‘Dexter’ Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

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dexter season 61 Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Showtime President of Entertainment, David Nevins, is quickly becoming one of the most noncommittal and chatty network heads in the business – taking every TV-related event he attends as an opportunity to toy with the emotions of Dexter fans.

However, this time, Nevins is set to deliver some good news and intriguing details for fans of the Bay Harbor Butcher – as the Showtime executive indicates that, while the writing team is still working toward a Dexter season 8 end-date, there’s still a possibility that the show could continue on into season 9 and beyond.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, Nevins remained open to the possibility of further seasons of Dexter as well as offered an intriguing detail about what audiences might be able to expect next season:

“[Season 8] is the likely endpoint, but I’m leaving open the possibility that plans could change [...] I think there’s a very clear trajectory now of where they’re going. I think it’s going to help to write with that endgame in mind. I’ve been pushing to shake up the formula a little bit. I think there should be fundamentally different dynamics now.”

The comments echo similar assertions from Nevins following Showtime’s official announcement that Dexter would be back for season 7 and 8. At the time, Nevins implied that they intended to wrap-up the story lines and go out with a bang – unless they decided they’d rather keep going:

“I’m not going to say with absolute certainty that this is the end, but that is the likely scenario, that the series is moving towards a definite end.”

[Warning! The remainder of this article contains numerous Dexter Season 6 SPOILERS]




Still here? Nevins also dropped a short, but especially interesting, detail about just how the writers intend to “shake up the formula” – implying that, in the coming months, Dexter may no longer work as “such a lone wolf.”

Could this mean that Deb, who recently caught her brother mid-ritualistic killing act, will actually join-up with Dexter’s cause and help round-up Miami’s surprisingly robust stable of active serial killers – outside the confines of the law? That said, earlier reports seemed to indicate that Deb might not truly understand the full extent of what she witnessed in the Season 6 finale (i.e. Dexter may have offed the Doomsday Killer but that doesn’t mean he’s full-blown serial killer). As a result, it’s certainly possible that someone else, potentially serial killer fan Louis, could be the other “wolf” in Miami – though, that might be a bit too similar to the Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) storyline from Dexter season 3.

Jennifer Carpenter David Zayas Billy Brown Dexter season 6 finale Dexter Season 9 Still a Possibility; Showtime Exec Offers New Story Hints

Nevins also briefly discussed whether there is on-set tension between former off-screen husband/wife and on-screen brother/sister pair Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter – which is especially relevant now that Deb has admitted she’s in love with her (non-biological) adopted brother - “It makes for an interesting ripple in the show.” According to The Wrap, Nevins believes audiences will “‘figure in’ the dynamic” but also asserts that, wherever the writers want to take the show, Showtime won’t be held-back because “Michael and Jennifer have a really good relationship.

Regardless of whether or not it’s awkward on set, many viewers will probably attest that watching Deb pine after her adopted brother is, at the very least, still awkward to watch.


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Source: The Wrap

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  1. Bring him back iv literally watched these from beginning to end love love love dexter best show ever

  2. Brilliant series. Love Dexter. I certainly think there is more of his character to explore, especially in his new surroundings. Cannot imagine a new series without Debra.

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  4. in Season 9 Harrison becomes the Baby Bottle Butcher .. Then batista, Dexter, and Masuka start become the 3 amigos and start killing prositutes with aids that want to kill the city… the only problem is the prostitutes work for ISIS and Alqueda – The FBI THen cramps their style in a great season 9…

  5. Hope theres a seris 9 and dexter gets to move on and gets hannah and harrison and have a happy life he deserves it. I love dexter a lot (:

  6. I love Dexter, please make another series but let him move on be happy get his girl and his son let them be happy

    • As you said we all love dexter
      I my self believe that
      The dexter completely was different serial
      As I ever seen so we would be gratefull
      If you guys keep on this amazing serial

    • He should somehow get back into contact with Hannah and Harrison and work things out, he deserves a happy ending to be fair

  7. Deb can join Harry as a guidance tool for him to realise Harrison needs him. Argentina has a low murder solve rate too.

