‘Dexter’ Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

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dexter season 61 Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Showtime President of Entertainment, David Nevins, is quickly becoming one of the most noncommittal and chatty network heads in the business – taking every TV-related event he attends as an opportunity to toy with the emotions of Dexter fans.

However, this time, Nevins is set to deliver some good news and intriguing details for fans of the Bay Harbor Butcher – as the Showtime executive indicates that, while the writing team is still working toward a Dexter season 8 end-date, there’s still a possibility that the show could continue on into season 9 and beyond.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Nevins remained open to the possibility of further seasons of Dexter as well as offered an intriguing detail about what audiences might be able to expect next season:

“[Season 8] is the likely endpoint, but I’m leaving open the possibility that plans could change [...] I think there’s a very clear trajectory now of where they’re going. I think it’s going to help to write with that endgame in mind. I’ve been pushing to shake up the formula a little bit. I think there should be fundamentally different dynamics now.”

The comments echo similar assertions from Nevins following Showtime’s official announcement that Dexter would be back for season 7 and 8. At the time, Nevins implied that they intended to wrap-up the story lines and go out with a bang – unless they decided they’d rather keep going:

“I’m not going to say with absolute certainty that this is the end, but that is the likely scenario, that the series is moving towards a definite end.”

[Warning! The remainder of this article contains numerous Dexter Season 6 SPOILERS]




Still here? Nevins also dropped a short, but especially interesting, detail about just how the writers intend to “shake up the formula” – implying that, in the coming months, Dexter may no longer work as “such a lone wolf.”

Could this mean that Deb, who recently caught her brother mid-ritualistic killing act, will actually join-up with Dexter’s cause and help round-up Miami’s surprisingly robust stable of active serial killers – outside the confines of the law? That said, earlier reports seemed to indicate that Deb might not truly understand the full extent of what she witnessed in the Season 6 finale (i.e. Dexter may have offed the Doomsday Killer but that doesn’t mean he’s full-blown serial killer). As a result, it’s certainly possible that someone else, potentially serial killer fan Louis, could be the other “wolf” in Miami – though, that might be a bit too similar to the Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) storyline from Dexter season 3.

Jennifer Carpenter David Zayas Billy Brown Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Nevins also briefly discussed whether there is on-set tension between former off-screen husband/wife and on-screen brother/sister pair Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter – which is especially relevant now that Deb has admitted she’s in love with her (non-biological) adopted brother - “It makes for an interesting ripple in the show.” According to The Wrap, Nevins believes audiences will “‘figure in’ the dynamic” but also asserts that, wherever the writers want to take the show, Showtime won’t be held-back because “Michael and Jennifer have a really good relationship.

Regardless of whether or not it’s awkward on set, many viewers will probably attest that watching Deb pine after her adopted brother is, at the very least, still awkward to watch.


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Source: The Wrap

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  1. I 1st read his statement elsewhere and that sentence got me thinking. I would really hate if Deb ended up accepting what Dex does and in some way turned a blind eye. I’m fully aware that Dexter is not a show to view looking for realism but they are walking a fine line of becoming ridiculous. 2 more seasons already seems like a stretch any more would be IMO a mistake. I know I’m not creative or a writer but what do they do? Have Dex on the run? Make him a killer for hire? And have Deb use her influence as a cop cover it up?

  2. Im down once the writing is good.

    • My thoughts exactly. Less talk about the future & focus on the now.

