‘Dexter’ Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

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dexter season 61 Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Showtime President of Entertainment, David Nevins, is quickly becoming one of the most noncommittal and chatty network heads in the business – taking every TV-related event he attends as an opportunity to toy with the emotions of Dexter fans.

However, this time, Nevins is set to deliver some good news and intriguing details for fans of the Bay Harbor Butcher – as the Showtime executive indicates that, while the writing team is still working toward a Dexter season 8 end-date, there’s still a possibility that the show could continue on into season 9 and beyond.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Nevins remained open to the possibility of further seasons of Dexter as well as offered an intriguing detail about what audiences might be able to expect next season:

“[Season 8] is the likely endpoint, but I’m leaving open the possibility that plans could change [...] I think there’s a very clear trajectory now of where they’re going. I think it’s going to help to write with that endgame in mind. I’ve been pushing to shake up the formula a little bit. I think there should be fundamentally different dynamics now.”

The comments echo similar assertions from Nevins following Showtime’s official announcement that Dexter would be back for season 7 and 8. At the time, Nevins implied that they intended to wrap-up the story lines and go out with a bang – unless they decided they’d rather keep going:

“I’m not going to say with absolute certainty that this is the end, but that is the likely scenario, that the series is moving towards a definite end.”

[Warning! The remainder of this article contains numerous Dexter Season 6 SPOILERS]




Still here? Nevins also dropped a short, but especially interesting, detail about just how the writers intend to “shake up the formula” – implying that, in the coming months, Dexter may no longer work as “such a lone wolf.”

Could this mean that Deb, who recently caught her brother mid-ritualistic killing act, will actually join-up with Dexter’s cause and help round-up Miami’s surprisingly robust stable of active serial killers – outside the confines of the law? That said, earlier reports seemed to indicate that Deb might not truly understand the full extent of what she witnessed in the Season 6 finale (i.e. Dexter may have offed the Doomsday Killer but that doesn’t mean he’s full-blown serial killer). As a result, it’s certainly possible that someone else, potentially serial killer fan Louis, could be the other “wolf” in Miami – though, that might be a bit too similar to the Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) storyline from Dexter season 3.

Jennifer Carpenter David Zayas Billy Brown Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Nevins also briefly discussed whether there is on-set tension between former off-screen husband/wife and on-screen brother/sister pair Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter – which is especially relevant now that Deb has admitted she’s in love with her (non-biological) adopted brother - “It makes for an interesting ripple in the show.” According to The Wrap, Nevins believes audiences will “‘figure in’ the dynamic” but also asserts that, wherever the writers want to take the show, Showtime won’t be held-back because “Michael and Jennifer have a really good relationship.

Regardless of whether or not it’s awkward on set, many viewers will probably attest that watching Deb pine after her adopted brother is, at the very least, still awkward to watch.


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Source: The Wrap

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  1. Absolutly LOVE this show. I think the writing & story line is great. Events that have happened in past seasons continue to match up with present seasons. I wouldn’t mind if they made a 9th & 10th season.. They just have to dig deep, maybe get some new people who have creative ideas… All im saying is this show is my favorite show EVER!

  2. This and Nurse Jackie are my only shows I watch faithfully and anxious every ending til the next season starts again. There are so many crimes especially in the Miami area to continue the series and incorporate some real life cases although Dexters character may be a bit off from reality but hey, is real life crimes all disclosed to the public?! Anyway how funny that the latest movie in theaters called We’re the Millers makes a funny reference to the series Dexter and it was appropriate for the scene which us Dexter fans appreciated or will appreciate when seen. Whatever the issue is, please remedy it so the series can continue, I have many friends and family that look forward to this awesome series…PLEASE

    • Even if they do we will still have him to watch in upcoming movies, so even though it’s the end of Dexter Morgan. It’s not the end of Michal C Hall.

  3. I am not for or against a new season but the copyright will soon belong to me.

  4. I love the show I hate that it has come to a end, but since Dexter did not die, I think they should come out with another season. I only order showtime to watch Dexter, please keep this show going!

