out any false HYPE, but after the Superbowl, folks who subscribe to DirecTv and Dishnetwork may get a wild suprise.

    Good Luck to all the hopefuls !!

  7. I’m dexters no.one fan. All I can ask is please bring it back on. They do soap operas every day why not dexter. Come on now. Enough is enough.

  8. please bring DEXTER back… !!!!

  9. I am very disappointed with the depressing, tearful ending of the show! It was enough that Debra died…why couldn’t they let Dexter meet up with his son and Hannah for a somewhat happy ending???

  10. My family and I just watched the entire series of Dexter within a 3 week period. I have never been paralyzed by a series on TV, until Dexter. Now that we have watched the entire series, we feel like part of our lives is missing. I was very disappointed in the way it ended, especially Debra’s death; however, I hope the decision is made to continue the show. The writers were determined to destroy Dexter and those that he cared about – a point that was pushed too far at the end. It would be great to see things go the other way for Dexter, as he conquers his Dark Passenger and goes on to live a normal life, until something happens that forces Dexter to awaken his demons.

    Bring the damn show back!

    • I agree! It was a very emotional ending! It does feel like part of our life is missing too! Love love love dexter! Bring him back, bring him back!! :)

  11. I was very disapointed with the series finale. Dexter needs to be happy for once in his life. He needs Hannah to fulfil that happiness void. Please bring back Dexter!

  12. I don’t want Dexter to be over! Granted the way it ended was on a sour note, so now you just have to make it right. Keep the show goin. I was completely caught off guard by the death of Deb. I vote for Season 9

  13. dexter had lost his darkness.there is no way he is gonna kill in the future.and any further story line without dexter killing is completely out of equation so i guess thats the last of dexter.

  14. Bring back Dexter ..without Dexter life sucks ..I lost my big part of watching Dexter in my life ..plz come again with season 9 like Debra would take the position of harry ..

  15. i think the only way the Dexter fans can have closure is to make them not like Him anymore. Season 9:…Dexter meets up with Hanna, again only to inadvertently cause her and Harrison’s death like he did with Rita and Deb. Now he turns truly psychotic and the “Dark Passenger” envelopes him. Next scene: Lieutenant Batista is shown getting struck on the head as he is walking to his car eating a taco he just got from a taco cart…/ Next scene: he is on “The Table”…Yes! Dexter is now going to spend season 9 killing all his friends one by one. If that wont make you want to hate him the season ends with him killing a child for pleasure. BOOM! End of season 9 and no one asking for a season 10. Just sayin.

  16. there should be a season nine or a movie to finalize it. I think a good 2 hour movie involving hanna harrison and dexter would be great you could even make two movies one with dexter and one with hanna bringing up harrison. dexter meets them at the end of his movie when he stock his own son not realizing it untilwell you write it

  17. i losted my job and i got hooked on dexter and i feel like prasad ‘with season 9 like Debra would take the position of harry’ but harry still comes around but hell deb has the back round just like harry and have hanna and his son maybe dexter teaching his son how to kill the bad wow that would be kickass

  18. we all know that the killing runs in the blood with dexter so it would fit if his son started and dexter would teach him and dexter keeps killing and keeps the streets safer and to top it off his son would not just have dexter he would have hanna to help him and to saty and say with harrys code that would kick ass i would be hooked

  19. I just finished season 8 on netflix. This entire time my sister told me there were nine seasons, so I was planning on buying the ninth in stores. Just found out she was wrong there are only 8 seasons. All I have to say is that was the worst ending ever. There HAS TO BE a 9th season. I’m too busy with work/school to watch television all of the time, but I made sure to make time to watch this show everyday & this show only. It will be a huge disappointment if this is really the end. I love this show too much for it to end so horribly. I’m hoping showte will surprise us with a season nine (hopefully more) but if not, at least give it a better ending.

    • Dexter please comeback!!!

  20. Dexter was the most interesting show ive watched in such a long time. Please continue dexter you will make us bay harbor butcher fans so happy and excited! This last season (season 8) was probably the saddest one I watched since the beginning of this show besides when rita was murdered! I don’t want this to be the last one and I know there are many more that will agree with me!

  21. I would love to see you guys come out with more and more. im only 15 and i found it hard to take my eyes off the tv as i was watching it. my mom got me addicted to the tv show and from then on i could stop watching it. it took me 3 weeks to finish all of then. I know thats crazy right………. I would just love the idea of this coming back. When im bored i even watch the all of them agian………. And it would be a great idea for Deb to come back and replace his father…..

  22. Dexter is my hero plssssss come back!

  23. Dexter was and is by far one of the top tv series ever. The cancellation is tragic and im sure they can bring it back.

  24. Dexter is hand down the best series I’ve EVER watched and the way the last season ended was such a cliff hanger!! they just have to bring Dexter back..and having Deb replace Harry would be so amazing! ahhh i just love this show..BRING DEXTER BACK HE’S THE BEST!!!

  25. Please I beg you to keep Dexter I really loved this show. I would really hate to see it end like really come on now I just wish Deb didn’t die I was in tears. KEEEEEEEEP DEXTER PLEASE ….

  26. Dexter best series ever.

  27. I always had two series what i always have been watched since i was child.. Dexter and Supernatural.
    The story aint over yet they could skip it like 10y or something..
    Harrison would been 16 and dexter sees him again and teaches him to kill bad people?
    New characters including

  28. Please bring Dexter back. He could hook up with Hanna and raise Harrison. They could start another green house and live normal lives. That is until they watch the news and see criminals on TV etc. Let the writers

  29. Please make a season 9 I love dexter