  3. Deb has known about Dexter since the second book, so I have always seen this as being an eventual in the series.

    • The books and the show could not be any more different…. For starters… La Guerta died in the first book LOL. Batista isnt even a cop. Only an idiot would draw comparisons…

  4. Dexter & Deb are blood-related. It annoys me that no one seems to remember that Dexter & Deb have the same biological father, Harry. Harry had an affair with Laura Moser. The writers have been re-writing the history of the show, and the result is repeating material. They already had the Pastor Trinity to take the religious corner, and it felt like a step backwards this season. That being said, it was needed. It would have been better for the story if they kept on the ITK/Dexter relationship (although I expect them to bring him back in some capacity), and maybe focused less on DDK using Gellar as another persona. Or if someone…cough cough…most of Miami PD died. It would’ve been a fresh start with a lot of complex emotions, but that’s just a suggestion as it would have been cooler if something happened besides keeping the status quo. When reviewing all the options, the only logical way for the story to go was to reveal the secret to Deb or kill of Harrison as those are Dexter’s weak points with Astor & Cody temporarily gone. Sorry for ranting.
    tldr; Deb & Dexter ARE biologically related, so don’t say otherwise.

    • Actually, buddy, it is ambiguous on whether or not Dexter is Harry’s biological son. A possibility at best. Just because Harry had an affair with Dexter’s mother doesn’t necessitate that he is Dexter’s father. Just ask all the cheating husbands out there. Look at the bright side, you can stop getting so annoyed now…

    • Harry is not Dexter’s biological father. His biological father was Joe Drisscol, that was confirmed in season 1 with a DNA test. The fact that Harry had an affair with Laura does not retcon this, Dexter was already born when the affair began, I don’t know how you got the idea that Harry was his real father. Also, that part about Trinity covering religion because he was a pastor, where does it cover religion? First of all, Trinity wasn’t killing for religous reasons, he was killing to recreate the deaths of his family over and over, and secondly at the time Dexter wasn’t beginning question what he believed in or what he wanted to pass to his son,that was season 6, season 4 was about Dexter trying to find a way that he can handle being a serial killer and a family man and Trinity serve3d to act as a darker reflection of Dexter, what he could’ve become in the future. So I don’t see how Season 4 explored religon at all. And as for it being a good idea for most Miami PD to die, you think its a good idea to kill off most of the cast in a single act? Unless its the finale, no thats not a good idea, and even if it is a finale, is still not a great idea. So, alot of your post doesn’t make sense to me, but thats just how I see it.

      • tldr; all you need to know is that “Harry is not Dexter’s biological father. His biological father was Joe Drisscol, that was confirmed in season 1 with a DNA test.”

      • omg there was never a DNA test in season one -.- it wasnt untill season 2 or 3 that deb was finding out about the affair and possability. why would there be a DNA test in season one? they never concluded the possability either wasy but I believe they will bring it back up and they will be blood related

        • @ kate you could not be more wrong. yes there was a DNA test maybe you missed an episode but there was. i wasnt the only one who saw this otherwise that would be a pretty powerful hallucination i had. so powerful that millions of other dexter viewers saw it too. close your eyes and think back to season one with the ice truck killer, brian/ rudy cooper/the sexy prosthetics doctor debra was dating. dexter received a letter from joe driscolls lawyer saying that he wanted his son (dexter) to claim his things since he died. dexter inherited his shabby little house(which he sold) and some other junk. dexter remembers being in joe driscolls car and listening to Credence clearwater revival “have you ever seen the rain” with joe and seeing his spider web tattoo (yes im obsessed with this particular episode, one of my favorites, ive seen it a million and two times. rita suggests that they should go and spend the weekend away to pack up joe’s things. debra and rudy tag along and they all end up in the house cleaning up and dancing to some awesome classics. when dexter got a chance to be alone he went to the medical examiners to see the body. the doctor leaves him alone for a second and dexter takes a sample of his blood and a sample of his own and mails it to masuka to test. a few days later right before they are about to head back home (after dexter spreads his fathers ashes with his brother, which he does not know is his brother, at the bowling alley) debra comes out of joes house and says that they mistakenly switched phones and she reveals that masuka called and said that the blood samples matched. she gets upset with dexter because blood is irrelevant to her and she believes the only real family dexters every really had are the morgans regardless of blood. She goes on to say “it was a match, joe driscoll is you bio-dad.” i rest my case. you’re right that deb only caught wind of harry’s affair until season 3 (it might have been two but i cant be sure) but that’s the reason debra never assumed dexter was her half-brother, because this was already addressed in season 1.