    • Lol me to

  5. I can not live without dexter I’m crying right now I can’t beleave deb died please make more I’m litterally crying. Please

    • If you are the obsessed about dexter then you need to get off your morbidly obese ass and turn the channel. Grab 45 cases of slim fast and start crying about the TV show the Biggest Loser. Because it will be the opposite for you. While you watch fat people lose weight you will be suffocating as you shove fried chicken into your mouth. Remote control covered in grease and your couch smelling like spoiled milk.

      And a sweat rash around your crotch.

      • Rude people need not comment.

      • Why would you solely assume who-ever watches dexter is, ‘morbidly obese,’something tells me you used the internet a lot to attempt to make rash comments in which you would not outside your room^^ if you know what i mean haha


    • How pathetic,it’s a TV show,get a grip on yourself and reality

  6. I only buy Showtime for Dexter

  7. My wife cried too…we all wish for a happy ending but lets face it…dexter is OVER…thank you writers and showtime for bringing us a series we will never forget

  8. All the fans want at least another season, why not deliver? :)

    Favorite show of all time.

  9. So many loose ends still. Dexter is a lumberjack? He needs to kill criminals not trees! Loved the show. One more season please!

  10. One more season would be great, Dexter can`t be a lumberjack, Harrison needs him.


  12. Well it ended with a twist. Obviously the writers left room for another season, so why not write more. It seems there are plenty of fans and the story line has been original so why end a good thing? Is it to keep us for begging more?

  13. Sh*t, deb. Miss her already..
    It would be fun to watch another season but only if they keep the same timeline and not move the show to, say, 10 years from now. I have no interest in another premise – like father and son killers – if it only lasts for one season.

  14. I think they should wrap it up with a manhunt for Dexter led by all the people he worked with. Somehow they figure out who he was and the FBI hires them on to catch him. It would be exciting to see him match wits versus his old team. Eventually he would convincingly fake his own death (I mean leave forensic evidence this time), and meet up with Hannah and Harrison. Is a happy ending too much to ask for someone that entertained us for so long? Is there anyone that doesn’t want this guy to get what he wants?

  15. Guys…Get over it…It’s over…When something has to end, it MUST end. I adore Dexter like the rest of you, but I believe that the closure we got is the one we should have gotten from the beginning. An excellent series with an excellent finale. I also want more deep inside, but I know that the show ended WHEN and HOW it should have had ended.

  16. Since this show began I didn’t have Showtime and my coworkers were so hot on this show. Sopranos were off so I ordered Showtime and caught up on the shows I missed. I can honestly say, my husband even started watching and we both were hooked. A CSI blood guy who only killed people who were so bad … Just once he killed a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wasn’t so good anyway, but it was a mistake Dexter had made. There were so many episodes that kept you at the edge of your seat. What more can a viewer say, but I worked in TV and when you have a show that!s a WINNER…ride the wave!

  17. Although I enjoyed the series . The finale episode left me wondering how and why is Dexter still alive . He should have died in the storm. The series ran its course there’s no need for another season., now with Dexter still alive there’s no closure and yes evil wins.

    Dexter is evil – I know most of you disagree bit the reality is he is a serial killer. And has also killed a couple of “innocents” by his own hands. Also me some innocents have died by his lack of intervention. At the end Dexter’s main concern was self preservation. Making him a typical -selfish , ego centric murderer .

    He should have died . The series needed to end.

    • good point but the premise of the show is ‘lovable serial killer’. i think killing him would kinda unmake the point. the first season, second and half way through the third he is always seen as a good guy, to us audience. other season we are kind of left to think ourselves about the morality of dexter’s actions.
      plus look at it this way – he’s always had a conscious moral side to him. he knows right from wrong – its his impulses that makes him kill – yes he enjoys it, but in a ‘need’ kind of enjoy fullfilment. he knows killing is wrongs. its not like he’s like the last serial killer he encountered which killed out of rage. so that, and the fact of the show’s ‘lovable serial killer’ premise, i think it is acceptable to let him live on.
      now, letting him stranded, alone is not the best choice. he’s never been a loner. and i think being alone – prived from his family, shacked in a hut somewhere in presumably argentina is not punishment enough if the writers intended to punish him for being a serial killer.