  8. My husband and I have really enjoyed the shows. We would love to see many more seasons. Thank you very much for Dexter!

  9. I just finished watching Dexter from beginning to end I never got so excited about a show like that but I love it we need a lot more season it can’t just end like that but I’m going to miss deb a lot so please please bring it back…

  10. Dexter cannot end as it did on season 8, a season 9 is needed! It just doesn’t make sense to end that way. Dexter didn’t kill the guy at the end, he found love, his only sister died. He loses left and right unnecessarily. He loses his boat, his apt his mother, father, sister, his son and ultimately his true love? It’s just a bit vicious. Plz fix it

    • Yea. It was like nooo don’t stop here I need closure lol

  11. Love Very Much Season 9 of Dexter bIG bIG hIT

  12. Season 8 seemed rushed and Dexter seemed like a totally different person making so many spontaneous decisions. A season 9 could clean that up and be very exciting. I would love to see more of the show!

  13. I agree very much so with Joseph.

  14. Dexter made me constantly s*** my pants for 3 weeks, holy s***.

    • Knowing this was a frequent event Stephanie perhaps the disposables might have been better on you than the baby. What are you going to watch next?

  15. Please, please, pleeeeaaaaassseee do a season 9. You guys obviously left it own for a reason.

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  17. BRING BACK DEXTER!!! Please!

  18. Please start Dexter Season 9 Project and give us Happy Ending !!!

  19. I hope they do something. Love the character, but the show declined in quality around season 4. It was still worth watching, simply because there was nothing like it before. This last season was a mess on so many levels, not to mention the ridiculous inclusion of certain things which weren’t fleshed out, went nowhere and were uneccessary. It’s almost as all the writers left after season 4 and the ones on board got worse creatively as the show went on and eventually ran out of ideas or something. I hope we get at least another season with high calibre writing or perhaps a new Fargo-type Dexter show, that is removed from what has happened in many ways and starts anew in many ways. I think there are many possibilities. Ofcourse, many fans won’t agree, but I think as fans, we can all agree that the early seasons were top class and the latter ones simply weren’t. No one could possibly reason that this season was as good as the early episode that featured Jimmy or that even approached that quality,, could they?

  20. please give us dexter season 9 because I am so excited to know what happen for dexter and his father
    could you please let us know when are you going to put dexter season 9 in netflix

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  25. I have been reading all the reviews as they come through email. There was one reply that mentioned that Dexter declined in quality around season 4. I totally agree, although being a BIG Dexter fan, I still watched it all till the end. I do think that there is a storyline to follow up season 8. He just cannot be a lumberjack or whatever he became and his son along with Hannah live elsewhere. We need to see all of them again, Batista, Joey, Masuka even Deb…yeah she died, but couldn’t it be a bad dream? Dexter has lots of them. I still watch reruns and although I know word for word, scene by scene, I can’t get sick of it. I even have the opening theme nusic as my ring tone on my mobile. I love Dexters wit and his thoughts out loud, they make me laugh and the expressions on his face. Honestly!!! does this guy look like a serial killer to you? Hardly. BRING BACK DEXTER!!!!! Give us some quality entertainment.

  26. all I want to sing is season 8 was a good season. But I think season 9 through 20 would be more better in the long run so boring the show back please lol. Can’t get enough of it

  27. Just finished watching Dexter season 8. I have to say I was literally in tears because of the emotional contact with the characters and the show itself. I do believe that there should just be one more season(season9) because i was a bit confused as to why he would leave his son. To think of it now Harrison has no family. The Dexter I know would do anything for his son, Debra of course was so sad to lose, but he needs to continue life because she even tells him to go and be happy. He can’t just give up on everything and himself. He was ready for change and ready to be “normal” I think it was a bit confusing because you guys made it seem like he’s on this new journey where he finds himself but then everything is ruined. I’m not saying a happy ending because Debra dying was hard enough on the fans, but There are a lot of things left unsaid and need to be explained.