    • In Season 1 Dexter has a flashback of getting cut really bad on a fence and ends up needing a lot of blood. Harry then goes to Dexter’s dad for help with a blood tranfusion. Therefor, Harry IS NOT DEXTER’s BIOLOGICAL FATHER!!!! Also, if you’ve every really watched and payed attention to the show, Dexter ALWAYS refers to Harry as his STEP FATHER HARRY!!!

    • Thank you! I am going crazy seeing people’s comments saying that they aren’t blood related.

    • oh wanted to point out that harry isnt dexter’s real dad.. when dexter was a child he go into an accident getting one of deb’s toys. dexter has a very rare type of blood and the only person that harry could find to donate to dexter was his birth father, the guy dexter inherited the house from in season one.

    • To the dummy who said dexter and deb are blood related. What show are you watching. Obviously not the same one as me.

    • Writers even said that harry cant be dexters son, the timing is way off laura moser met and worked with harry After dexter was born

  5. The show needs to end because the past 2 seasons have not been up to par with the first four. A very interesting part about Dexter was watching him juggle his own personal demons and his relationship with girlfriend/wife Rita. He was the serial killer with a family. Now, he’s just a serial killer that keeps getting lucky breaks and has evaded the getting caught one too many times. While killing off Rita was a very bold move that left us at the edge of our seats, the show climaxed and should, from that point, began to wrap up.

    What we got instead was 2 filler seasons.

    What the show needs to do is come full circle and wrap up. Bring back Cody and Astor for a few episodes next season. Whatever happened to Rita’s mother? She was a snoop, maybe she could back and confront Dexter about her daughter’s death? Has Dexter fully accepted Rita’s death? This is what we need to see next season.

    Also I think it would be a really great angle if Dexter gets caught next season (at the end) and is a serial killer on the run the season after that. Talk about an interesting and suspenseful way to end the show!

  6. the part when the police dept was in danger and dexter had to swoop in to save the day made me feel like i was watching 24…dexter needs to be less of a straight-up hero and focus needs to be put back on him being a bad guy doing bad things but in a likeable way. it looks like he’s going to be jack bauer from here on in, though…at least from the fight/confrontation scenes and running around to save people.

  7. The last episode was such a joke & not because the ending. Major fail.

  8. what’s time for season 7 start

  9. when is dexter season 7 goin to be aired on showtime huh waiting ….

    • Hey Mike if you had a brain you would know that Harry IS NOT the bio dad. Have you not seen all the seasons? Dexter had his Dna tested and was a match with Joe Driscoll’s…DUH

    • Why did he not take brian? he said in I forgot which episode that he knew that brian was “too damaged”

    • Rather than jump down your throat for posting such drivel (because I know you’re not ultimately suggesting that Harry could come back from the dead and replace Joe Driscoll’s blood with his own in order to fake that DNA test Masuka ran that proved who Dexter’s father *really* is), I’ll assume you are an obvious troll.

      Well played, sir.

  10. This is amazing. The show is amazing. I love the ending of season 6! :D

  11. NOOOO!! let it die in glory!!!

    • agree sweetheart

  12. Please continue Dexter after season 8! I got Showtime just for Dexter! I love and need Dexter! Its not getting old or stale. I will always support the show and will continue to campaign to continue Dexter after season 8! Dexter fans keep your positive comments coming!!!! Don’t let them end Dexter! Never, ever, give up!

  13. Please continue Dexter after season 8! I got Showtime just for Dexter! I love and need Dexter! Its not getting old or stale. I will always support the show!