      • so i guess my point is, thinking this through, there most likely be a 9th season, in which either he returns to miami, or hes hunted down. either way, im looking forward for more dexter and i am routing for him to finish where he started. back in miami, going on as the darkly dreamingly dexter he first started out to be. i wouldnt like to remember him as in the end him being caught and killed.
        in fact, i dont think he could be caught. hes outsmarted so many people. the only person that was onto him was doakes, and that character dies right away – grin – plus, doakes just existed because the first season was an adaptation of a book. the writeres have some pitty/love for dexter, otherwise why would they kill off the person that was onto him and never have that happen again throu out the series? anyway, whatever comes, ill watch because i think there can still be more dexter.

      • Sure Dexter provided a service of sorts . But ultimately he felt ackward around his co-workers. There was something about him that stood out to some. He couldn’t really connect at a human level with most of the relationships he had. Hannah was the exception , however she was also a serial killer – like minds.

        At the very least he should have paid for killing the innocents. We can argue that no one is truly innocent – however , dexter broke his code in order to make his life manageable . This makes him calculating and once again purely a self preservation act on his part.

        • alot of cops have probably killed to save their ass. we know doakes did. ok, he got killed. but not as punishment. and there is for sure other cops that have pulled the trigger to behove them – theres always curruption, its just that we didnt see it, instead we saw it in dexter. that is not a strong enough argument to solely kill dexter. i rather have him disappear (like apparently he will) than being brought to justice. i still would rather have him return to miami and continue his life. yeah he killed inocents, but not lightly, but he also protected inocents out of good humanity, like trinity’s son, and always tried to protect trin’s family against trin. so, hes protected a few lifes. its a moral problem, but if you pick on the show’s premise ‘lovable serialkiller’, all is accepted and we go on with our lives. :D

  18. Good should prevail.. Dexter was not a good person. Dexter should have died like Debra. She had a conscience – she felt guilty over the killings she was involved in. She paid the ultimate price and she knew – it was what she deserved-

    • You don’t even get what Dexter is all about then so just gtfo

      • Funny. How my opinion set you off. I’m sorry I have a different perspective . Ultimately the show was about morality. (In my opinion). Good verses evil – hence the code that was established for dexter to follow. If we stay true to the code – then the obvious end would be for Dexter to die in the storm. That would have been poetic of sorts. As it was poetic act when he sent Debra a drift into the ocean.

        I enjoyed reading your perspective – but I am entitled to my opinion also.


        • I thought it was pretty good once I had a better perspective of it the next day.

          The serial killer he faced was an echo of himself without the code, untrained with chaotic kills. The further you got into the seasons the more he became human and “felt.” When he finally became more human and cared for others he sacrificed everything to a solitary life living out his days alone which is probaly his greatest self punishment for hurting those around him.

          It was fitting that all these years only having his sister to care for, she was in fact his final kill, even if looking after her one last time.

          He was too much of a survivor to kill off, that was his whole character, Deb could have lived or died, but just like in everyday life it’s not always good that wins and I think a happy or lawfully correct ending would have messed up the concept of the show, all in all, liked it :).

  19. I loved dexter every episode perfect.

    I think the ending was good and final it should not be continued. However one possibility I’d love to see is maybe a prequel. The earlier years, not when he was a boy I’m talking before the fathers suicide and after dexter went trough the experiment phase of animal killing.

    Maybe his first kill on a human.

    Anybody agree or does that sound terrible?

    • I love the idea of a prequel ..

  20. Cant Showtime make an alternate “happy” ending after all the loss and unhappy endings throughout the series….?!
    I know it was dramatic and all but it would have been nice if Deb could have pulled through to live a life with Quinn, and Dex could have staged death to be free with Hannah and Harrison, (and just let Deb know he was alive). Dex was practically cured from his childhood trauma leading him to darkness. A new leaf would have been a great ending… personally.

  21. Pleaseeeee have a season 9 it cant end like that!!! Pleaseeee!

  22. I love Dexter, watched every episode. Did not like the ending one bit. No-one had a happy ending. Please do a series nine and Debs can take the place of Dexters dad!

  23. Could not agree more *thumbs up*

  24. They probably just don’t want to run it into the ground. They don’t want to milk it.

  25. I am definitely a Dexter fan I would look forward to seeing a season 9 to be the final episode to where he finds his way back to Hannah and his son to start a new life and become more of a family man.