  14. Dexter fans keep your positive comments coming! Convince them we want more Dexter! Don’t give up!

  15. I think they have enough story infront of them to do an 8th season and a 9th season. Season 7 was the best season since Trinity. I think pushing the climax of the show until 2014 will give us a perfect ending. There is more than a season of story left, IMO. Batista is no longer a cop. Maria is dead. I want Dexter and Deb to team up. If they hook up in the process so be it. I think it’s enevitable that they’ll hook up. The way she wouldn’t let go of his hand when they finally got back the New Years party…

  16. @ ill be your doug, i love your name but i disagree with you on every point. The show is called dexter not dexter and debra. Im afraid if they give the show a season 9 it will lead to some corny debra is now a serial killer type thing. I think after marias death deb is not going to want anything to do with dexters other life. Like for real this time. And the showrunner already said that marias death pulls batista out of retirement. He wants to know what really happened to her. Which was the reason he a laguerta had sortof a bonding episode in the finale with him backing her and trying to help her get over the whole dexter dilemma. They also said deb loses those creepy feelings after killing laguerta. Shes not attracted to the darkness she felt and she now truly comprehends first hand what its like to be dexter the only difference between her and dex now is that she hates herself for it and dexter loves what he does. Think about how does one continue to be in love with someone who would even consider doing what she did(kill an innocent)which is why she hates herself, which he was totally gonna do by the way. They will remain united but for the worst reasons. ” united by tragedy” not by love. Thats what Buck said

  17. @ Ana. Thanks. I love the name Ana too, so at least we agree on something! Thanks for the reply.

    All and all, I do see the merit in a lot of what you wrote but the bottom line is we still don’t know what killing Maria will do to Dexter and Deb. Dexter was uncomfortable killing an innocent, so much so that he was willing to throw it all away right at the end. I like that he doesn’t think he’s a special type of monster anymore…

    All and all Deb killed Maria because she can’t let go of Dexter. I think she’ll still carry that flame, but I have no evidence. I even think they’ll be closer. And yeah I agree with you, I don’t want her going all serial killer either. But she can help by moving police around and using resources like calling dipatch ect.

    Do you want a 9th season? I certainly do after that great 7th season. I just feel there is so much story left to tell/explore that 26 more episode would put a perfect bow on this great series.

  18. @ill be your doug, Really? What more do you see fir the show past season eight? Maybe im not thinkIng creatively enough( which is awful cause im a writer) . I cant see a season nine without that whole debra the serial killer thing happening? What else could happen after season eight. Assuming it doesnt all end with dex dying or giong to prison. Btw was it just me or did debra say i hate you to dexter when she hugged maria. Everyone keeps telling me thats what she said but to me it wasnt enunciated enough. Its a bold phrase to sob through. It sounded like “aheiiiii”. I dont know but i woould be to agraid tp assume thata what she said. But i think it would be fantastic if she dod say that. I think she has reason to hate or resent him. then again thats the side of me that thinks dexter psychologically manipulated her when he said ” do what you gotta do”. But then theres this other sode of me that saw how he sincerely looked shocked to see her shoot maria instead. Its only for asecond but its totally there. He looked a bit shocked. However that ” do what you gotta do” thing was very hannah of him. What do you think? And what do you think of hannah? I heard she may comeback yvonne hasnt signed anything but they want her back for the next season. Im hoping for a dexter/hannah/harrison hapilly ever after with a side of debra and masuka love( my dream pairing, tiny asian perv and foul mouthed cop babies)

  19. We definitely want more of Dexter ….. Seasons 8, 9 and more … Please!

  20. I don’t think Dexter should end at series 8 i think the show has loads more places it can explore… the only poor season for me was season 5 which wasn’t even poor compared to a lot of trash on TV it was just slow…

    In my oppinion killing of Rita was probably a mistake because i thought that brought an interesting dynamic to the show one that they can’t really emulate with just Harrison…

    I agree though they really need to bring back Astor and Cody they’re great young actors and i think they do a lot for the character of Dexter… They make him more likable by just being there… For example the episode with Astor in series 5 is one of my favourites of the entire series because her being there brings out the absolute best in Dexter. Him beating up Astor’s friend step-dad and threatening him was all great stuff and i’m sure i’ll return to that episode many times.

    In fact i currently watch Dexter on Netflix should they ever remove i will have to buy the DVD/Blu-Rays in fact i’ll probably buy them anyway, My point is there’s still a lot more potential in Dexter IMO and i could easily see it going till atleast season 10 perhaps longer.

  21. @ julie, boy are you gonna be disappointed with next season. Not only did scott buck say that they are approaching next season as if it were the last but they also said debra’s feelings for dex were but a mere catalyst plot for debra to shoot laguerta to make her easier to manipulate on dexters part. in other words debra wont feel the same way next season after the purpose of the plot was carried through. Dexter manipulated her for the purpose of survival ( like Hannahs ” do what you gotta do” which he borrowed). He does love her but not enough to sacrifice his freedom over (because of harrison). And he does still love hannah but she was a danger to debras life so he chose debras life over her.

  22. Just to let you guys know that if I was never born that Dexter the TV show would never exist! Dexter is based off of me and that anything comming from the author is nothing but lies. A. I created Dexter in 1973. B. Jeff stole Dexter from me in 1997. Durring the ensuing arguments in 1997 Jeff and others were calling me selfish to keep Dexter to myself. C. Jeff and I did not name him Dexter. It was some other web forum users who is a very big fan of Dexters Laboratory who named my serial killer after the cartoon character. Jeff even was dubious at first as to why and asked him why Dexter? The guy replied that my seril killer seemed to be weird like that. So it stuck.

    Then the argument continued hours later. So tell us Inachoooo what more about your serial killer merits his own TV show?!! I replied he only kills other serial killers. The instant reply to that was, What is that?!?! Some kind of code? The Dexter cartoon fanboy replied- See I told you he was weird like Dexter! Thus how the name stuck and Jeff asked permission to use the name for my character no less then he braggs he is going to take Dexter away from me and said there was nothing I could do about it.

    At the time he did not know it but I was dating a very hot chick who works at the USPO off of the Crystal City metro. I knew I could fly that patent of my serial killer faster than he ever could but fate was working against me. THe next day heading to work I was struck by lightning and the dramatic events of the day over shadowed anything else in not just that week or month but my entire life for the next 2 years. It took 2 years to recover and I got my memory of arguing with Jeff Lindsay online back this past year in late May early June. So yes people of EW Dexter is based off of my childhood.
    I present to you, me. I am the real Dexter Morgan.

    Yours Truly,


    • What a fool

      • Maybe yes and maybe no but what i have said above is the total honest truth and i will go to my grave telling the above truth no matter how many legal notices are sent to me. Even if it makes me homeless i will never shut up because jeff lindsay knows my full legal name as he asked me for my name back in 1997. He even insulted me asking about how big my family is and i replied the standard 4. As i am the youngest with 1 older sister.

        Jeff lindsays instant reply was, You had sex with her admit it! You know you did!!!!! So ever since 1997 he did say he was going to use incest as a eternal insult to me as his tool of vengence against innocent me.

        The song that inspired me to create Dexter is sung by Clint Holmes – Playground of my mind.
        I created him in 1973 to stay sane from my fathers insane beatings. I was only 6 years old.

        • Sure you did, you know something else? Harry Potter was stolen from me for real J.K Rowling used insults in order to keep me quiet but the character events are based on my childhood no Sh*t.

          • It is ok if you do not believe me.
            I’ve been making public omments since last year of late may early june when I got my memory back.

            Jeff Lindsay knows I am telling the truth. His wife knows I am telling the truth. I even sent an email to his band members called WILDFIRE the real truth.

            So like in a Charlie Chaplin episode where he lost in his very own look alike contest in the same fashion I am not to be triffled with because oh no! People think I lie?
            All I did was tell you the god dam truth.

            But its ok. Just as long as more and more people read my truth.

            Besides more psychologists and actors are on my side than you may know.

            Intellectual Property stolen and then bragged about being taken is what happened here. Stolen in 1997.

            I suffer from PTSD from the type of beatings m father gave me. HE took me by my ankles and swung my body like a baseball bat slamming me against the various walls of my bedroom. Durring elementary school and on I keep having flashbacks thsu the reason I did so bad in school.

            If I did not make my serial kill that became known as Dexter then this recent psychologist I am in contact with said I would have become Dexter in real life but the fact that I created him in this way from a song sung by Clint Holmes was that I merely exorcised him from my psyche.

            Dexter was and is and will forever be a part of me ever since the beatings in 1973. It was Clint Holmes song that saved me from myself and I have already thanked him for that.

            So anyway keep telling yourself I am bullsh*tting you. Keep it up.
            Perhaps that is the only way for you to live is to believe in lies you tell yourself every day.

            At least I live in the light of truth.

            • The only thing you suffer from is compulsive lying and severe mental difficulties, someone needs to lock you in a mental asylum for the rest of your life you’re clearly unwell.

              • christian hayden is the real creator of the TV show ROYAL PAINS.

                Did he get credit for it? No!

                Why? Someone took his idea and stole it also.

                So christian hayden who played the young darth vader is also a loony bin and anyone else crying IP THEFT is also a loony bin full of lies.

                You sir have not exercised your IQ very much.

                • No but Hayden had proof you have nothing just a poor attempt at trolling go back under your bridge no one is buying it, you can keep wishing it was true as much as you like but it NEVEL will be.

                  • Hayden had ZERO proof that is why he lost in court!


                    Charlie Chaplin & Christian Hayden and more would back me up along with the throngs of psychologists!


                    • My bad actually just googled it again and turns out I didn’t read the article I found correctly….

                      Either way you can keep telling yourself you created Dexter but your just a crazy liar no physiologist in there right mind would back you up….

                      Also if your allegations where true we’d have heard about it on the news. You would have filed cease and decist letter to all party’s involved and started legal proceedings also a lawyer would have told you to keep your mouth shut while these proceedings were going on.

  23. If you google me and my story you will find that what I have told you is what I have told everybody and I will post it here just one more time.

    This is how it all came down to be. Everything! A through Z

    So far I told you about my childhood and being beat up by my thug father who is dead police man but a retired drunk Drill Sgt from the Army infantry div.

    In 1997 I was working at the now dead company in Rockville Maryland off of Executive blvd. I took the metro every day from shady grove to white flint metro stop. Walk across 355 to executive to get to my building.

    Ok so durring these walks I was very upset of all the dam repeats on TV as in 1997 Hollywood just made the anouncement that a season was going to be reduced from 1 year to 6 months. I was sick of it to death! It was all I could think about was this intense anger and someone like me being the TV viewing audience should do something about it! SO back then it was infoseek that was the top search engine of the time.

    I search for things like “new tv show ideas” I found a web forum for new TV show ideas I lurked there for 2 days before I jumped in to join the conversation. So they day I butted in everyone was talking about a tv show idea and Jeff Lindsay was there also. This web forum dedicated to new TV show idea was his so called research into the criminal mind. Did not go very deep. Jeff Lindsay exclaimed how he just did not know how to make people like the serial killer.

    Ok so Jeff was on the path of making a serial killer but he had writers block and from a video you can find on youtube Jeff even confesses how once his very own wife held a gun to his head because Jeff was not brining in the money as he should. So in part from being under duress I also blame his wife for the 1997 theft of my IP of my character.

    So I jump in and mention my character I created back when I was 6 years old back in 1973. At first all 20 people or so said my idea sucked!

    I exclaimed that no tv show or movie ever had my character before. You have bad vs bad good vs good . evil vs good and so on but you never had a Serial Killer VS serial killer. Again I was shot down on the webforum saying it still sucks.

    About 5 of the people requested that I create a thread just for the 5 so I could explain the details why my serial killer merits his own TV show.

    One of them reittereated what I told them earlier that it was from my own childhood and asks “Is this correct?” I reply yes. Some of the commentors were like: HOLY CRAP sh*t man I’d kill myself if that happen to me.

    They wanted more info like the makeup of my family. I replied the normal 4 person nuclear family with 1 older sister.

    Jeff Lindsay shot back to me in all caps. You had sex with her I know you did!!! You did confess it I know you did!.
    Another replied back “A serial killer that only kills other serial killers…. What is that some kind of code???

    So now you know about the early origins of Dexters incest with Deb. It was meant as an eternal insult to me.
    Also now you know where the code came from. From the question from the forum poster.

    The name Dexter was not chosen by me or Jeff Lindsay. It was chosen by one of the 5 people who visted that thread who wanted to hear more about my idea. That came about like this:

    So inachu! What did you name this Character? I was like Huh? I never named him. replies such as. All those years and you never named him? Not even a nick name? No but now that you ask I feel like I should name him David.

    David sucks!! one commentor stated. One fanboy of Dexter Laboratory said we should name him Dexter. Jeff Lindsay asked the fanboy. Why Dexter? The fanboy replied, Because he seems weird like that.

    At this point Jeff Lindsay asked for my real name. Then he asked if I mind if he uses him. I said no I don’t really mind.
    He was talking money if he got famous and did I want to take credit for him.

    Even then I told him its NOT ABOUT THE MONEY! I did confess it would be nice to see my name in the scrolling credits though.

    IT was there he just then decided the following:
    Jeff Lindsay: Ok I am going to take your character and there is nothing you can do about it!

    Little did he know at the time my girlfriend works at the United States Patent Office in Crystal City Virginia. I could patent my charcater faster than he could ever do it himself HAHAHAA!!! I knew I had Jeff under my thumb so easily. But fate was not with me.

    The next day I had it planned to start the submittal process to get my serial killer copyrighted but as I walked to work getting across 355 to executive blvd then at the next corner I was struck by lightning.

    It was an indirect hit and it knocked me to the ground and felt like I was punched in my solar plexus as I could not breathe as I laid there in the down draft. The next thought that came to me was really an image of the movie called “POWDER” I felt like that kid and then the next thing that happened was I was blacking out being unable to breathe but then I was able to suck in some air finally and the next thing that came to me was instinct like mother nature was after me.

    I limped as I ran crying from the pain and fright from being hit.
    It felt like I was being chased with lightning all around me. I was never in a down draft before in my life.

    I was able to get to work and a co worker showed up and I had to tell him 5 times before he believed me I was hit. He rushed me to shady grove adventist hospital.

    The drama of being hit is what made me totally forget for 15 years the day before events.

    I did have a feeling for those 15 years that yes I knew I forgot something but I was not sure what it was.

    That is why I did not put cease and desist notice and such as you say.
    This is why I am going about it like I am.

    If you don’t like my truth which is the ultimate real truth of Dexter Morgan how he came out then I feel sorry for you and pity you that you can’t tell the truth from a lie.

    I am tempted to legally change my name to Dexter though just to piss Jeff Lindsay off.

    • You strike me as a guy who highlights passages from Catcher in the Rye.  Whether this fantastic story of yours is true or not (it most likely is not), you are clearly mentally unhinged, and seeing as this is a movie news website, this is not the appropriate forum for this discussion.  Please, save it for your psychiatrist before you end up shooting Jeff Lindsay outside the Dakota.

  24. —- edit notice #1

    So far I told you about my childhood and being beat up by my thug father who is NOT a dead police man but a retired drunk Drill Sgt from the Army infantry div.
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    In 1997 I was working at the now dead company(MANUGISTICS) in Rockville Maryland off of Executive blvd. I took the metro every day from shady grove to white flint metro stop. Walk across 355 to executive to get to my building.

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